Venezuelan president blames US for plunging oil prices

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has blamed the United States for the plunge in oil prices, accusing it of waging a ‘war’ against Russia and his South American nation in the global oil market.
‘Did you know there’s an oil war? And the war has an objective: to destroy Russia,’ Maduro said in a meeting with state businessmen broadcast live on state TV on Monday.
Relations between Moscow and Washington have been strained over the conflict in Ukraine…

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When six mega-corporations who depend upon other mega-corporations, Wall Street banks and political parties for their revenue, control all of the news and information flowing to the masses, you have all the ingredients needed to control, influence and mold the opinions, tastes and ideas of the people. We are being manipulated by men who constitute the real government, hiding in the shadows and pulling the strings. Nothing reported by these six mega-corporation media mouthpieces for the oligarchs can be trusted. Their job is to coverup, subvert, and obscure the truth. And best of all, they have succeeded in convincing the people we are free and informed. Edward Bernays would be so proud…

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REVEALED: Churchill Wanted to Convert to Islam

21st Century Wire says…
How close was Churchill to converting?
During his service overseas as a young man, Winston Churchill was exposed to the religion of Islam during his foreign service in Sudan and India, circa 1910. His rapid movement towards the faith was such that his future sister-in-law was called by the family to intervene in this ‘fight against’ Winston’s desire to convert (see report below).
Other written passages tell another story – of his views towards Islam. In his book, The River War, published in 1899, and written during the Anglo-Egyptian conquest of the Sudan, Churchill writes off Islamic civilization as ‘backward’:
‘The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.
Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.
No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.’
Of course, it was Winston Churchill – who pioneered the use of deadly chemical weapons against Arabs in 1919 in countries like Iraq, keen to flex newly acquired British airpower and dropping poison gas against the ‘uncivilised tribes’, which he referred to as ‘a lively terror’. Churchill’s racist genocidal fervor was backed up by David Lloyd George, who famously said of the Arabs, ‘We insisted on reserving the right to bomb niggers…’, explaining the British government’s demands made at the 1932 World Disarmament Conference, further reserving the Crown’s right to use WMD’s and bomb for ‘police purposes in outlying places’.
More on Churchill’s adventures in Islam…

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US Power Elite: An Echo Chamber of Illusions, Delusions, and Subsequent Policy Errors

“A monopoly on the means of communication may define a ruling elite more precisely than the celebrated Marxian formula of monopoly in the means of production.”
Robert Anton Wilson
I watched the latter part of a televised discussion called Surveillance 2015 which included Sallie Krawchek, Mohamed El-Erian, Sheila Bair, and Mario Gabelli with Tom Keane as host at the high-toned, dark-wooded drinking salon in the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.
There is no one in the discussion that you could dislike, as they are all affable and intelligent people who are most likely very good company at a cocktail party and acknowledged as subject matter experts in their own areas.
I may have missed the first part where hopefully they discussed some things that they understand, like the workings of the US markets, although that is no guarantee of a frank and open discussion. Or maybe I was spared the usual self-congratulatory success fest. Mission accomplished, and all that.
But the groupthink when it came to discussing global events was absolutely stunning in its glib triumphalism and selective shallowness.
Their read on Putin and the situation with Russia was almost sad in its cartoon like shallowness. Russia is on the ropes, and it is just a question whether Putin folds now, or does something stupid to distract his people, like cutting off the energy to Europe and driving them into recession. The odds are fifty- fifty.
But the US is pristine, above it all, the global puppet master. Exceptional and winning!

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Desmond Tutu: ‘Put Tony Blair in the dock for war crimes’

21st Century Wire says…
Another blow to the legacy of Britain’s international man of mystery…
Groomed by the intelligence services from his early college days, he didn’t bat an eyelid while lying to his electorate – and to the world about fictional WMD’s in Iraq, and he dazzled George W. Bush with his alluring pillow talk, used his cozy globalist-appointed positions and high-flying (albeit meaningless) titles to broker deals for JP Morgan investment elite, while he creates wonderous business opportunities on the backs of the world’s poor – he is the world’s most hated man, and he doesn’t drink Dos Equis (but he does drinks Cristal).
Certainly, it’s a charmed life for the man with the fake smile. Recently, 21WIRE reported how he caused meltdown at the international children’s charity, Save the Children, after someone tried to him a ‘Global Legacy Award’ (spooky). The charity are now deeply regretting that move, calling the whole affair ‘a painful experience’.
To add insult to injury, a former Nobel Peace Prize winner and international icon is now gunning for Britain’s most famous war criminal.
Welcome to Tony’s World…

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Is Ukraine Hiding A Huge Radiation Leak At The Largest Nuclear Power Plant In Europe?

Two days ago we reported of the odd coincidence of a 2nd emergency shutdown at Ukraine’s Zaporozhye Nuclear reactor -Europe’s largest nuclear power plant – following our earlier fears of disinformation. Today, we get information of a leaked report sourced from three different place – unconfirmed for now (but RT is trying to verify) – that Ukrainian nuclear scioentists misled the public and a radioactive leak has been detected – citing the country’s emergency services claiming that levels of radiation are 16.3 times the legally permitted norm.
As RT reports,
A radioactive leak has been detected at Ukraine’s Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, the largest in Europe, a media report says, citing the country’s emergency services. The report claims that levels of radiation are 16 times the legally permitted norm.
LifeNews published a leaked report by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, which denies an earlier assessment by the plant’s authorities that the radiation at the facility is equal to the natural background following an incident on Sunday.

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Moscow Anti-Corruption Protest Escalates, Riot Police Arrive – Live Feed

As the crowd in Moscow grows to an estimated 10-15,000 protesters chanting “No Putin, No War”, Russia has unleashed police in riot gear, apparently fearful of the consequences of this ‘unlawful’ assembly. The massive crowd of protesters gathered in Moscow’s Manezhka Square on Tuesday, following the guilty verdict of anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny, remain peaceful for now; but scuffles are breaking out and tensions are rising.
Live Feed:

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Is Ukraine Hiding A Radiation Leak At The Largest Nuclear Power Plant In Europe?

Two days ago we reported of the odd coincidence of a 2nd emergency shutdown at Ukraine’s Zaporozhye Nuclear reactor – Europe’s largest nuclear power plant – following our earlier fears of disinformation. Today, we get infrormation sourced from three different place – unconfirmed for now (but RT is trying to verify) – that Ukrainian nuclear scioentists misled the public and a radioactive leak has been detected – citing the country’s emergency services claiming that levels of radiation are 16.3 times the legally permitted norm.
As LifeNews reports,
Ukrainian nuclear scientists misinformed the public and the media about the real state of affairs in the Zaporizhzhya NPP. The Internet got a summary of the State Service for Emergency Situations of the 28 and 29 December, which refute the assurances leadership Zaporizhzhya that the sixth unit was put into operation in the evening on 28 December. In addition, the permissible level of radiation at the plant, according to the measurements, was above the norm by 16 times.
Both documents addressed to the Chief of State GSCHS Ukraine in Zaporozhye region – Major General Civil Protection Lepsky. In summary for December 28, reported that at six o’clock in the Zaporizhzhya NPP due to damage to the transformer emergency generator protection system worked 6th unit.
– At 6 am on December 28 at the Zaporozhye NPP operates five units (1,2,3,4,5) … The total capacity of 4278 MW nuclear power plant radiation background – 4.90 mSv / year., SVYAP – 4.76 mSv / year . – 16.3 times higher than the acceptable norm – said in a bulletin.

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End of the German Dream?

The crisis in Germany is brewing at a rapid speed. There is no country that has suffered the pains of Russian sanctions in the West more than Germany because the Russian market has compensated Germany in the past years, covering up many problems of the German economy from the euro crisis. As the economy has turned down inside the EU, German sales of products declined. That decline was replaced with Russian buyers of everything from food to German cars. With Russian trade now cut off, the economic decline in Germany is starting to become visible. There is also a rising anti-foreigner trend emerging in Germany with the economic decline in motion. The German Press, perhaps the last real free press, warn of the coming police state in Germany.

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Washington’s ‘Kill List’ Leaked: NATO Mows Down Civilians in Order to Hunt Low-level Taliban

Just like the CIA’s Torture obsession, NATO has been obsessed with hitting their quotas for killing ‘insurgents’(and civilians) in Afghanistan in order to justify their presence and sucking-up tens of millions of taxpayer dollars per day.
According to the newly released documents from the Ed Snowden info-treasure trove, NATO fascists bosses maintained an extensive rolling ‘kill list’ – at any given time this list would feature up to 750 names of Afghans (here) scheduled for remote execution.
This revelation demonstrates how careless and heartless the thugs at NATO and their masters in Washington truly are…
Classified intelligence files from the NSA, GCHQ, and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) from the archive of whistleblower Edward Snowden, studied by Der Spiegel, include a list of the Western alliance’s ‘targeted killings’ in Afghanistan.

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Paul ‘Orwell’ Krugman Touts Job Growth in the Obama Recovery

For years, Paul Krugman has been warning that the inadequate fiscal stimulus package of early 2009, coupled with the disastrous spending cuts of the ‘sequester’ package, were leading to a ‘postmodern recovery’ and ‘jobless trap’ for the millions of Americans locked out of employment due to coldhearted Republicans. Even though GDP growth had officially returned by the summer of 2009, Krugman told us, we could expect a terrible plight for America’s workers, all because the people in charge were more concerned with fiscal prudence than American families.
Well, now that we’ve had a few quarters of decent GDP growth and private sector job creation – at least according to the official statistics – Krugman has had to alter his narrative. Now, you see, Obama’s recovery has actually been impressive – much better than the recovery under George W. Bush from the dot-com recession. Does this prove that Krugman was wrong about the need for big deficits? Of course not. No, it just shows that the right-wing critics of ObamaCare and other regulations were wrong for thinking these regulations would hurt hiring.
A recent example of this newfound perspective is a December 28 Krugman post entitled, ‘The Obama Bounce’:
Dean Baker is, of course, right: this is not a boom, and comparisons to the 1990s are insane. Still, growth has clearly picked up, and the public seems to be noticing. So what can we say about the Obama non-boom?
I’d argue that much of what we’re seeing reflects the tapering off of austerity. The US has never had a proclaimed austerity plan, UK style, but we’ve had a lot of the thing itself, especially from cutbacks in state and local spending. Spending hasn’t rebounded yet, but at least it has stopped shrinking:
[Krugman then inserts a FRED graph showing the year/year level change in real government consumption and investment spending. – RPM] And it’s important to realize that, despite all the rhetoric about how Obamacare/antibusiness rhetoric/Kenyan Islamic atheism is destroying business, the private sector has actually been relatively strong under Obama. Here’s employment:

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Al-Qaeda Urges ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks on Airline Companies

An article published in the jihadi magazine Inspire on Christmas Eve calls on lone jihadis to launch attacks on airlines, and gives instructions on how to make bombs and get through security checks.
The U.S. magazine Homeland Security Today reported on Christmas Day that the latest issue of the magazine contained a lead story entitled, "Destination airport, and Guess What’s on the Menu?" and was released on Christmas Eve, the fifth anniversary of the bombing attempt by Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab on Christmas Day 2009 while on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253.
Air companies picked out as targets for attack are US carriers American Airlines, United, Delta, and Continental, while British carriers British Airways and Easyjet are also listed, as well as Air France. Delta is described as "the target of our brother, 'Umar Al-Farouq 'Abdul Muttalib – may Allah hasten his release."

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Austrian president deems E.U.’s further sanctions against Russia as unnecessary

European Union’s possible further sanctions in regard to Russia may be a ‘foolish and damaging’ step, Austrian President Heinz Fischer said in an interview with APA news agency.
“I believe it is a false and even damaging point of view that the sanctions [against Russia] can be toughened to the extent, when Russia is weak and can be subjected to the desired [outside] political goals,” Fischer said.
According to the Austrian president, “the Russian economy has a certain reserve of durability.”
“However, sanctions against it [Russia] became a tangible problem for the country and remain being such,” Fischer said adding that “the grave economic crisis in Russia is capable of creating more problems than it is capable of solving.”

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Ignorance of the law is an excuse…if you are a cop. American police no longer need to know what the law says or to enforce it correctly. They can implement a non-existent law with impunity even if it results in the apparent violation of constitutional rights. This may have been apparent to many as a police practice but now it is now officially the law of the land. On December 15, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled on Heien v. North Carolina.
Facts of the Case
In 2009, Sergeant Matt Darisse made a clear ‘mistake of law’ in conducting a traffic stop. He pulled over a car driven by Maynor Javier Vazquez and owned by Nicholas Heien who was sleeping in the back. The legal pretext: the car had a broken brake light. But North Carolina law at the time only required there to be ‘a [singular] stop lamp’ working. In short, a single brake light made the vehicle ‘street legal’ and the officer had no lawful reason to make the stop.
Darisse became suspicious when the two men offered somewhat different stories about their destination. Then Heien reportedly consented to a search his car with the words, ‘I don’t care.’ A sandwich bag of cocaine was discovered and the two occupants were charged with drug trafficking.
At trial, Heien made a motion to suppress the evidence due to Fourth Amendment protection which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure. Heien’s attorney argued that enforcing a non-existent law was unreasonable and so any evidence resulting from the enforcement could not be used in court. Again, at the time, the North Carolina Supreme Court maintained that the state constitution required the suppression of evidence when the Fourth Amendment was violated. Nevertheless, the trial court allowed the evidence.
The Court of Appeals reversed the decision saying that “an officer’s mistaken belief that a defendant has committed a traffic violation is not an objectively reasonable justification for a traffic stop”. The Supreme Court of North Carolina determined the purpose of the Fourth Amendment was to ensure that police officers act reasonably. And police officers should be able to make traffic stops based on their reasonable interpretations of law even if that interpretation was in error.
The case was the first one heard in SCOTUS’ current session. Attorney Jeffrey Fisher represented Heien and argued, ‘The government should be presumed to know the laws…. It would undercut public confidence in law enforcement and the common law rule upon which the criminal law is built to say the government doesn’t have to be presumed to know the law when it acted.’ Fisher claimed that, if ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’ for average citizens, then the maxim should apply equally to police officers. To argue otherwise would take all incentive away from the police to familiarize themselves with the law or to abide by it.

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Doublespeak at the White House: Cold Weather Proves It’s Warming

2014 was another disappointing year in terms of major changes needed to avert Global Climate Change. Even though Climatists had redoubled their efforts in order to convince the general public that immediate measures are required to stop the dangers of global warming. But the gap between the general public warnings and actual events lead mostly to climate mockery.
Much of January and December experienced severe cold and record low daily temperatures were recorded in many cities, coupled with all-time seasonal snowfalls as well. Once called a cold snap was now termed as polar vortex.
John Holdren, chief advisor to the President, said in a White House video release: ‘But a growing body of evidence suggests that the kind of extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States as we speak is a pattern that we can expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues.’
Research ship passengers were also rescued in January. The ship had been locked in ice for 10 days near the arctic coast. It was carrying out research to study how the Antarctica weather was changing due to the effects of global warming.

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This Is How Much Russians Hate America…

In Russia, shopping malls are putting out American flag doormats for people to wipe their feet on, and there are stores that are selling toilet paper with the American flag imprinted on it. Surveys show that Russian attitudes toward the U. S. are now even worse than they were during the end of the Cold War, and ordinary Russians are blaming America for everything from the overthrow of the Ukrainian government to the collapse of the ruble. The Russian government has just authorized a new military doctrine which identifies the United States as a top threat, and commentators on Russian television are using extremely strong language to condemn the United States. In fact, one of the most prominent Russian commentators has referred to the United States as ‘the kingdom of the Antichrist’. To the Russians, a new Cold War has erupted, and they very clearly view the United States as enemy number one.
But in the U. S., things are completely different. Most Americans feel absolutely no animosity toward Russians or their government. And most Americans do not consider Russia to be a ‘threat’ whatsoever. In this country, ‘the Cold War’ is a relic from the past, and our relationship with Russia is very low on the list of political issues. Most people seem to feel that the current tension between the U. S. and Russia is a temporary thing that will fade away eventually. Nobody is making Russian flag doormats or selling toilet paper with Russian flags on it.
So most Americans have a really hard time grasping what is going on inside Russia right now. Even if they have heard about how much Russians hate us, they don’t really understand how this could be possible.
And most Americans have no idea that the Russians even have a special derogatory word for us now. The following is an excerpt from a recent New York Observer article…

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DARPA’s Autonomous Microdrones Designed to Enter Houses

As drone expert, P. W. Singer said about microdrones, ‘At this point, it doesn’t really matter if you are against the technology, because it’s coming.’ According to Singer, ‘The miniaturization of drones is where it really gets interesting. You can use these things anywhere, put them anyplace, and the target will never even know they’re being watched.’
This has been the promise that the Air Force made quite clear in their video early last year about nanodrone tech that you can see below. According to the USAF, Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs), combined with the ability to harvest energy, will enable insect-sized drone swarms to be dropped from military aircraft to stay aloft for a prolonged amount of time, offering a host of functions, including assassination.
DARPA is now announcing a new wave of these microdrones under their Fast Lightweight Autonomy program. As the name indicates, they ideally would like humans to be completely removed from the control process.

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