940 Chinese Firms Halt Trading; China Allows Houses as Margin, Bans Use of Term “Equity Disaster”; Two Rules, Two Questions

Two Rules
Every bubble eventually bursts The bigger the bubble the bigger the bust Central banks globally have blown the biggest bubble ever in the wake of the 2008 crash. We have only just begun to see the carnage that is coming.
That carnage started in China and it’s going to spread.
Two Questions
How fast? Where Next? The two pertinent questions now are “How fast?” and “Where next?”
I don’t have the answer to those questions. Nor does anyone else. What I do know is attempts to stop bubbles from bursting don’t work. Indeed, they only make matters worse.

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The Monopolist Robbery In Medicine, Illustrated

All it takes is a company to start doing medicine on a cash, no insurance, no-BS basis to point out the blatant and outrageous overcharging, monopolist robbery and gate-keeping, all of which add up to behavior and pricing that is felonious in virtually any other line of work (and arguably is here too according to 15 USC but is never enforced.)
The Surgery Center of Oklahoma put this in stark relief when they showed up on the scene, offering no-insurance, flat-priced common operations where the price is known before the procedure is undertaken and typically winds up costing 80% less than a hospital charges for the same procedure — with no surprises.
Now we have Theranos, which has taken advantage of a new Arizona law that allows any person to order their own tests without doctor involvement, reading or gate-keeping. In other words your tests are your tests, as are the records (and results) of same. And their prices?

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6 Martial Law Concern About Jade Helm Is ‘Racist… Because We Have a Black President’

Desperate to rebrand conspiratorial concern about the coming Jade Helm training exercises – fears that it could be an attempt to bring martial law to ‘hostile’ Texas – the media is spinning its wheels to portray opponents of the military occupation as racists.
Yes, concern about martial law and a military takeover under an emergency pretext is now racist… not because the issue clearly effects everyone, but just because there’s a black president… that’s a good one.
Denial runs deep. Disturbing preparations for martial law and civil unrest have been ongoing for decades, and ramping up since 9/11, not since the election of Barack Obama. Yet, the system has been in damage control mode sense news of the training exercise spread on the web, and sounded the alarm about potential threats to liberty.
They insist: No, Jade Helm isn’t a military takeover of Texas.

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Jade Helm, Terrorist Attacks, Surveillance and Other Fairy Tales for a Gullible Nation

‘Strange how paranoia can link up with reality now and then.’ – Philip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly
Once upon a time, there was a nation of people who believed everything they were told by their government.
When terrorists attacked the country, and government officials claimed to have been caught by surprise, the people believed them. And when the government passed massive laws aimed at locking down the nation and opening the door to total government surveillance, the people believed it was done merely to keep them safe. The few who disagreed were labeled traitors.
When the government waged costly preemptive wars on foreign countries, insisting it was necessary to protect the nation, the citizens believed it. And when the government brought the weapons and tactics of war home to use against the populace, claiming it was just a way to recycle old equipment, the people believed that too. The few who disagreed were labeled unpatriotic.
When the government spied on its own citizens, claiming they were looking for terrorists hiding among them, the people believed it. And when the government began tracking the citizenry’s movements, monitoring their spending, snooping on their social media, and surveying their habits – supposedly in an effort to make their lives more efficient – the people believed that, too. The few who disagreed were labeled paranoid.
When the government let private companies take over the prison industry and agreed to keep the jails full, justifying it as a cost-saving measure, the people believed them. And when the government started arresting and jailing people for minor infractions, claiming the only way to keep communities safe was to be tough on crime, the people believed that too. The few who disagreed were labeled soft on crime.

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Mythbusters: Big Government’s Biggest Illusions

‘From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party:
1984, George Orwell
‘How would you,’ author and libertarian megaphone Robert Meyer writes, ‘like to predict the consequences of economic policy at least 90% of the time?
‘Here’s how you accomplish this marvelous feat.
‘When a politician or establishment economist claims a certain policy will produce a certain result, use contrary reasoning. Believe it will produce the opposite result.
‘You’ll amaze everyone with your phenomenal success rate.’
As you probably know, politicians and their friends in the media are masters of smokescreens. And one of the most powerful ways they build their castles in the sky is through the art of the ‘doublespeak.’
Not too far off from what you’ll find in George Orwell’s 1984.
Whenever you hear any of the following buzzwords, you can safely assume the actions to follow – whether intentionally or unintelligently – will produce the opposite result. Courtesy of Robert Meyer…
ONE: Positive change = negative change
TWO: Stimulating the economy = inflation and reduction of wealth
THREE: Creating jobs = eliminating jobs
FOUR: Saving jobs = eliminating new employment
FIVE: Too big to fail = penalizing profitable business, preventing new business creation
SIX: Easy credit = more debt and malinvestments
SEVEN: Beneficial regulations = more restrictions on your personal liberty and freedom
Despite the convincing rhetoric that surrounds them, these seven ‘doublespeak’ terms are more dubious and dangerous than ever. Never before has more been on the line. And it’s never been more important that you see through the fog.
Because it gets worse. And the lies get bigger.
That’s why, today, with much help from Meyer, we’re going to destroy three of Big Government’s biggest illusions.
Since you’re an astute reader of LFT, you’ve probably already broken through these illusions and uncovered the truth.
Even so, the status quo paints a pretty convincing mirage. And the media relentlessly spreads the seeds of illusion. For that reason, a refresher every once in a while is always a good idea.
This is precisely why, over the weekend, I picked up Robert Meyer’s book 7 Destructive Economic Illusions Conquered.
From that book, I’ll share three destructive Big Government illusions – and allow Meyer to destroy them, right in front of your very eyes.
Here are the three illusions:
ILLUSION #1: Government Interventionism Improves the Marketplace
ILLUSION #2: The Government Ought to do Something
ILLUSION #3: ????????
With that, let’s jump right in…

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Every NFL Stadium Is a FEMA Camp In Hiding

You ever heard the old saying ‘My husband would live at the stadium if we could’? This is the lament of every football widow. However, the husband may soon get his wish and the wife may indeed become a widow in the true sense of the word.
The Tyranny That Is the NFL
The NFL season is just over two months away. The NFL’s actions in this past season dictates that all freedom-loving Americans will boycott this globalist serving organization. This article demonstrates how the NFL is an extension of the TSA, DHS and the globalist agenda in general.
The new NFL policies are something right out of the Pol Pot regime. In some stadiums, women cannot enter the same entrance as men and children. This is FEMA camp training. The American public is being conditioned to the fact that the state owns your bodies and your freedoms. Carefully examine the following sign.
At Arrowhead Stadium, home to the NFL Kansas City Chiefs, we see the segregation of women from other fans entering the stadium. Now, why would the officials at Arrowhead Stadium institute such a policy? Simple, they are conditioning the public to accept being separated from one another. What my insider sources tell me is that the future martial law detention camps will consist of men in one camp, women in another and children in a third camp.
In addition, the NFL is promoting various globalist agendas such as gun control, and they are doing so with our money. The NFL has come to represent a new era of in-your-face-tyranny. Soon, the following picture will be played out in American stadiums all across our country.

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Cronyism Pays – Eric ‘Too Big to Jail’ Holder Triumphantly Returns to His Prior Corporate Law Firm Job

Trying to determine Barack Obama’s most corrupt, crony appointee presents a virtually impossible task. Every single person he’s appointed to a position of power over the course of his unfathomably shady, violent and unconstitutional presidency, has been little more than a gatekeeper for powerful vested interests. Obama’s job was to talk like a marxist, but act like a robber baron. In this regard, his reign has been an unprecedented success.
All that said, if anyone is a top contender for the worst of the worst of the Obama Administration, it’s Eric Holder. As head of the Department of Justice, he was the one man who could’ve played an enormously positive role in American society, by punishing those responsible for creating the financial crisis that destroyed tens of millions of lives globally. Instead, he chose to actively protect the financial oligarchs and ushered in a tragic new era for these United States. One in which the world suddenly realized that the U. S. is little more than a glorified oligarchy. Essentially an aggressive Banana Republic armed with nuclear weapons and the swagger of a third world dictator.

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Martial Law Concern About Jade Helm Is ‘Racist… Because We Have a Black President’

Desperate to rebrand conspiratorial concern about the coming Jade Helm training exercises – fears that it could be an attempt to bring martial law to ‘hostile’ Texas – the media is spinning its wheels to portray opponents of the military occupation asracists.
Yes, concern about martial law and a military takeover under an emergency pretext is now racist… not because the issue clearly effects everyone, but just because there’s a black president… that’s a good one.
Denial runs deep. Disturbing preparations for martial law and civil unrest have been ongoing for decades, and ramping up since 9/11, not since the election of Barack Obama. Yet, the system has been in damage control mode sense news of the training exercise spread on the web, and sounded the alarm about potential threats to liberty.
They insist: No, Jade Helm isn’t a military takeover of Texas.

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Central Bankers Now Pushing For Bail-Ins In Greece – Episode 709

The following video was published by X22Report on Jul 6, 2015
UK homelessness is three times worse than the official government numbers. Greece votes ‘NO’, Varoufakis resigns. Central bankers keep banks closed and they are now preparing for bail-ins. Putin and Tspiras speak on the phone. Government around the world are using hate speech to control freedom of speech. NSA has been caught spying on Brazil. McCain wants more troops in Afghanistan. Ukraine sets up one billion dollar energy fund to bypass Russia. SouthEast people in Ukraine report Kiev is using chemical weapons. The proxy army for the US continues to take out the infrastructure in Syria to remove Assad. Independence day came and went and the FBI, DHS and CIA showed once again that there is now outside threat.

Obamacare Sticker Shock Arrives: Insurance Premiums To Soar 20-40%

Two months ago, we outlined why the CPI-boosting Affordable Care Act is on the verge of bankrupting that all important driver of the US economic growth engine – the American consumer.
Put simply, inflation in medical care services costs hadn’t yet reared its ugly head because many insurers were as yet unable to gauge the full base-effect impact of Obamacare on their P&L. That, we said, was about to change: ‘After finally digesting the true cost of Obamacare, any recent insurance prime hikes will seem like a walk in the park compared to what is coming.

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The CIA: long-range planning for a drugged and debilitated society

‘Long ago, I interviewed John Marks, author of Search for the Manchurian Candidate, the book that exposed the CIA’s MKULTRA mind-control program. He told me that in 1962, when MKULTRA supposedly ended, the CIA actually transferred the program to its Office of Research and Development, where it went completely dark. A CIA representative told Marks there were a hundred boxes of material on the ‘new’ MKULTRA, and he, Marks, would never see any of it, no matter how many FOIA requests he made.’ (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)
‘Plans for guiding the world can be formed and launched a long, long time before we see the results. Don’t assume cause and effect are merely and only short-term. That’s an unwarranted idea.’ (The Underground)
Drugs to transform individuals…and even, by implication, society.
Drug research going far beyond the usual brief descriptions of MKULTRA.
The intention is there, in the record.
A CIA document was included in the transcript of the 1977 US Senate Hearings on MKULTRA, the CIA’s mind-control program.
The document is found in Appendix C, starting on page 166. It’s simply labeled ‘Draft,’ dated 5 May 1955.
It begins: ‘A portion of the Research and Development Program of [CIA’s] TSS/Chemical Division is devoted to the discovery of the following materials and methods:’
What followed was a list of hoped-for drugs and their uses.
I’m printing, below, the list of the 1955 intentions of the CIA regarding their own drug research. The range of those intentions is stunning. All statements are direct quotes from the ‘Draft’ document.
Some of my comments gleaned from studying the list:

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German Senior Hides 44 Ton Nazi Tank in His Basement for Decades

I often get a kick out of some of the notions held by gun control advocates. Do they really believe that banning certain weapons makes them go away? In reality, outlawing a weapon usually just gives their defiant owners the headache of figuring out where to hide their treasures. And boy, you’d be surprised by some of the things people are capable of hiding from the authorities.
Recently the BBC reported on the unfortunate confiscation of one pensioner’s awesome war collection. The 78-year-old man was living in Heikendorf, Germany, and had been hiding the weapons in his basement for many years before investigators tipped off local prosecutors, after previously stumbling on the collection while searching for stolen Nazi art.

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Expert critique of European travel surveillance and profiling plans

Independent legal experts commissioned by the Council of Europe (COE) to assess proposals for surveillance and profiling of air travellers throughout the European Union have returned a detailed and perceptive critique of the proposed EU directive on government access to, and use of, Passenger Name Record (PNR) data from airline reservations.
Before the revelations by Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers about dragnet surveillance of telephone and Internet communications, few people appreciated the nature of the threat to freedom posed by government acquisition and use of PNR data for dragnet travel surveillance.
The expert report to the Council of Europe marks a breakthrough in the ‘post-Snowden’ understanding of the nature and significance of government demands for PNR data. The report reframes the PNR debate from being an issue of privacy and data protection to being part of a larger debate about suspicionless surveillance and pre-crime profiling. The report also focuses the attention of European citizens, travellers, and policy-makers on thedecisions made (in whole or in part) on the basis of PNR data: decisions to subject travellers to search, interrogation, or the total denial of transportation (‘no-fly’ orders).
The report specifically cites the Kafkaesque case of Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim as an example of the way that decisions made on such a basis tend to evade judicial review or effective redress.

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The Choice AHEAD?!

The Supreme Court’s recent blessing of Obamacare has precipitated a rush among the nation’s biggest health insurers to consolidate into two or three behemoths.
The result will be good for their shareholders and executives, but bad for the rest of us – who will pay through the nose for the health insurance we need.
Insurers are seeking rate hikes of 20 to 40 percent for next year because they think they already have enough economic and political clout to get them.

The alternative is a government-run single payer system – such as is in place in almost every other advanced economy – dedicated to lower premiums and better care.
Oh really?
Well, let’s see. These other advanced economies appear to spend about half of what we do on a percentage of GDP basis. Is this where a market solution would wind up?
The evidence is NO.
The evidence is that single payer may gouge you less, but it still gouges you and since it’s a forced transaction it’s not hard to see why. The government pays and you consume; there is no connection between the two. Nor is there any competition.
What does a market system look like?

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Ex Congressional Candidate Admits To Mosque Firebombing Plot

A former candidate for the 4th Congressional District of Tennessee has earned himself another strange claim to fame. Robert Rankin Doggart stands accused of plotting an attack against a Muslim community in Upstate New York, and has been charged with one count of interstate communication threats, which may carry a 5 year prison sentence. The community itself has been accused of being a terrorist training camp by pundits like Sean Hannity.
Most of the evidence against him was derived from a FBI wiretap of his cell phone; though the names of who he was communicating with have yet to be identified, he apparently tried to recruit South Carolina militia members.

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Wilderness Corridors: Agenda 21 Under A New Name

When it comes to people the government fears the most, those who live in rural areas must be somewhere near the top of the list. Not that there’s anything wrong with this particular group of people. It’s just that they’re a demographic that the government often struggles to contend with.
They usually have the resources to take care of themselves, and often by necessity, which makes it difficult to corral this population. When you have no choice but to take care of yourself because government services are too far away, they don’t have any good excuses for telling you what to do. They know that if they tried to micromanage your life, they would utterly fail (at least more than they do already).
Now, contrast that with urban dwellers. The population density of cities makes it easier for them to control that population. One cop in the countryside may be miles away from the nearest person, but a cop in the city has rapid access to thousands of people. They’re never very far away. Simply put, the cost of exerting control over a population is much less in a city than it is in the countryside.
So it should go without saying that if the government could move those people out of the countryside and into the cities, they could rest easy knowing that everyone is firmly planted under their watchful eye, and away from their rural blindspot. Unfortunately, that may very well be what they have in store for those who live outside of the city.
They’ve also been planning this for a very long time.

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Exterminating 40 Million Americans In Re-Education Camps Is the Goal

I have been covering how many of our everyday structures are being converted into makeshift detention centers (i.e. FEMA camps). Hundreds of strip malls across Canada, the UK and the U. S. are having guard towers retrofitted to the existing structures. This is even happening with closed and abandoned strip malls. It is happening with newer construction. It is even happening with our schools, as I covered in detail in yesterday’s article.
Tomorrow, I am covering how sports stadiums will also double as FEMA camps and the conditioning of the public to accept this tyranny has been underway for sometime.
Today, I am taking a brief respite from this three part series on FEMA camp conversions to discuss just how serious these conversions are and how some of the elite want to see tens of millions of Americans exterminated in re-education camps. Of course there are many who will say that Obama would never do such a thing. Really? The people who would utter such uninformed nonsense have never met Bill Ayers, are familiar with his background and understand the profound influence he has over the current President.
Bill Ayers Launches the Political Career of Obama
Bill Ayers launched the political career of President Obama. This is such a well known and well documented fact that even the mainstream media admits, through Fox’s Hannity and ABC talk show host, Larry Elder, openly discuss the fact that Bill Ayers launched the political career of Obama from Ayers Chicago home. Futher, these news entities refer to Ayers as a ‘terrorist’. Please watch the brief interview and see what kind of man launched Obama’s political career. If Fox and ABC are reporting that Ayers is the man who launched Obama’s political career, then why would the sheep continue to deny that fact? And why is it important that Bill Ayers is the architect of Obama’s career?

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Russia Gloats: “Merkel’s Misery Over Broken Europe Dreams”

Earlier today, as has become a symbolic custom, Tsipras spoke to Russia’s Putin by phone. Aside for the referendum, the topic of their conversation was unknown, but both sides rushed to note that financial aid was not among the topics of discussion, which assures it was. However, with the Greek negotiations still ongoing even if, as Germany has claimed, all bridges have been burned, there is no point for the Kremlin to step in at this moment and disclose itself as a Lender of Last Resort. It still has a few days.
However, while Russia patiently awaits for the right moment to step up, either alone or together with China, its media has no intention to wait when it comes to gloating at Europe’s misfortune.

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Congress Should Protect Itself From The Executive Branch – Paul Craig Roberts

Gary Hart was a good senator, an independent person. Consequently, he was eliminated with a sexual scandal. The woman was a ten, and the powers that be got rid of Hart. Better to go that way than with an airplane crash or a frame-up that leads to prison like happened to US Rep. George Hanson and others including Dan Rostenkowski, Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means.
Rostenkowski was eliminated by the despicable Eric Holder, a US attorney at the time who rose to become Obama’s Attorney General, proving the point that in the US government only the totally corrupt succeed. Holder’s false conviction of Rostenkowski was overturned with a pardon by President Bill Clinton. Even former Republican President Gerald Ford regarded Rostenkowski’s conviction as a fraud.
US. Representative James Traficant was another victim of fraudulent proecution. Traficant defended a constituent, John Demjanjuk, who was falsely accused of being a former Nazi concentration camp guard, ‘Ivan the Terrible.’ Traficant’s interference with the arrogant Israeli-serving State Department, many believe, led to him being falsely prosecuted and incarcerated.

This post was published at Paul Craig Roberts on July 6, 2015.