COVER-UP: Court Seals Evidence of Israel’s Weapon Exports to Rwanda During Genocide

‘There is no terrible regime – Columbia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile during the time of the colonels, Burma, Taiwan, Zaire, Liberia, Congo, Sierra Leone – there is not one that does not have a major military connection to Israel.’
– Jeff Halper, 2003
If the details in this court report were allowed to be made public, it would no doubt be extremely embarrassing to the state of Israel, who relies on maintaining the status of eternal ‘victim’ in order to side-step dozens of UN resolutions regarding its illegal land annexations and human rights abuses against the native Palestinian population who have been under violent Israeli military occupation for over 50 years.
Question: why have the Israeli Courts ruled to cover-up these important details about Israel own role in helping to facilitate a genocide in Africa?
Their answer: ‘The release of information would undermine state security and international relations.’
According to reports, Israel’s arms exports to Rwanda were in violation of international law.
Israel has also been caught numerous times before, including recently being exposed in a UN report after supplying Israeli weapons in the Sudan conflict, and again, with the US protecting the rogue state, Israel continues to act with impunity.
Similar reports have also emerged about Israeli arms and other Israeli military equipment.
And this is what US politicians continuously refer to as ‘the only democracy in the Middle East.’

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Suspect Identified In NYC Terror Attack That Left 8 Dead; Pled Allegiance To ISIS

One World Trade Center was lit up in red, white and blue after the New York truck attack
— CNN (@CNN) October 31, 2017

Update 10:10 pm: The New York Post is reporting that victims of today’s attack included American students and adults who were on the school bus that was rammed, along with an undisclosed number of Belgian and Argentinian nationals.
Argentina’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that several ‘Argentine citizens’ were among the dead, though it’s unclear how many.
Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister for Belgium, wrote on Twitter that at least one the victims was Belgian.
‘I am deeply saddened to announce a Belgian victim in Manhattan,’ he tweeted. ‘I express my condolences to the family and friends.”
Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina has confirmed that two staff members and two students were among those who were hurt. They had been on a school bus, which was struck by suspected terrorist Sayfullo Saipov.
One of the students is reportedly in critical condition.
According to Reynders, three other Belgians were ‘also wounded’ during the incident and ‘in the operating room’ undergoing surgery on Tuesday night. The extent of their injuries was not clear.

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Trump’s UN Speech

I listened to part of Trump’s UN speech this morning. I was so embarrassed for him and for my country that I had to turn it off.
I wonder if whoever wrote the deplorable speech intended to embarrass Trump and inadvertently embarrassed America as well, or whether the speechwriter(s) is so imbued with the neoconservative arrogance and hubris of our time that the speechwriter was simply blind to the extraordinary contradictions that stood out like sore thumbs all through the speech.
I am not going to describe all of them, just a couple of examples.
Trump went on at great length about how America respects the sovereignty of every country and the people’s will of every country, and how the US, despite its overwhelming military power, never tries to impose its will on any country. What was the administration thinking, or can it think? What about Yugoslavia/Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Crimea, Ukraine, Venezuela, Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, just to mention countries in the 21st century that have been subjected to US military attacks, government overthrows, and removals of political leaders who did not conform to US interests?

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America’s Slow-Motion Military Coup

In a democracy, no one should be comforted to hear that generals have imposed discipline on an elected head of state. That was never supposed to happen in the United States. Now it has.
Among the most enduring political images of the 20th century was the military junta. It was a group of grim-faced officers – usually three – who rose to control a state. The junta would tolerate civilian institutions that agreed to remain subservient, but in the end enforced its own will. As recently as a few decades ago, military juntas ruled important countries including Chile, Argentina, Turkey, and Greece.
These days the junta system is making a comeback in, of all places, Washington. Ultimate power to shape American foreign and security policy has fallen into the hands of three military men: General James Mattis, the secretary of defense; General John Kelly, President Trump’s chief of staff; and General H. R. McMaster, the national security adviser. They do not put on their ribbons to review military parades or dispatch death squads to kill opponents, as members of old-style juntas did. Yet their emergence reflects a new stage in the erosion of our political norms and the militarization of our foreign policy. Another veil is dropping.

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All The Countries America Has Invaded… In One Map

From Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, the US has had a military presence across the world, from almost day one of its independence. For those who have ever wanted a clearer picture of the true reach of the United States military – both historically and currently – but shied away due to the sheer volume of research required to find an answer, The Anti Media points out that a crew at the Independent just made things a whole lot simpler.
Using data compiled by a Geography and Native Studies professor from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, the indy100 team created an interactive map of U. S. military incursions outside its own borders from Argentina in 1890 to Syria in 2014.
To avoid confusion, indy100 laid out its prerequisites for what constitutes an invasion:
‘Deployment of the military to evacuate American citizens, covert military actions by US intelligence, providing military support to an internal opposition group, providing military support in one side of a conflict, use of the army in drug enforcement actions.’ But indy100 didn’t stop there. To put all that history into context, using data from the Department of Defense (DOD), the team also put together a map to display all the countries in which nearly 200,000 active members of the U. S. military are now stationed.

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Opposition Threatens “War In The Streets” As Maduro Claims Victory In Venezuela Assembly Vote

Despite US threats of ‘strong and swift economic sanctions’ that the WSJ reported overnight could cut off a crucial source of revenue for Venezuela’s financially distressed state oil company, PDVSA, the socialist state’s leader Nicolas Maduro is claiming victory in a vote to create a new ‘constituent assembly,’ a vote that US government officials have labeled a “sham.”
The ruling Socialist party’s candidates purportedly won all 545 seats in the vote. Venezuela electoral council head Tibisay Lucena said more than 41% of the country’s registered voters participated, a number that is being widely discreditr by outside sources. Per press reports, the assembly will now replace the opposition controlled Congress, which was annulled by the Maduro-allied Supreme Court in March, allowing Maduro to rewrite the country’s constitution, cementing his hold on power as his favorability rating with the public falls below 30%.
The U. S., Colombia, Spain, Peru, the EU and Argentina have already said they will not recognize the results of the vote, which was boycotted by the country’s opposition parties.

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Mexicans and Chinese Aren’t ‘Stealing Our Jobs’

Tremendous Flop GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – Now comes a report from the Financial Times that tells us the nation’s No. 1 industry – home building – has been backing up for a quarter of a century.
According to the newspaper, U. S. home builders ‘started work on the same number of houses in the past year as they did a quarter of a century ago, even though there are 36% more people working as residential builders now than then.’
The report puzzled over the apparent collapse in productivity in the sector. ‘Somewhat difficult to believe,’ say researchers (it’s not so difficult for us to believe… but we’ll get to that in a minute).
As we’ve written about before, so far, the 21st century has been a tremendous flop. At least for America.

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The 21st Century Has Been a Big, Fat Flop

Seeming Contradiction CACHI, ARGENTINA – Here at the Diary we have fun ridiculing the pretensions, absurdities, and hypocrisies of the ruling classes. But there is a serious side to it, too. Mockery makes us laugh. And laughing helps us wiggle free from the kudzu of fake news.
Reading the Diary mailbag, it is obvious that many dear readers are confused by what seems like a contradiction. On the one hand, we recognize that what goes on in public life can never be fully understood; it is infinitely complex and unknowable in its entirety.
Nor can we ever know what will happen as a result of a law, an idea, or a policy; there are millions of possibilities and only one forthcoming reality. Nor can we ever know whether the results will be ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Only God knows what is good or bad; we know only what we like.
On the other hand, it is our lonely and frustrating role in life to try to look through the leaves and dust to try to see what is really going on, realizing that we will only see ‘through a glass darkly,’ at best.
And so, today, we lift our head up above the leaves… and we look at the last 17 years as though it were a vast historical tableau hanging in the Muse d’Orsay. Yeccch!

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Heavily Armed Swamp Critters

Worst Mistake
GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – By our calculation, it took just 76 days for President Trump to get on board with the Clinton-Bush-Obama agenda. Now there can be no doubt where he’s headed. He’s gone Full Empire. Not that it was unexpected. But the speed with which the president abandoned his supporters and went over to the Deep State is breathtaking.
Among the noise and hubbub of the election campaign, there was one message coming from the Trump team that was music to our ears. Middle East wars? He was against them, he said.
He claimed to have opposed the 2003 attack on Iraq. He said it was one of the ‘worst mistakes’ the country ever made. As for further involvement, why waste American lives and American wealth on wars you can’t win?
‘America First,’ he said. This was a refreshing position. It put the Republican neo-cons and Establishment Republicans against him; many went over to Hillary rather than risk giving up their think tank grants and consulting fees.

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Assange Predicts Trump Will Lose, Accuses Clinton Campaign Of Trying To Hack Wikileaks

In an amusing twist, Julian Assange whose Wikileaks has now had 20 individual releases of hacked John Podesta emails over the past three weeks and who has been accused by Hillary Clinton of collaborating with the Russians in an attempt to disrupt and subvert the US electoral process, accused the Clinton campaign of attacking the servers used by WikiLeaks. Speaking via telephone at a conference in Argentina on Wednesday, RT reported that Assange claimed the daily email release ritual has ‘whipped up a crazed hornet’s nest atmosphere in the Hillary Clinton campaign’ leading them to attack WikiLeaks.
‘They attacked our servers and attempted hacking attacks and there is an amazing ongoing campaign where state documents were put in the UN and British courts to accuse me of being both a Russian spy and a pedophile,’ he added.
Assange described Ecuador’s decision to shut down his internet for the duration of the presidential campaign as a ‘strategic position’ so that its ‘policy of non-intervention can’t be misinterpreted by actors in the US and even domestically in Ecuador.’ He said he was sympathetic with Ecuador, insisting they face the dilemma of having the US interfere with their elections next year if they appear to interfere with the US elections next month. He also said that he did not agree with Ecuador’s decision but did understand it. WikiLeaks will not be affected by the decision as they do not publish from Ecuador, he said.

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College Professor Says U.S. Sponsors “State-Sanctioned Violence” Against “Mostly Minorities”

Marlon James, a Jamaican-born novelist currently teaching literature at Macalester College in Minnesota, recently ignited just a “tad” of controversy when he said that the U. S. sponsors “state-santioned violence” against “mostly minorities.” Apparently a man of many words, James went on to compare the U. S. police to “death squads” during the “dirty war” run by Argentina’s military in the 1970s. According to Yahoo News:
“What people like me find alarming is there is almost state-sanctioned violence in America, particularly with the police.“ “America has developed a weird kind of Third World police, which horrifies people like me and my friends from Kenya or Nigeria.”

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Editor’s Note: This shouldn’t surprise anyone who is paying attention… it’s just that hardly anyone is because, as Americans, we live in a ‘media bubble’ that only reports on what the establishment wants Americans to know/see/hear/think. Right now, they don’t want anyone to grasp the fact that Hillary is kissing up to Kissinger (of course) because if she gets into the White House come 2017, it’s open season on coups and wars. She can’t wait.
Via Telesur:
As Hillary Clinton attempts to seal Henry Kissinger’s endorsement, documents reveal how he undermined Jimmy Carter’s human rights agenda in Argentina.
In a much-awaited step toward uncovering the historical truth of the U. S.-backed Dirty War in Argentina in the 1970′s and 80′s, the United States has delivered over 1,000 pages of classified documents to the South American country. But critics argue that there are major gaps in the files, including the exclusion of CIA documents, that keep in the dark important details of the extent of human rights violations and the U. S. role in such abuses.
The Argentine government delivered the newly-declassified documents to journalists and human rights organizations on Monday after U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry presented the files to President Mauricio Macri during a state visit last week.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on AUGUST 10, 2016.

America’s Dangerous Game Of Intrigue Inside International Organizations

From the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Fdration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) to the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Washington has been playing a dangerous game of intrigue and deception with regard to steering these organizations in a pro-American direction. The Obama administration has decided that the halls, offices, and conference rooms of international organizations are acceptable battlefields to wage propaganda and sanctions wars.
The first American target of note was the international football association, FIFA. Not content with trying to sully the reputation of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics with issues of gay rights and doping of athletes, the US disinformation boiler rooms began a full-scale attack on FIFA. The major reason is Russia’s hosting of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The US Justice Department, in a major move toward the internationalization of domestic US law, beganunsealing indictment after indictment of FIFA officials for financial crimes. The actual target of these indictments was Russia.
The United States, continuing its economic and political pressure on Venezuela, decided to pressure its three right-wing allies in Latin America – Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay – to deny the chair of the Mercosur customs union to Venezuela. After Uruguay, whose term was expiring, the next country in alphabetical order to assume the chair of the Latin American customs union was to be Venezuela. However, two countries where the Central Intelligence Agency arranged for constitutional coups to oust progressive presidents – Brazil and Paraguay – joined Argentina, ruled by a right-wing president narrowly elected in a dubious electoral process, in denying the chair to Venezuela.

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Zika hoax: strategy of liars, house of cards

The entire platform of ‘proof’ that the Zika virus causes a birth defect called microcephaly has descended into gibberish.
I’m not going to recapitulate all my Zika-hoax articles here. Suffice to say, researchers have only established a very weak correlation between the presence of Zika and the occurrence of microcephaly.
This weak correlation is actually evidence that Zika has nothing to do with microcephaly.
But now, we’re in the ‘expansion’ phase. Medical bureaucrats at the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO), knowing they’re standing on quicksand, knowing they’re nothing more than professional liars, are executing a familiar cover story.
They’re claiming that Zika causes a number of other conditions in babies. They’re ranging all over the map. Zika can cause smaller heads in babies with no brain damage, or brain damage without smaller heads? Or paralysis? Or who knows what else…
Later addiction to ice cream? The desire to play outdoors? Interest in cowboys and Indians? Love of Law&Order reruns?
By smearing the possible conditions Zika can cause from the North Pole to the tip of Argentina – with nothing more than very weak correlations in each instance – the plan is to give the impression that Zika is creating a great deal of damage.
But as I’ve pointed out, weak correlation A plus weak correlation B plus weak correlations C, D, E, and F equal overall Weak Correlation, not actual evidence of a causal connection.
Smoke and mirrors equals smoke and mirrors.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on July 1, 2016.

What Makes Venezuela Different

Unlike other leftist South American regimes, the Venezuela regime has intentionally crushed even the middle and working classes.
The economic disaster in Venezuela has prompted many to take a look at the country and attempt to understand what it is that has made things so bad in Venezuela.
It’s not enough to say “socialism.” After all, the political leadership in Ecuador and Bolivia right now are avowedly socialist, at least in rhetoric. Argentina has long been socialist in practice, but not even Argentina’s repeated defaults and other messes brought the country anything like what is going on in Venezuela. Leftist Brazil remains something of an open question at this point.
So what is it about Venezuela that has led the country to the brink of starvation while Bolivia remains relatively stable and without famine? After all, the Bolivian president, Evo Morales, a self-described disciple of Marx, gave Pope Francis a crucifix shaped like a hammer and sickle during a recent visit by the pontiff.
The answer lies in the sheer volume of socialism practiced in Venezuela versus its South American neighbors.

This post was published at Ludwig von Mises Institute on June 10, 2016.

Revolution at the Ranch

Alarming News BALTIMORE, Maryland – An alarming email came on Tuesday from our ranch in Argentina:
‘Bad things going on… We thought we had the originarios problem settled. Not at all. They just invaded the ranch.’
To bring new readers fully into the picture, Northwest Argentina, where we have our ranch, has a revolution going on. Some of the indigenous people – that is, people with Native American blood – believe they have a claim on the land, simply because their ancestors once lived on it.
You can see easily what a slippery claim this is. Most of the people in the area have ancestors who may or may not once have lived on our ranch. Nobody knows.
Which of them should have title to which land? And wouldn’t the same principle apply to all the land of Argentina…and America, too? Are there no Native Americans with an ancestral claim to Manhattan? Yes, the history books say the island was purchased for $24 dollars’ worth of geegaws.
‘We were cheated,’ the redskins could say. And what about the rest of us? We had ancestors, too. Where did they live? What rights do we have? As a matter of law, it has been settled for 400 years: The Spanish stole the Chalcachi Valley fair and square.

This post was published at Acting-Man on May 23, 2016.

Monsanto Lied: NO Approval in China for GM Soybeans

On February 3, 2016, Monsanto announced the following:
LOUIS (February 3, 2016) – Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON) today announced its commercial launch plans for its Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans after it received import approval in China. This technology has been highly anticipated by farmers and is now available in the United States and Canada in time for the 2016 season.
The problem is, this is not true.
The testing, production, and marketing of GMOs in China are subject to government approval. Foreign companies that export GMOs to the PRC [People’s Republic of China], including GMOs as raw materials, must apply to the Ministry of Agriculture and obtain GMO Safety Certificates. (Library of Congress)
The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has not approved the import of Monsanto RR2 Xtend soybeans. And to top it all off, has found that previous toxicology reports for RR soybeans submitted to it were falsified, ‘resulting in China importing over 81 million tons of RR soybeans from USA, Brazil and Argentina.’ ‘China does not allow cultivation of any GM varieties of corn or other staple food crops although it does permit the import of some GMO crops for use in animal feed.’

This post was published at FarmWars on May 18, 2016.

USDA Report Shocks Soybean Market

Most market analysts were expecting USDA to lower the S. American crop size due to the recent bout of excessive rainfall, and that is precisely what they got. Argentina’s crop was lowered to 56.5 million metric tons.
Also, the total acreage here in the US going to beans, along with what USDA projected to be the average yield were lowered. USDA dropped acreage to 81.4 million acres with yields projected at 46.7 bushels per acre. Total crop size was estimated to be 3.8 billion bushels. Most analysts were looking for a number closer to 3.778 billion. Last year’s crop was 3.929 billion.
It was the ending stocks or carryover that was the big mover however.

This post was published at Trader Dan on May 10, 2016.