Poroshenko in Washington: A Marriage Made in Heaven?

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s visit to Washington tomorrow (Thursdsay) is the consummation of a marriage made back in February, when the Obama administration ripped up a compromise agreement between elected president Yanukovich and the rebels who were seeking to overthrow him. Overnight, the US government endorsed the rebels’ seizure of power, and it has not wavered in its support of the coup leadership from that point. Poroshenko will arrive in town buoyed by Congressional passage of H. Res. 726, a resolution ‘Strongly supporting the right of the people of Ukraine to freely determine their future, including their country’s relationship with other nations and international organizations, without interference, intimidation, or coercion by other countries.’The lie is in the very title of the bill, however, as in supporting an anti-democratic coup against a legally elected government, the US has undermined, not supported, the right of the Ukrainian people to ‘freely determine their future… without interference…by other countries.’The Ukrainian people expressed their desires when they voted for Yanukovich. After the coup, the people in Crimea and the eastern part of the country also expressed their preferred ‘relationship with other nations’ when they voted to, respectively, join Russia and declare independence from the US-backed government in Kiev.

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WORLD WAR E: Obama: Ebola outbreak ‘spiraling out of control’… Calls up troops to battle virus… Outbreak could last years

Citing security threat, Obama expands U. S. role fighting Ebola
ATLANTA/MONROVIA (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Tuesday called West Africa’s deadly Ebola outbreak a looming threat to global security and announced a major expansion of the U. S. role in trying to halt its spread, including deployment of 3,000 troops to the region.
‘The reality is that this epidemic is going to get worse before it gets better,’ Obama said at the Atlanta headquarters of the U. S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
‘But, right now, the world still has an opportunity to save countless lives. Right now, the world has the responsibility to act, to step up and to do more. The United States of America intends to do more,’ he added.
Obama: Ebola outbreak ‘spiraling out of control’…
WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama declared Tuesday that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa could threaten security around the world, and he ordered 3,000 U. S. military personnel to the region in emergency aid muscle for a crisis spiraling out of control.
The question was whether the aid would be enough and was coming in time. An ominous World Health Organization forecast said that with so many people now spreading the virus, the number of Ebola cases could start doubling every three weeks.

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“I know major Arab allies who fund them” During his testimony in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee, America’s top military official General Martin E. Dempsey admitted that the United States’ Arab allies in the middle east are funding ISIS.

Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked by Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, ‘Do you know any major Arab ally that embraces ISIL?’
His response: ‘I know major Arab allies who fund them.’
‘Yeah, but do they embrace them?’ responded Graham. ‘They fund them because the Free Syrian Army couldn’t fight Assad. They were trying to beat Assad. I think they realized the folly of their ways.’
In reality, such ‘folly’ is set to continue after President Barack Obama announced a plan to arm and train Syrian rebels that is set to be given the green light by Congress before the end of this week, despite the fact that so-called ‘moderate’ rebels have defected to, fought alongside and given weapons to Islamic State militants.
As we have exhaustively documented, innumerable examples prove how Washington-backed FSA fighters and ISIS militants were moving closer even before the two groups signed a non-aggression pact last week.

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ISIS Releases New Video, Warns “Fighting Has Just Begun”

The Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL has released its initial ‘rebuff’ propaganda response to President Obama’s declaration of war against the ‘non-islamic’ terrorist organization. The brief video entitled “Flames of War” is shot like a blockbuster-movie-style trailer and threatens US troops and the White House. As Politico reports, the militant terror group vows that the ‘fighting has just begun’ in the minute-long video, which features clips of American military forces under fire and a wounded U. S. soldier being taken from the battlefield. The video concludes as the words “Flames of War” flash on the screen, followed by “Fighting has just begun” and ends ominously: “Coming Soon.” Even more concerning perhaps is al-Qaeda branches calling for all jihadists to unite against the common threat from a US-led coalition.
Brief Michael-Bay-esque video below (warning: disturbing and graphic images)

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US Pursues 134 Wars Around the World

The US is now involved in 134 wars or none, depending on your definition of war …The White House spent much of last week trying to figure out if the word “war” was the right one to describe its military actions against the Islamic State. US Secretary of State John Kerry was at first reluctant: “We’re engaged in a major counterterrorism operation,” he told CBS News on Sept. 11. “I think war is the wrong terminology and analogy but the fact is that we are engaged in a very significant global effort to curb terrorist activity… I don’t think people need to get into war fever on this. I think they have to view it as a heightened level of counter terrorist activity.” – Global Post
Dominant Social Theme: Military activity is a fact of life. The US is used to it.
Free-Market Analysis: When one tries to figure out what has happened to US economic health, this figure ought to come to mind: 134. That is, 134 wars.
This is not a figure you’ll find mentioned in the mainstream news media, though the Global Post is actually a pretty big news organization and has a distribution deal with PBS. So that kinda qualifies it as “mainstream,” which makes it a bit more surprising that the editors should post an article like this.
We doubt we’ll be seeing it discussed on PBS anytime soon, though we could be wrong. Here’s more:
Kerry said similarly hedgy things during interviews on CNN and ABC. By the next day, the Obama administration appeared more comfortable with the word war, yet hardly offered any more clarity. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters, “The United States is at war with ISIL in the same way we are at war with Al Qaeda and its affiliates.”
The problem is that our traditional definition of “war” is outdated, and so is our imagination of what war means. World War II was the last time Congress officially declared war. Since then, the conflicts we’ve called “wars” – from Vietnam through to the second Iraq War – have actually been congressional “authorizations of military force.”

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Speaking to a liberal think tank on Tuesday, Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas suggested a dip in apprehensions of illegal immigrant youth last month meant the Obama administration has greatly strengthened border security, a fantasy considering that anyone, including ISIS, would have no problem walking into America.
‘What we have achieved is tremendous progress,’ he claimed.
Of course, when it comes to officials in the Obama administration, the truth is typically the opposite of what they say, and in Mayorkas’s case, the border is so insecure, it really only exists as a line on a map.
And not only do illegals from over 170 of the world’s countries know this, but it’s also likely that ISIS knows this as well.
‘Intelligence officials have picked up radio talk and chatter indicating that the terrorist groups are going to ‘carry out an attack on the border,’ according to one source,’ Judicial Watch reported late last month. ”It’s coming very soon,’ according to another high-level source, who clearly identified the groups planning the plots as ‘ISIS and Al Qaeda.”

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Is It Wise For Obama To Send Thousands Of U.S. Troops Into The Ebola Death Zone?

When there is a major problem somewhere in the world, Barack Obama loves to show that he is ‘doing something’ by sending a contingent of U. S. troops to the affected area. But is it really wise for Obama to send thousands of young American men and women into the Ebola death zone? What are our troops going to do – shoot the virus? Of course not. The UN already has 6,000 uniformed peacekeepers in the region, and they are not doing much good. The truth is that this is a medical crisis that requires medical personnel. By sending thousands of troops into the heart of the Ebola pandemic, we make it much more likely that Ebola will be brought back to the United States. Obama should keep in mind that hundreds of health workers have become infected even though they wear protective gear and are trained to deal with Ebola patients. Our troops have not been trained to deal with Ebola patients and they probably will not be wearing full protective gear when dealing with the general population. But there are sick people among the general population that could pass Ebola to them.
It is absolutely imperative that we keep Ebola isolated to the areas that it is already affecting. The number of Ebola victims has doubled over the past month, and there are computer models that are projecting that millions of people could soon be sick if the virus continues to spread at this pace.
Putting medically untrained troops directly into the death zone seems like a very questionable thing to do. If a single one of them gets sick and brings the virus back home, it could turn out to be one of the most foolish things that Obama has ever done.
On Tuesday, Obama visited the CDC and finally admitted that this Ebola outbreak is ‘spiraling out of control’ and that strong action needed to be taken immediately…

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Devil’s Deal: US-Backed Syrian Rebels Already Signed Pact with ISIS Prior to Haines ‘Beheading’

21st Century Wire says…
While Washington considers appropriating half a billion in funds to the Syrian rebels, we now learn that opposition groups the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and al Qaeda affiliate ‘al Nusra Front’, have officially aligned themselves with ISIS…
Terror Merger in Syria
Despite grand words by US President Obama and British PM David Cameron, here’s what’s really behind their plan to bomb ISIS in Syria…
In a report first appearing on Orient-News and other Middle East based news agencies, Syrian rebels or FSA, along with ISIS jihadists, have signed a non-aggression pact in the suburbs of Syria’s capital Damascus. The cease-fire deal brokered between so-called ‘moderate’ rebels and the black-clad Sunnis of the Islamic State, have agreed that Assad is their ‘principal enemy.’
The non-aggression pact between rebels and jihadists came just as Washington and President Obama announced its grand strategy to ‘defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria’. The Rebel-Terrorist deal was reportedly struck this past Friday, September 12th, in Syria, preceding the latest seemingly staged execution video released by ISIS.
The anti-Assad Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, has reported that:
‘The two parties will respect a truce until a final solution is found and they promise not to attack each other because they consider the principal enemy to be the Nussayri (Assad) regime.’
How will it be possible for Washington to vet the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria, now that they have aligned efforts with ISIS?

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Hillary Clinton Bombshell: Whistle Blower Tells Investigators That State Department Shredded Benghazi Records

Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, who oversaw the State Department during the Benghazi attacks that led to the deaths of four Americans, may soon face Federal charges for tampering with and destroying evidence.
According to retired State Department whistle blower Raymond Maxwell, he caught Clinton’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff shredding documents in a State Department basement. When he asked the aids, who worked directly for then-Secretary Clinton, what they were doing he says they were told to remove any documents that could be politically damaging. The remaining documents were then turned over to an independent committee that was investigating the attacks.
Though Bill and Hillary Clinton have survived many a scandal, it seems that this one may be quite serious considering her direct subordinates were ordered to destroy, shred and/or remove key documents that could prove damaging to the Obama Administration or Clinton’s Presidential aspirations.
If Maxwell’s claims can be proven or verified by other witnesses or participants Clinton could potentially face federal charges for tampering with evidence and destruction of official documents.

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U.S. Targets Islamic State’s Lucrative Oil Smuggling Operations

With U. S. President Barack Obama’s announcement of an open-ended plan for airstrikes on the Islamic State (IS), the U. S. and its allies will need to degrade the power and influence of the Sunni jihadist group, and that means reducing its incoming flow of oil money.
And the Obama administration seems aware of that, according to a New York Times article that reports that the President and U. S. diplomats are pressuring Turkey to cut off the stream of oil smuggled across its border.
IS controls territory in central and northern Iraq, and is thought to be producing between 25,000 and 40,000 barrels per day (bpd). Since they cannot sell this oil legitimately, they smuggle it and sell it on the black market. Some energy analysts think IS could be pulling in between $1.2 and $2 million per day.
‘The key gateway through that black market is the southern corridor of Turkey,’ Luay al-Khatteeb, a fellow at the Brookings Institute’s Doha Center, told the Times. ‘Turkey is becoming part of this black economy.’

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While the eyes of the world are on Iraq and President Obama’s plans to defeat ISIS, the chief auditor in charge of overseeing the U. S. reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan has a warning to policy makers: Don’t forget about the other war-torn country that has already cost hundreds of billions of dollars and has serious problems with corruption and sustainability.
So far, the United States has poured more than $104 billion into Afghanistan reconstruction efforts – that’s more than all the money spent on reconstructing Europe after World War II. Much of that money, as auditors have noted, has been lost to waste, fraud and abuse. In 2010, SIGAR accountants told The Fiscal Times they could only account for less than 10 percent of that money.
That’s a shocking sum, especially since Congress has already authorized another $16 billion to spend in Afghanistan in the next few years. Still, despite spending an ‘unprecedented’ amount of money to rebuild this country, it has no strategy to weed out corruption – leaving hundreds of billions of tax dollars vulnerable, John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) told an audience atGeorgetown University on Friday.

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President Obama Explains Why He Is Sending 10x More Troops To Fight Ebola Than ISIS – Live Feed

As we discussed earlier, President Obama is sending 3,000 US combat troops into Ebola-fighting danger in West Africa (almost 10 times the number of non-combat troops being sent to Iraq and Syria to fight that other epidemic – ISIS). Speaking from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, we wonder if the President will stick to the line that the USA is “safe” (despite scientists predicting a 20% chance of infection here by year-end), that it is contained (despite scientists proclaiming this unprecedented and out of control), and why is the CDC telling US health-workers “now is the time to prepare.”
One can only assume the reason to send “troops” is to monitor and mind ‘stability’ in these nations as The IMF steps up its bailout funding…

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Preparing For All Out Iraq War: Joint Chiefs Of Staff Back US Troops In Combat “If Necessary”

Who could have seen this coming? In yet another example of untruthiness, it appears, according to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey, testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee this morning, President Obama would back U. S. advisers accompanying Iraqi troops in battle to combat Islamic State militants if necessary. For now, Dempsey noted, Iraqi security forces are “doing fine,” but as Republican, Sen. Jim Inhofe noted, “it is foolhardy for the Obama administration to tie its hands and so firmly rule out the possibility of special operators on the ground.” Following Hagel’s remarks that the fight will “not be an easy or a brief effort,” Dempsey said if it doesn’t succeed, he would not rule out advising Obama to use U. S. ground forces.

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Obama To Send 3,000 Ebola-Fighting Boots-On-The-Ground To Africa; CDC Warns America “Now Is The Time To Prepare”

On the heels of yesterday’s almost unbelievable forecasts of the exponential rise in Ebola case counts – and warnings of a 20% chance of Ebola reaching the USA by year-end, WHO officials have confirmed that their previous forecasts of 20,000 cases “does not seem like a lot today.” This has, according to Reuters, the United States announced on Tuesday that it would send 3,000 troops to help tackle the Ebola outbreak as part of a ramped-up response including a major deployment in Liberia, the country where the epidemic is spiralling fastest out of control. Perhaps even more worrisome – for those who explained how ‘contained’ Ebola was – is the CDC’s release of an Ebola checklist warning American healthcare workers “now is the time to prepare.”
WHO warns the scale of the epidemic is unprecedented…
The unprecedented Ebola outbreak in West Africa requires a $1 billion response to keep its spread within the “tens of thousands” of cases, United Nations officials said on Tuesday.
The virus has killed 2,461 people, half of the 4,985 infected by the virus, and the toll has doubled in the last month, World Health Organization Assistant Director General Bruce Aylward said.
“Quite frankly, ladies and gentlemen, this health crisis we’re facing is unparalleled in modern times,”Aylward told a news conference in Geneva. “We don’t know where the numbers are going on this.”
He said the WHO’s previous forecast that the number of cases could reach 20,000 no longer seemed a lot, but the number could be kept within the tens of thousands with “a much faster reponse”.

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The CDC Admits the USA Is On the Verge of a Major Ebola Outbreak

In late July and early August, six weeks ago, I warned that we at the point of losing any hope of containing the Ebola virus and I was called a ‘fear-monger and I was spreading ‘fear-porn’. Many of my colleagues (e.g. Sheila Zilinski) were accused of the same. However, the worm has turned and the truthful media has a new partner in fear-mongering and it is the CDC.
The U. S. Lost the War Against Ebola in July of 2014 On July 30, 2014, I reported that ‘Patient Zero, Patrick Sawyer, had a layover in Ghana then changed planes in Togo and flew to an international travel hub of Lagos, located in Nigeria. Nigeria is also the site of an Ebola outbreak. ‘The dad-of-three died five days after arriving in the city’. His sister, with whom Sawyer had contact, died of Ebola. He should never have been allowed to board any plane.
In the same article I noted that ‘ a desperate search is on to find the hundreds of passengers who flew on the same jets as Sawyer. A total of 59 passengers and crew are estimated to have come into contact with Sawyer and effort is being made to track each individual down. There is an inherent problem with this ‘track down’. Sawyer was traveling two ‘commuter airports’, in which the exposed population was connecting to other flights; at this point, the spread of the virus would quickly expand beyond any possibility of containment because in less than a half a day, nearly a half a million people would be potentially exposed. Within a matter of a couple of hours, Sawyer’s infected fellow travelers would each have made contact with 200 other passengers and crew. Hours later, these flights would land and these people would have gone home to the friends, families and coworkers across several continents’. This was when the world, and in particular, President Obama had a fighting chance to contain Ebola and all parties failed miserably!

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The following video was published by SGTreport.com on Sep 15, 2014
Harley Schlanger, historian and national spokesperson for LaRouchePAC joins me to talk about 9/11 and false flag terror, western-backed ISIS terror, Obama’s speech, the death of the dollar, the evil empire & the idolaters of money. We also talk about much needed solutions, like impeaching Obama, returning to the REAL American system and the massive water works infrastructure project that could save the west from epic drought, NAWAPA

CIA Estimate for ISIS: 31,500, Up by 21,500

It may be 31,000. It may be 20,000. But 31,500 sounds like more of a threat, so the CIA will let you choose that figure.
Bottom line: the CIA has no idea.
In June, there were 10,000, we are told. Really? What was the official CIA estimate in June? Sorry. The CIA did not offer one.
Why not? Because in June, ISIS had only recently been identified as a terrorist organization. In May, it was a freedom-fighting institution. It was fighting Bashar al-Assad, that evil man in Syria. You know. Hitler. Back in May, the U. S. government gave military aid to ISIS as part of the anti-Assad coalition.
Anyway, ISIS is now up to 31,500, maybe. That’s up 21,500 in three months. This is for both Syria and Iraq.
That is a growth rate that indicates a looming mass movement. Recruits could be described as coming out of the woodwork, if Syria and Iraq had any wood. But Obama is going to defeat ISIS with drone strikes operated by pilots in Nevada. No problem.
No boots. No ground. Drones.

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Petrodollar Panic: EU Officials Admit Buying Oil From ISIS

We recently explained how ISIS remains so well funded but what was unclear was who exactly what purchasing their ‘recently-provisioned’ oil reserves? The assumption being some desperate third-world nation or some scheming offshore hedge-fund arbitrageur; however, as Sott.net reports, a senior European Union official has revealed that some EU member states have purchased oil from ISIL Takfiri militants despite their rhetoric against the group. The official declined to disclose any names but Turkey remains a front-runner (having already shunned President Obama) andpotentially France (after their recent anti-Petrodollar comments).
As The Daily Signal’s Kelsey Harkness ( @kelseyjharkness ) notes,

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Obamacare Leaves Family ‘Shocked and Horrified’ by Medical Expenses

The ‘Affordable Care Act’ continues to prove that it is anything but affordable, as more and more families are struggling with rising premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.
Stories of lost coverage and outrageous expenses associated with Obamacare have been flooding the news for a while now, but some are just downright heartbreaking…like that of Pattie Curran.
Curran is the mother of two sons who were born with a rare bone marrow dysfunction syndrome called Shwachman-Diamond syndrome. The boys also have a secondary mitochondrial disease. They require the care of specialists, regular medical visits, and expensive treatments and medications.
For the last nine years, Curran’s family has been covered under a private health insurance plan provided by her husband’s employer. That plan was affordable, and the family was never denied coverage for a claim.
Obamacare changed everything.
Costs for her sons’ life-saving medications more than doubled under the ACA, and as of today, their compounded medication will no longer be covered at all. Curran said her husband’s employer is being forced to seek further cuts to the company’s healthcare package in order to compensate for the expenses of the Obamacare mandates.

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