Europe: Combating Fake News

If present demographic trends continue, in a few decades, native Swedes could easily become a minority in their own country. Swedish ambulance personnel want gas masks and bulletproof vests to protect their staff against the escalating attacks, similar to equipment used by staff working in war zones. Most dangerous, however, is our inability to deal forcefully with problems undermining Western societies, because some Western media refuse to admit that the problems exist. In January 2015 The New York Times denied that there are “no-go-zones” — areas that are not under the control of the state and are ruled according to sharia law — dominated by certain immigrant groups in some urban areas in Western Europe. The American newspaper mentioned this author, alongside writers such as Steven Emerson and Daniel Pipes, for spreading this alleged falsehood. The article was published shortly after Islamic terrorists had massacred the staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris on January 7, 2015. Other established media outlets such as the magazine The Atlantic also dismissed claims of no-go-zones.
Fox News issued an unusual on-air apology for allowing its anchors and guests to repeat the suggestion that there are Muslim “no-go zones” in European countries such as Britain and France.

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16 Years Of European Terrorism In One Chart

Europe has suffered many Islamist terrorist attacks in recent years, but before the assault on Charlie Hebdo, only two of them caused more than ten deaths: the Madrid train attack in May 2004 and the London tube and bus bombings 14 months later. Since then, and the beginning of the global ‘war on terror’, things have become exponentially worse…

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Europe: Laughing At The Messenger

Once again, an American has pointed to a failing in European society, and instead of focusing on the problem identified or even admitting that there is a problem, the European response has been to point at the American and blame him for creating the problem he has in fact merely identified. We are being given an accurate representation of a serious problem. If the response to every problem is denial, and the response to anyone pointing to the problem is opprobrium, legal threats or hilarity, it suggests that Europe is not going to make the softer-landing it could yet give itself in addressing these issues. It might make us feel better, but every time we attack or laugh at the messenger, rather than addressing the message, we ensure that our own future will be less funny. How can one excavate the minds of so many European officials and the extraordinary mental gymnastics of denial to which they have become prone?
One of the finest demonstrations of this trend occurred in January 2015, after France was assailed by Islamist gunmen in the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and then in a Jewish supermarket. In the days after those attacks, Fox News in the U. S. ran an interview with a guest who said that Paris, and France, as a whole, had “no-go zones” where the authorities — including emergency services — did not dare to go. In the wake of these comments, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, chose to make a stand. She announced that she was suing Fox News because the “honour of Paris” was at stake.
It appeared that Mayor Hidalgo was rightly concerned about the image of her city around the world, presumably worrying in particular about the potential effects on tourism.

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Is Tolerance A One-Way Street?

Submitted by Douglass Murray via The Gatestone Institute,
When just about every other magazine in the free world fails to uphold the values of free speech and the right to caricature and offend, who could expect a group of cartoonists and writers who have already paid such a high price to keep holding the line of such freedoms single-handed? Most of the people who said they cared about the right to say what they wanted when they wanted, were willing to walk the walk — to walk through Paris with a pencil in the air. Or they were willing to talk the talk, proclaiming “Je Suis Charlie.” But almost no one really meant it. If President Hollande and Chancellor Merkel had really believed in standing up for freedom of expression, then instead of walking arm-in-arm through Paris together with such an inappropriate figure as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, they would have held up covers of Charlie Hebdo and said: “This is what a free society looks like and this is what we back: everyone, political leaders, gods, prophets, the lot can be satirised, and if you do not like it then you should hop off to whatever unenlightened hell-hole you dream of.” The entire world press has internalised what happened at Charlie Hebdo and instead of standing united, has decided never to risk something like that ever happening to them again. For the last two years, we have learned for certain that any such tolerance is a one-way street. This new submission to Islamist terrorism is possibly why, in 2016, when an athlete with no involvement in politics, religion or satire was caught doing something that might have been seen as less than fully respectful of Islam, there was no one around to defend him.

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The West’s Politically Correct Dictatorship Has Blinded Us To The Real Danger

The brave work of the artist Mimsy was removed from London’s Mall Galleries after the British police defined it “inflammatory.” In France, schools teach children that Westerners are Crusaders, colonizers and “bad.” In their efforts to justify the repudiation of France and its Judeo-Christian culture, schools have fertilized the soil in which Islamic extremism develops and flourishes unimpeded. No one can deny that France is under Islamist siege. Last week, France’s intelligence service discovered another terror plot. But what is the priority of the Socialist government? Restricting freedom of expression for pro-life “militants.” Under this politically correct dictatorship, Western culture has established two principles. First, freedom of speech can be restricted any time someone claims that an opinion is an “insult.” Second, there is a vicious double standard: minorities, especially Muslims, can freely say whatever they want against Jews and Christians. There is no better ally of Islamic extremism than this sanctimony of liberal censorship: both, in fact, want to suppress any criticism of Islam, as well as any proud defense of the Western Enlightenment or Judeo-Christian culture. Twitter, one of the vehicles of this new intolerance, even formed a “Trust and Safety Council.” It brings to mind Saudi Arabia’s “Council for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.” Under this political correctness, the only “win-win” is for political Islam. It might look like a golden age for free speech: more than a billion tweets, Facebook posts and blogs every day. But beneath this surface, freedom of expression is dramatically retreating.
Students at the City University of London, home to one of Britain’s most respected schools of journalism, voted to banthree newspapers from its campus: The Sun, Daily Mail and Express. Their “crime”, according to the approved motion, is to have published stories against migrants, “Islamophobic” articles, and “scapegoating the working classes that they so proudly claim to represent.” City University, supposedly a place dedicated to openness and questioning, became the first Western educational institution to vote for censorship, and ban “right wing newspapers.”
The filmmaker David Cronenberg called this self-censorship, after the massacre at Charlie Hebdo: “a weird, serpentine political correctness.” It is one of the most lethal ideological poisons of the 21st century. It is not only closed-minded and ridiculous, it makes us blind to the radical Islam that is undermining our mental and cultural defenses.

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The Right To Dissent

The irony is that these censors and would-be censors, such as the European Commission, the Dutch and Austrian courts, Facebook, Twitter are using their freedom of expression to suggest that someone else be robbed of his freedom of expression. Recently, the BBC stripped the name Ali from Munich’s mass-murderer so that he would not appear to be a Muslim. Throughout history, it is the minorities or the lone voices that need from the majority to allow everyone to question, comment on and criticize opinions with which they disagree. Freedom to be wrong, heretical or “blasphemous” — as we have seen with Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Darwin or Alan Turing — is the only way that civilisation can grow. Not to allow differing points of view only entrenches positions by depriving people of the opportunity to hear anything that contradicts them. For those doing the censoring, that is doubtless the point. It would be a fair assessment to conclude that many people consider some statements not what they would like to hear — whether by Salman Rushdie, Geert Wilders, Ingrid Carlqvist, Douglas Murray, Lars Hedegaard, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Theo van Gogh, the Mohammad cartoonists, Stphane Charbonnier and other editors at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, among others. To say their remarks are sometimes regarded as controversial would be an understatement. Often, they are vociferous and vocal critics of extremist Islam, immigration, censorship and other policies — and they have been accused of Islamophobia, hate speech, and inflaming racial and religious tensions. Several have been threatened with jail and death. Some have been murdered for their warnings.

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Last week, transcripts for a conversation between Patrick Calvar, the Directorate General of Internal Security in France, and a French Parliamentary Select committee, were released to the public for the very first time. The conversation that took place earlier this year after the terrorist attack at the Bataclan theater, was chilling to say the least.
Calvar told the committee that ‘We are on the brink of civil war.’ He added that ‘If another attack or two occur, it will happen. It is therefore down to us to anticipate and confound all those groups who would, at some point, spark clashes between communities,’ in reference to the Charlie Hebdo attack and the Bataclan Theater massacre. Calvar made it clear that if France is continually struck by Islam inspired terrorist attacks, there will be war between the migrant population and the native French population, which is becoming increasingly nationalistic.
Within days of these transcripts being released, 84 people were killed and 303 injured when a truck drove through a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France. The driver of the truck, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, was found to be a Tunisian migrant who had been turned into a radical jihadist.

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Nice Attacks: Trigger for Civil War in France and Military Escalation in Syria?

The death toll from the Nice attacks on the 14th of July, 2016 is rising. Latest reports suggest 84 deaths and possibly one hundred more injured. There have been reports of gunfire and the driver of the truck which drove into the crowd near the beach in Nice is reported to have been shot dead. Once again (as with the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan attacks) there is no-one to stand trial and truthfully answer the questions that need to be asked – who and why?
At this point, there is not much that can be verified about the attack. One cannot exclude the possibility that it may have simply been the action of an insane individual. Atrocities of that type are rare but have happened in the past. But there is, however, the strong suggestion and indeed likelihood that this atrocity is a terrorist attack by ‘Islamists’.
So, what does all this mean?
‘Civil War’
French domestic intelligence (DGSI) chief Patrick Calvar warned on the 26th of June 2016 that an ‘Islamist’ attack on French children would be the trigger for a ‘civil war.’ He said France was currently on the brink of that civil war.

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It’s a Matter of Trust

It’s a new year, and people in Europe are trying to get over the 2015 hangover – literally. From the Charlie Hebdo incident at the beginning of the year in France, which was tragedy sparked by the locals poking fun at the wrong brand of extremists apparently, to the not so funny New Years celebration in Germany, and everything in between (Paris Massacre, etc.), clearly racial tensions are on the rise. And things are just getting rolling in this regard, as the violence is spreading. Not a problem for ‘all-knowing’ bureaucrats who live insulated (in ivory towers) from such concerns themselves however. They have the solutions to such problems, which in the case of local women interacting with ‘North African Men’ at public parties (like New Years celebrations), is to ‘travel in groups’, and to keep them at ‘arm’s length’. You cannot make this stuff up.
Of course the real tragedy here is the citizenry is supposed to trust these people, both elected and appointed bureaucrats, to serve the interests of the public, but unfortunately this is not reality. The fact of the matter is all to often, and ubiquitously within all societies, power corrupts. So unfortunately what happens all to often is corruptible bureaucrats end up serving their own best interests, not the public’s, with the ‘migration crisis’ in Europe a profound example of this, being another manufactured ‘make work program’. Because more immigration requires more administrators, police, and money printing necessary to pay for all this, which as you may know, does nothing but make people more dependent on a corrupt and fundamentally flawed system to meet their needs as society continues to be hollowed out.
So not only are European citizens more dependent on embedded bureaucrats for their jobs and money, but also now there’s a need for ‘heightened security’. It’s the manufacture of an increasingly corrupt and desperate ‘security state’ that knows no limits in exercising its power to maintain the status quo for the privileged. The bureaucrats in charge of the European experiment in Brussels aren’t worried about partying with the ‘North African Men’ they allowed to immigrate to Germany, France, etc. because again, they live in ‘ivory towers’ (they are rich), insulated from the turmoil they themselves create. What’s more, as a result of the intensifying race / class chasm they have created, it should be recognized that like the countries they have destabilized (think Middle East), Western sovereigns have now essentially gone lawless themselves, where who you know and what one can buy is all that matters.
People are waking up to what is really happening to them (as opposed to what the media tells them) now however, and they are getting mad about it, both in Europe and the US. This in turn is forcing the bureaucrats to make it appear they are slowing the destruction, however until these children have their toys taken away, don’t expect any miracles. The damage is already done – and it will get worse apparently. (i.e. Germany would be ‘unlivable’ if the a**holes in charge get their way.) On this side of the pond, Trump says he’s going to send all the migrants (illegals?) packing if he gets in. Although he may mean it right now, I will believe that when I see it, because they will shot him – and they will tell him so. But maybe The Donald isn’t afraid of being JFK’ed – who knows? I can tell you one thing for sure – ‘we the people’ want somebody back in the White House they think they can TRUST, so if he does make it that far – he’s ‘a shoe in’ assuming the voting machines aren’t rigged.

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Pretty Soon Chancellor Merkel Won’t Be So Popular

The attack on Charlie Hebdo…
The near-bankruptcy of Greece…
The massive influx of refugees from Syria…
And the terror attack on the ‘City of Light’…
That’s how a video begins on Time Magazine’s website celebrating Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany, the de facto leader of Europe, and their ‘Person of the Year.’
As they put it, 2015 has been the most tumultuous year for Europe in recent memory. And Merkel, for all her ‘merkeling,’ embodies Europe’s ideals of openness and solidarity in a time when both are being tested.
If it’s been said that nobody gets rich off the news, then the same runs true that once the mainstream media catches onto you as a trend, or when your name becomes a verb, it’s over!
By the time everyone and their dog knows a person’s name, the S-Curve has already matured, so to speak. Their popularity is no longer on the upswing – it’s already reached peak saturation. And no one stays on top forever.
It’s like the human model of forecasting:

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Operation Gladio Reborn: The Paris Attacks Have Unleashed A New Wave Of Emergency Laws

Paris attacks legitimize a new wave of counter-terrorism and emergency laws
The tragic Paris attacks led me to raise questions once again, since it is the second time that France has topped the news headlines this year. I believe that followers of our Outlook are now aware that I am a big fan of history. I have a tendency to go back to my history books to reflect on the past and recognize similar patterns to the events that we are experiencing today. Looking back, it seems obvious that, going through the 20th century and into the 21st, wars went, from being about nationalism, to ideological wars (communism versus democracy or what we would call ‘state capitalism disguised in democracy’), to becoming about religion, which sort of takes us back to the dark ages. Since the Berlin wall came down, back in 1989, and communism was defeated, it has been replaced by the ‘Muslim world’. We could see this change in Hollywood movies and in our media coverage. Audiences, who are not aware of political contexts, easily link Islam to terrorism. As a result, they have wrongfully become two sides of the same coin. In our coverage of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, we talked a lot about freedom of the press. However, at this point I would like to take the opportunity to look at the greater picture of the Paris attacks.
‘They hate us because we are free!’
Since 9/11, western governments have conveniently used the ‘war on terror’ to launch military attacks on the Middle East. Whenever an attack occurred on western soil, they came up with the same statement that ‘they hate us because we’re free’. Ryan McMaken from the Mises Institute wrote the following a few days ago:
‘that this slogan has been especially effective among very ignorant sectors of the population who seemed to be under the impression that the United States had been engaged in non-interventionist foreign policy prior to the 9/11 attacks. ‘Why we were just minding our own business’, came the shocked and exasperated claims of the know-nothings. ‘These Arabs just attacked us for no reason, so they must just hate us because we’re so doggone free.’

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Epsilon Theory: Two Discoveries

The world made two discoveries last week. Everyone is aware of the first discovery – that ISIS is not ‘a junior varsity team’ but an able protagonist in what Pope Francis quite rightly calls ‘a piecemeal third World War’. Very few are aware of the second discovery – the existence of a polynomial-time algorithm to determine whether two networks, no matter how complex, are identical. Both are watershed events, part of a continuing destabilization of politics and science. Neither will impact markets very much today. Both will change markets forever in the years to come.
I won’t say much about the first discovery here, but will take this opportunity to reprint a note I wrote in December 2014, eerily right before the Charlie Hebdo attack: ‘The Clash of Civilizations’. I’d also point out that the all-too-predictable Orwellian response to events like the Paris attack, namely to rewrite history and expand government monitoring of our private lives, is in full swing.
For example, here’s a before and after France Inter headline (hat-tip to Epsilon Theory reader M. O.), as noted by The Daily Telegraph. The headline as it originally ran a few weeks back calls a potential terrorist infiltration of Syrian refugees a ‘fantasy’ of the lunatic right. Immediately after the attack, the headline has been rewritten (and the body of the article partially rewritten as well), to suggest that of course one might question whether or not a few terrorists managed to sneak in with the refugees. France Inter – surprise! – is part of the state-owned media apparatus, now in full-throated advocacy for a ‘pitiless’ war.

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Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings

Whether mass shootings are approached as the mainstream reports them, or as false flags, staged scenarios, or outright hoaxes, there is a common thread which runs through some of them: official training exercises held just prior to, or at the same time as, the shootings.
I’m not trying to present an all-inclusive list here.
The November 13, 2015, Paris attacks: ‘Since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, from which 16 people died, Paris-area ambulance crews and emergency personnel have taken part in regular exercises designed to test their readiness for possible attacks. One such exercise was held on Friday morning, the day of the latest terror attacks. In a twist of fate, the simulated emergency was a mass shooting, according to Dr. Mathieu Raux, emergency room chief at the Piti-Salpetrire hospital in Paris.’ (Bloomberg, 11/17/15,’Hours Before the Terror Attacks, Paris Practiced for a Mass Shooting’)
The Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting, June 17, 2015: See The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Advanced Training Schedule chart (in the article), which lists training courses in various locations. The chart indicates that, in Charleston, there was an ‘Active Shooter Threat Instructor Program’ from June 15 to June 19, which overlapped the church shooting. (, 6/24/15, ”Active Shooter Drills’ Took Place in the Same Day as Charleston Shooting…’)

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Caught On Tape: Suicide Bomber Detonates As Al-Qaeda Storms Checkpoint In Yemen

These days it’s all about ISIS which means that al-Qaeda – the once proud bastion of international terrorism – has been relegated to also-ran status as the group struggles to compete in the face of Islamic State’s propaganda juggernaut.
ISIS, via its Furat Media arm, is alarmingly effective at recruiting new members as slickly produced, 1080p depictions of battlefield victories and gruesome executions paint a picture of an extremist army on the rise, running roughshod over the enemies of the ‘caliphate.’ Contrast this with images of al-Qaeda’s bespectacled leader Ayman al-Zawahiri sitting in front of a home movie camera ruminating on topics that, when compared to the grand pronouncements that emanate from ISIS, seem to belong to some bygone jihadist era when ‘principles’ still mattered.
But al-Qaeda is still out there believe it or not (even as ISIS refers to them as a bunch of donkeys) and one of the more active cells is AQAP in Yemen who, you’re reminded, was behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
Of course AQAP now finds itself in the middle of Yemen’s civil war and the fact that the Houthis are Shiite and are backed by Tehran means AQAP and the Saudi-led coalition are effectively on the same side– for now. Of course AQAP also opposes the Hadi government, which will complicate matters should Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE succeed in restoring the President. Incidentally, Hadi returned to Aden from exile earlier this week. This is his second “trimuphant” return. He visited Aden back in Septemeber and left after three days. The Prime Minister fled to Riyadh last month after ISIS tried to blow him up.

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Obama “Lives In A Fantasy Land,” Chris Christie Rages John Kerry Should “Get Some Sleep & Shut Up”

With poll numbers plunging, it is hardly surprising that Chris Christie would come out swinging in the aftermath of the French attacks and while his comments this morning during a Fox News interview are rather astonishingly frank, they are not entirely without merit as the Obama administration appears to tumble from pillar to post with regard foreign policy and specifically ISIS. Remarking on John Kerry’s comment that the terror attacks in Paris lacked the “rationale” of the assault earlier this year on the staff of ‘Charlie Hebdo’, Chistie exclaimed the Secretary of State should “get some sleep and shut up,” adding that President Obama “was living in a fantasy land” and should focus on protecting the U. S., not helping Syrian refugees.

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9 Reasons to Question the Paris Terror Attacks

As France finds itself in the grips of martial law and its first mandatory curfew since it was occupied by the Nazis in 1944, there exists a number of questionable details surrounding the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.
Only hours after the first shots were fired, stories and reports are beginning to change and contradict one another. Considering the history of the French government, French Intelligence agencies and the Anglo-American/NATO Intelligence apparatus, particularly the recent events surrounding the Charlie Hebdo attacks that were exposed as false flags, one would be justified in wondering whether or not these recent attacks in Paris were of the same variety.
Below are a number of reasons to question the official story of the Paris terror attacks.
1.) How many gunmen? Already, the number of individuals involved in the Paris attacks is in question. While some reports suggested four shooters were involved, others suggested three. The majority of mainstream reports seem to be only acknowledging two shooters. So how many shooters were there? Two, three or four? One witness, Pierre Marie Bertin, a 36-year-old who was at the theater when the shooting began, stated that there were as many as four gunmen. Bertin described some male hostages who ‘went onto the balcony and tried to negotiate for the life of their wives with one of the guys [terrorists]. It was sickening.’ Bertin recounted somewhat more detail than some other witnesses and was clear that there were as many as four gunmen. Australian news media is reporting that three gunmen have been killed.

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Widespread Terrorism Is Just Part Of The Perfect Storm That Is Now Descending On The Western World

Words cannot adequately describe the utter horror that was unleashed on the streets of Paris, France on Friday. CNN is calling it ‘the worst violence witnessed in France since World War II’, and even though it happened a couple of days ago now, many of us are still having a really tough time processing what took place. Somehow, a small group of less than 10 radical Islamists was able to unleash a coordinated wave of attacks that killed at least 129 people and injured at least 350. All of this comes less than a year after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, and many in the western world are now starting to understand that something has fundamentally changed. Even though France has a highly advanced anti-terrorism infrastructure, and even though it also has some of the strictest anti-gun laws in Europe, none of that did anything to prevent these attacks. Despite all of our advanced technology, the openness of our society makes us highly vulnerable to Islamic terror. And as more waves of refugees from the Middle East are absorbed by both Europe and the United States, it is inevitable that there will be more attacks like this.
According to Google, the definition of a ‘soft target’ is ‘a person or thing that is relatively unprotected or vulnerable, especially to military or terrorist attack.’ And as we just saw in France, the western world is literally teeming with soft targets. I am talking about sporting events, concert halls, schools, churches, shopping malls, power stations, water treatment facilities, mass transit, etc.
For those that wish to create terror, the opportunities are endless.

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Paris Terror Attack: The Road So Far

Another terrorist attack in France, and another opportunity for moral signaling on social media and self-righteous bloviating for the journalists at CNN. But before everyone gets ahead of themselves and dives head first into the pre-fabricated media narratives and the trendy, therapeutic social media hashtags and profile picture filters, now is a good time to stop for a few moments and take a serious look at some of the news items surrounding the the Paris terrorist attacks that probably won’t get prime time on Anderson Cooper 360.
By now many of us will have already heard that the passport of one of the alleged attackers has been magically recovered[1], but what other chestnuts are waiting to be discovered behind the shifting, incoherent mainstream narrative?
The appearance of a certain Dr. Patrick Pelloux on the scene certainly should peak our curiosity. Pelloux is now an old hat when it comes to terrorist attacks in France, having previously been a ‘survivor’ of the Charlie Hebdo shootings earlier this year. This time around Dr. Pelloux, already dubbed a hero by the media, was on the scene of the attacks to supposedly acting in his medical capacity as a first responder.
Now his appearance may not be all that interesting in and of itself, but the comments he gave to the French media certainly are. Though a self-described leftist, Pelloux gave some vague statements that seemed to indicate his desire to see the French national security state expanded, with presumably more powers being granted to the police and the intelligence services to surveil and detain suspects. The fact that these ever more expansive state powersnever seem to stop the threats they’re supposed to seems lost on Mr. Pelloux.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on NOVEMBER 14, 2015.

Episode #108 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Operation Blue Flag & The Sky Jack’ with host Patrick Henningsen and guests Field McConnell

Episode #108 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW finally resumes this Sunday Nov. 8, 2015 presented by host Patrick Henningsen with 3 hours of power-packed talk radio…
SUNDAYS – 5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12pm PT (US)
This week’s very special edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE is broadcasting LIVE, as host Patrick Henningsen returns to cover the world’s most audacious news and current affairs internationally. In the first hour we’ll look at the 2016 Election circus update, ‘test tube’ politicians in Europe, a strange Russian death in DC (and even stranger US media coverage), the international embarrassment known as Charlie Hebdo Magazine. In the second hour we’re joined by a very special guest, retired commercial and US Navy pilot Field McConnell from Abel to discuss new developments in theRussian Metro Airlines tragedy in Sinai, Egypt. In the final segment we’ll revisit the rest of the world news stories from 21WIRE.
Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

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Free Speech Fraudsters: Charlie Hebdo’s Latest ‘Cartoon’ Makes Fun of Dead Russian Airline Victims

21st Century Wire says…
It’s important for people to remember that before last January’s GLADIO-style false flag, the religious-baiting staged ‘terror’ attack on Charlie Hebdo, the French magazine was hugely unpopular. France’s once revered ‘satirical institution’ began losing money fast due to its plummeting subscriber base. Things were so bad that subscriptions had fallen well below 20,000. In other words, the magazine was so bad that you could hardly give it away. Here’s just the latest example of why…
Desperate to score some cheap points off the back of an international tragedy, they ran a new ‘cartoon’, this time poking fun at the 227 deceased Russian passengers and crew on board Metro Airlines Flight 7K9268 which crashed last week in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. It seems that the sad middle-aged, alcoholic Lotharios at Charlie Hebdo weren’t satisfied with all the unwarranted attention they received this year on the back of the fake Islamic terror event, and as well receiving a $1.2 million bailout from the French government.
Just as they did last January, the magazine has been once again used as a tool – as a geopolitical agent provocateur. If you haven’t figured this out by now, this latest PR stunt should leave little doubt that the publication is part of a NATO media operation…

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on NOVEMBER 6, 2015.