Zakharova Slams CIA Chief Pompeo: Stop Making Up Anti-Russian Fiction

With the ongoing hysteria constantly spouting from the American mainstream media about alleged ‘Russian meddling’ in the 2016 election which saw Donald Trump elected as president of the United States, the world is still awaiting a single shred of real evidence to support the establishment’s conspiracy theory. To date, none has surfaced.
‘The intelligence community has said that this election was meddled with by the Russians in a way that frankly is not particularly original. They’ve been doing this for an awfully long time, and we are decades into the Russians trying to undermine American democracy,’ CIA chief Mike Pompeo told MSNBC’s Hugh Hewitt in an exclusive interview that aired Saturday, June 24.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on AUGUST 21, 2017.

The West Betrays U.S. Heroes Who Prevented Another 9/11

“Those who work as spies know the risks from America’s enemies, but they shouldn’t have to worry about politicized retribution from its friends” – The Wall Street Journal. These officials should have never be prosecuted in a court; they should be protected from such actions. This prosecution is a betrayal of those who worked hard to prevent more massacres and to cripple the infrastructure of jihad. That is the most important lesson: our spies and officials involved in the war against Islamic terrorism, like those who prevented another 9/11, now fear not only the wrath of the jihadists, but also the witch hunt of our media and judicial system. One of the most important chapters in the war on terror is being rewritten — with a moral inversion. Islamic terrorists who were arrested and deported have become “liberal causes clbres“, while agents of the CIA who questioned them are not only being condemned but also financially crushed by punishment and legal bills — for having tried, legally, to save American lives.
Guantanamo Bay has supposedly become “the Gulag of our time“; the psychologists who interrogated the murderer who sawed off Daniel Pearl’s head have been charged with working “for money“; the “black sites” in the Polish and Lithuanian forests have been compared to Nazi concentration camps, and the U. S. jurists and officials who conducted the war on terror have been compared to the Germans hanged in Nuremberg.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Aug 15, 2017.

CIA Director: “We Are Not On The Cusp Of A Nuclear War”

How close is the US to war with North Korea? That was the question several top military and national security advisors struggled to answer over the weekend, mitigating fears of an imminent nuclear war even as Trump raises geopolitical tensions and boosts bellicose rhetoric with every public appearance.
Speaking on “Fox News Sunday”, and walking a fine line of backing Trump’s tough talk but not wanting to raise the alarm at home, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said there’s no indication war will break out.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Aug 13, 2017.

Empire Strikes Back: Destructive, Dishonest Neocolonialism Targets Venezuela

21st Century Wire says…
It’s no longer any secret that the US have planned and orchestrated ‘regime change’ in dozens of developing countries over the last century.
Washington’s primary tool is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which has ousted democratically elected governments like Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), Chile (1973), Nicaragua (1982), Haiti (2006), Honduras (2009), Libya (2011), Ukraine (2014) and still working on Syria (2011-present), to name only a few.
Next is Venezuela.

So why is this level of ‘meddling’ justified by the US media and most of its public?
This month sees some significant anniversaries in the struggle against old-style colonialism. The trouble is that colonialism didn’t go away after countries in the developing world formally achieved their independence from Europe’s ‘Great Powers.’
It was replaced by a new form which proved to be more destructive and immeasurably more dishonest than what went before.
At least the British Empire – which at its peak covered almost a quarter of the world’s land surface, acknowledged it was an Empire.
Today’s more shadowy Empire of Globalized Monopoly Finance-Capital does no such thing. Entire countries, such as Yugoslavia, Libya, and Iraq, are destroyed for not toeing the line, while those which continue to defy the neocon/neoliberal elites, such as Venezuela, are under a state of permanent siege.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on AUGUST 9, 2017.

Russian Air Force Plane Flies Above Pentagon, Capitol, CIA

At a time when when relations between the US and Russia are about as bad as they have ever been outside of the cold war, despite expectations for a detente under the Trump administration which have not taken place for obvious reasons, the mere thought of a Russian military plane flying above the continental US, let alone the Capitol, would prompt incredulous follow-up questions whether it had been shot down. And yet, that it precisely what happened today when an unarmed Russian Air Force aircraft overflew the Capitol, the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency and Andrews Air Force Base at low altitude.

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JFK ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Dies Just Months Before CIA Set To Declassify Docs

Jim Marrs, the author who wrote the book Crossfire: The Plot to Kill Kennedy, died of a heart attack Wednesday at his Wise County home. His death comes just months before the CIA is set to declassify documents about the death of President John F. Kennedy.
Marrs’ book helped inspire the Oliver Stone movie JFK, and he is well known as a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ the title given to anyone who questions the government’s official story on any topic. In fact, Marrs was considered the leading expert on JFK conspiracy theories. Given the timing of Marrs’ death, and the government’s (specifically the CIA) ability to make an assassination look like a heart attack, many are adjusting their tin foil hats accordingly.
The CIA does, indeed, have an assassination weapon that makes a murder look like a heart attack, allowing them to avoid blame. Whistleblower Mary Embree said of the ‘heart attack gun’: ‘The poison was frozen into some sort of dart and then it was shot at very high speed into the person. When it reached the person it would melt inside them, and there would be a tiny red dot on their body, which was hard to detect. There wouldn’t be a needle or anything like that left in the person.’

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on August 7, 2017.

How The CIA Came To Doubt The Official Story Of JFK’s Murder

By Philip Shenon and Larry Sabato via Politico Magazine,
After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963, the CIA appeared eager, even desperate, to embrace the version of events being offered by the FBI, the Secret Service and other parts of the government. The official story: that a delusional misfit and self-proclaimed Marxist named Lee Harvey Oswald killed the president in Dallas with his $21 mail-order rifle and there was no evidence of a conspiracy, foreign or domestic. Certainly, the CIA’s leaders told the Warren Commission, the independent panel that investigated the murder, there was no evidence of a conspiracy that the spy agency could have foiled.
But thousands of pages of long-secret, assassination-related documents released by the National Archives last week show that, within a few years of Kennedy’s murder, some in the CIA began to worry internally that the official story was wrong – an alarm the agency never sounded publicly.
Specifically, key CIA officials were concerned by the mid-1970s that the agency, the FBI, the Secret Service and the White House commission led by Chief Justice Earl Warren had never followed up on important clues about Oswald’s contact with foreign agents, including diplomats and spies for the Communist governments of Cuba and the Soviet Union, who might have been aware of his plans to kill Kennedy and even encouraged the plot. (There is no credible evidence cited in the documents released so far that Cuban leader Fidel Castro or other foreign leaders had any personal role in ordering Kennedy’s murder.)
The CIA documents also offer tantalizing speculation about the chain of events in late 1963 that explained Oswald’s motives for killing Kennedy, which have previously never been established with certainty – how he may have become enraged after reading a detailed article in his hometown newspaper in New Orleans in September suggesting that his hero Castro had been targeted for assassination by the Kennedy administration. According to that theory, Oswald, who had rifle training in the Marine Corps, then set out to seek vengeance on Castro’s behalf – to kill Kennedy before the American president managed to kill the Cuban leader.

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Trump Will Now Become the War President

President Trump has been defeated by the military/security complex and forced into continuing the orchestrated and dangerous tensions with Russia. Trump’s defeat has taught the Russians the lesson I have been trying to teach them for years, and that is that Russia is much more valuable to Washington as an enemy than as a friend.
Do we now conclude with Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that Trump is washed up and ‘utterly powerless?’ I think not. Trump is by nature a leader. He wants to be out front, and that is where his personality will compel him to be. Having been prevented by the military/security complex, both US political parties, the presstitute media, the liberal-progressive-left, and Washington’s European vassals from being out front as a leader for peace, Trump will now be the leader for war. This is the only permissible role that the CIA and armaments industry will permit him to have.
Losing the chance for peace might cost all of us our lives. Now that Russia and China see that Washington is unwilling to share the world stage with them, Russia and China will have to become more confrontational with Washington in order to prevent Washington from marginalizing them. Preparations for war will become central in order to protect the interests of the two countries. The situation is far more dangerous than at any time of the Cold War.

This post was published at Paul Craig Roberts on August 3, 2017.

Down The Memory Hole Goes The Truth

Down The Memory Hole Goes The Truth
When German newspaper editor Udo Ulfkotte’s book was published in Germany several years ago, I brought it to the attention of my readers. The book explained why Europe moved in lockstep with Washington. Ulfkotte reported that every significant journalist in Europe had connections to the CIA. This confirmed what I had learned from my Ph. D. dissertation chairman who was appointed Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. I asked him how Washington managed to get other governments to do what Washington wanted even when it was not in the best interests of their countries. He replied, ‘money.’ ‘You mean foreign aide,’ I asked. ‘No,’ he said, ‘we give the leaders bags of money.’ In other words, it is not only the European journalists who are bought but also the European politicians.
The English language edition of Ulfkotte’s book has been suppressed, tossed down the Memory Hole. Americans are not to know as it would interfere with the CIA’s control of the explanations that keep Americans in The Matrix.
Below is James Tracy’s account. -PCR –
English Translation of Udo Ulfkotte’s ‘Bought Journalists’ Suppressed?
By James F. Tracy
August 01, 2017 ‘Information Clearing House’ – The English translation of German journalist Udo Ulfkotte’s best-selling book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalists) appears to have been suppressed throughout North America and Europe. On May 15, 2017 Next Revelation Press, an imprint of US-Canadian-based publisher Tayen Lane, released the English version of Bought Journalists, under the title, Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News.

This post was published at Paul Craig Roberts on August 2, 2017.

Newly Unearthed CIA Memo: Media Are The “Principal Villains”

A new declassifed CIA report unearthed by the FOIA investigive cooperative MuckRock contains some shocking commentary on how the intelligence community views and interacts with the media. The 1984 series of internal memos, part of the CIA’s recent CREST release (CIA Records Search Tool) of over 900,000 newly declassified documents, were drafted in response to a study on unathorized leaks and disclosures written by legendary CIA officer Eloise Page.
The CIA Inspector General [IG] was tasked by CIA Director Bill Casey to investigate and review CIA vulnerabilities to media scrutiny. One of Eloise Page’s suggestions involved CIA and agency friendly individuals gaining influence at universities and journalism schools in order to change and shape curriculum. As MuckRock explains:
The IG passed the task onto someone on his staff, who produced a four page SECRET memo for IG James Taylor, who passed it onto Director Casey. The IG specifically endorsed the proposal for a program where the Agencywould intervene with journalism schools, which is discussed further below.

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Trump Saw A Disturbing Video, Then He Shut Down The CIA’s Covert Syria Program

While we’ve carefully documented the dynamics in play behind Trump’s decision to end the CIA’s covert Syria program, as well as the corresponding fury this immediately unleashed among the usual hawkish DC policy wonks, new information on what specifically impacted the president’s thinking has emerged.
Thomas Joscelyn, a Middle East analyst for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, explains in the August edition of The Weekly Standard:
Earlier this year, President Donald Trump was shown a disturbing video of Syrian rebels beheading a child near the city of Aleppo. It had caused a minor stir in the press as the fighters belonged to the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement, a group that had been supported by the CIA as part of its rebel aid program.

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By ending the ‘secret’ CIA program to arm and train Syrian rebels attempting to topple Bashar al-Assad in Syria, the Trump administration has accepted defeat in Syria, according to the Century Foundation, a prominent New York-based think tank.
The Century Foundation believes this signals an end to America’s commitment to achieving regime change in Syria and claims Washington’s attempt to topple Assad was half-hearted to begin with.
That being said, the Century Foundation also concedes that the program was doomed from the outset, stating:
‘The problem with the program, which was reportedly running the CIA nearly a billion dollars a year, was not that it was under resourced or ‘insufficient in scale.’ The problem was that its logic was wrong and out of sync with the basic dynamics of the insurgency.’ [emphasis added]
Whatever the program had going for it, its ludicrous nature came to light after the conflict took full swing and opposition groups gathered momentum, as the think tank explained:

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on JULY 28, 2017.

Forget Bezos & Gates: The Real Richest Man in the World Is Worth More than Both – Combined

When the dubious Richest Man in the World title earned shock with Amazon head and Washington Post boss, Jeff Bezos, ousting Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates, by a hair’s breadth, it’s likely the voting delegate hadn’t considered the one person who could handily best their net worths – $90 billion and $89.8 billion, respectively – combined.
Considering the return of the Red Scare of late, that the man worth an estimated $200 billion might be deleted from the world’s wealthiest shortlist, perhaps makes sense – because he’s no other than the President of Russia and hauntingly keen investor, himself, Vladimir Putin.
Bezos’ stunning empire, including a $600 million deal between Amazon and the CIA in 2013 – notably, the same year the Amazon founder and CEO purchased the Washington Post – certainly impresses as a personal fortune, by just about any measure.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on July 28, 2017.

I’d Nuke China – US Admiral Confirms He’d Launch Missiles If Trump Ordered

Admiral Scott Swift, Commander of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, said he would obey a hypothetical order to launch a nuclear strike against China if the president chose to give it. As AP reports, the remarks follow the director of the CIA’s recent assessment that Beijing poses a major threat to the US in the long run.
In a rare interview this week, CIA Director Mike Pompeo asserted that China is more of a long-term threat to US national security than any other world power, including Russia.
‘It’s hard to pick between China, Russia and Iran to be honest with you. I guess if I had to pick one with a nose above the others, I’d probably pick China,’ Pompeo told the Washington Free Beacon on Wednesday.
‘They have a real economy that they have built, unlike Russia that lives and dies on how many barrels of oil they can pluck out of the ground. And Iran that is similarly very single sector derivative and not to the scale of China population-wise,’ the intelligence chief explained.
According to Pompeo, Beijing is willing to become a near-peer opponent to the US.
‘I think it’s very clear when they think about their place in the world, they measure their success in placing themselves in the world where they want to be vis- -vis the United States and not as against anyone else,’ he said.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jul 27, 2017.