Torture, Schmorture?

In recent days, unknown Senate staffers have attempted to edit the Wikipedia page on the CIA torture report at least two times, trying to edit out the term ‘torture’ so as to replace it with the Orwellian euphemism du jour, ‘enhanced interrogation’. If a normal interrogation is good, an enhanced one must be even better, right?
The Pew Research Centre has recently lobbed the following questions at American tax cows with surprising results (at least, they were surprising to us):

If you call it an ‘interrogation method’ instead of calling it what it actually is, this is the result you get.
Mish has some more details and color on this particular survey. Certainly the framing of the questions has a strong influence on the replies one gets in such surveys. This has prompted many to try to explain this poll result away, and to some extent their arguments have merit.
However, we actually don’t want to make excuses for the intellectual laziness and moral turpitude of those who are fine with torture. Anyone supporting torture is both woefully uninformed and needs to urgently re-examine his moral compass. It is quite stunning how many people of this sort are apparently running around.

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Of COURSE They Were

WASHINGTON – The man who oversaw the controversial CIA interrogation program defended the use of the techniques used on militants — including waterboarding — and said members of Congress, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi, were ‘fully aware’ of the methods used.
‘She never objected to the techniques at all,’ Jose Rodriguez, former director of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, said on “Fox News Sunday.” ‘All of these techniques were approved by the lawyers.’
Of course they approved of it; that’s what zero accountability does.
Look, it’s a known fact that torture is an unreliable way to get information because a huge percentage of the people you torture will tell you whatever they have to in order to get the torture to stop — whether it’s true or not.
But irrespective of that torture is unlawful as a matter of international law under the Geneva Conventions. Those who authorized same irrespective of how, or who participated in same, discovered that hiding behind some sort of state mandate had zero value to them at Nuremberg.
The key, as I pointed out in my previous article, is that those who authorize tactics such as this should have to do so while accepting the punishment that comes with violating the law.
Note carefully that there is still no call for anyone to face the music — not even on a forward basis.
Again I ask: If we are not going to have The Rule of Law in this country why should you, or anyone else for that matter, give a damn about what the law says in relationship to your conduct? If it is simply about whether or not “they” have more guns and thus will selectively enforce said “law” against you what prevents many from banding together until they have effectively leveled those odds?

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Let’s Be Clear On “Torture”

Some of you folks just don’t get it.
Torture is illegal under International Law — so says the Geneva Conventions, which the US adheres to.
There is no proof that torture “works” to get truthful information.
Nonetheless, there are times that a legitimate leader will do anything to prevent an event he or she believes is going to occur. Literally anything, including illegalthings.
The problem with these incidents that may have crossed the line is that nobody in the chain of command who ordered and authorized them is going to pay for it; at worst some military or CIA guy or gal is going to be thrown under the bus.
In a word: NO!
The entire point of my articles on this subject is to underline that the rule of law mandates that if you’re going to make the decision to order or use these sorts of “interrogation methods” everyone up and down the chain of command involved, up to and including the President if he or she is aware of it, must be exposed to and accept the punishment for doing so.
That is the only way that a proper evaluation of the potential gains and certain costs to the people engaging in these tactics can be undertaken.
We must demand as citizens that the costs be imposed on each and every one of the people who engaged in those tactics that crossed said line as defined by International Law, and if we do not then we are inviting those tactics to be used on each and every one of us by any so-called “law enforcement or spy” agency that wishes to do so because they do not need to make said evaluation as to whether the personal price of doing so is worth the potential information to be gained.

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Economic News Update 12.14.14 – The Big Bad Russian Bear / Wall Street – CIA – Hollywood connections

The following video was published by Paul Sandhu on Dec 15, 2014
Hollywood is often used by the Military – Intelligence Complex to promote its propaganda. In the Movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit based on an author Tom Clancy’s most famous character, Jack Ryan is recruited by the CIA to work covertly on Wall Street. I’d call that art imitating life; I wonder how many Wall Streeters are Intelligence assets. This movie predicts Russia as the Big Bad Bear out to get America. Since the movie must have been written and filmed well before the ‘Ukrainian crisis’ that has so demonized Russia and Putin, I would say that this is another example of predictive programming by Hollywood.

New Evidence That US Government Intentionally Lied Us into Iraq War

Alleged Meeting Between 9/11 Hijacker and Iraqi Official Was Debunked by U. S. Intelligence Agencies Before It Was Trumpeted As War Justification … U. S. Pressured Czech Government to Lie
There is extensive evidence that the U. S. government intentionally lied us into the Iraq war.
Here’s a quick refresher:
Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind reported that the White House ordered the CIA to forge and backdate a document falsely linking Iraq with Muslim terrorists and 9/11 … and that the CIA complied with those instructions and in fact created the forgery, which was then used to justify war against Iraq. And see this The entire torture program was geared towards obtaining false confessions linking Iraq and 9/11 Everyone knew that Iraq didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. More

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Torture Produces Lies for More War: Bush Admin Aimed to ‘Elicit FALSE Confessions for Propaganda Purposes’

This article was originally published by Washington’s Blog.
Editor’s Note: As this article makes quite clear, while the debate over the use of torture by the CIA and other entities against enemies and terrorists is important, the framing of the report sidesteps the pertinent question of why torture was being used during the Bush Administration’s prosecution of the War on Terror.
And the answer was pointed out by the 2009 Armed Service Committee report – that torture has been used historically to produce false confession. FALSE confessions. Why? To produce bogus and sensational stories to support pro-war, pro-torture, pro-clandestine propaganda.
Cheney, Rumsfeld and others in the Bush Administration were trying to justify and goad on the war in Iraq by linking Saddam Hussein to Osama bin Laden and 9/11. The rhetoric is in countless media clips from the time, but the factual case was not there. Torture victims were pressed to provide the links the administration needed to open the door to endless war, and to stir fear in the minds of the American population.
Isn’t this relevant to the renewed debate over the merits of waterboarding and other forms of enhanced interrogation? Not only are the ethics already compromised, but they were ultimately carried out to support a larger lie for war. These people should not have longer leashes; rather the People should be told the truth about why we went to war and what has been driving the last few decades of history. The Media Is Focusing On the WRONG Senate Torture Report The Big Story Torture Everyone Is Missing While the torture report released by the Senate Intelligence Committee is very important, it doesn’t address the big scoop regarding torture.
Instead, it is the Senate Armed Services Committee’s report that dropped the big bombshell regarding the U. S. torture program.
Senator Levin, commenting on a Armed Services Committee’s report on torture in 2009, explained:

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American Inquisition

Torture is a crime under both American and international law. The Bush administration repeatedly broke the law from 2002 to 2006 by unleashing a wave of torture, kidnapping, and murder, all under the banner of its faux ‘war on terror.’
‘Terror’ is a wonderfully useful propaganda term developed by the Israelis and adopted by the Bush administration to dehumanize and delegitimize America’s violent enemies who were opposing US presence in much of the Muslim world.
The US Central Intelligence Agency, created to gather and assess information, was turned into a ruthless paramilitary hunter of America’s real or imagined enemies. Of course, America had to be protected from another 9/11-type attack. But, just as much, the Bush administration was seeking revenge for the 9/11 attacks that caught the tough-talking president asleep on guard duty. CIA was given the dirty job and then chivvied without relent by Vice President Dick Cheney.
Muslims had to be taught a dire lesson. The Guantanamo gulag, the freezing rooms, beatings, contorted positions, waterboarding – all tortures favored by the old Soviet secret police – were to serve as a stark warning to disobedient miscreants in America’s Mideast Empire, which I call, the ‘American Raj.’ Humiliation and degradation techniques developed by Israel to turn Arab prisoners into informers were applied full force by US military jailers at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison.

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Inside the CIA torture program: mock drowning, medical rape, Russian Roulette

Police State USA has reviewed the recent unclassified report released by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, titled ‘Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program’ (Download the PDF here). The Committee, which spent six years probing the CIA’s practices, characterized the interrogation procedures used since 2001 as ‘gruesome’ and revealed details regarding mock drownings, medical rapes, slamming heads against walls, forcing prisoners to stand on broken bones, placing living prisoners in coffins, threatening murder and rape of detainees’ family members, and sadistic games of Russian Roulette.
This article will enumerate the CIA’s tactics as they were revealed in the Senate report.
The centerpiece of the CIA’s torture program is a mock drowning procedure, in which the detainee is strapped to a table, often with his head lower than his feet, and made to endure water pouring down his throat while a hood covers his face. Even the most resilient individuals can only tolerate a few seconds of this treatment, called ‘waterboarding.’

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‘Verschrfte Vernehmung’ (Yes, that’s Nazi for ‘enhanced interrogation’)

21st Century Wire says…

After listening to CIA director John Brennan’s long-winded attempt atcommunity relations today, only three words come to mind…
Ya vol Commandant!
And then maybe these two words, ‘Verschrfte Vernehmung’. As it happens, those two German words are straight out of the Gestapo’s own manual on torture. Translated from German to English, it means, ‘enhanced interrogation’ – you get that fancy term we keep hearing about this week, you know, that thing that’s ‘keeping America safe’.

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DC Pork Bill Passed, Torture Report Distraction, Congress Allows All NSA Spying

The following video was published by Greg Hunter on Dec 11, 2014
It looks like the House voted not to shut down the government with the budget it just passed. Conservative Republicans hate that Obama Care and illegal immigration are funded and liberal Democrats hate the rollback of rules for Wall Street and political donations are dramatically increased. Lots of Republicans think they lost, and plenty of Democrats revolted against the President and they also think they lost.
The so-called CIA torture was out this week, and on the same day, Obama Care architect Jonathan Gruber testified about the lies he helped to concoct to get that bill passed. I never thought I would agree with Dick Cheney on anything, but I think this whole thing is, as he says, ‘full of crap.’ Democrats spent $40 million on this and did not talk to a single person, past or present, from the CIA.
Here’s another reason for CIA distraction, told by this headline from ‘Congress Passes Bill Which Grants ‘Unlimited Access to Communications of Every American.’ This was a voice vote only, and it passed 325 to 100–outrageous! There is no 4th Amendment anymore, and this bill was not even debated. Lots of Republican voted for this as well as Democrats. It was a bipartisan vote to trash our Constitutional rights!!! This is why I have always said the two parties just take turns ripping us off.

C.I.A. Director Brennan, a Proven Liar, Defends Torture; Brennan Should be Fired Immediately, then Prosecuted along with Other CIA Directors and Cheney

In 2009, CIA Director John Brennan criticized CIA techniques for having “led us to stray from our ideals as a nation.’ Brennan also stated ‘Tactics such as waterboarding were not in keeping with our values as Americans.’
Today, the New York Times reports C. I. A. Director Defends Use of Interrogation Tactics, Avoiding Issue of Torture.
John O. Brennan, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, defended the agency’s use of waterboarding and other brutal interrogation tactics on Thursday, sidestepping questions about whether agency operatives tortured anyone.
Mr. Brennan, responding to an excoriating Senate report detailing years of brutal interrogation tactics in secret C. I. A. prisons, criticized only those officers who he said went ‘outside the bounds’ of the guidelines established by the Justice Department. Those guidelines allowed for waterboarding, a week of sleep deprivation, shackling prisoners in painful positions, dousing them with water, and locking them in coffin-like boxes.
‘I will leave to others how they might want to label those activities,’ Mr. Brennan said.
‘My fervent hope is that we can put aside this debate and move forward,’ Mr. Brennan said.
Definition of “Moving Forward”…

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Breaking: Congress Passes Bill Giving Police Unlimited Access to Citizens’ Private Communications

In a sneak attack on the civil liberties of all Americans, the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2015 was rushed to the House floor with virtually no debate.
The legislation was scheduled for only a ‘voice vote,’ which means that it is simply declared ‘passed’ with voice votes and no record.
This is considered the simplest and quickest voting method, not what one would expect from such an important piece of legislation. For most pieces of major legislation, a roll call vote would be the standard operating procedure.
Thankfully, Representative Justin Amash, when catching wind of what was transpiring, went to the House floor to demand a roll call vote so that everyone would have to have their vote recorded.
The fact that this important piece of legislation was handled in this way indicates that this was done intentionally to sneak it past the public eye. It becomes even more suspicious when you realize that it was done concurrently with the CIA torture report being released and the Gruber hearing.
It seems clear there was an effort made to slip the vote by without having to answer to the American people, as Congress is well aware that Americans do not want to be spied upon by their government after the revelations by Edward Snowden.
Congressman Justin Amash stated that when he learned this bill was ‘being rushed to the floor for a vote… I asked my legislative staff to quickly review the bill for unusual language.’
What he says next should raise red flags for every American citizen.
He claims what his staff discovered was:

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“We Tortured Some Folks…But” Historic CIA Mea Culpa Press Conference – Live Feed

CIA Director John Brennan is due to make a rare public statement and answer press questions with regard the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s use of torture.
Mike Krieger summed it all up perfectly…
If you're part of status quo, you can get away with anything. Murder, torture, theft of trillions. Until top guys are jailed it won't stop.
— Michael Krieger (@LibertyBlitz) December 10, 2014

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Cheney Covers-Up His Role in the Torture Scandal – Blames Bush Very Clever

When you listen to a politician, pay very close attention to his qualifying words. This is how they lie. Former Real President Dick Cheney in his own defense claims the pretend President George Bush, Jr ‘knew everything he needed to know, and wanted to know’ about CIA interrogation. ‘He knew the techniques… there was no effort on my part to keep it from him.’
In a court of law this is total bullshit. Under cross examination you would immediately focus on the qualifying words ‘ everything he needed to know.’ You then would ask, did he ‘need’ to know about your personally directed torture program? Then what about ‘there was no effort on my part to keep it from him.’ That is another qualifying statement. He did not cover up anything because Bush did not ask questions in that area. So both statements are carefully crafted to be true while hiding the real truth – this was Cheney’s doing.

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CIA & Torture – All Americans Are Now At Risk When Captured

Lost is all the defense of uncivilized and unethical behavior that should be criminally punished in the CIA Torture scandal, is the simple fact that human beings with a conscious do not act that way. It was agreed among nations that torture would be outlawed and the bottom-line is rather clear – no American is now safe for when captured they will be tortured in retaliation. The people who authorized this should be criminally prosecuted and the two psychologists in Spokane, Washington should stand trial for violating international and US law.
James Mitchell and John Bruce Jessen, the two psychologists, provided the CIA a list of tactics that ranged from facial slaps to waterboarding, deployed them against some terror suspects, and assessed the effectiveness of the efforts, according to a U. S. Senate report released this week that identified the two contractors under pseudonym. From their office in Spokane, these two disgusting individuals once worked with an Air Force survival school. They launched an extraordinary covert business that, after the 2001 terror attacks, offered one-stop shopping for a CIA wanting to use torture interrogation tactics. The CIA even turned to the two men in June 2007 for help gain to support their torture program with then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, according to the Senate report. In total, the CIA paid them $81 million before their contract was ended in 2009. At one point, in 2008, 85 percent of personnel in the CIA’s main unit for detention and interrogation were outside contractors, and most were employed through Mitchell and Jessen. They belong in prison for life – the ultimate torture.

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Illinois Passes Law Making it a Felony to Video Police; How to Stop Police Abuse; More on CIA Torture

How to Stop Police Abuse
There’s one way and one way only to stop police abuse: Criminally prosecute it, then allow civil penalties.
In a podcast today with Chris Martenson, Chris suggested civil penalties should come straight out of the police retirement fund, not taxpayer pockets.
But as with CIA torture, government does not really want to stop abuse, they want to stop reporting the abuse.
Earlier this year, Illinois passed a law making videotaping of police illegal. However, the Illinois Supreme Curt struck down the law as a violation of free speech.
So what did the Illinois legislature do? They wrote an even worse law.
Illinois Passes Law Making it a Felony to Video Police
Via email from Jacob Huebert, senior attorney at the Liberty Justice Center, the Illinois Policy Institute’s free-market public-interest litigation center.
Earlier this year, the Illinois Supreme Court struck down a state eavesdropping law that made it a crime for citizens to record conversations with police or anyone else without the other person’s permission. The court held that the old law ‘criminalize[d] a wide range of innocent conduct’ and violated free-speech rights. In particular, the court noted the state could not criminalize recording activities where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, including citizens’ ‘public’ encounters with police.
Now the old law is back, with just a few changes, in a new bill sent to the governor’s desk by the Illinois Senate on Dec. 4. The bill not only passed, but did so overwhelmingly with votes of 106-7 in the House on and 46-4-1 in the Senate.
The new version is nearly as bad as the old one.

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SJH Show #3 – State Sponsored Terrorism; CIA Torture & US Hypocrisy; Truth about Royal Family’s National Parks

World leaders are denouncing state-sponsored terrorism and the CIA’s Torture Report is exposing the hypocrisy of U. S. policy throughout the world.
In Episode #3 of the SJH Show, watch Special Contributor for 21st Century Wire Stuart J. Hooper break down calls from world leaders for the West to stop sponsoring terrorist activities. You’ll also hear of the extensive hypocrisies exposed by the release of the CIA’s Torture Report.
To round things off, it is asked why American leaders are turning into fawning sycophants at the feet of British ‘Royalty’. Learn about the true, highly disturbing, history of the British Royal Family’s ties to the creation of ‘National Parks’ in Africa.

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Revelations from the Torture Report – CIA Lies, Nazi Methods and the $81 Million No-Bid Torture Contract

After initially helping to devise the ‘enhanced interrogation’ efforts, they were designated as the only two contractors allowed to oversee these interrogations at sites around the world. In 2005, they formed a company to receive contracts from the CIA. According to the Senate report, the base value of their contract in 2006 was in excess of $180 million.
By the time the CIA terminated their contract in 2009, the consulting firm founded by the two men had collected $81 million in taxpayer money. In May of that year, ProPublica reported, the firm abruptly gave up the lease on its Spokane, Washington, headquarters and disconnected the phone.
Still, according to the Senate report, the CIA will provide $5 million in indemnity costs to the firm to cover all legal expenses for potential criminal prosecution and investigations through 2021.
– From the Huffington Post article: Architects Of CIA Torture Program Raked In $81 Million, Report Reveals
One of the greatest propaganda successes of the consolidated and corporate owned mainstream media in the US. has been the ability to convince many naive Americans that people with fascist tendencies do not exist in our society, and it they do, they certainly don’t occupy the highest halls of power.
One of the key points I try to get across in my writing is that the sociopathic mindset knows no borders, and a society that ignorantly believes that its ‘leadership’ consists of good people with a moral high ground is a society of sheep primed for slaughter. Not only do fascist types exist at the highest levels of the U. S. status quo, the smart ones will typically do everything they can to attain such positions. Why?
As I noted recently in the post, In Great Britain, Protecting Pedophile Politicians is a Matter of ‘National Security’:

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US Army Major Replies to My Torture Post

In response to CIA Torture Reports: Frozen to Death; Dick Cheney War Criminal I received an interesting response from a U. S. Army Major.
USAM writes …
Hi Mish,
Just thought I’d write to share my Facebook post on the recent torture revelations:
“I’m sad and horrified to read the details of the CIA’s torture program. To me, it represents the sickest form of consequentialism, one that has run roughshod over any type of moral authority the U. S. can claim in offering its leadership to the world. I’m further upset that my fellow brothers and sisters in uniform will most likely underwrite this disastrous program, as the enemy will now be all too eager to respond in kind to any American serviceman or woman unlucky enough to endure capture. I only wish we had the moral courage to make those responsible accountable for these unmistakable atrocities.”
All you’ve written on the subject is very well said.
US Hypocrisy…

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