All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.
–George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia
Obama has scammed the world into war…again. He is unlikely to repeat the facilitating lie this time, however. It was too thoroughly and quickly debunked for him to take the risk. Besides, there is no need. Iraq and Syria are already being bombed. Instead, the lie is now forgotten except by critics of Obama or of war.
The Lie And Why The Liars Told It
In early September, as he prepared to bomb Iraq and Syria without approval from Congress or the United Nations, Obama faced a dilemma. America had been actively at war for 13 years, ever since the 2001 U. S.-led invasion of Afghanistan. The public was war-weary. And the public would be voting Republican or Democrat in only two months time. How could he bomb with public support and without losing the election?
The situation was especially problematic for three reasons. There was general consensus that the new military front on terrorism would consume years and might require U. S. boots on the ground. Iraq and Syria posed no provable or imminent threat to the American homeland nor did they commit an act of war. And Obama had no constitutional, congressional, U. N. or other authority to launch yet another war.
In an article (Sept. 28) entitled ‘The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria,’ journalists Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain explained how Obama solved his dilemma. The solution ‘was found in the wholesale concoction of a brand new terror threat…’The Khorasan Group’. After spending weeks depicting ISIS as an unprecedented threat – too radical even for Al Qaeda! – administration officials suddenly began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS, one that posed a direct and immediate threat to the American Homeland. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new terror group was created in media lore.’ (Note: Khorasan is a former province of Iran. The term is sometimes used to reference a more general Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran region.)

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Left and Right Agree: War Is Popular

Common wisdom would purport that those on the so-called ‘right’ are and have always been hawkish and pro-war, while those on the proverbial ‘left’ have always been the tree-hugging, peacenik, anti-war folks. For many conservatives, unfortunately, this is more or less correct. However, progressives have once again airbrushed their own past, which is about as anti-war as, well, war.
Much of this perception is relatively recent and primarily boils down to the Iraq War. The neoconservative warmongering was in full swing and for his part, Barack Obama gave a rather pleasant speech about his opposition to the war before it began. In his book, Obama elaborated,
What I sensed, though, was that the threat Saddam posed was not imminent, the Administration’s rationales for war were flimsy and ideologically driven, and the war in Afghanistan was far from complete.[1] Not terribly bad, at least for a politician.
Obama then proceeded to escalate the war in Afghanistan, go to war with Libya without Congressional approval, authorize airstrikes in Iraq as well as drone strikes in Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan while saber-rattling at Syria, Iran and the Ukraine. Even the American withdrawal from Iraq he oversaw -which is now being ballyhooed by clueless neoconservatives – was hardly different than the schedule George W. Bush had already agreed to.

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With Oil Prices in Freefall, Morgan Stanley Can’t Close on an Oil Deal

In July 2013 and again this past January, the U. S. Senate’s Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection, part of Senate Banking, convened hearings to get a handle on the extensive physical commodity holdings of Wall Street banks. At the January hearing, Senator Sherrod Brown, chair of the Subcommittee, told hearing participants that ‘the six largest U. S. bank holding companies have 14,420 subsidiaries, only 19 of which are traditional banks.’
At the time of the July 2013 hearing, Morgan Stanley, one of the nation’s largest retail brokerage firms, an investment bank, as well as an FDIC insured depository bank, owned sprawling crude oil operations. Congress had been aware of Morgan Stanley’s foray into the oil business since at least 2009 when 60 Minutes reported that Morgan Stanley had acquired the capacity to store 20 million barrels of oil.
Ostensibly as a result of the scrutiny, Morgan Stanley announced last December that it was selling its Global Oil Merchanting unit to a 100 percent subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, a large Russian crude oil producer. According to the press release Morgan Stanley issued at the time, the sale was to include an ‘international network of oil terminal storage agreements; inventory; physical oil purchase, sale and supply agreements; equity investments; and freight shipping contracts.’

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Leon Panetta, Head of Pentagon and C.I.A. Under Obama, Says Brace for 30 Year War with ISIS

‘I vividly recall how, in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s killing, Obama partisans triumphantly declared that this would finally usher in the winding down of the War on Terror. On one superficial level, that view was understandable: it made sense if one assumes that the U. S. has been waging this war for its stated reasons and that it hopes to vanquish The Enemy and end the war.
But that is not, and never was, the purpose of the War on Terror. It was designed from the start to be endless.’
– Glenn Greenwald, in his latest piece for the Intercept
Leon Panetta is pretty much the epitome of a status quo insider. Someone, who due to his influence and mainstream veneer of respectability, is capable of inflicting an almost inconceivable amount of damage to freedom and prosperity in America. In fact, you could say that Mr. Panetta is as responsible as almost anyone else for the banana republic laughing stock that this nation has been transformed into over the past several decades. Why? Because he served in top positions for several of America’s Presidents over that time.
He started out working for Richard Nixon, before switching parties and serving nine terms as a Democratic Congressman from California. He then served the Clinton Administration, including as Chief of Staff. Most recently, he was head of the Department of Defense and the CIA under Obama. This is an extremely political animal.
His ties run deepest with the Clintons, and while he criticizes Obama heavily in his new book, he excitedly proclaims that Hilary Clinton would be ‘great president,’ and that ‘one thing about the Clintons is, they want to get it done.’
I’m sure they do, but get what done exactly. In the case of of Bill Clinton, it was dismantling Glass Steagall, and fully turning over the entire U. S. economy and public policy to financial oligarchs.
Think I am exaggerating? In a recent USA Today interview, we can clearly see exactly what ‘getting it done’ would mean during a Hilary Clinton Presidency: Endless War.
USA Today reports that:

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What the Feds and Bernie Madoff Have in Common

Through the years, Bernard Madoff, the convicted ponzi schemer who defrauded his investors, ‘generously’ donated millions of dollars to charity – cancer research, hospitals, theaters, schools, and more. At least one of these charitable organizations invested with Mr. Madoff, where the invested funds disappeared.
But Madoff is not the only one who gives money to people after first taking it from them. Today’s political leaders win votes and plaudits by giving goodies to little Johnny, but they don’t bother to tell little Johnny that they’re putting it all on his credit card.
School is now back in session, and ‘thousands more students could be eating school lunch completely free,’ Jake Grovum reports for Stateline, ‘thanks to a four-year-old federal program that is finally expanding to all 50 states.’ (Finally!)
‘The expansion comes through the so-called Community Eligibility Provision, passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010 as part of a broader school nutrition measure,’Stateline reports. ‘It opened the door for districts with free or reduced-price lunches to offer the meals to every student at the school, at no cost to them – no application necessary and regardless of household income. Under the community eligibility provision, the federal government pays for only a share of the expansion, leaving states to pay the balance.’

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Has North Korea’s Kim Jong Un been deposed?

Kim has not been seen publicly since September 4, and is reportedly suffering from gout, the "kings' malady" form of arthritis brought on by rich diet and sedentary lifestyle. He also reportedly underwent surgery for two broken ankles.
But according to some experts, his absence from the September meeting of the nation's rubber-stamp congress, the Supreme People's Assembly, is only the latest indication that something has gone seriously awry for the dictator.
The trip comes just days after Jang Jin Sung, a former counterintelligence official and high-ranking member of Kim Jong Il's regime, told fellow exiles in Netherlands that he believed recent events only added evidence that Kim was no longer in charge.

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“President Obola” – Obama, Ebola, and Creating a Third World America

A verified case of Ebola lands in America, and what is Obama busy doing? Telling a crowd of illegal immigration activists that “America is not Congress” and that “no force on earth can stop us.”
At what point do we start to recognize that a sitting president courting an army of non-citizens to overturn the wishes of the American people (via Congress) is in fact orchestrating a soft coup?
Meanwhile, our borders remain wide open during one of the biggest potential pandemic threats in history, and the head of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden, is telling us that stopping flights from West Africa would somehow make the Ebola contagion more widespread. Wow. Seriously? This is the same guy who told us that Obama has “leaned forward” in regards to the Ebola crisis, using a slogan that not only graces MSNBC broadcasts but stems from Communist agitprop of the 20th century.
Political hacks like the CDC Director need to be removed from their positions of power. They could conceivably kill us all if they continue on their death march to stupid. But they are, in some ways, a symptom, and not the root cause.
That these “leaders” are self-destructive and gunning to destroy America is not “conspiracy theory.” But it is simple, run-of-the-mill hubris, sheer stupidity and utter incompetence backed by an ideological agenda that is fundamentalist and religious in nature. It is Third World government dressed up in a politically correct package – insane ideologues covered up in slick packaging and TV make-up.
Quite a few people believe that a nefarious New World Order may be behind the spread of Ebola as a form of population control. Who needs shadowy men smoking cigars in back rooms when you have arrogant blind partisans in charge?

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War, The Fed, and More Wars: Ron Paul’s LPAC 2014 Speech!

Ron Paul delivered a barn burner of a keynote speech at this year’s LPAC conference. It was an hour long tour-de-force on fiat currency, attacks on civil liberties, the Federal Reserve, war — and most importantly how all of these fit together and deprive us of our life, liberty, and happiness.
Dr. Paul decried the one-party state we live in, particularly when it comes to war. Speaking about the recent Congressional passage of a continuing resolution to keep the government funded at current levels, he said that while the resolution keeps spending at the same level, war spending is exempt and will rise. He mocked those Members on both sides who voted for the resolution:
We gotta to keep the war going! And we gotta rubber stamp what Obama wants! Oh no, we don’t like Obama. Yes but we love his wars! Except for one thing: he’s not bombing enough people!
Watch the whole speech here:

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What Civilian Casualties? To Barack Obama, Women And Children In Syria And Iraq Are A Subhuman Species

While one can’t help but snicker when the administration of a Nobel Peace Prize winner has launched at least 7 offensive wars, mosty against Muslim countries with virtually none obtaining prior approval from Congress, until now Obama at least showed the sense to realize that maintaining proper “made for propaganda media” optics matters, even if his underlying actions were the very definition of hypocrisy. And then something snapped. As reported by Yahoo News, the White House has acknowledged for the first time that strict standards President Obama imposed last year to prevent civilian deaths from U. S. drone strikeswill not apply to U. S. military operations in Syria and Iraq.
Now, we showed last weekend that Syrian “rebels”, those people the US is supposedly helping, are furious at US bombing of their own people, but we wonder just how they will feel when they realize that according to the most powerful representative of the “free world” they are actually, well, subhuman and not worthy of the same civil rights as people in every other part of the globe (bombed by US drones).
According to Yahoo News, a White House statement confirmed the looser policy came in response to questions about reports that as many as a dozen civilians, including women and young children, were killed when a Tomahawk missile struck the village of Kafr Daryan in Syria’s Idlib province on the morning of Sept. 23.
it has a “looser policy standards” when it comes to preventing civilian deaths from U. S. drone strikes in U. S. military operations in Syria and Iraq.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 10/03/2014.

Secret Service SNAFU Deja Vu: Fake Congressman Gets Backstage At Obama Dinner

Just a day after the former director of The Secret Services resigned over fence-jumper-gate, Bloomberg reports yet another SNAFU in the President’s security – a man posing as a New Jersey member of Congress made it into a secure area backstage at President Obama’s appearance at a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation awards dinner in Washington Sept. 27. Rather stunningly, The Secret Service admits “this guy went through security, fully screened.”

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Congress Considers Federal Assistance For Laid-Off Coal Miners

A major coal mining company has announced another round of layoffs as declining demand for coal continues to depress the industry.
Alpha Natural Resources, the world’s third largest supplier of metallurgical coal, said Sept. 26 that it would be shuttering three mines in West Virginia due to ‘sustained weak market conditions and government regulations challenging the Central Appalachian mining industry.’
The closures will put 261 people out of work. The news has a familiar refrain; more than 20,000 coal miners have lost their jobs since 2011.
But coal mining jobs have been disappearing for more than 30 years. As of March 2014, there were around79,000 jobs in coal mining in the United States, 8.3 percent fewer than a year earlier.
Compare that to the solar industry, which employs around 143,000 people, according the Solar Energy Industries Association.
The fortunes of the two energy industries will only diverge further in coming years. Sadly, many political leaders in coal producing states have not planned for a future without coal. Instead of recognizing that the coal industry is facing inexorable decline, politicians in coal states like West Virginia and Kentucky mislead residents of their state into thinking that the situation could turn around if certain Environmental Protection Agency regulations are repealed.

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The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria

As the Obama Administration prepared to bomb Syria without congressional or U. N. authorization, it faced two problems. The first was the difficulty of sustaining public support for a new years-long war against ISIS, a group that clearly posed no imminent threat to the ‘homeland.’ A second was the lack of legal justification for launching a new bombing campaign with no viable claim of self-defense or U. N. approval.
The solution to both problems was found in the wholesale concoction of a brand new terror threat that was branded ‘The Khorasan Group.’ After spending weeks depicting ISIS as an unprecedented threat – too radical even for Al Qaeda! – administration officials suddenly began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS, one that posed a direct and immediate threat to the American Homeland. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new terror group was created in media lore.
The unveiling of this new group was performed in a September 13 article by the Associated Press, who cited unnamed U. S. officials to warn of this new shadowy, worse-than-ISIS terror group:
While the Islamic State group [ISIS] is getting the most attention now, another band of extremists in Syria – a mix of hardened jihadis from Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Europe – poses a more direct and imminent threat to the United States, working with Yemeni bomb-makers to target U. S. aviation, American officials say.
At the center is a cell known as the Khorasan group, a cadre of veteran al-Qaida fighters from Afghanistan and Pakistan who traveled to Syria to link up with the al-Qaida affiliate there, the Nusra Front.
But the Khorasan militants did not go to Syria principally to fight the government of President Bashar Assad, U. S. officials say. Instead, they were sent by al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri to recruit Europeans and Americans whose passports allow them to board a U. S.-bound airliner with less scrutiny from security officials.
AP warned Americans that ‘the fear is that the Khorasan militants will provide these sophisticated explosives to their Western recruits who could sneak them onto U. S.-bound flights.’ It explained that although ISIS has received most of the attention, the Khorasan Group ‘is considered the more immediate threat.’
The genesis of the name was itself scary: ‘Khorasan refers to a province under the Islamic caliphate, or religious empire, of old that included parts of Afghanistan.’ AP depicted the U. S. officials who were feeding them the narrative as engaging in some sort of act of brave, unauthorized truth-telling: ‘Many U. S. officials interviewed for this story would not be quoted by name talking about what they said was highly classified intelligence.’
On the morning of September 18, CBS News broadcast a segment that is as pure war propaganda as it gets: directly linking the soon-to-arrive U. S. bombing campaign in Syria to the need to protect Americans from being exploded in civilian jets by Khorasan. With ominous voice tones, the host narrated:

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Against the State: An Interview with Lew Rockwell

This interview was originally published by the Rutherford Institute.
John W. Whitehead: There is no end to discussion of John Locke’s impact on the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence lists our inalienable rights to ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’ and the Constitution creates a relatively strong central government limited nonetheless by our fundamental freedoms. And so, Americans generally accept that our government is designed to protect our freedoms and natural rights. Llewellyn Harrison ‘Lew’ Rockwell, Jr. challenges that assumption. An avowed anarcho-capitalist, he rejects statism entirely, believing that society would be better able to protect our freedoms if there were no government at all.
The founder and chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, a libertarian organization in Auburn, Alabama, Lew Rockwell is also a prolific author and editor who regularly publishes articles denouncing government intervention in markets, war, American imperialism, and the police state. His new book, Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto, he proclaims that the state need not always have the powers it presently retains. He was also Ron Paul’s congressional chief of staff from 1978 to 1982, is Vice President of the Center for Libertarian Studies in Burlingame, California, and runs a libertarian website, Mr. Rockwell took some time from his busy schedule to speak to constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead, author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, and OldSpeak about his new book, his views on government, and his advice for Americans who want to know what they can do to rein in their runaway government.
JW: What is Anarcho-Capitalism?
Lew Rockwell: Anarcho-Capitalism is a term coined by the late Murray N. Rothbard. Murray coined that term to talk about an anarchism that would be free market and capitalist. So what is anarchism? The dictionary definition means without a government, without rulers. The secondary meaning in the dictionary is chaos and terrible trouble.
Now are we supposed to believe that after the horrendous crimes of government in the 20th century – after the mind-blowingly evil and monstrous crimes of the Communists, the Nazis, the Fascists, the British and the Americans and lots of other people too, and the wars.
JW: Not to mention the carnage and the death. Imperialism is what you are talking about.
LR: Yes. Now are we supposed to believe that the real danger, the real horror, would be to have no government? I mean just look: 100 million people were killed [in the 20th century], not counting the wars. If you count the wars the government caused and participated in, it is more than 200 million innocents killed. That does not even include the soldiers killed. It is quite an astounding record. We are supposed to believe that the real danger, the real horror, would be to have no government?
Anarcho-capitalists would argue that people don’t need a ruling class. Most of us in our private lives are not interested in sticking a gun in our next door neighbor’s ribs and demanding his wallet. Even if the cops would all but disappear, we wouldn’t do that.
The vast majority of us and the vast majority of our encounters – commercial, familial, whatever – everything is done voluntarily. There is no violence or threat of violence. That, of course, is government. Government is violence and the threat of violence.

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Congressman Rangel Calls for War Tax, Draft; Why Not Bomb the Entire Muslim World? Draft Worse Than Slavery

In a Time Magazine Op-Ed, Congressman Charles Rangel (Democrat from New York), a combat veteran says It’s Time for a War Tax and a Reinstated Draft.
While I am optimistic about our Commander-in-Chief’s strategy to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, I voted against the Continuing Appropriations Resolution 2015 that would grant the President the authority to provide funds to train and arm Syrian rebels against the enemy. I opposed the amendment because I strongly believe amassing additional debt to go to war should involve all of America debating the matter. That is why I have called for levying a war tax in addition to bringing back the military draft.
Both the war surcharge and conscription will give everyone in America a real stake in any decision on going to war, and compel the public to think twice before they make a commitment to send their loved ones into harm’s way.
For a decade I have been calling for the reinstatement of the draft because our military personnel and their families bear a tremendous cost each time we send them to fight.
Draft Worse Than Slavery
Slavery is involuntary servitude. Is a draft anything less than slavery?
Actually, it’s worse.

This post was published at Global Economic Analysis on October 01, 2014.

Subsidies, Market Prices, and the 2014 Farm Bill

President Barack Obama signed the Agricultural Act of 2014 into law on February 7, 2014.[1] The legislation becomes law later than anticipated given the usual timing for farm bills, which typically work their way through the Congress every five years.[2] The last major farm bill was passed in May 2008,[3] and key provisions of that bill were at the center of discussions of the federal ‘fiscal cliff’ in late 2012.[4] Of the $956 billion spent in this massive bill,[5] about 80 percent is earmarked for nutritional assistance programming, with the balance going to various types of agriculture spending.[6] Within the agriculture spending provisions, the bill phases out some programs that provided direct payments to farmers[7] originally designed to wean crop producers off of old-fashioned price guarantees for crops including wheat, corn, sorghum, barley, oats, cotton, rice, soybeans, minor oilseeds, and peanuts.[8] Although the farm bill rolls back these direct payment programs, it also creates two new commodity programs to replace them: Price Loss Coverage (PLC) and Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC).

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NSA Has been using a 1981 Executive Order to Circumvent Congress and the Constitution

The NSA has been secretly using a Presidential Executive Order issued back in 1981 to justify everything it does and not an actual democratic law issued by Congress no less the Constitution. Documents released by the U. S. government suddenly reveal, thanks to the ACLU, that the NSA views an executive order issued in 1981 as the basis of most of the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities.

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Henry Kissinger, Bilderberg kingpin and architect of overthrowing democratically elected governments, is keen to establish a global mercenary army to fight terrorists, according to Fox News big mouth Bill O’Reilly, who has heartily endorsed such a notion on recent programming.
‘I was with Henry Kissinger last night,’ O’Reilly said Sunday on ABC News’ This Week.
‘And he told me my idea of a worldwide anti-terror force paid for by the coalition of nations under the supervision of Congress – Kissinger has endorsed that for years.’

This post was published at Info Wars on SEPTEMBER 29, 2014.

Government Creeptards Complain About Private Sector Privacy Measures

Evil Companies Making Life Harder for the Snoops … Apple and Google both recently announced that they would implement new measures designed to ensure the privacy of users of their hardware. This is a long overdue reaction to what has been revealed about blanket spying by the government on the citizenry and the legal sophistry the government has employed (successfully so far) to ward off constitutional challenges to its all-encompassing snooping.
In order to avoid having to comply with secret surveillance orders, first Apple, and a bit later Google as well, decided to simply make it impossible for themselves to crack the encryption of the hardware they sell to their customers. As a result, they will no longer be able to obey government orders to provide access to their phones. It would be akin to government ordering them to make it rain, or to make the sun come up an hour earlier. Sorry, boys, can’t be done.
It was probably inevitable that the government’s law and order minions would complain about this. However, they wisely didn’t wheel out James Clapper (one of the few people in the world able to commit perjury in a Congress hearing without having to fear even the slightest negative consequences. We leave you to guess why this is so), but rather FBI chief James Comey. The Washington Post reports:
‘FBI Director James B. Comey sharply criticized Apple and Google on Thursday for developing forms of smartphone encryption so secure that law enforcement officials cannot easily gain access to information stored on the devices – even when they have valid search warrants.
His comments were the most forceful yet from a top government official but echo a chorus of denunciation from law enforcement officials nationwide. Police have said that the ability to search photos, messages and Web histories on smartphones is essential to solving a range of serious crimes, including murder, child pornography and attempted terrorist attacks.
‘There will come a day when it will matter a great deal to the lives of people .’.’. that we will be able to gain access’ to such devices, Comey told reporters in a briefing. ‘I want to have that conversation [with companies responsible] before that day comes.’
Comey added that FBI officials already have made initial contact with the two companies, which announced their new smart phone encryption initiatives last week. He said he could not understand why companies would ‘market something expressly to allow people to place themselves beyond the law.’

This post was published at Acting-Man on September 29, 2014.


This ten part series was written by JC Collins between January 21, 2014 – April 7, 2014
The Dawn of Macroeconomic Stability ‘We are working with Congress to approve the 2010 IMF quota legislation, which would support the IMF’s capacity to lend additional resources to Ukraine, while also helping to preserve continued U. S. leadership within this important institution,’
– U. S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Mar 4, 2014. ‘An attempt to announce sanctions would end in a crash for the financial system of the United States, which would cause the end of the domination of the United States in the global financial system.’
– Russian Senior Adviser Sergei Glazyev, Mar 4, 2014.
‘We are also discussing with all our international partners – bilateral and multilateral – how best to help Ukraine at this critical moment in its history.’
– Managing Director Christine Lagarde, I. M. F., Feb 27, 2014.
This part of the series is important because it contains valuable and timely information that both confirms and builds on the concepts as presented on this site. Through seven parts we have defined the structure of the emerging multilateral SDR financial system and how it will work in theory.
Now we begin the transition from theory to practice.
I would suggest that readers first ensure they have a good understanding of the main themes and components of the other seven parts. It will make part eight that much more rewarding to read and understand. All seven links are included at the end of this post.
Ukraine is being fought over by the United States and Russia. Both countries desire to give the Ukraine a bail-out loan denominated in Special Drawing Rights. The International Monetary Fund is patiently waiting for an agreement to be made so that the process of debt restructuring and currency allocation can continue. The winner will have control over the resources and energy industry of the Ukraine and all of Europe’s natural gas supply. This will help their SDR composition in the new system.
The same process is unfolding in Syria and other regions. There is not much negotiating room left though as the clock ticks closer to the time where its either collapse or consolidation. Ukraine, like Syria, is a vital chess piece in this grand game of strategy and resource allocation.

This post was published at The Burning Platform on 26th September 2014.