President Obama Addresses ‘Possible Terrorist’ Bombings In NYC, NJ Allegedly By Man With Muslim Name – Live Feed

Having witnessed Hillary Clinton agreeing with Donald Trump’s call for “tough vetting,” before softball questions throwing him (and the Russians, somehow?) under the bus as responsible for inciting the bombings this weekend, we cannot wait to hear from President Obama as he desperately skirts the facts that someone created and set off numerous IEDs in populated areas (define terrorism) and that someone with a Muslim-sound name may (or may not) be responsible.

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‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’ – Donald Trump Raises Huge Sums From Small Donors

I’ll be the first to admit I did not see this coming. Back when it was announced Trump had appointed ex-Goldman Sachs banker, Steven Mnuchin, to be his national finance chairman, I assumed this would mean Hillary Clinton-esque oligarch pandering would rapidly ensure. Surprisingly (to me), this has not really been the case.
Indeed, when it comes to raising money from small donors, Trump may have a little Bernie Sanders in him.
Politico reports:
Donald Trump has unleashed an unprecedented deluge of small-dollar donations for the GOP, and one that Republican Party elders have dreamed about finding for much of the last decade as they’ve watched a succession of Democrats – Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and, to a lesser extent, Hillary Clinton – develop formidable fundraising operations, $5, $10 and $20 at a time.
Trump has only been actively soliciting cash for a few months, but when he reveals his campaign’s financials later this week they will show he has crushed the total haul from small-dollar donors of the last two Republican nominees, John McCain and Mitt Romney – during the entirety of their campaigns.
Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has an actual political movement behind him. John McCain and Mitt Ronmey did not, and neither does Hillary Clinton.

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David Limbaugh and Extolling the Never-Trumpers

What exactly are the high ‘conservative’ principles of Romney and McCain that Trump has failed to express?
A few days ago David Limbaugh, a widely-syndicated Republican commentator (and Rush’s less fiery younger brother) posted a commentary intended to de-escalate the tensions between Trump’s supporters and the ‘never-Trumpers.’ Limbaugh defines himself as a ‘reluctant Trumper,’ who decided to support the Donald as the lesser of two evils after his preferred candidate Ted Cruz stumbled in the primaries. Limbaugh does not hide his dislike for Trump’s free-wheeling rhetoric and believes that the GOP nominee’s critics on the right may be fully justified in doubting his ‘genuine commitment to conservative policies.’
Despite these doubts, Limbaugh endorses Trump for reasons that one also hears from Sean Hannity, Pat Buchanan, Jerry Falwell, Jr., Larry Elder, and yours truly. Trump has ‘many incentives to implement our [conservative] policies,’ while Hillary Clinton has absolutely none. He is also, not incidentally, bestowing on the Republican Party a large working class constituency; and even among racial minorities, he is doing at least as well, and in the case of prospective black voters, better than his GOP centrist predecessors, Mitt Romney and John McCain. Moreover, it is hard not to see Trump’s focusing on the problems of illegals and sanctuary cities as anything other than a ‘conservative’ issue. That remains the case even if most of his primary competitors and certainly the editorial board of the Wall Street Journalmight wish those issues had never been brought into the primaries.
Although Limbaugh dutifully provides the reasons that someone claiming to be on the right should vote for Trump, he still can’t resist extolling the never-Trumpers. (Although they’re not my buddies, they may be his.) These supposedly principled conservatives deeply believe that ‘the best chance of saving the nation, in the long run, is to avoid elevating Trump to president and leader of the party because he could forever destroy conservatism and the Republican brand.’ Although Limbaugh concedes that some establishment Republicans may be found among these noble idealists, most of the never-Trumpers ‘shared our frustration’ about where the party was headed in the hands of unprincipled operators. Limbaugh closes his remarks with this statement: ‘I respect the never-Trumpers and will not presume to judge them as abandoning the nation’s best interests.’

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Trump: Trojan Horse for the Establishment or Mighty Mouth for Mankind?

I crave the opportunity to see an antiestablishment candidate win the election. I would exult in seeing our corrupt establishment shattered. So, while I do not like Trump the man (as it would appear he has never done anything that didn’t entirely serve his own self-interest and pompous ego), I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing him upset establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats alike. (And, yes, they are ‘alike,’ so let’s just call them ‘the establishment’ because whether they are Republican or Democrat is not relevant; both parties exist to serve the same rich people and themselves either way.)
I’ll even acknowledge that perhaps it takes someone as brazen and blusterous as Trump in order to stand up to such a powerful assemblage of egoists as we have embedded in congress and in the president’s administration, which now rules by decree. Nearly all of them strive to make sure you have only globalist options to vote for; but their new-world odor is, I’m sure, a stench that rises all the way to heaven.
This derelict congress is a worse evil than either candidate as it continues to sink the US deeply into debt with no plan or action to right the economy since it first capsized in the waves of the Great Recession. Each party is more worried that the other party will get credit than they are concerned about saving the nation, and there is nothing less patriotic than putting your party before you country.
My desire to see the economy righted and the establishment overturned (peacefully), however, is exactly what makes me cautious about any gold-plated politician who has lived all of his life in the realm of the one percenters and who has defaulted on more grandiose debts than anyone I know. Nevertheless, while I have never liked this particular publicity whore, I’d put up with his relentless boasting and forgive his audacious past if it takes that kind of brassy, risk-taking adventurer to find someone with enough spine to stand up to the intimidations of congress. I’m willing to admit that it might take all of that, so whether or not I like him is not important unless it is leading me to see flaws that may mean Trump is not what he makes himself out to be.

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John Locke Is Needed Now More than Ever

Personal and economic freedom are under attack in the United States and in many other parts of the world. This is seen most clearly in this year’s contest for the White House. In all the rhetoric about America’s political, social, and economic problems that is heard from the lips of the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, there is one phrase that is hardly ever mentioned or considered important: the liberty of the individual.
Neither Clinton nor Trump Place Any Value on Liberty
Hillary Clinton’s mantra focuses on redistributive entitlements; racial, social and gender group privileges or burdens; and social engineering of human relationships based on superimposed collective identity politics. Deceptions, lies, and an arrogant self-righteous tone of feigned caring about others as she pursues personal power and wealth: these are the hallmarks of her disgraceful character.
Amid Donald Trump’s televised outbursts and often-disconnected streams of consciousness, he drones on about regaining a lost national collectivist greatness; nativist job entitlements against immigrants looking for a better future; and bullying businesses to operate their companies where Trump thinks they should be located. His coarse insults and threats are directed against anyone who falls into his disfavor, and are wrapped in a disregard for Constitutional constraints and a disrespect for civil liberties under the Bill of Rights.
Regardless of which one ends up sitting in the White House Oval Office, government intrusion, control, and manipulation of aspects of everyday personal and economic life will continue to prevail and grow in dangerous and damaging ways. Individual liberty will diminish and the potentials for economic growth and human betterment will be reduced. Dark days are likely ahead, whether it is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump who wins in November.

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CNN Edits Out Hillary’s Reference To NYC Explosion As “Bombing”

With the mainstream media choosing to lambast Donald Trump’s reference to the explosion in NYC as a “bombing,” CNN – for some reason – decided to edit out the opening sentence of Hillary Clinton’s statement to the press. Barely able to keep her eyes open, Clinton also called the attacks in New York and New Jersey “bombings,” according to ABC transcripts but CNN chose to omit that sentence…

ABC details the full transcript:

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Fooled Again

The naive hopes of Bernie Sanders’ supporters – to build a grass-roots political movement, change the Democratic Party from within and push Hillary Clinton to the left – have failed. Clinton, aware that the liberal class and the left are not going to mount genuine resistance, is running as Mitt Romney in drag. The corporate elites across the political spectrum, Republican and Democrat, have gleefully united to anoint her president. All that remains of Sanders’ ‘revolution’ is a 501(c)(4) designed to raise money, including from wealthy, anonymous donors, to ensure that he will be a senator for life. Great historical events happen twice, as Karl Marx quipped, first as tragedy and then as farce.
The multibillion-dollar extravaganza of our electoral Circus Maximus is part of the smokescreen that covers the ongoing devastation of globalization, deindustrialization, trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, endless war, climate change and the intrusion into every corner of our lives by the security and surveillance state. Our democracy is dead. Clinton and Donald Trump do not have the power or the interest to revive it. They kneel before the war machine, which consumes trillions of dollars to wage futile wars and bankroll a bloated military. To defy the fortress state is political suicide. Politicians are courtiers to Wall Street. The candidates mouth the clichs of justice, improvements in income equality and democratic choice, but it is a cynical game. Once it is over, the victors will go to Washington to work with the lobbyists and financial elites to carry out the real business of ruling.
While there is a difference in the temperament of the two major presidential candidates, that difference will play out only in how our poison will be delivered. Political personalities serve global corporate centers of power. They do not control them. Barack Obama illustrates this.

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Trump Surge Continues As Latest LA Times Poll Reveals Millennials Aren’t Hillary’s Only Problem

Yesterday, we highlighted Hillary’s growing “Millennial Problem” pointing out that her support among young voters seemingly collapsed at the same time she took her 9/11 “stumble” off the sidewalk (see: “Hillary’s Growing “Millennial Problem” Forces A Reset“). In fact, the collapse is reflected in the Real Clear Politics average of national polls, which shows Clinton’s lead has now been reduced to the smallest margin since the DNC.
But, according to the latest polling data from the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times daily tracking poll, Millennial voters aren’t the only demographic hurting Clinton. First, the overall daily poll, which tracks 3,000 U. S. citizens from around the country, shows Trump opening up a massive 7-point national lead, his largest since the DNC.

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Furious Democrats Respond To Trump: “Blood Will Be On Your Hands” If Hillary Killed

“There will be blood on your hands” if Hillary is killed, rages an angry tweeting Senator Chris Murphy followingTrump’s comments this morning with regard Hillary’s anti-gun policies. With Clinton campaign manager Mook spinning Trump’s comments as in some way calling for Hillary’s assassination, we suspect – once again – the Democrats will demand a Secret Service investigation, desperate for any distraction from the declining poll numbers and lagging millennial vote.
As The Hill reports, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) is accusing Donald Trump of suggesting his supporters kill Hillary Clinton, tweeting furiously that ‘blood will be on your hands.’

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Le Deplorables: Donald Trump and the populist revolution sweeping America

September 2016 – WASHINGTON – Donald Trump unveiled a new visual campaign theme in Miami on Friday – a mashup of the Broadway musical ‘Les Misrables’ and an epithet Hillary Clinton leveled at his supporters one week ago. He took the stage, introduced by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as the ‘Les Miserables’ anthem ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’ blasted through loudspeakers. The video screen behind the podium flashed to an artistic rendering of ‘Les Deplorables’ – pilfered from Reddit – complete with USA and ‘Trump’ flags replacing the French colors, and a bald eagle soaring over the revolutionary scene.
‘Welcome to all of you deplorables!’ Trump boomed as thousands screamed ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ and ‘We love you!’ Clinton said ‘half’ of Trump voters belonged in ‘the basket of deplorables’ as ‘racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic [and] Islamaphobic’ Republicans. ‘Some of those folks – they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America,’ Clinton said. His supporters have embraced the Clinton label and worn it as a badge of honor, and in the space of just a few days Trump rally-goers have already begun to sport ‘I am deplorable’ t-shirts and signs.

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Watching the unveiling of the next political era in the United States has been satisfying on many levels. It is especially nice to see large numbers of deplorables standing up for their bad selves, and watching the political class recoil and faint.
When it was a ‘close’ race, which is to say, a hackable one, delivering the expected status quo government, it was interesting to watch and assess. A close race (post-Republican primaries) through a mainstream media lens is one where Hillary is the predicted winner, but things close up a bit as we approach election day, and she is still the winner. After all, she has all that government experience. It’s what plants crave, as the common wisdom of our time holds.
But this week, everything changed.
A dark carnival is upon us, and it isn’t the electioneering play of two soulless political parties and their outrageous candidates.
The smartest men in Washington have already decided on a horse, and it’s Trump. A rational person might observe that the neoconservative agenda is not well served by Trump’s outspoken condemnation of their foreign policy, their failed wars, their global interventionism, their kingmaking and regime changing, their insistence on liberal statism at home and reactionary empire abroad. I have seen no militaristic liberal (a kinder and particularly accurate label suggested by a friend) who has ever advocated a real audit of the Pentagon, as Trump has done. Likewise, none have been found guilty of advocating big walls and immigration restrictions in America, as Trump has done.

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Cop Violence Returns: Police Officers Shot In Philadelphia, Fort Worth

Just arrived in Texas – have been informed two @fortworthpd officers have been shot. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 17, 2016

After a “summer of rage” in the US led to one of the worst, and most deadly, spikes in tension between local police and minority groups, the past several weeks had seen a deescalation between law enforcement, often accused of being racially motivated when shooting at minorities, and trigger happy assailants, mostly African American.
Then overnight, the violence returned when police officers were shot in separate incidents Friday night in Philadelphia and Fort Worth, Texas. According to the Hill, two officers were injured, one critically, and the suspect was killed in Fort Worth, while two officers and four civilians were hit in Philadelphia before the suspect was killed.

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