Populism in America: “Follow the Money”

If you want to understand today’s populism, don’t look to the mainstream media’s comically buffoonish propaganda blaming the Russians: look at the four issues listed below.
One of the most disturbing failures of the mainstream media in this election cycle was its complete lack of historical context for Trump’s brand of populism. If you consumed the mainstream media’s coverage of the campaign and election, you noted their obsession with speech acts (as opposed to concrete actions), personalities and conspiracy theories pinning American populism on Russian propaganda. The mainstream media dismisses populism by pushing two absurdly ignorant narratives: 1. Populism (we’re told) always leads to authoritarian rules and/or fascism (i.e. Nazism). All populist movements are therefore tarred with the Nazism brush: no good could possibly come from Populist movements because they always lead to fascism. This is convenient for the apologists of the embattled status quo, but it’s utterly false:America’s enormous populist movements have never led to fascism. 2. Since the status quo is wonderful and America’s economy is strong, dissent or populism cannot be home-grown–it must be the work of the Devil, in the guise of “foreign propaganda.”

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WikiLeaks dump casts rare light on Erdogan inner circle

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems omnipotent, but few doubt that he is grooming Berat Albayrak as his successor. Foreign officials have described Albayrak to Al-Monitor as ‘Turkey’s most powerful man after Erdogan.’ Some go as far as to suggest that he is already de facto running the country. Those who want to glean more about Albayrak, Turkey’s energy minister and Erdogan’s son-in-law, can now sift through more than 57,000 emails supposedly associated with his personal email account that WikiLeaks released Dec. 6.
The missives, spanning the years 2000 to 2016, cast a rare light on Erdogan and his inner circle and their interactions with business, the government and the media. Some of the juiciest tidbits in ‘Berat’s box’ are found in exchanges between Albayrak and his brother Serhat, who runs the pro-government Turkvuaz Medya conglomerate and is a board member of Calik Holding, a giant Turkish company with interests in energy, construction and telecoms, among other things.
In the e-mails, Serhat forwards his conversations with Mehmet Ali Yalcindag, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s business partner in Turkey. Yalcindag is the son-in-law of the Turkish media mogul Aydin Dogan and has close relations with Albayrak. He arranged the Nov. 9 telephone conversation between Trump and Erdogan after Trump’s election victory.
The e-mails reveal that Yalcindag used his position to censor Dogan-affiliated journalists critical of the president. Yalcindag was forced to step down as CEO of Dogan Publishing after Albayrak’s e-mails were first leaked in September by RedHack, a Turkish hacktivist group. RedHack made good on its threat to make them public after the government spurned its demands to release several left-wing activists from detention.

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Time Is The Enemy of The Central Bankers As The Economic Illusion Disappears – Episode 1146a

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The job market is now rolling over, the rate of hiring is in full decline mode. Restaurant traffic is slowing and now fast food traffic is also declining. Mortgage applications have declined once again. Renzi resigns from his position. Monte de Paschi will now be nationalized. The entire illusionary economy is falling apart and time is the enemy of the central bankers, it is running out. Trump is going to inherit a very sick economy and most likely be blamed for the crash. The economy of India just crashed.

Immigration Group Shielding Known Gang Members And Blocking Trump From ‘Deportation Database’

It seems that politics is blocking common sense, and the enforcement of immigration law yet again.
With President-elect Trump’s promise to deport criminal illegal immigrants with records involving gang activity and violence, many pro-immigrant groups are concerned that he will cast too wide of a net. So, they are attempting to block Trump from being able to gain access to the CalGang database, California’s extensive records on known gang members, many of whom are undocumented immigrants.
It seems that this group would prefer these criminals to run rampant, rather than allow Trump to curb immigration and attempt to address the blowback from unlimited migration, and in influx of crime that has followed sketchy border policy over the past several decades.
via Breitbart:
Immigration advocacy groups are asking California Attorney General Kamala Harris to ‘block federal access’ to the database containing names of gang members in the state.
The goal is to block access before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in, thereby preventing his administration from seeing the names of individuals who could find themselves on a the deportation short list

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The Elite Are Desperate, ‘Operation Censorship’ Is In Full Swing – Episode 1146b

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First order of business in 2017 is repeal Obamacare. The elite are becoming desperate they are now pushing censorship and violating the first amendment to try to regain control of the flow information. Saudi Arabia’s report on bombed hospital is the exact opposite of what really happened. The US wants the Houthi’s to accept the UN deal or else. Syria has almost cleared Aleppo, the US is scrambling to stop this, warships are now in the Mediterranean and the USS George HW Bush is ready to launch fighters. Trump says its time to stop regime change in other countries. Obama says all terrorists are from inside of the US, they are radicalized on the internet.

Trump Taps Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt As EPA Head

In yet another controversial pick, according to Reuters, Trump has chose Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head up the Environmental Protection Agency.
Pruitt has been a very outspoken critic of President Obama’s EPA, has sued the agency on mulitple occassions and has also questioned “the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind,” having called the “debate … far from settled.”
According to the Environmental Defense Fund, Pruitt previously boasted that he ‘led the charge with repeated notices and subsequent lawsuits against the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency for their [sic] leadership’s activist agenda.” Moreover, per Reuters, Pruitt led the charge for Oklahoma in restoring environmental regulatory oversight to the states and away for the agency he’s slated to run.

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The Collapse Of ‘Real’ Media Credibility (In 3 Simple Images)

Two words – “nailed it”
What a difference 4 months makes… From Meltdown to Total Meltdown to Man Of The Year…
As FoxNews notes however, while President-elect Donald Trump was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year on Wednesday, the honor basically ended there.
While describing Trump as the real change-maker of 2016, the magazine also ragged on the Republican president-elect as a ‘huckster’ and ‘demagogue’ while reserving its most glowing praise for runner-up Hillary Clinton — whom the edition breathlessly described as ‘an American Moses.’

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Reva Goujon: Global Forces Indicate 2017 Is Shaping Up to Be a Big Year

The following is a summary of our recent interview with Reva Goujon, which can be listened to on our site here or on iTunes here.
With recent unexpected shocks such as the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s win, many are wondering, what’s the outlook for 2017 and beyond? This time on FS Insider, we spoke with Reva Goujon, Vice President of Global Analysis at Stratfor, about her take on the forces set to influence the world economy in the coming year.
The Shifts Aren’t Transitory
Some commentators have suggested that we are overreaching if we link the vote for Brexit with Trump’s victory, and that these don’t point to a general trend against globalization. Goujon, however, doesn’t see it that way.
‘I think this is very much a systemic shift that we’re seeing in the international system,’ she said. ‘The politics that may be shocking to many people are really just a manifestation of something much deeper going on.’
There are larger forces at work globally, she pointed out. We’re seeing slower economic growth overall. Global trade growth figures basically plateaued in 2015, and since then we’ve had a protracted slump, which tells us something bigger is going on there.
The reasons are complicated but include aging demographics, technological advancement that is leading to labor displacement, and concerns about immigration. These factors combined are driving a rise in nationalism and protectionism, populism and nativism, Goujon stated.

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Denzel Washington Slams Mainstream Media For Peddling “Bullshit”

Denzel Washington had some ‘news’ for the mainstream media peddling the narrative that the presidential election turned on ‘fake news:’ It’s all bullshit.
Despite finding himself previously in the center of a “fake news” story, which falsely claimed the actor was switching his support of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, Washington still slammed the media implying it was no better than those “fake” outlets it criticizes.

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NATO, The Obama Government And Fake News

Here’s the identity of the entities behind PropOrNot:
Launched by a resounding article in the Washington Post, on 24 Novembre 2016 [11], a mysterious group entitled Propaganda or Not? established a list of de 200 Internet sites – including Voltairenet.org – who were allegedly tasked by the Kremlin with relaying Russian propaganda and intoxicating US public opinion to the point where they elected Donald Trump.
While Propaganda or Not? does not publish the names of its directors, it does indicate that it unites four organisations – Polygraph, The Interpreter, the Center for European Policy Analysis and the Digital Forensic Research Lab.

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Donald Trump Is Time Magazine’s 2016 “Person Of The Year”

One year after narrowly losing to Angela Merkel (and tied with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi), Donald Trump has finally won the 2016 Time “Person of the Year Award”, the person – or idea – who according to the magazine has most influenced the news and the world in the past year, for good or ill.
‘It’s a great honor. It means a lot,’ Trump told NBC’s “Today” show. “To be on the cover of Time magazine as the person of the year is a tremendous honor,” added Trump, who in the past had predicted he would never win the honor.
Trump beat out 10 other finalists, including his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. TIME declared Clinton their runner-up.
This will be Trump’s 10th time on the magazine’s cover, and all but one have been since August 2015. His first appearance on TIME was in 1989.
The magazine has made the designation every year since 1927, when aviator Charles Lindbergh was chosen as the first Man of the Year. The title was amended to Person of the Year in 1999. Over its history, TIME has bestowed the title to many presidents, political leaders and industry trailblazers who often view the designation as an honor. However, the magazine also has selected notorious recipients in the past, including Adolf Hitler in 1938, Joseph Stalin in 1939 and 1942, and Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, because of the impact they had on the world at the time.

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Hands off the Iran Deal — Eric Margolis

President-elect Donald Trump vows to either tear up or rewrite the recent international nuclear deal with Iran, calling it ‘disastrous,’ and ‘the worst deal ever negotiated by Washington.’
Iran, which has closed important nuclear facilities, shut down half its centrifuges, and neutralized its stores of nuclear material under the international agreement, must be wondering if it’s nuclear deal was not really, really disastrous.
In his rush to condemn the Iran deal, Donald Trump seems to be forgetting that the pact was co-signed by Britain, France, Russia, China, Germany and the U.N. Backing out of the pact will be no easy matter and sure to provoke a diplomatic storm.
The outgoing CIA director, John Brennan, calls Trump’s plan to junk the Iran deal ‘the height of folly.’ Brennan warns that doing so would further destabilize the Mideast and embolden hard-liners on all sides. He could have added that if Iran resumes nuclear enrichment, Israel’s far right government will likely go to war with Iran in order to preserve its Mideast nuclear monopoly.

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Colorado “Hamilton Electors” Sue To Block Trump, Void Vote Mandate

Just a day after a Texas Republican “faithless elector” explained why he will not cast his vote for Donald Trump, The Denver Post reports two Democratic Colorado electors are filing suit challenging a state law requiring them to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote. Their hope is to set a precedent enabling Republican electors in other states to vote for a third-party candidate to keep Trump from receiving 270 electoral votes.
As we noted yesterday,
‘The election of the next president is not yet a done deal,’ Texas elector Suprun writes the New York Times article. ‘Electors of conscience can still do the right thing for the good of the country. Presidential electors have the legal right and a constitutional duty to vote their conscience.’
If Suprun follows through on his promise next month, he would become the first ‘faithless elector’ since 2004.
And now, as The Denver Post reports, two Democratic electors who pledged to support Democrat Hillary Clinton – the winner of the state’s nine Electoral College votes – now want to ‘vote their conscience and do their constitutional duty as intended by the framers,’ said Jason Wesoky, the attorney who filed the suit.

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