In An Act Of Desperation All Agendas Are Pushed, Prepare Yourself For The Big One – Episode 1306b

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The democratic party is now taking it to the next level they are now suing the President. Germany wants complete control of communications and wants to finger print children. India and Pakistan join the Shanghai Cooperation. US soldiers are not fighting in Philippines. Trump give the Pentagon more power to deploy troops. The forces in Syria bring in a missile launcher across the border in Syria. There was an event near DC and a senator was shot. This false flag is now being used for many different agendas.

Putin is worse than ISIS? — John Batchelor Interviews Stephen F. Cohen

Batchelor opens with the statement from France’s new President Macron that equates Turkey’s Erdogan, Russia’s Putin and Donald Trump as equals, and raises the bar on new heights of histrionics and confusion with all the media hype and investigations that accompany it. Cohen in turn mentions the Manchester terrorist event and takes the discussion to the topic of whether or not Russia and the West (and especially Washington) will ever join forces to deal with ISIS. Cohen’s worry is that the latter may eventually use nuclear material in its attacks, and he maintains that both Putin and Trump have the same worries. The hurdles placed to sabotage any cooperation become today’s topic. For example, Cohen qualifies this with a Senator McCain statement that essentially makes the point that ISIS should be the ally against Putin, not the other way around. (This writer worries that given the bizarre thinking revealed in Washington that ISIS may actually be able to use a serious attack and the media may spin it to have Russia blamed. False flag events in the U.S. are a similar danger.)
Cohen in the next segment describes Putin’s support for the United States after the 9/11 attack and the American lives this saved in Afghanistan. In fact all (so called) terrorist attacks on the U.S. saw Putin offering help. All were rejected and/or sabotaged/ or betrayed (with NATO activities). All of this is well detailed by Cohen. That Trump had difficulties meeting minimal diplomatic expectations for the Russians is a severe impediment to cooperation and respect from the Russian view. (It is curious that Trump’s boneheaded missile attack on Syria did not come up in the discussion.)
Batchelor, who is back from a vacation to the Caucasus region, introduces his third segment with a description of NATO troops of several nationalities in the capital of Georgia, Tibilsi. They were present for training manoeuvres. Cohen points out that Georgia is not a NATO country but it is still a prospect – although this is denied by Washington/NATO. Cohen makes an argument that cooperation for Putin in Syria and elsewhere about fighting terrorism must be at a higher level, but the Kremlin is seeing Trump becoming crippled in this goal in Washington. Trump, however, saw his firing of Comey as part of the process of solving the problem. Again Cohen points out in detail that the firing has only added more complications.
In the final segment Batchelor describes some of his experiences in trying to explain to various nationalities in his travels what all the American news stories meant. Batchelor kept explaining that it was noise and nonsense and that ‘nothing is going on’. Cohen disagrees, but can only speculate that something is going on in the background. Communication with the Russians is certainly going on and has to go around official channels because the Intelligence Agencies are undertaking a surveillance and leaking campaign against Trump. This is also fraught in that this practice too can be spun as subversive. This all came from the Trump effort to communicate privately with the Kremlin over Syria. Russia is also potentially positioned to know if attacks are planned against the United States, and Cohen repeats that Trump seems to understand this and cares about it even if some of his other behaviors may be questionable. Cohen maintains also that Israel and Russia share intelligence with each other. (The whole debacle in Syria, however, may be winding down with the Assad clearly the winner and ISIS in disarray.)
From my perspective our pundits may be missing one element of this opposition to Trump and a relationship with Russia. It looks like there is a Deep State ‘official’ policy to accept any terrorism damage from ISIS as preferable to working with Russia. The motivation is that, as a side issue, the terrorism can be used politically to continue to promote and fund the growing security forces within the United States and wars in the M.E. This has the side benefit of supporting a greater control/surveillance program over the population which will be suffering a serious monetary and economic decline in the future – and given the reality of a false flag 9/11 event, and a Deep State indifference to cost in lives – the stronger argument is that the priority for the Deep State continues to be(?) complete control of the government of the United States. In other words, they simply may not care about the dangers of ISIS. We should be aware – as Trump’s adversaries surely are – that working with Russia against terrorism can only lead to a lessened war “opportunity” with Iran and a reduction of the creeping instability of extremism in the ‘stan’ countries. That leaves Washington with fewer war prospects.

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CNN Analyst Suggests Manchester Bombing Was A False Flag: ‘Right-Wing Extremists Have Tried To Frame Islamists For Terrorism’

Whenever there is a mass killing of any kind in Europe, every reasonable person jumps to the same conclusion every time. They assume that the attack was committed by a Muslim, and it’s not an outlandish assumption to make. Nine times out of ten they are right.
The media however, often tries to pin it on right-wing extremists. Or at the very least, they’ll try to leave that possibility on the table for as long as they can. They won’t commit to an Islamic terror narrative until the authorities confirm what everyone already knew.
That scenario played out again after the Manchester bombing. Shortly after the Ariana Grande concert was attacked, CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank suggested that the incident could be a false flag perpetrated by right-wing extremists.
‘But given the fact that they’re looking into this real possibility, and it is there would appear some evidence that this was a suicide bombing – that certainly takes you down the Islamist terrorist direction,’ he continued. ‘It must also be noted that in recent months in Europe, there have been a number of false flag plots where right-wing extremists have tried frame Islamists for terrorism. We have seen that in Germany in recent weeks. But a suicide bomber does take you down the direction of Islamist terror.’

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WannaCry Ransomware Virus Is a Globalist False Flag Attack On Bitcoin

Here’s something I’ve been learning. If something innocuous comes out of nowhere and all-of-a-sudden is covered by the mainstream Fake News media as though it is the apocalypse… it’s all planned and done for a reason.
On May 12th, the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack was covered widely in the mainstream media, immediately proclaiming it to be the ‘the worst cyber attack of all time.’
Is that really the case? How did they know so quickly?
The entire ransom collected so far, mostly from idiots and moronic government agencies who still use Windows XP and don’t update their software, is a total of $70,000. Is this really the worst attack of all time?
The attack gained worldwide attention 11 days after May day. May day, or May 1st, is the anniversary of the Bavarian Illuminati which was formed on May 1, 1776. Or, 1/5/1776. Which, when added up, 1+5+17+76 equals 99.

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In Part One and Part Two of this article I detailed the decades of propaganda, false flags, and misinformation campaigns used by the Deep State to gain power and control over the U. S. government. When war or a financial crisis is necessary to keep the profits flowing, events will be steered to such an outcome. With the latest financial plundering operation running out of steam, the Deep State is pushing the world toward global conflict.
If at first you don’t succeed with a false flag gas attack, try try again. Knowing a vast swath of the American populace is incapable of critical thinking or able to discern between fake news and factual events, the Deep State and their media lackeys unquestioningly promoted the story of children being killed by a sarin gas attack by Assad. The photos of rescue workers helping victims without gloves immediately invalidated the narrative, as the rescue workers would be dead if they handled sarin gas victims without protective gear.
The faux journalists, pretending to be neutral observers, did not question this blatant lie. They did not ponder why Assad would commit such an idiotic atrocity when he was clearly in control of the battlefield and on the verge of defeating his American funded rebel enemies.

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In Part One of this article I detailed how propaganda has been utilized by the Deep State for decades to control the minds of the masses and allow those in control to reap the benefits of never ending war. In Part Two I will discuss recent events, false flags, and propaganda campaigns utilzed by the Deep State to push the world to the brink of war.
‘We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness’ – Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness
The use of graphic images, electronically transmitted across the world in an instant, along with a consistent false narrative promoted by the captured corporate media, is the preferred means of appealing to the emotions of those who want to believe atrocity propaganda. Instigating a march to war through the use of unfounded fear, misinformation, staged photo ops, and appealing to passions and prejudices was as revolting to Albert Einstein in the 1930s as it is today to normal thinking individuals.

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Al-Jazeera Said To Film False Flag Chemical Attack Against Syrian Civilians

One month after Trump flip-flopped on his Syrian position, launching cruise missile strikes on a Syrian airfield as “after dinner entertainment” during Trump’s meeting with the Chinese president, just days after declaring he would allow the Syrian people to decide the fate of Assad when another “chemical attack” video emerged at the end of March, a false flag chemical attack against civilians in Syria was reportedly filmed recently by al-Jazeera stringers in Syria.
Around 30 fire engines and ambulances, as well as 70 local residents with children transported from a refugee camp were used in the filming of the Al Jazeera clip across three locations in Idlib province, including Jisr Shughur.
“The “effectiveness” of the White Helmets’ TV-spectacle of accusing Syrian authorities of attacking civilians in Khan Shaykhun with sarin inspired terrorists to continue filming the fake ‘series’. According to info confirmed via several channels, al-Jazeera television channel stringers have recently filmed a staged, fake scene of an alleged chemical attack against civilians by the Syrian Army,” the source told Sputnik. “A multiple simultaneous uploading of filmed fake footage with ‘screaming’ social media comments was due to take place in the next few days (by Sunday) at the separate command of a mastermind and sponsor of the film in one of the European countries.”
This filming was said to have been ordered from a European country.

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