After the events of Sandy Hook, we already know that any mass murder shootings will always be covered up quickly by Federal law enforcement, even to the extent of co-opting and silencing local authorities.
And this was even evident in the more recent Las Vegas massacre where an FBI handler was whispering in the ear of the city’s Sheriff ‘Don’t go there’ when asked a pertinent question by the media.
Video on FBI controlling narrative for Local Sheriff
And with so many other accounts of there being multiple shooters, gates locked so that people couldn’t escape the carnage, and too many other obvious questions such as shootings occurring in other casino’s not within range of ‘Paddock’s’ hotel room window, what remains is a why are so many details about the event being covered up, and even more, was Stephen Paddock really just a scapegoat for an even more sinister event?
What the media failed to every mention was that at the time of the Las Vegas Massacre, the highly controversial Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammed Bin Salman, was in a resort at the same time as the shootings took place, and is alleged to have been seen in a video being ushered out to escape what may have been an assassination attempt.

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In yet another striking example of a pre-planned training drill being conducted at the exact same time as a real disaster or terror attack, DuPont Mayor Mike Courts has confirmed that a ‘mass casualty’ drill was underway near the area of the horrific Amtrak train derailment that killed at least 3 people and left roughly 100 more injured.
That’s right, multiple agencies, as well as at least three mass casualty emergency vehicles, were already in the area ‘training’ for a disaster when a real one apparently hit which has obviously raised a plethora of questions, especially when you consider past terrorists strikes that also had training drills seemingly go live.
As Infowars noted, ‘While the details of the train derailment in Olympia, Washington continue to come out, one particular fact is raising questions. There was a mass casualty event drill being staged at the exact time and place of the accident.’

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CLOAKED IN CONSPIRACY: An Overview of JFK files Reopens Door to Coup D’tat Claims & Cold War Era False Flag Terror

Since late October, an ongoing release of intelligence files related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy have reignited decades old conspiracy claims. While the material released is reportedly a mix of new and old, some critics have declared that the recently declassified files reveal even more startling evidence regarding the death of 35th President of the United States.
Upon reviewing pivotal historical elements linked to the Kennedy assassination, we’re told that the vast majority of CIA and FBI records regarding the JFK files have been released, though many are still pending.
Despite claims that newly revealed files contain smoking gun evidence in the enigmatic case, the murder of President John F. Kennedy, is perhaps an act that will forever be shrouded in conspiracy and mystery, as the controversial case is unlikely to be officially reopened during our lifetime.
NOTE* – While the JFK files have been making their way to The National Archives website since late October, some material released contains names of certain individuals that will remain redacted due to apparent concerns over national security.

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JFK Files Reveal Bobby Kennedy And CIA Plotted False Flag War With USSR

False flag conspiracy theories have arisen from thousands of global tragedies ever since pirates allegedly spawned the term by flying the flag of the home country they were preparing to attack. Of course, these “conspiracy theories” would be far easier to discredit if they’d stop coming true…
Alas, a recently revealed document from the so-called ‘JFK Files’ will only serve to stoke the flames of conspiracy theorists as it very clearly confirms a plot crafted by then Attorney General Robert Kennedy and the CIA to carry out a false attack that could be pinned on the USSR and serve as a basis for a U. S. “counterattack”.
According to a formerly “Top Secret” document summarizing a meeting from March 22, 1962, officials from JFK administration secretly strategized on the best way to “manufacture or acquire Soviet aircraft,” including a MIG 17 or MIG 19. Per the following except, plans ranged from building aircraft that could stand up “distant observation” or “close observation” and ranged in cost from $3.5 million to $22 million.

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