FTN 435: Jewish State of Israel and the Levant

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Giant Little Checks
00:17:00 – Bad Optics Anniversary
00:30:00 – Prophetical Khorasan
00:45:00 – FBI Black Flag Gay Ops
01:00:00 – Evil Circles
01:22:00 – Jignat Joe
01:35:00 – Mystery Zionist Theater: Biden-Bennett Edition
01:50:00 – Subtitled in Gentile
02:09:00 – BREAK
02:12:00 – Ellis(on) Island
02:22:00 – OnlyFlipFlop
02:50:00 – Seinfeld 2021
03:01:00 – Endokomuna Fashwave PRL

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Eric Striker on the FBI’s Covert War on Political Dissent

Eric Striker returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his article “Hold The FBI Accountable: Demand A New Church Committee.” We talk about the FBI’s covert war against White advocacy and how the recent escalation of anti-White agitation by the Feds and the corporate establishment represents a war on political dissent.
Eric is a journalist, independent researcher, a founding member of the National Justice Party, and the proprietor of National Justice, an online publication dedicated to shattering the left versus right narrative.

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at Our Interesting Times