SMOKE SCREEN: Does New FBI 9/11 ‘Saudi’ Report Deflect From Clandestine Realities?

21st Century Wire says…
As the crisis in Yemen continues to unfold, a controversial report detailing Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11 comes forward…
Is this latest 9/11 disclosure just another propaganda ploy, meant to deflect from other perpetrators involved in planning and executing the attacks of Sept 11, 2001, while creating confusion around real US proxy partnerships in the Middle East?
Nothing happens by accident in US politics, and this latest ‘release’ is no exception…

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on APRIL 19, 2015.

American Justice – FBI Lab Overstated Forensic Hair Matches in 95% of Cases, Including 32 Death Sentences

The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.
Of 28 examiners with the FBI Laboratory’s microscopic hair comparison unit, 26 overstated forensic matches in ways that favored prosecutors in more than 95 percent of the 268 trials reviewed so far, according to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and the Innocence Project, which are assisting the government with the country’s largest post-conviction review of questioned forensic evidence.
The cases include those of 32 defendants sentenced to death. Of those, 14 have been executed or died in prison.
‘These findings are appalling and chilling in their indictment of our criminal justice system, not only for potentially innocent defendants who have been wrongly imprisoned and even executed, but for prosecutors who have relied on fabricated and false evidence despite their intentions to faithfully enforce the law,’ Blumenthal said.
– From the Washington Post article: FBI Overstated Forensic Hair Matches in Nearly All Trials efore 2000
The American justice system is broken. Completely and totally broken. This has been one of the key themes here at Liberty Blitzkrieg since inception, and I’ve come to realize that the death of the rule of law is the single most important issue facing our society at this time.

This post was published at Liberty Blitzkrieg on Michael Krieger | Posted Sunday Apr 19, 2015.

The Anthrax Coverup Exposed – Paul Craig Roberts

Graeme MacQueen’s 2014 book, The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy, has been vindicated by the head of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation.
Four and one-half months ago I posted a review of MacQueen’s book. The hired government apologists, the despicable presstitute media, and the usual gullible patriots greeted the book with screams of ‘conspiracy theory.’ In fact, MacQueen’s book was a carefully researched project that established that there indeed was a conspiracy – a conspiracy inside the government.
MacQueen’s conclusion stands vindicated by Richard Lambert, the agent in charge of the FBI anthrax investigation who has turned whistleblower.
It was obvious to any person familiar with the techniques that governments use to erode liberty by destroying the protection given to citizens by law that the purpose of the anthrax letters, especially the letters to senators Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle, was to raise the fear level in order to guarantee the passage of the tyrannical PATRIOT Act.
The PATRIOT Act was a decisive blow against American liberty. The act has served to negate the US Constitution in the 21st century and to endow the federal government with unaccountable and tyrannical powers.

This post was published at Paul Craig Roberts on April 18, 2015.

FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States

A recent al-Qaeda video shows a militant training to carry out his mission of lying back and watching America’s status as a superpower erode
WASHINGTON – Putting the nation on alert against what it has described as a ‘highly credible terrorist threat,’ the FBI announced today that it has uncovered a plot by members of al-Qaeda to sit back and enjoy themselves while the United States collapses of its own accord.
Multiple intelligence agencies confirmed that the militant Islamist organization and its numerous affiliates intend to carry out a massive, coordinated plan to stand aside and watch America’s increasingly rapid decline, with terrorist operatives across the globe reportedly mobilizing to take it easy, relax, and savor the spectacle as it unfolds.
‘We have intercepted electronic communication indicating that al-Qaeda members are actively plotting to stay out of the way while America as we know it gradually crumbles under the weight of its own self-inflicted debt and disrepair,’ FBI Deputy Director Mark F. Giuliano told the assembled press corps. ‘If this plan succeeds, it will leave behind a nation with a completely dysfunctional economy, collapsing infrastructure, and a catastrophic health crisis afflicting millions across the nation. We want to emphasize that this danger is very real.’
‘And unfortunately, based on information we have from intelligence assets on the ground, this plot is already well under way,’ he added.

This post was published at The Burning Platform on 18th April 2015.

Congress is Attempting to Reauthorize Key Patriot Act Provisions by Sneaking it Into ‘USA Freedom Act’

Yet with Section 215′s lifespan now stretching to a matter of weeks, supporters of broad surveillance powers have yet to put forth a bill for their preservation – evidence, opponents believe, that the votes for reauthorization do not exist, particularly not in the House of Representatives.
More likely, according to a multiple Hill sources, is a different option under consideration: making the major NSA reform bill of the last Congress the point of departure for reauthorizing 215 in the current one.
The bill would not abridge NSA collection of Americans’ international communications, nor prevent the NSA or the FBI from warrantlessly searching through its troves of them for Americans’ identifying information. Nor would it restrict a constellation of surveillance efforts authorized by a Reagan-era executive order. Even a recently disclosed bulk domestic phone records collection dragnet by the Drug Enforcement Agency would be untouched.
‘We should be demanding more reforms than the intelligence agencies are gladly willing to offer us,’ said David Segal of the activist group Demand Progress.
– From the Guardian article: NSA and FBI Fight to Retain Spy Powers as Surveillance Law Nears Expiration
June 1, 2015 is a very important day for American civil liberties and the Constitution. On that day, Section 215 of the Patriot Act, one of the most egregious pieces of legislation passed in U. S. history, will expire automatically without reauthorization from Congress. Naturally, this is causing a panic attack within the heart of the NSA, FBI and all the authoritarian lackey legislators in Washington D. C. With the chances of a clean reauthorization next to none, these crafty ‘representatives’ and their puppeteers need to figure out a way to sneak it into another piece of legislation. What better way to do this than making it a part of something that ostensibly appears to be reining in surveillance powers. Enter the USA Freedom Act.

This post was published at Liberty Blitzkrieg on Apr 17, 2015.

The Connection Between Jade Helm and ISIS

Publicly, The United States and Mexico deny that there are ISIS terrorists operating near El Paso, TX. However, the rapid deployment of FBI personnel, following the release of a Judicial Watch disclosure which reported that ISIS maintains a base camp only a few miles from El Paso, TX., is noteworthy. The fact that the gathering of FBI brass at the border, and DHS was not invited, speaks to the deep division that is forming within the government on this issue.
The Judicial Watch report has come under intense criticism from Federal officials since it surfaced three days ago. However, the criticism is irrelevant and false. The presence of the ISIS camp is merely part of a bigger paramilitary force preparing to attack selected targets inside of the United States.
ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that includes a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector. During the course of a joint operation last week, Mexican Army and federal law enforcement officials discovered documents in Arabic and Urdu, as well as ‘plans’ of Fort Bliss. The implications are obvious.
According to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, the Jurez Cartel helps ISIS terrorists move through the desert and across the border between Santa Teresa and Sunland Park, New Mexico. The report goes on to state that east of El Paso and Ciudad Jurez, cartel-backed ‘coyotes’ are also smuggling ISIS terrorists through the unguarded border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas. The Judicial Watch documents specifically state that these particular areas are targeted by ISIS because of ‘their understaffed municipal and county police forces as well as the already existing relative safe-havens the areas provide for the unchecked large-scale drug smuggling’.
ISIS Targets Identified According to Judicial Watch, ‘ISIS is conducting reconnaissance of regional universities; the White Sands Missile Range; government facilities in Alamogordo, NM; Ft. Bliss; and the electrical power facilities near Anapra and Chaparral, NM’.
The ISIS Base Camp Is Part of a Much Bigger Terrorist Organization
The Common Sense Show has discovered that there is incontrovertible evidence that criminal drug cartels, like Los Zetas and the Sinaloa’s have not only used MS-13 gangsters as hit men and child sex traffickers, but so has the Juarez Cartel (partners with the ISIS leaders of the base camp near El Paso). Also participating in this terror network are members of the Barrio Azteca gang and the purpose is to enforce their will upon the border region between Mexico and the United States.

This post was published at The Common Sense Show on April 17, 2015.

Bob Graham: FBI Is Covering up Saudi Connection to 9/11

The FBI is whitewashing a shadowy Saudi role in the September 11 attacks, says a former US Senator.
From the New York Post:
Former Democratic Sen. Bob Graham, who in 2002 chaired the congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11, maintains the FBI is covering up a Saudi support cell in Sarasota for the hijackers. He says the al-Hijjis’ ‘urgent’ pre-9/11 exit suggests ‘someone may have tipped them off’ about the coming attacks.
Graham has been working with a 14-member group in Congress to urge President Obama to declassify 28 pages of the final report of his inquiry which were originally redacted, wholesale, by President George W. Bush.
‘The 28 pages primarily relate to who financed 9/11, and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as being the principal financier,’ he said, adding, ‘I am speaking of the kingdom,’ or government, of Saudi Arabia, not just wealthy individual Saudi donors.
Approximately two weeks before the 9/11 attacks, a prominent family abandoned their home in Sarasota, Florida without notifying anyone. Neighbors were suspicious and contacted the FBI.
An investigation into the family was opened, and it was found that at least one ‘family member’ trained at the same flight school as some of the 9/11 hijackers in nearby Venice:

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on April 14th, 2015.

Twenty Years Later: Facts About the OKC Bombing That Go Unreported

Next week will mark the 20th anniversary of the terrorist bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, which killed 168 people including 19 children. The mainstream media will undoubtedly focus its attention on Timothy McVeigh, who was put to death in June 2001 for his part in the crime. They might also mention Terry Nichols, who was convicted of helping McVeigh plan the bombing and is serving a life sentence without parole.
There will be less discussion about how the FBI spent years hunting for a man who witnesses say accompanied McVeigh on the day of the bombing. They called this accomplice John Doe #2 and theories about his identity range from an Iraqi named Hussain Al-Hussaini, to a German national described below, to a neo-nazi bank robber named Richard Guthrie. The Justice Department finally gave up its search and said it was all a mistake – that there was never any credible evidence of a John Doe #2 being involved.

This post was published at Lew Rockwell on April 13, 2015.

The New York Post Reports – FBI is Covering Up Saudi Links to 9/11 Attack

Former Democratic Sen. Bob Graham, who in 2002 chaired the congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11, maintains the FBI is covering up a Saudi support cell in Sarasota for the hijackers. He says the al-Hijjis’ ‘urgent’ pre-9/11 exit suggests ‘someone may have tipped them off’ about the coming attacks.
Graham has been working with a 14-member group in Congress to urge President Obama to declassify 28 pages of the final report of his inquiry which were originally redacted, wholesale, by President George W. Bush.
‘The 28 pages primarily relate to who financed 9/11, and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as being the principal financier,’ he said, adding, ‘I am speaking of the kingdom,’ or government, of Saudi Arabia, not just wealthy individual Saudi donors.
Sources who have read the censored Saudi section say it cites CIA and FBI case files that directly implicate officials of the Saudi Embassy in Washington and its consulate in Los Angeles in the attacks – which, if true, would make 9/11 not just an act of terrorism, but an act of war by a foreign government.
– From the New York Post article: How the FBI is Whitewashing the Saudi Connection to 9/11
One of the strangest aspects of the post 9/11 period has been the number of very intelligent people who intimately appreciate and fight against the innumerable crimes and thefts committed by the American oligarchy, yet simply can’t comes to terms with the fact that the official story of September 11, 2001 is a heaping pile of bullshit. At the end of the day, I think it’s just a function of managing career risk. Having already achieved some level of public success, not many people will want to give the mainstream media the opportunity to attach ’9/11 truther’ to their name, thus tarnishing all the other work they do in the mind of the general public.
I’ve never claimed to know exactly what happened on that day. The only thing I’ve said is that we aren’t being told anything close to the whole story, and without the real story, the entire ‘war on terror’ becomes a gigantic scam. I simply don’t believe that a few guys pulled off these attacks and brought down the World Trade Center without state backing. Once state backing enters the equation, the entire thing does indeed become a very real conspiracy. One that takes on special significance if the state sponsor is one of America’s closest allies in the Middle East. An ally that is unquestionably a ruthless, medieval-style monarchy that was itching to rid itself of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.
Over the past few years, it has become increasingly obvious that elements within the Saudi government were directly responsible for 9/11. I suggest familiarizing yourself with the following:

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FBI and DEA Agents Actually have to be Instructed not to Consort with Hookers?!?!

Yes. Seriously.
That paragon of honesty and virtue (cough, cough, hack, choke on that one) Attorney General Eric Holder actually had to advise all of America’s FBI and DEA agents in a memo that it is not a good idea to associate with prostitutes.
From AFP today:
Attorney General Eric Holder said paying prostitutes ‘threatens the core mission’ of the department, because it can lead to extortion and blackmail and can support human trafficking.

This post was published at John Galt Fla on April 10, 2015.

Caught On Tape: South Carolina Cop Shoots Unarmed Man 8 Times In The Back

Activists plan to protest in South Carolina today, according to Reuters, after a white police officer was caught on video fatally shooting a 50-year-old black man in the back as he ran away following a traffic stop. The officer has been charged with murder and the FBI and U. S. Justice Department are investigating the shooting, the latest in a series of incidents that have raised questions about U. S. policing and race relations.
As Reuters reports, the video shows a brief scuffle between the pair before Scott begins to run away.
Slager is then seen taking aim with a handgun before shooting eight times at Scott’s back. Scott then slumps facedown onto the grass.
According to a police report, Slager told other officers Scott had taken his stun gun from him.
At no point in the video, which does not show the initial contact between the men, does Scott appear to be armed.
Slager is seen placing the victim in handcuffs as he lies on the ground, and then the officer walks back to a spot near where he opened fire.
The video then shows him appearing to pick something up, return to Scott, and then drop it next to him on the ground.
You decide…

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 04/08/2015.

Seventeen Things You Can Count On When Jade Helm 15 Goes Live

America is already under martial law. Jade Helm 15 will not bring martial law to America, it is already here, as this article will make clear. Jade Helm 15 is the manifestation of martial law. At minimum, this drill is the practice run for the implementation for the 17 principles associated with martial law. In the worst case scenario, this drill will go live and all 17 martial law principles, already in place, will go live as well.
Seventeen Martial Law Characteristics Most experts agree that hard core martial law contains the following 17 essential elements. This article discusses where America is at with regard to the 17 categories.
1-Mass Roundups of Political Dissidents
Yes x No
Jade Helm 15 provides for the extraction of political dissidents. JH 15, as evidenced by the Ft. Lauderdale photos and videos was clearly an ‘extraction of political dissidents drill’.
In some ways, JH 15 is an extension of an obscure program that is still in place and it is known as Plan C. According to documents recently released to MuckRock, Plan C was a 1956 plan designed to arrest 13,000 subversives along with foreign diplomats if the cold war should go hot.
At some point, Plan C gave way to what is referred to as Main Core. Wikipedia describes Main Core as a massive database, which began in the 1980s by the federal government. The program consists of the gathering of personal and financial data of millions of U. S. citizens believed to be threats to national security. The data primarily originates with the NSA and the FBI, CIA, and alphabet soup agencies. The program grew to unprecedented levels following 9/11 and the implementation of the Patriot Acts I and II. The data is collected and stored without warrants or court orders. The database’s name is derived from the fact that it contains ‘copies of the ‘main core’ or essence of each item of intelligence information on Americans produced by the FBI and the other agencies of the U. S. intelligence community’. Today, we know from insider sources, that the creation of the ‘Red List’ comes from this program. The Red List is a compilation of names deemed to be the potential leadership of any dissident movement. The program refers to dissidents as ‘Favorites’ and they AND their close associates are targeted for elimination with extreme prejudice PRIOR to the implementation of martial law. There will be more on executions later in the article. From the best available information, this is precisely what JH 15 is preparing for.

This post was published at The Common Sense Show on April 06, 2015.

FBI Uncovers Another of Its Own Plots, Senator Feinstein Responds By Saying We Should Censor the Internet

Editor’s Note: To say that Senator Feinstein is a fascist scumbag is an understatement. She couldn’t love her power trip and this tyrannical government more if she married it twice, considering she’s already sold her soul to it.
As you may have heard, yesterday the FBI ‘uncovered’ yet another of its own terrorist plots, the latest in a very long line of ‘terrorist plots’ the FBI has ‘uncovered’ – in which the details always show that it was an undercover FBI ‘informant’ (often doing this to get off leniently for some other issue), who more or less goads hapless, naive people, into a ‘plot’ that had no real chance of ever happening. This appears to be the same sort of thing.
Still, politicians never leave an opportunity like this unexploited, and so in jumps Senator Dianne Feinstein, arguing that the only proper way to deal with this is to, of course… censor the internet:

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on April 3rd, 2015.

The FBI Busts Up Another of its Own Terrorist Plots and Politicians Rush to Blame the First Amendment

Like other recent sensational ‘terror plots,’ however, the criminal complaint unsealed yesterday demonstrates the key role of an undercover law enforcement informant in both formulating and facilitating the alleged plot. It doesn’t appear that Velentzas or Siddiqui actually planned or attempted to bomb any target, nor is there any evidence of discussions about how to create a bomb before the introduction of the informant into their lives.
While Velentzas appeared to have latent sympathy with the Islamic State, contrary to sensational media reports she is not alleged in the criminal complaint to have had any contact with the group.
Their discussions allegedly progressed, with the informant and Velentzas meeting to talk in greater detail about how to create a bomb, using information gleaned from The Anarchist Cookbook, and discussing whether it would be appropriate to target a gathering of police officers with such a device. At several points in the complaint, Velentzas indicates her reticence about doing anything that might harm ‘regular people,’ even criticizing the Boston Marathon bombers for killing and injuring civilians. During this time, the informant also provided both Velentzas and Siddiqui with printed copies of Inspire, including selected passages about how to create explosives.
– From the Intercept article: Informant Provided Bomb-Making Manual to Alleged ‘ISIS-Inspired’ Plotters
What does a government wanting its population to remain in fear so as to justify a total surveillance state, and an military-intelligence industrial complex hooked on billions in wasteful corporate welfare do in the absence of genuine terrorist plots? Create artificial plots, naturally.
This disturbing trend has been covered here at Liberty Blitzkrieg and elsewhere in recent years. Read the following articles for a couple of recent examples:
Manufactured Terrorism – U. S. Officials Claim Credit for Stopping Another Terror Attack Created by the FBI
FBI Moves to Broaden Hacking Authority – Google Says it Poses ‘Monumental Constitutional Concern’
Moving along, yesterday it was announced that the Feds had broken up an ‘ISIS inspired plot’ involving two New York women, Noelle Velentzas and Asia Siddiqui. While these ladies certainly appear deranged, what is also clear is that they are incredibly incapable. There seems very little chance that they could ever inflict serious damage to American society without assistance and encouragement from the FBI, which is exactly what the agency provided them.
We learn from the Intercept that:

This post was published at Liberty Blitzkrieg on Apr 3, 2015.

What Would Happen If Martial Law Was Declared In America?

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of concern that an upcoming eight week military exercise on U. S. soil known as ‘Jade Helm’ is actually a dress rehearsal for the imposition of martial law in this country. One of the reasons for the high level of concern is that we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of ‘urban warfare exercises’ conducted by the U. S. military in major U. S. cities over the past decade – including exercises where ‘dissidents’ are hunted down, arrested and hauled away. As our world becomes increasingly unstable, and as our society rapidly decays from within, many believe that it is only a matter of time before the executive branch will have sufficient excuse to use the extensive martial law powers that it has been accumulating since 9/11. When that day arrives, what will our nation look like? What would actually happen if martial law was declared in America?
Well, the first thing that you need to know is that the U. S. Constitution would be ‘suspended’.
In other words, you would suddenly have no rights at all.
There would be no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, no freedom of assembly and you could be arrested at any time for any reason whatsoever.
For the duration of the ‘emergency’, the military would be in control. There would be troops in the streets, a curfew would almost certainly be imposed, and armed checkpoints would be set up.
If the ‘emergency’ lasted long enough, we would probably see authorities go house to house confiscating firearms, ammunition and food supplies.
And perhaps most troubling of all, ‘dissidents’ and ‘subversives’ would likely be rounded up and imprisoned.
Perhaps you don’t think that this could ever happen in the United States in 2015.
Well, we do know that this is precisely what the FBI had a plan to do in the 1950s. The following is an excerpt from a recent RT article…

This post was published at End Of The American Dream on April 1st, 2015.

Caught on Camera: NYPD Detective Road Rages at Uber Driver

Patrick Cherry, a New York Police detective assigned to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force with top secret security clearance is facing suspension, reassignment and loss of his clearance after an incident with an Uber driver Monday that a passenger captured on video, reports KTLA 5.
The passenger, Sanjay Seth, posted the video on YouTube and it has gone viral. In the video description, Seth explained the altercation:
‘Police abuse of Uber driver in New York City. In an unmarked car, the policeman was allegedly attempting to park without using his blinker at a green light. (His reverse lights weren’t on. Likely double parked without hazards on.) The Uber driver pulled around and gestured that he should use his blinker, casually and non-offensively, and kept driving us. The policeman quickly pulls up behind us and this is what happens.’
Watch for yourself (warning: extreme profanity and abusive language).

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on April 1st, 2015.

Inmates at San Francisco Jail Forced Into Gladiatorial Combat as Sheriff’s Deputies Placed Wagers

At just 150 pounds, it was hardly fair to pit Ricardo Palikiko Garcia against an opponent well over twice his size. But Garcia had to fight him – or else he’d allegedly face torture.
Like the gladiators of old, Garcia and others were forced into pugilistic matches, local authorities said. Four sheriff’s deputies then placed bets on their bouts.
‘Deputy’s betting against me and forcing me to fight and if I don’t fight, then he’s basically telling me that he was going to beat me up, cuff me, Tase me all at once,’ Garcia said in an audio recording.
Investigators fear the fights may have gone on for a while. For Garcia, there was a lead-up. Deputies forced him to do pushups to train for fights.
– From the CNN article: Inmates Forced Like Gladiators to Fight as Deputies Took Bets
You know something’s just not right in your culture when you see a headline about prisoners engaging in gladiatorial combat while incarcerated, and the first thing that comes to your mind is, ‘this reminds me of a similar story from last year.’
Indeed, all it took was a quick search and I uncovered an article I wrote last March ago titled, FBI Launches Investigation into a Private Prison So Violent it is Called ‘Gladiator School,’ which noted that:

This post was published at Liberty Blitzkrieg on Apr 1, 2015.

According To The TSA, You May Be A Terrorist If…

We were eager to assist the FBI with their recent push to ensure that New Yorkers remain ‘vigilant’ when it comes to identifying and reporting ISIS ‘recruits and people who may carry out attacks,’ but as we noted when the directive was first issued, ‘it was unclear what a person, pardon, recruit who ‘may carry out attacks in NYC’ looks like.” Lacking guidance, we speculated that Twitter usage in conjunction with Nutella eating could well be a tell-tale sign, only to learn that the real giveaway is traveling to Turkey from Egypt with an iPod.
Fortunately, the TSA has issued a set of guidelines that, if interpreted correctly, will assist in the identification of terrorists who may seek to use planes as instruments of jihad. The full list is below, but we would note that you don’t have to be a certified ‘Behavior Detection Officer’ to determine that if an individual ‘appears to be in disguise,’ shenanigans may be afoot. Other signs of intent to commit a terrorist act include: showing up late, yawning, having recently shaved, blinking, ‘bulging’ neck arteries, demonstrating an inability to match carry-on with body type, inability to assimilate to latest fashion trends, chest beating, crying, laughing, talking, and, worst of all, smelling bad.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 03/30/2015.

U.S. Gov Loses Control Of Middle East, Ready To Push Authorization For War – Episode 625

The following video was published by X22Report on Mar 25, 2015
Eurozone stealing growth from healthier economies. The Canadian housing bubble is hitting the top. Durable good order decline, business spending declines. GDP estimates for the Q1 are continually lowered. Austria wants to join the Chinese Infrastructure bank. House introduces bill to repeal the Patriot Act. FBI manipulates mass shootings for Obama gun grab. Yemen’s President flees as Yemen falls to the people. The US is now losing control of the Middle East, get ready for the Authorization for War. Islamic State creates a list of towns they will hit. Be prepared for a false flag event.

FBI To Hack Into Everyone’s Personal Business.

The Constitution, privacy? They do not exist, nor does the People’s resistance.
We often refer to the US government as the federal corporate government because it is a corporation, and as a corporation, it does not have the interest of American citizens in mind. Its primary, if not sole interest is in feeding the beast that it is. This article by Michael Krieger of Libertyblitzkrieg perfectly illustrates this point.
Google’s ‘protestations’ are merely show for the masses. If Google cared, it would shut out the FBI or any other corporate government enterprise interested in controlling the entire population.
FBI Moves to Broaden Hacking Authority – Google Says it Poses ‘Monumental Constitutional Concern’ A judicial advisory panel Monday quietly approved a rule change that will broaden the FBI’s hacking authority despite fears raised by Google that the amended language represents a ‘monumental’ constitutional concern.
The Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Criminal Rules voted 11-1 to modify an arcane federal rule to allow judges more flexibility in how they approve search warrants for electronic data, according to a Justice Department spokesman.
The FBI wants the expanded authority, which would allow it to more easily infiltrate computer networks to install malicious tracking software.

This post was published at Edge Trader Plus on Friday 20 March 2015.