UCLA Releases ‘Resistance’ Handbook; Defines Trumpism As “White Supremacy, Misogyny, Xenophobia…”

There is little doubt that America’s bastions of higher indoctrination (a.k.a. “Universities”) have become nothing more than training grounds for future generations of social justice warriors. The war for America’s college campuses has become so heated that liberal administrators, the same people who used to pride themselves on challenging their students to step outside their comfort zone and open themselves up to dissenting opinions, have taken to shutting down free speech when it doesn’t perfectly align with their ‘enlightened’ world view.
That said, the Institute on Inequality and Democracy at the University of California Los Angeles, a publicly funded institution mind you, seems to be stepping things up a notch with their recently released ‘Resistance’ handbook for America’s snowflakes. Among other things, the handbook specifically defines “Trumpism” as a movement that “consolidates power through white supremacy, misogyny, nationalism, xenophobia, corporatism, and militarism.”
“This resource guide outlines the first steps the UCLA Abolitionist Planning Group has taken to understand Trumpism as a moment in United States politics. Building on long-standing exclusions, Trumpism consolidates power through white supremacy, misogyny, nationalism, xenophobia, corporatism, and militarism. Committed to a philosophy of abolitionism, the Abolitionist Planning Group seeks to understand how urban planning, as discipline and professional practice, can analyze and address the systematic oppressions expanded and institutionalized by the new administration.”
The organization calls on urban planners to abide by 4 simple rules:

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Caught On Tape: Democratic Party Official Says He’s “Glad [Scalise] Got Shot, I Wish He Was F*cking Dead”

‘Progressive’ democrats in this country are seemingly becoming completely unhinged. A party that is run by the ‘peaceful’ hippies of the 60’s who, at least at the time, considered themselves among the most vocal advocates of free speech, now openly supports the suppression of free speech on college campuses. A party that abhors violence saw one of it’s voters last week carry out an attempted assassination of numerous Republican congressmen…not to mention the several violent protests that erupted after November’s election that resulted in untold amounts of property destruction. A party that promotes itself as the party of women, simultaneously defends the ‘rights’ of people to practice Sharia law which specifically allows for domestic violence when women are ‘disobedient.’ The outrageous hypocrisy is truly mind boggling.
Meanwhile, just the latest example of ‘unhinged’ Democrats behaving badly comes to us courtesy of Phil Montag, the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Technology Chairman, who inadvertently got caught sharing his true feelings on Steve Scalise’s shooting:
“This motherfucker, like his whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to fucking kick people off fucking health care. I hate this motherfucker. I’m fucking glad he got shot. I’m glad he got shot.” “I wish he was fucking dead.”

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Germany Begins Raiding Homes For ‘Freedom’

In the ever increasing global creep toward totalitarianism, some nations are stepping up punishments for their civilians caught using social media for free speech. Now Germany is in the headlines for raiding the homes of those who the government declared had posted ‘offensive’ content on social media.
It hit the fan when it comes to free speech in Germany. Wasn’t this the country that had to fight tooth and nail to free themselves from the grip of Adolf Hitler’s censorship? It’s like some lessons are never learned. In a coordinated campaign across 14 states, the German police raided the homes of 36 people accused of hateful postings over social media, including ‘threats,’ ‘coercion,’ and ‘incitement to racism.’ The goal of these raids was the confiscation of the ‘hate posters’ Internet connection devices, according to a press release from the German federal police (BKA).
In the most ironic statement of the century, Holger Mnch, president of the Federal Criminal Police Office, said ‘The still high incidence of punishable hate posting shows a need for police action. Our free society must not allow a climate of fear, threat, criminal violence, and violence either on the street or on the internet.’ So in Germany, a free society means ‘don’t say things the government doesn’t like, or your home will be raided.’

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Guarantee Your Privacy For FREE

‘Saying you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is like saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.’ -Edward Snowden
‘Privacy is the fountainhead of all rights,’ Edward Snowden said during his livestream at a panel discussion on privacy at the University of Arizona.
Without privacy (an extension of property rights), all other rights eventually fall by the wayside. When governments begin to ski down that slippery slope by violating the privacy of its subjects (see: citizens), it’s hard to reverse the course.
Fortunately, you have a say in the matter. You have options for permissionless privacy to protect what’s yours.
Today, along this vein, we’re going to show you a FREE way to guarantee your privacy online today – in less than five minutes.
The First Amendment is the Right to Privacy
Privacy isn’t about having something to hide, said Snowden. It’s about having something to protect: ‘That’s who you are. That’s what you believe in. Privacy is the right to a self. Privacy is what gives you the ability to share with the world who you are on your own terms. For them to understand what you’re trying to be and to protect for yourself the parts of you you’re not sure about, that you’re still experimenting with.

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“Shocking” Documentary Reveals The “Stunning, Infuriating” Death Of Free Speech At Evergreen College

As we have detailed numerous times, student protesters have effectively been in control of Evergreen State University for about a month now, forcing the school to hold its commencement ceremonies at an alternative venue 40 miles from campus. The protests – and the school administration’s decision to acquiesce to the students instead of trying to hold them accountable for their actions – have prompted some in the Washington State legislature to try and pull state funding from the school.
HBO and Vice published a documentary about the protesters’ relentless efforts to shut down all dissent on campus. In it, biology professor Bret Weinstein, who students have demanded be fired and is at the center of the unrest, has gained some notoriety in conservative circles after publishing an editorial in the Wall Street Journal about the situation at Evergreen.

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‘What are the defenders of free speech to do? The sad fact is that this fundamental freedom is on its heels across America. Politicians of both parties want to use the power of government to silence their foes. Some in the university community seek to drive it from their campuses. And an entire generation of Americans is being taught that free speech should be curtailed as soon as it makes someone else feel uncomfortable. On the current trajectory, our nation’s dynamic marketplace of ideas will soon be replaced by either disengaged intellectual silos or even a stagnant ideological conformity. Few things would be so disastrous for our nation and the well-being of our citizenry.’ – William Ruger, ‘Free Speech Is Central to Our Dignity as Humans’
My hometown of Charlottesville, Va., has become the latest poster child in a heated war of words – and actions – over racism, ‘sanitizing history,’ extremism (both right and left), political correctness, hate speech, partisan politics, and a growing fear that violent words will end in violent actions.
In Charlottesville, as in so many parts of the country right now, the conflict is over how to reconcile the nation’s checkered past, particularly as it relates to slavery, with the present need to sanitize the environment of anything – words and images – that might cause offense, especially if it’s a Confederate flag or monument.
In Charlottesville, that fear of offense prompted the City Council to get rid of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that has graced one of its public parks for 82 years. In doing so, they have attracted the unwanted attention of the Ku Klux Klan.

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Update: Kathy Griffin Loses ALL Of Her Shows, Sponsors and CNN Job Following Trump Beheading Stunt

D-list comedienne Kathy Griffin is done.
Following her recent photo and video shoot involving a severed and bloodied head of President Donald Trump, Griffin took a lot of heat from both left and right. And while we fully support Griffin’s right to free speech, however gruesome, hateful or misdirected, the consequences for her artistic expression continue to play out in epic form.
Though she tried to side-step and place blame for the national blowback squarely on the shoulders of Donald Trump, the American public was having none of it.
Now, just one week after her ‘art’ went viral across the internet to the outrage of millions of people, we learn that Griffin, who was already struggling to fill comedy shows and obtain sponsors, has been shunned by everyone she is financially involved with:

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It’s Getting Ugly: Portland Police Confiscate Knives, Bricks, And Brass Knuckles At Pro-Trump Free Speech Rally

On Sunday, members of a Pro-Trump free speech rally, as well as Antifa counterprotesters thugs, converged in Portland’s business district. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, and the police managed to form a barrier between the two groups. However, based on some of the weapons that the Portland Police Department confiscated, it’s obvious that the event could have been far more violent.

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On Kathy Griffin — And We As a Body Politic

Let me point out a few things for those of you who haven’t bothered to read the Constitution of late.
Kathy Griffin has every right to speak freely. She can do so in as pleasant or disgusting a manner as she chooses. The line is only crossed when a colorable and actionable threat is made. I highly doubt her little photo shoot met that definition, although it certainly bears investigation to make sure it did not. I would likely change my mind on that, by the way, if she owned a machete and had a plane ticket to DC….. but I digress.
However, neither Griffin or anyone else has the right to demand that others not form their own opinion of their willingness to associate with her or those who she works for and with as a consequence of her own actions — including but not limited to her free speech.
Kathy seems to think she’s a “victim” of “big bad bullies” who decided that she’s a 5-alarm ******* as a consequence of what she did. Well, the choice to do what she did rested with her and others have every right to draw whatever conclusion they wish as to their willingness to associate with her or anyone she is affiliated with.

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The Irony: Kathy Griffin Cries About Being Threatened With Death After Beheaded Trump Pic: ‘This Is America… You Shouldn’t Have To Die For It’

Comedienne Kathy Griffin gave a press conference this morning following the outrage stemming from her recent photo shoot depicting a bloody and beheaded President Trump.
To be clear, we fully support Griffin’s right to expression. Despite her insensitive and outrageous ‘artistic’ display, it is this very act that our First Amendment is designed to protect. The First Amendment, however, does not protect Griffin from the consequences of her actions, namely the right of the public to be outraged and to also express their views.
According to Griffin, the mob mentality following her display has led to scores of death threats that are reportedly quite specific.
The death threats I’m getting are constant… and they are detailed… and they are specific.
"This is america, and you shouldn't have to die for it," Kathy Griffin says of death threats she's received pic.twitter.com/6z5wigPMl7
— CBS News (@CBSNews) June 2, 2017

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Man Convicted For “Liking” Apparently Slanderous Facebook Comments

In the United States, a crazed racist is currently facing murder charges for stabbing multiple men who attempted to stop him from harassing two teenage girls. In a court appearance, he justified his murder of two Americans, one a military veteran, by citing ‘free speech.’
On the other end of the spectrum, in Switzerland, a man was just convicted of liking Facebook comments that implied the plaintiff was racist, highlighting the potential dangers of regulating speech.
The Guardian reported:
‘According to a statement from the Zurich district court, the 45-year-old defendant accused an animal rights activist, Erwin Kessler, of racism and antisemitism and hit the ‘like’ button under several comments from third parties about Kessler that were deemed inflammatory.
‘The comments were made in 2015 during heated discussions on a range of Facebook groups about which animal welfare groups should be permitted to take part in a vegan street festival, the Swiss daily Tages Anzeiger reported.’

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Portland Mayor Refuses To Give Permit For Free Speech Rally: ‘Stay Away From Portland’

On Friday, two men were stabbed to death on a train in Portland. Their lives were ended at the hands of a man who was yelling at two young girls who appeared to be Muslim. The appropriate response to these kinds of events, is to condemn the attack and mourn the victims, before moving on with our lives.
But the mayor of Portland has responded by calling for a pro-Trump free speech rally to be canceled.
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has asked the federal government to revoke a permit for what he described as an alt-right demonstration planned Sunday at Terry Schrunk Plaza across from City Hall.
Wheeler also said the city will not issue permits for such events, and appealed to the organizers to cancel them. He asked the federal government not to issue a permit for a second event, an anti-Muslim march planned for June 10th.

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Censoring You To “Protect” You

Authored by Douglas Murray via The Strategic Culture Foundation,
The editor of The Vanguard at Portland State University decided that it was more important to cover up a story than to break it, more important to evade truths than to expose them, and more important to treat students — and the wider world — as children rather than thinking sentient adults able to make up their own minds. That students such as Andy Ngo exist is reason for considerable optimism. So long as there are even a few people left who are willing to ask the questions that need asking and willing to tell people about the answers they hear — however uncomfortable they may seem right now — all cannot possibly be lost. Indeed, it is imaginable, that with examples such as this, students in America could be reminded not only that truth will always triumph over lies, but that the current trend of ignorance and censorship might one day soon begin to be turned around. In the culture-wars currently rocking US campuses, the enemies of free speech have plenty of tools on their side. Many of these would appear to be advantages. For instance the employment of violence, thuggery and intimidation against those who disagree are generally effective ways to prevent people hearing things you do not want them to hear. As are the subtler but more regularly employed tactics for shutting people down, such a “no-platforming” people or getting them disinvited after they have been invited, should the speaker’s views not accord 100% with those of their would-be censors. As also noted in this space before, many of the people who campaign to limit what American students can learn also have the short-term advantage of being willing to lie without compunction and cover over facts whenever they emerge.
The important point here, however, is that word “short-term”. In the long run, those who wish to cover over a contrary opinion, or even inconvenient facts, are unlikely to succeed. Adults tend to be capable of more discernment and initiative than the aspirant-nannies believe them to be, and the effects will always tend to show. Take, for example, events in Portland, Oregon, last month.

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‘Tolerant’? Cali Democratic Chair Urges Crowd “All Together Now, F**k Donald Trump”

Once again the left exposes itself as the “do as we say, not as we do” party of tolerance, non-violent protest, and free speech…
As Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila reports, the classless Democrats gathered in Sacramento for a state convention on Saturday. They had some harsh words for the President as they chanted, ‘F*** Donald Trump!’.
AP reports:
California’s elected Democrats had tough words for President Donald Trump and the GOP Congress on Saturday, urging their party’s fired-up activists to work against the 14 Republicans in the state’s congressional delegation.
The party’s leaders blasted Trump’s alleged ties to Russia and presented California as the epicenter of liberal resistance to the president.

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Video: College Student Has 2 Minute Freak Out After Being Triggered By Trump Sign: ‘She’s Going Nuts!’

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing, the first symptom of which, according to an op-ed in the LA Times, is a loss of all sense of proportion by those afflicted with the recently discovered disease.
Don’t believe us?
Just take 2 minutes to watch the following video from Western Washington University, a bastion of free speech, tolerance and progressive ideals. What you’ll see is a female student come completely unhinged after seeing a sign supporting Donald Trump.
Within milliseconds of crossing paths with the sign the unnamed student is triggered to such an extent that she shrieks at the top of her lungs.
A passerby from a part of the country that may not be as progressive as Washington might have thought the woman was being stabbed by a knife wielding terrorist.
But no… It was just a sign:
Via Campus Reform
At certain points throughout the video, passers-by stop to ask the woman if she’s alright, to which she seems to indicate that she’s screaming as a form of protest.

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Is Communist Speech Free Speech?

Last month, former Vermont governor Howard Dean announced that “hate speech is not protected by the first amendment.” Specifically, Dean was opposing a proposed speaking engagement for columnist Ann Coulter, whose ideas are apparently so offensive to Dean, that even the most fundamental freedoms cannot be allowed to endure.
Dean no doubt thought he was striking a great blow against the fascists who would deprive us of our fundamental rights. However, if Dean wants to attack speech that is actually connected to mass murder and the destruction of human society, he might want to look somewhere other than Coulter’s enthusiasm for a border wall.
Indeed, if Howard Dean is so concerned about hate, he’s likely find a lot more of it among communists than among people like Coulter, despite her faults.
A Truly Deadly Ideology Recently we commemorated another Victims of Communism Day, which is sometimes euphemistically referred to as May Day. This time, there were riots in Paris as ‘protesters’ committed all sorts of vandalism, assault, and mayhem. In addition to the standard Che shirts and the like, there were actually people holding banners with Stalin’s face on it!
In Berkeley, and really across the United States and Europe, we’ve seen various Antifa communists commit all sorts of violence against anyone they deem to be a fascist. And as far as I can tell, Antifa defines a fascist as anyone who isn’t a communist. They’ve pepper sprayed women and hit men with bike locks. These folks certainly aren’t run-of-the-mill left liberals. Indeed, as Antifa has so helpfully told us, ‘Liberals get the bullet too.’

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