FTN 384: Talent on Loan from Yahweh

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Rush Tribute Montage
00:09:00 – Show Starts Here
00:30:00 – Don’t Say Jewish Lobby in NYC
00:50:00 – Gloria Allred: SHUT IT DOWN
01:05:00 – Happy Meal Conservatism
01:20:00 – Oxys, Viagra, and Epstein Lawyers
01:35:00 – Really Makes Ya Fink
01:55:00 – Obscene Profit Timeout
02:08:00 – Shattering Stigmas
02:18:00 – Key Jewish Opinion Makers
02:32:00 – Prescriber Profiling
02:47:00 – Targeting Germany
02:57:00 – Blizzard People
03:25:00 – It’s the Jewish Thing to Do
03:40:00 – Oxys for Kids!
03:50:00 – Sacklers Go Global
04:02:00 – Banking Queen

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You’d Think This Was 1930s Germany! Wait for the Ending

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