4.16 – QAnon in MSM/"Fake Videos" & #FRAZZLEDRIP/Dead GMO Activist/Trump Supports Marijuana

This post was published at Destroying The Illusion

Today's Links:
Inside the 25,000 sealed indictments fueling the QAnon conspiracy – https://bit.ly/2HxmWnY
Face-swapping videos could lead to more 'fake news' – https://read.bi/2Ht3A3r
Anti-GMO mosquito activist dies in a swimming pool – https://hrld.us/2HAvokh
This Is The Sickening Amount Pharmaceutical Companies Pay Top Journal Editors – https://bit.ly/2IYDuCu
Sex traffickers are using social media to target children – https://nyp.st/2HECUdU
President Trump pledges to support states rights to legal marijuana – https://nydn.us/2qEQ8yS
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To Combat “Hate,” Make Government Weaker

On 18 August 2017, the mayor of Boston Marty Walsh announcedthat the city should avoid the Commons on 19 August 2017 because of white supremacists and the chances of violence at a planned free speech rally. Predictably, thousands of people showed up to protest this group based on the words of the mayor. The mayor was rather unambiguous, ‘The courts have made it abundantly clear. They have the right to gather, no matter how repugnant their views are. But they don’t have the right to create unsafe conditions. They have the right to free speech. In return, they have to respect our city.’ The mayor said that unpleasant white supremacists were going to show up and spout hateful rhetoric, so avoid it at all costs so you aren’t subject to these repugnant views.
The problem here? To put it in the words of one very confused protester that was interviewed by the Boston Globe, ‘Excuse me sir, where are the white supremacists?’ As it turns out, this hate speech movement that Mayor Walsh was warning everyone about was a simple campaign stump speech by a Republican candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate. Who was this despicable white supremacist? Indian-American Shiva Ayyadurai. While his profile does have some bizarre claims, mainly his claim that he invented e-mail, this isn’t any stranger than claims many other politicians make and nothing in his background seems to indicate any form of racial animosity or racial supremacist beliefs, white or otherwise. If anything, his views indicate the opposite as he accuses the US of operating a caste system where academics and politicians take the role of the Brahmin in India and is anti-GMO. These are hardly hallmarks of a right-wing belief structure and have far more in common with the American left.

This post was published at Ludwig von Mises Institute on September 15, 2017.

Trump to Force Toxic GMOs on other Countries

If there were any doubts about President Trump being in bed with the biotechnology industry spearheaded by Monsanto, those doubts can be firmly put to rest.
The Trump administration will attack overseas regulations that restrict the export of GMO crops and other products resulting from American technological innovation, said U. S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer at the first meeting of a newly created interdepartmental task force on rural America (link insertion by author). ‘We are going to bring cases at the WTO and other venues, we’re going to insist that any barrier be science-based, and the United States will increase exports,’ he said. (Agriculture.com)

‘Science-based’ is pro-industry jargon created by the biotech pushers. What this term has come to mean is anything but ‘science-based.’ It represents propaganda put forth to fool the public into believing that false claims of safety disguised as scientific fact invented by the biotech industry to promote sales of genetically engineered organisms (GMOs) and their associated pesticides/herbicides is legitimate science. It is not.

This post was published at FarmWars on June 16, 2017.

Greek farmers clash with riot police in Athens over austerity

Farmers who travelled to Athens from Crete have clashed with riot police in the latest unrest on the streets of the Greek capital, prompted by the government’s austerity policies.
The confrontation occurred outside the agriculture ministry, where farmers wielding staffs engaged with police firing teargas to prevent them from entering the building.
More than 1,100 stockbreeders and farmers arrived on overnight ferries in the early hours of Wednesday, to protest against increases in tax and social security contributions demanded by the creditors keeping Greece afloat.
Footage showed the farmers, many wearing black bandanas, smashing the windows of riot vans with shepherds’ staffs, setting fire to rubbish bins and hurling rocks and stones.
Greek farmers, long perceived to be the privileged recipients of generous E.U. funds, have historically been exempt from taxation.

This post was published at The Guardian

Genetically modified people: what could go wrong?

Genetically modified people: what could go wrong?
Genes, genes, genes: hype, hype, hype
Notes on Brave New World, against which freedom is the prime option
Freedom to refuse –
I’ll get to genetically modified people; but first, the background on the grand gene hype and propaganda operation –
The war against cancer has painted a picture of hope: genetic solutions.
This, despite the fact that there are no successful genetic treatments, across the board, for any form of human cancer.
The focus on genes is a diversion from obvious causes of cancer in the environment: industrial chemicals, pollutants, pesticides, food additives, and even pharmaceuticals.
This futile human gene-fix has a direct parallel in food crops: modify plants so they can grow despite drenching them with toxic pesticides.
However, massive GMO crop failures, reduced nutritive value of such crops, and the rise of super-weeds are three reasons why the gene model fails.
So it is with human cancer: ‘let’s modify the genes of people and they will be impervious to the environmental assault of chemicals that cause cancer.’
In other words, the fantasy proposes that someday, humans will be able to live in a toxic soup created by mega-corporations, and even thrive, because they have been genetically altered.
There is no reason under the sun to believe this.
‘Trust us. Even if environmental toxins trigger gene mutations that bring about cancer, we can just cancel out those mutations through better human engineering.’

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on February 21, 2017.


It seems DARPA, the ultra-secretive military research agency, may be getting a run for its money when it comes to developing advanced and alarming forms of surveillance. A private research venture has produced a genetically modified cyborg dragonfly that can deliver payloads, as well as perform ‘guided pollination’ and surveillance missions. Using insects as covert forms of spying on citizens has long been a dream of the government. It appears the day is finally upon us when that weird bug flying a little too close for comfort may actually be one of Uncle Sam’s little insectoid deputies.
Called DragonflEye, the GM cyborg is half-insect, half-machine and is controlled via a fingernail-sized backpack, which allows a remote operator to control its direction. The dragonfly is powered by a solar panel. Developed by R&D company Draper Labs in collaboration with the Howard Hughes Medical Institution, the project required new technology. Controlling the dragonfly’s flight navigation actually required modifying the dragonfly to react to pulses of light. This involved giving the insect a gene that creates light-sensitive proteins.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on FEBRUARY 17, 2017.

Iconic Investor Jeremy Grantham’s GMO Loses $40 Billion In AUM Over Two Years

In the latest indication of the troubles facing the active management industry, iconic asset manager Jeremy Grantham, and his Boston money management firm, Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo, have seen an unprecedented slump in assets under management as a result of failing to generate return on par with the market, leading to mass investor defections.
As the WSJ first reported, Grantham “has been out of step with the market several times during the firm’s four decades. GMO has usually rebounded, with the 78-year-old investor earning acclaim with asset-bubble calls ahead of Wall Street busts in 2000 and 2008.” However, this time a recovery may probe problematic as the firm is “going through one of its roughest periods” and as a result assets under management have tumbled to about $80 billion, according to someone close to the matter, down from a peak of $124 billion in June 2014, a drop of 35% in two and a half years. The drop in assets has forced the firm to fire about 10% of its workforce, cutting some 65 jobs, in June last year.
The reason for GMO’s underperformance has been Grantham’s overarching skepticism about the viability of the market rally: “Bearish about what it sees as high valuations of U. S. stocks, GMO’s flagship mutual fund, the GMO Benchmark Free Allocation fund, has largely missed out on the latest rally in U. S. stock indexes.” The skepticism means that the firm has generally underinvested at a time when all central banks have stepped in to avoid any notable market declines or corrections. According to the WSJ, GMO held about 7% of its assets in U. S. stocks as of the end of September, with 27% in cash, 16.9% in developed markets outside the U. S. and 20% in ‘alternative’ strategies such as global ‘macro’ investing, according to the firm. WSJ adds that GMO also had over 20% in emerging-market stocks and bonds – an investment that did nicely earlier in 2016 but has suffered in recent months following broad selloffs in credit securities.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jan 9, 2017.

Warning to Trump: don’t approve GMO, pesticide, FDA horror show

In a previous article on Donald Trump, I wrote: ‘I think Trump favors jobs, all jobs, and will go to extremes to create them… He’ll find ways to allow the FDA to license new drugs more quickly, thus maiming and killing more Americans. He’ll cast a blind eye toward big corporate toxic GMOs/pesticides.’
I want to strengthen that warning.
First of all, the FDA isn’t being too careful in their drug approval process, as Trump team members suggest. It’s the opposite. The FDA is in the pocket of pharmaceutical companies. The president-elect should take notice of the famous July 26, 2000, review in the Journal of the American Medical Association, by Dr. Barbara Starfield, a revered public-health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
Starfield concluded that FDA-approved medical drugs kill 106,000 Americans a year. That would be 1.06 MILLION deaths per decade. Speeding up their drug-approval work now, the FDA would add many MORE dead Americans to their ‘credit.’
On the issue of GMO/pesticide safety, I could cite many references which eradicate the official claim that these substances are safe. But let’s look at the primary facts surrounding the original approval of GMO crops (and their attendant pesticides) in the US.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on December 31, 2016.

Intelligence agencies make their living by lying; now they’re truth…

A few delicious contradictions and dissonances:
The political Left has long attacked the CIA and other spying agencies as criminal liars, but suddenly those agencies are as pure as the driven snow, because they claim Russia hacked the US election and took victory away from Hillary Clinton.
Putin, the supposed arch-villain in this operation, heavily censors the press in Russia. That would be bad – except now, many of the people who support the claim that Putin masterminded the election-hack in the US want to heavily censor independent media outlets in the US, who claim the Russian hack is a lie based on zero evidence. Putin censoring news in Russia=bad. Censoring ‘fake news’ in the US=good.
In the push for launching Gulf War 2 in Iraq, the political Left in the US demanded detailed proof that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. When it comes to the accusation that Russia hacked the US election, no proof is necessary. After all, the CIA must protect its ‘sources and methods.’ A simple assertion of hacking is sufficient.
Among green opponents of GMO crops, it’s common knowledge that the FDA never offered evidence of safety before certifying GMOs in the 1990s. However, those green people who support Hillary only need the CIA to say Russia hacked the election to believe it. No evidence necessary.
Here is a 1981 statement attributed to Bill Casey, incoming director of the CIA: ‘We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.’

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on December 20, 2016.