Did Europe Surrender To Radical Islam?

In spite of three attacks in three months, Britain does not seem to be choosing the path of vigilance and determination. June is not even over but the media barely talk about terrorism any more. Then, in the early hours of June 19, a man who acted alone drove a van into a crowd of Muslims leaving Finsbury Park Mosque in London: the main “threat” to the British right now was soon presented in several newspapers as “Islamophobia”. Decolonization added the idea that the Europeans had oppressed other peoples and were guilty of crimes they now had to redeem. There was no mention of how, throughout history, recruits to Islam had colonized the great Christian Byzantine Empire, Greece, Sicily, Corsica, North Africa and the Middle East, most of the Balkans and eastern Europe, Hungary, northern Cyprus and Spain. While most jihadist movements were banned by the British government, more discreet organizations have emerged and demurely sent the same message. The Islamic Forum for Europe, for example, depicts itself as “peaceful”, but many of those it invites to speak are anything but that. The Islamic Human Rights Commission uses the language of defending human rights to disseminate violent statements against the Jews and the West. London, June 5, 2017. A minute of silence is held at Potters Field Park, next to the City Hall, to pay tribute to the victims of the London Bridge jihadist attack three days before. Those who came have brought flowers, candles and signs bearing the usual words: “unity”, “peace” and “love”. Faces are sad but no trace of anger is visible. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, gives a speech emphasizing against all evidence that the killers’ ideas have nothing to do with Islam.

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EU Proves It Has Become an Authoritarian Government

The European Commission President JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker, has come out and boldly stated that Poland and Hungary and their refusal to take in a single refugee person under a plan agreed in 2015 to relocate 160,000 asylum-seekers from Italy and Greece, said: ‘Those who do not want to accept people with a different skin colour or a different belief come from a world of ideas that I do not consider compatible with the EU’s original mission.’ Juncker further said that if the refugee crisis existed previously and Poland and Hungary refused to accept the refugees, they would have been denied membership.

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EU Sues Poland, Hungary And Czech Republic For Refusing To Accept Refugees

The European Commission has launched a legal case against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, for refusing to take in asylum seekers, escalating a bitter feud within the 28-nation bloc about how to deal with the Pandora’s box opened up Angela Merkel’s 2015 “Open Door” policy (since shut).
The reason for Brussels’ ire is that the eurosceptic governments in Poland and Hungary refused to take in anyone under a plan agreed by a majority of EU leaders in 2015 to relocate migrants from frontline states Italy and Greece to help ease their burden. The Czech Republic initially accepted 12 people but has since said it would not welcome more. It is perhaps worth noting that the three countries are among the very few who have had virtually no terrorist attacks in the past two years.
At stake in the dispute is the bloc’s unity, already tested by Britain’s unprecedented decision to leave, weak economies and higher support for eurosceptic parties across the EU. Beyond its borders, the EU is also facing what it says is a “threat” from Russia and a foundering new relationship with President Donald Trump. But two years of arm-wrestling have so far produced no results and EU leaders are unlikely to be able to break the impasse when they discuss the matter next week in Brussels, according to Reuters.

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Joe Biden Claims He Was “Personally Involved” In ‘Saving’ Greece From Grexit

The Obama administration played an important role to make sure Greece remains in the eurozone, former Vice President Joe Biden said. As KeepTalkingGreece.com reports, in an interview to newspaper Kathimerini, Biden said that he was personally involved in the issue and described the efforts and difficulties he faced to avoid the financial collapse of Greece.
The Obama administration and you personally also played an important role in making sure that Greece remained a part of the eurozone. Could you describe for us these efforts and the difficulties you faced? Was there a close call when you got very concerned about a Grexit and a destabilized Greece? Do you believe that the risk of a Grexit is gone? President Obama and I were engaged with all parties in the Greek financial crisis, because we wanted to prevent Greece from experiencing financial collapse. Grexit would have had very serious long-term consequences for Greece and Europe – and could potentially have triggered a wider crisis of confidence in the global economy.
We were concerned that in the high-stakes negotiation between Greece and its creditors, failure to reach a sensible agreement would have made all parties much worse off in the end. But because of each side’s desire to secure the best possible terms, this worst-case scenario was a real possibility.
While the ultimate decision was up to the leaders of Greece, the IMF, and the eurozone countries, I think we helped steer the conversation in a more pragmatic direction because of the credibility we had in Athens, Brussels and Berlin.

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Britain Under Attack – Exiting EU is Only Choice

As we approach June 8th and the elections in Britain, one must wonder how is Britain going to remain inside the EU. The British never voted on allowing the refugees into Europe. That was a unilateral decision by Merkel to save her failing polls due to he harsh stand against Greece. Now Europe is engulfed in a clash that is tearing the continent apart between the liberals who think everybody is just wonderful and those who simply want security.
Now three attackers drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before stabbing revelers nearby on Saturday night, killing at least seven people and least 48 people were injured. This was the third terrorist attack to hit Britain in less than three months. With the snap parliamentary election on Thursday. May’s gamble on the June 8 snap election was cast into some doubt after a Survation poll showed her Conservative Party’s lead had dropped to a new low of just one percentage point.

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“I Was The Victim”: Hillary Blames DNC, NYT, “1,000 Russian Agents,” Comey And WikiLeaks For Loss

Earlier today Hillary Clinton offered up what some have described as one of the most delusional interviews of all time at Recode’s CodeCon conference, in which she blamed everything and everyone, including but certainly not limited to: FBI Director Comey, “1,000s of Russian agents”, right-wing media outlets, Russia, sexism, WikiLeaks, Russia, a funding deficit at the DNC, the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, the New York Times (yes, the NYT) …oh, and Russia, for her 2016 election loss. And while she certainly “takes responsibility” for every decision she made, Hillary desperately wants you to understand that’s not why she lost…because, you know, Russia.
“I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that’s not why I lost.” Of course, in all of her rambling, Hillary never offered up a viable conclusion on why “Russian hackers” were only able to sway voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania but not in places like Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado, states where anti-Russian tinfoil must be impervious.
The following tweet pretty much sums up the interview.
So Trump, who the left thinks is a moron, according to Hillary organized Macedonian websites, Russian agents, algorithms, & cyber hackings
— GreekFire23 (@GreekFire23) May 31, 2017

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Warnings from Mount Vesuvius

When Mount Vesuvius Blew
‘Injustice, swift, erect, and unconfin’d,
Sweeps the wide earth, and tramples o’er mankind’
– Homer, The Iliad
Everything was just the way it was supposed to be in Pompeii on August 24, 79 A. D. The gods had bestowed wealth and abundance upon the inhabitants of this Roman trading town. Things were near perfect.
Frescoes in the so-called ‘Villa of the Mysteries’ in Pompeii, presumed to depict scenes from a Bacchus cult (Bacchus is the Roman version of the Greek god Dionysus, essentially a party god, responsible for alcoholic supplies, fertility and the arts). He was thought to bring divine joy and ecstasy, but also blind rage (reflective of the dual nature of what happens when people get high on wine). Bacchus and his followers could not be fettered. The spread of Bacchus worship could be seen as a subtle sign of the increase in hedonism and debauchery that often becomes evident in high civilizations as they reach their zenith of power and prosperity. That was certainly true of Rome at the time these frescoes were created. Although the empire would eventually become even larger in terms of territory, it reached its cultural high point around the time Caesar and Augustus did away with its Republican form of government.

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Meanwhile… In Greece

You know it’s bad when the police are rioting against the new austerity measures assigned from Brussels…
As KeepTalkingGreece reports, tension between protesters from police, fire brigades and coast guard on one side and riot police on the other side broke out shortly after 8 o’ clock in the evening on Wednesday when the angry protesters tried to break the police cordon and enter the Greek Parliament.

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Caught On Video In Greece: Golden Dawn MP Attacks New Democracy Group Leader

An unprecedented incident took place in the Greek Parliament earlier on Monday. At least one Golden Dawn MP verbally and physically attacked the leader of the parliamentary group of New Democracy. The incident occurred in front of the cameras as the debate carried out at the economic parliamentary committee on the new austerity package is being transmitted live.
Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris was speaking in the Parliament demanding rejecting the urgent procedures under which the new austerity package was brought to the Parliament.
At this point, the former minister and parliamentary group leader of New Democracy, Nikos Dendias passed in front of Kasidiaris.
‘Go away! Don’t you see that I am speaking?’ Kasidiaris shouted at Dendias who stepped back and stood in front of the GD MP thus telling him something the cameras did not catch. GD MP Lagos stood up and obviously took position to defend Kasidiaris.
‘What’s this attitude?’ Kasidiaris shouted at the ND lawmaker. The Parliament TV zoomed out, a loud noise went through the hall, all members of the parliament stood up and looked towards the back seats where the incident took place.

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Sudden Death For Greek Widows’ Pensions: New Criteria, Cuts To Push 1000s More Into Poverty

The implementation of the Greek pension reform of 2016, will lead to the sudden death of incomes for widows, and as KeepTalkingGreece reports, will push a large portion of population further into poverty. Widows’ pensions will be cut down to 50% of the deceased’s pension and new more restrictive age-based criteria will go into effect this month.
According to so-called Katrougalos Law, a widow is entitled to receive a pension for the rest of her life, if she was at least 55 years old at the time of the spouse’s death.
If the surviving spouse was below this age limit, the pension is given initially for three years. Then it is interrupted and is granted again after the surviving spouse reaches the age of 67. If the age of 55 in not completed within three years, the pension is cut and never granted again. The state keeps in its pockets all the pension contribution paid by the deceased.
Exemptions are for widows with underage children until they reach 18th year of age and students until they reach the 14th year of age. Widows receive the pension independently of their age until the children/students reach the age limit.

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Taleb Trashes The “Interventionistas” & Their Mental Defects

Skin in the Game is necessary to reduce the effects of the following divergences that arose mainly as a side effect of civilization: action and cheap talk (tawk), consequence and intention, practice and theory, honor and reputation, expertise and pseudoexpertise, concrete and abstract, ethical and legal, genuine and cosmetic, entrepreneur and bureaucrat, entrepreneur and chief executive, strength and display, love and gold-digging, Coventry and Brussels, Omaha and Washington, D. C., economists and human beings, authors and editors, scholarship and academia, democracy and governance, science and scientism, politics and politicians, love and money, the spirit and the letter, Cato the Elder and Barack Obama, quality and advertising, commitment and signaling, and, centrally, collective and individual.
But, to this author, is mostly about justice, honor, and sacrifice as something existential for humans.
Let us first connect a few dots of items the list above.
Antaeus Whacked
Antaeus was a giant, rather semi-giant of sorts, the literal son of Mother Earth, Gaea, and Poseidon the god of the sea. He had a strange occupation, which consisted of forcing passersby in his country, (Greek) Libya, to wrestle; his trick was to pin his victims to the ground and crush them. This macabre hobby was apparently the expression of filial devotion; Antaeus aimed at building a temple for his father Poseidon, using for material the skulls of his victims.
Antaeus was deemed to be invincible; but there was a trick. He derived his strength from contact with his mother, earth. Physically separated from contact with earth, he lost all his powers. Hercules, as part of his twelve labors (actually in one, not all variations), had for homework to whack Antaeus. He managed to lift him off the ground and terminated him by crushing him as his feet remained out of contact with his mamma.

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EU Leaders Refuse To Congratulate Erdogan, Await OECD Report On Referendum Irregularities

Leaders of member states of the European Union have been cautious about the results of the referendum in Turkey. As KeepTalkingGreece.com reports, no EU leader sent the traditional congratulations message to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his victory so far. They are reportedly awaiting for the independent OECD report on alleged voting irregularities, especially after Turkish opposition parties shouted foul play and fraud.
In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a joint statement with Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, warned that the ‘tight referendum result shows how deeply divided Turkish society is and that means a big responsibility for the Turkish leadership and for President Erdogan personally’.
Julia Klckner, a leading voice in Angela Merkel’s German CDU party said the door to EU accession was ‘well and truly shut’ and called for billions of euros in contributions to finance Turkey’s bid to stop.
Elmar Brok, the German head of the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said the result did not legitimise a complete overhaul of the state.

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Wolfgang Schaeuble: “If Muslim Migrants Don’t Like Europe, Go Elsewhere”

Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble did everything in his power to infuriate three distinct groups of people today.
First, in a statement that may infuriate several million German immigrants, Schaeuble said that Muslims who migrate to Europe should understand that there are better places for them to live if they do not want to accept the European way of life.
Such migrants who do not accept Europe’s way of living should be told “you have made the wrong decision”, Schaeuble said during a round table discussion in Berlin. “There are better places in the world to live under Islamic law than Europe,” he added. It was not clear if he was envisioning the US as one of the fallback plans for the millions of migrants Angela Merkel’s open door policies greeted with open arms in 2015.
Then, taking a veiled swipe at some 7 million Greeks, Schauble said that if European countries want to keep the euro, they must implement the common currency’s framework of joint responsibility.
Finally, taking a shot at a substantial portion of the French population, the finance minister said that Germany needs a strong, pro-European France to hold together the European project, veteran German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Wednesday, less than two weeks out from the first round of the French presidential election.

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Geert Wilders And The Suicide Of Europe

Authored by Guy Milliere via The Gatestone Institute,
None of Wilders’s speeches incites violence against anyone; the violence that surrounds him is directed only at him. The only person talking about these problems is Geert Wilders. Dutch political leaders and most journalists seemingly prefer to claim that Geert Wilders is the problem; that if he were not there, these problems would not exist. What adherents of this view, that the West is guilty, “forget” is that Islam long oppressed the West: Muslim armies conquered Persia, the Christian Byzantine Empire, North Africa and the Middle East, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Serbia and the Balkans, and virtually all of Eastern Europe. The Muslim armies were a constant threat until the marauding Ottoman troops were finally turned away at the Gates of Vienna in 1683. Even if the Dutch politcian Geert Wilders had won and if the Party for Freedom (PVV) he established eleven years ago had become the first party in the country, he would not have been able to become the head of the government. The heads of all the other political parties said they would reject any alliance with him ; they maintain this position to this day.
For years, the Dutch mainstream media have spread hatred and defamation against Wilders for trying to warn the Dutch people – and Europe – about what their future will be if they continue their current immigration policies; in exchange, last December, a panel of three judges found him guilty of “inciting discrimination”. Newspapers and politicians all over Europe unceasingly describe him as a dangerous man and a rightist firebrand. Sometimes they call him a “fascist“.
What did Geert Wilders ever do to deserve that? None of his remarks ever incriminated any person or group because of their race or ethnicity. To charge him, the Dutch justice system had excessively and abusively to interpret words he used during a rally in which he asked if the Dutch wanted “fewer Moroccans.” None of Wilders’s speeches incites violence against anyone; the violence that surrounds him is directed only at him. He defends human rights and democratic principles and he is a resolute enemy of all forms of anti-Semitism.

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The EU Is One Big Fatal Flaw

Authored by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog,
The true face of the EU is presently on display in Greece, not in Germany or Holland or France. Brussels must first fix what’s going wrong in Athens and the Aegean, and there’s a lot going wrong, before it can move on towards the future, indeed towards any future at all. It has a very tough job in Italy as well, which it’s trying hard to ignore.
You can’t say ‘things are fine in Germany’ or ‘Finland is recovering’ and leave it at that. Not when you’re part of a political -and to a large degree also economic- Union, let alone when you’re preaching tightening -and deepening- that Union. Not when parts of that Union are not only doing much worse than others, but are being thoroughly gutted. Then again, they’re being gutted by the very Union itself, so Brussels -and Berlin, The Hague, Paris- can’t very well feign surprise or deny responsibility.
Of course the European continent needs a ‘body’, some form of organization -and it needs it badly- that will allow its nations to cooperate, in 1000 different ways and fields, but the EU is not it. The EU is toxic. It is turning nations against each other as we speak. So much so that it’s crucial for these nations to leave the union and dismantle the entire operation before that happens, because there will be no opportunity left to do it once the toxicity takes over. The UK should count itself lucky for getting out while it did.
In its present setting, the EU has no future. And, more importantly, there is no mechanism available to change that setting. It should have been insisted on when the Union was founded, or in one of its various treaties after. This never happened, though, and that’s no coincidence, it was always about power. It’s therefore very hard -if not impossible- to see how the EU could be altered in such a way that it has a chance of survival.

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The Deep State Places Assets In The Middle East, They Are Ready To Make A Move – Episode 1239b

The following video was published by X22Report on Mar 27, 2017
John Bolton says the entire Russian hacking could have been a false flag. Europe unveils new gun laws. Greece says it cannot take on more refugees. More assets are heading towards the middle east. These assets are building and the deep state is prepared to push their agenda foward and go after their goal. UK sides with Russia and backs General Haftar and not the UN backed government. Countries are preparing for riots and civil unrest, they just unleashed their newest weapon.

“We’ve Reached Our Limits” – Greece Begins Blocking Refugees

Greece will cease taking back refugees under the controversial Dublin Regulation, as the country’s limited capacities to host people are already on the brink of collapse, the Greek migration minister announced in an interview.
RT reports that as the European Commission pressures Athens to re-implement the Dublin Regulation – stipulating that refugees can be returned to the first EU state they arrived in – the Greek migration minister told Spiegel his country is not in a position to do so. The agreement was put on hold for Greece back in 2011 over problems in the country’s asylum system.
‘Greece is already shouldering a heavy burden,’ Ioannis Mouzalas, the migration minister, said.
‘We accommodate 60,000 refugees… and it would be a mistake to make Greece’s burden heavier by the revival of the Dublin agreement,’ he said, also adding that Germany, the primary destination for most refugees, ‘wants countries where refugees arrive first to bear a large portion of the burden.’

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Expenditure Of NATO Countries In 2016

The United States spends more on its military than the rest of Nato combined. Last year, the alliance spent a total of $918 billion and the US accounted for $664 billion of that total. Nato states have committed to spending 2 percent of their GDP on defense by 2024 but so far, only the US, Greece, Poland and Estonia have reached that target. In 2016, military spending accounted for 3.6 percent of US GDP compared to 1.2 percent for Germany.

This post was published at The Burning Platform on March 18, 2017.

Explosives Mailed To German Finance Minister Were Sent By Militant Greek Group

Yesterday we reported that in a dramatic escalation against the lockbox of Europe’s cash, a package containing explosives was found at the German finance ministry. It was, however, unclear who had sent it. Today we have an answer: according to Reuters, the militant Greek group Conspiracy of Fire Cells has claimed responsibility for the parcel bomb that was mailed to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, German police said on Thursday.
The parcel was mailed to Schaeuble from a post office branch in Athens but as discussed previously, was intercepted by the German finance ministry’s mail department. The group has previously claimed responsibility for a wave of parcel bombs sent to foreign embassies in Athens in 2010.

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