Harvey Clinton, I mean Bill Weinstein

Now that everyone in Hollywood is taking such a brave stance after 20 years and pointing an accusing finger at Harvey Weinstein (cue massive applause and bravos), perhaps we should review Hillary Clinton’s attitude toward women who claim they were abused, attacked, and raped.
Hillary, too, was ‘disgusted’ to learn about Weinstein’s outrageous crimes. Of course, thinking she is still on the campaign trail, she took the opportunity to equate Weinstein and Donald Trump. She somehow forgot about her own hubby Bill. When reminded, she says all that is in the past and it’s ‘already been litigated.’ Which is lawyer talk for ‘we got away with it.’
Let’s see. Here are a few choice bits culled from dailywire.com:
In 1992, Hillary describes one of Bill’s women, Gennifer Flowers, as ‘some failed cabaret singer who doesn’t even have much of a rsum to fall back on.’ She says, if given the chance to cross-examine Flowers in court, ‘I mean, I would crucify her.’
Hillary on Monica Lewinsky: ‘narcissistic loony toon.’
Hillary, while practicing as a lawyer, defends a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. She wins the case. Then on tape, she’s caught saying, ‘He [her client] took a lie detector test. I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.’ Then she breaks up laughing.

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Hillary Goes To College: Clinton In Talks To Accept Columbia Professorship

Like the old joke goes: Those who can’t, teach.
And after losing an election to the most controversial and unpopular candidate in American history, Hillary Clinton is going back to school.
The New York Post is reporting, citing sources close to the Clinton camp, that the former Secretary of State is in talks to accept a professorship at Columbia University in Morningside Heights.
‘She’s been in discussions about a professorship, but nothing has been locked down,’ a friend of the ex-secretary of state said Thursday.

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Judicial Watch: FBI Finds More Docs On Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting; Needs 6 Weeks To Turn Them Over

Back on June 29, 2016, Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, tried to convince us that the following ‘impromptu’ meeting between herself and Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport, a private meeting which lasted 30 minutes on Lynch’s private plane, was mostly a “social meeting” in which Bill talked about his grandchildren and golf game. It was not, under any circumstances, related to the statement that former FBI Director James Comey made just 6 days later clearing Hillary Clinton of any alleged crimes related to his agency’s investigation.

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Facebook’s Sandberg: “We Really Have To Go After Fake Accounts, But Divisiveness Not A Reason To Remove Content”

As Facebook COO Sherly Sandberg completes her desperate DC walk of shame in an attempt to appease Mark Warner and the rest of the Facebook-scapegoaters, she gave Axios an interview to explain (strawman) what the biggest social media platform in the world will do about the Russian menace that has Made America Divided Again (allegedly)…
Sandberg said she had “very productive” meetings yesterday with congressional leaders investigating Russian efforts to use social media to meddle with the 2016 U. S. presidential election.
Sandberg told Axios at a live event today that Facebook owes the American people an apology (“Not just an apology, but determination”) for their role in enabling Russian interference during the election.
Headline Dump:

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Empire Destroying Wars Are Coming to America Under Trump – Part 3

The first two parts of this series focused on how Trump-specific factors could lead the American empire into another series of foolish and highly destructive wars. Part 1 discussed my concerns regarding Iran deal certification, as well as Trump’s increased coziness with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, who appears to get turned on by the use of violent force. Part 2 considered how Trump might sell his wars by promoting an environment of slobbering, superficial patriotism, and also speculated that corporate media might rally behind Trump if the target of his aggression happens to be Iran.
Today’s piece will be slightly different. The prior posts focused on Trump-specific angles with regard to how America’s forthcoming military mistake might play out, but I want to make one thing clear. While Trump carries his own unique risks when it comes to militarism overseas, this is all much bigger than Trump.
In the aftermath of the financial crisis, I’ve become convinced that the U. S. empire will never reform on its own. There’s simply too much money and power at stake, and we already know oligarchs are above the law under our two-tier justice system. The biggest financial criminals of a generation were not only spared prison for their actions, but were handsomely rewarded. Wall Street ran the Obama administration before, and it runs the Trump administration now. It’s become clear to me that these lawless elite crooks and their enablers will continue with their insane and oppressive policies until the whole thing collapses. Whether Trump, Pence or Hillary Clinton run the charade doesn’t change where this train is headed.

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FBI Reportedly Investigating Harvey Weinstein

The FBI has opened an investigation into Harvey Weinstein for alleged sex crimes, the DailyMail reported on Wednesday evening, a move that reportedly came at the behest of the DOJ which instructed the bureau to investigate the mounting allegations leveled at the movie mogul. The move comes amid rumors that Weinstein plans to head to Europe for sex rehab – leading to fears that Weinstein could attempt to pull a “Roman Polanski” where he lands in some non-extradition country in Europe to dodge U. S. prosecution.
The FBI can both look at whether he has committed any federal crimes in the U. S. and prepare extradition proceedings if he remains in Europe.
The Mail writes that while it is unknown whether the DOJ order came directly from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the probe will likely be seen in a political light given Weinstein’s friendship with Trump foe Hillary Clinton. Additionally, it is not yet known if Sessions gave the direct order or if Trump requested the investigation, however the president has previously said he wasn’t surprised by the sexual harassment and assault claims made against Weinstein.

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‘Russia did it’ is Smokescreen for Big Business Ownership of US Government and Congress

Finian Cunningham
Google is the latest US internet company to claim it found ‘Russia-linked’ advertisements on its network – allegedly posted to influence the US presidential election last year.
Twitter and Facebook have already made similar claims and all three are now facing more scrutiny in the coming weeks before Congressional committees.
What is truly astounding about this hysteria over alleged Russian interference in US democracy is that American citizens are being distracted from what is, by far, the much more alarming issue of how their government and Congress is bought by US Big Business.
Bloomberg reported this week that: ‘Google identifies Russian election interference network’. It said the internet giant found political ads worth $4,700 which it believes are ‘tied to the Russian government’. These ads, it is claimed, carried political articles which were meant to influence which way American citizens would vote in the presidential contest between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump last November.
Google has reportedly said that another $53,000 worth of ads are ‘under review’ for suspicion of being ‘linked’ to the Russian government. This follows claims made by Facebook that it had earlier identified $100,000 spent on ads by Russian sources, while Twitter said it had located $274,000 worth of such ads.
The Russian government has repeatedly rejected accusations that it tried to meddle in the US election. Moscow rightly highlights the dearth of any evidence and total lack of due legal process. The American allegations have also whipped up a toxic climate to curb the legitimate media activities of Russian news channels.

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Donald Trump: Warmonger-in-Chief

Cryptic Pronouncements If a world conflagration, God forbid, should break out during the Trump Administration, its genesis will not be too hard to discover: the thin-skinned, immature, shallow, doofus who currently resides in the Oval Office!
This past week, the Donald has continued his bellicose talk with both veiled and explicit threats against purported American adversaries throughout the world. In a cryptic exchange with reporters during a dinner with military leaders, he quipped:
You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm. It could be the calm… before… the storm.*
A reporter asked if he meant Iran or Isis which the POTUS responded, ‘you’ll find out.’ Instead of threatening supposed overseas foes with nuclear annihilation, none of whom have taken any concrete military action against the US, why not go after someone who has actually compromised the country’s security, namely Hillary Rodham Clinton!
While some dismissed the comments as typical Trumpian bluster, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders added further ominous overtones when questioned saying they were ‘extremely serious.’ Later in the week, Trump continued to threaten tiny North Korea, this time in not so veiled terms:
‘Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid hasn’t worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, making fools of U. S. negotiators. Sorry, but only one thing will work’.**

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Russiagate Is More Fiction Than Fact

From accusations of Trump campaign collusion to Russian Facebook ad buys, the media has substituted hype for evidence…
In her new campaign memoir, What Happened, Hillary Clinton reveals that she has followed ‘every twist and turn of the story,’ and ‘read everything I could get my hands on,’ concerning Russia’s role in the 2016 presidential election. ‘I do wonder sometimes about what would have happened if President Obama had made a televised address to the nation in the fall of 2016 warning that our democracy was under attack,’ she writes.
Clinton has had a lot to take in. Since Election Day, the controversy over alleged Russian meddling and Trump campaign collusion has consumed Washington and the national media. Yet nearly one year later there is still no concrete evidence of its central allegations. There are claims by US intelligence officials that the Russian government hacked e-mails and used social media to help elect Donald Trump, but there has yet to be any corroboration. Although the oft-cited January intelligence report ‘uses the strongest language and offers the most detailed assessment yet,’ The Atlantic observed that ‘it does not or cannot provide evidence for its assertions.’ Noting the ‘absence of any proof’ and ‘hard evidence to back up the agencies’ claims that the Russian government engineered the election attack,’ The New York Times concluded that the intelligence community’s message ‘essentially amounts to ‘trust us.” That remains the case today.

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