Warmongers United: Juncker Requests Creation of EU Army; Peace by War

Warmongers United
European discussion of Russia has gone from dumb to dumber.
Of course, the highly regarded “Warmongers United Think Tank” (WUTT) would dispute that. “Warmongers United” believes more armies, more missiles and more fighting are precisely the right thing to do.
What? Haven’t heard of WUTT?
The think tank consists of a various collection of folks itching for a war with Russia, Iran, and Syria, preferably all at once. True believers want to include China in that group.
In general, WUTT wants to set the world right (just as they insisted a war with Iraq, Vietnam and other places would set the world right).
John McCain is the official spokesman for Warmongers United in the US. Jean-Claude Juncker assumed that role today for Europe. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush both hope to assume global leadership in 2016.
Juncker Requests Creation of EU Army
Please consider Jean-Claude Juncker Calls for Creation of EU Army.
The president of the European Commission has called for the creation of an EU army in order to show Russia ‘that we are serious about defending European values’.
In an interview with German newspaper Die Welt, Jean-Claude Juncker, who leads the EU’s executive arm, said an EU army would let the continent ‘react credibly to threats to peace in a member state or a neighbour of the EU’.
In an interview with German radio on Sunday, Ursula von der Leyen, Germany’s defence minister, also spoke in favour of a European army, pointing out that a brigade of Dutch soldiers was already under German command.

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Iran would sell more oil if Western sanctions lifted: Mehr agency

Iran said oil prices would not rise above US$60 a barrel until 2016 and that it would increase crude exports if Western sanctions over its nuclear program were lifted, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported on Friday.
"We're not expecting oil prices to go over US$60 until 2016. What will happen after that is not clear," Mehr quoted National Iranian Oil Co's head of international affairs, Mohsen Ghamsari, as saying.
"When sanctions are lifted, it is our natural and legal right to increase our oil sales in an effort to raise market share."
U.S. and E.U. sanctions that came into force in 2012 prohibit the import, purchase and transport of Iranian petroleum products.

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Middle East Nuclear Arms Race, Can Clinton Still Run, Can Obama Care be Canceled

The following video was published by Greg Hunter on Mar 5, 2015
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress can be summed up with this Associated Press headline that reads ‘Israeli leader: Nuclear pact a bad deal.’ Now I know why President Obama did not want him to talk to Congress. Netanyahu had one standing ovation after another from both sides of the aisle. Sure, about 50 Democrats did not show up and even criticized the Prime Minister after the speech, but that really made the Democrats look even more disheveled and weak. . . . It is also reported that Saudi Arabia is in talks with Pakistan that some say is to buy off-the-shelf nuclear weapons. This is not the first time we have heard the Saudis in talks to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan. Published reports said that the Saudis had ‘ordered’ nuclear weapons from Pakistan as far back as 2013. One can only suspect the Saudis have nukes and might be adding to their arsenal and a counter to Iran. All I can say is that selling a nuclear deal to Iran, the Arabs and Israel is going to be a very tough sell.
Hillary Clinton is in big trouble over her use of private email while she was Secretary of State. It’s reported she had her own account and did official government business from her own account instead of using government accounts that are required to be saved and accounted for by law. Ironically, Clinton told her staff at the State Department to be sure not to use private emails for security reasons.
Obama Care could be in trouble after oral arguments this week in the Supreme Court. The health care law is being challenged on the fact the IRS is giving subsidies to everybody in America when it was only supposed to give subsidies to states that set up exchanges. Around 35 states did not set up exchanges. This could kill the law because it would make enforcement of it impossible in states that did not set up exchanges.

Benjamin Netanyahu in 2002 – ‘If You Take Out Saddam, I Guarantee, It Will Have Enormous Positive Reverberations on the Region’

In 2002, Benjamin Netanyahu already harbored some extremely strong convictions on how to deal with both Iran and Iraq. Back then, his opinions on how to handle the particular challenges each presented were quite divergent. On the one hand, he suggested beaming ‘reruns of Melrose Place’ into Tehran, as a way of inspiring a popular uprising. In contrast, he suggested such an approach could never work in Iraq, and instead advocated for his preferred solution: violence.
Naturally, he believed that a violent overthrow of Saddam Hussein would be a great thing. Specifically predicting that:

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CIA Whistleblower face 100 years for Exposing Gov’t Lies

CIA whistleblower, Jeffrey Sterling, now faces up to 100 years in prison and a fine of $2.25 million for blowing the whistle on the CIA planting false evidence of nuclear weapons in Iran. This demonstrates how corrupt the government is. They will start wars for personal gain and lie to the people each and every time. Obama promised he would be honorable and ‘protect’ whistleblowers from prosecution and punishment, Just another crock of bullshit. He is due in court April 24th.

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This Is Why Obama Missed Netanyahu’s Speech Today

By far the most important geopolitical event of the day, as straight-to-C Span-poluist-pandering as it may have been, was Israel Prime Minister’s address to congress, in which for nearly one hour the Israeli leader bashed Iran, stopping just shy of fabricating even more evidence about how close Iran is to developing a nuclear weapon. Yet one person missed everything including the standing ovation at the end: president Barack Obama. As it turns out he had more important things to do, such as the following.

What exactly is Obama doing in the photo above? As Politico explains, “Speaking in the Oval Office with Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, Obama said he was unable to watch because he was meeting with European leaders via video conference.” A meeting in which the western world brain trust was discussing what… how to best confiscate the funds of broke Greek pensioners to fund the broke US puppet government in Kiev, so they can pay their bills to Gazprom for one more week using the IMF as a conduit?
Whatever the greater purpose, Obama had nothing but disdain for his Israeli peer’s proposal, or lack thereof.
‘On the core issue, which is how do we prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, which would make it far more dangerous and give it scope for even greater action in the region, the prime minister didn’t offer any viable alternatives,’ Obama said, adding that he had looked at the transcript and saw ‘nothing new.’

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US Gov Is Using The NDAA To Indefinitely Detain Those Who Commit A ‘Belligerent Act” – Episode 606

The following video was published by X22Report on Mar 3, 2015
Greece’s new government will take pensions to pay for the debt. Auto sales are down. Real estate loans are back, no money down, closing costs paid for. Austria’s bank will take bond holders money, this is called a bail-in. Spain looking for revenue, looking on social media for tax evaders. Chicago black site enforcing the NDAA, other black sites most likely exist all around the country. Russia might sanction France for non delivery of the Mistral ships. Ukraine bargaining on weapons with US. Israel’s PM Netanyahu speaks to congress and uses fear tactics to push US into war with Iran. FSA defects to Islamic State.

As The Battle For Tikrit Begins, A Map Of Who Controls What

As the world awaits to see if following his speech, Israel’s PM will now proceed with launching a full on assault on Iran just to show he means business, or at least stage yet another false flag intervention to greenlight war in the middle east, several hundred kilometers to the northeast, the biggest offensive in the “war on ISIS” is now taking place after thousands of Iraqi soldiers and Shi’ite militiamen seek to retake the northern Iraqi town and birthplace of Saddam Hussein, Tikrit.
As previously reported, U. S. officials said last month that plans are afoot for a massive operation to recapture Mosul from ISIS – probably this spring – but wresting Tikrit from the militants beforehand is seen as critical given the city’s strategic location. The question is whether third time will be the charm, er, offensive: Iraq’s security forces have tried repeatedly – in June, again in August – to retake Tikrit but made little headway against the militants. This time may or may not be different, with a key variable being whether US air support will be granted to the local “resistance” fighters.
According to Reuters, Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani, who has helped coordinate Baghdad’s counter-attacks against Islamic State since it seized much of northern Iraq in June, was overseeing at least part of the operation. In other words, the same Iran that was being vilifies in Congress is now fighting on behalf of the US-led “alliance”, to eradicate the same terrorists which according to some, have seen a substantial Mossad influence in their appearance. Ironic.

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Netanyahu’s “Don’t Deal With Iran” Speech To Congress – Live Feed

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the US Congress this morning at 11ET to issue ahigh-profile warning against what he considers an ill-advised nuclear deal with Iran. This brings to a head weeks of tension between Israel and The White House and numerous politicians (including The President) will boycott be absent during Bibi’s speech. In what NYTimes calls an ‘implicit challenge to Obama’, Bibi plans to outline his case for a tougher strategy to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and to dissect the flaws of an agreement that has been emerging from American-led negotiations; gambling that disclosing compromises the U. S. made in trying to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran will delay or derail any agreement.
Netanyahu arrives…

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Iran Tests Combat Robot During Drills

21st Century Wire says…
Iran, unlike Iraq, has not been under sanctions for decades. Meaning it has been able to develop a modern military fighting force.
The combat robot was tested during recent military drills being undertaken by the Iranians. The robot is equipped with a 7.62mm Machine Gun, thermal cameras and has an operational radius of 5-7km. Any attempted attack on Iran will definitely not be a walk in the park.
While they are a little way off from The Terminator, these technologies definitely path the way towards such an idea. See the Iranian robot in action below:

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Iran Deal on Nukes, US Prepares to Attack Islamic State, Global Warming Not Happening

The following video was published by Greg Hunter on Feb 26, 2015
In the Middle East, it looks like plans are being made to try to attack the Islamic State, or ISIS, in Iraq. Some 25,000 regional troops are being prepared to try to take back Mosul, which is the second biggest city in Iraq. The U. S. is not supplying troops for the assault, only military trainers. All the drama surrounding Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress can only mean one thing–negotiations with the U. S. and Iran to curtail its program are not going well. Likely, there will be, once again, no deal at the end of the current deadline, which is the end of next month. Finally, there is record snowfall and record cold temperatures this winter. I think this makes it a tough sell for the man-made global warming proponents. The facts say the climate is getting colder, and not warmer.

ECB Warns UK: Excluding Russia From SWIFT “Could Undermine Confidence In The Whole System”

As “isolated” Russia signs a military deal with Cyprus, agrees bilateral trade with Greece, ratifies the $100 billion BRICS Bank, and offers to trade advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Iran, it seems threats of more sanctions against Putin and his nation are finding resistance from an unexpected place. With British PM David Cameron re-demanding that Russia be excluded from the SWIFT global financial payments system, none other than ECB Governing Council member Ewald Nowotny has exclaimed, “one has to be very careful here, exclusion of Russia from Swift would be very problematic because it could potentially undermine confidence in this system as a whole.”
As Der Standard reports (via Google Translate),

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Iran Televises Major Naval Drill Against Fake US Aircraft Carrier In Persian Gulf

Amid the to-ing and fro-ing of John Kerry and the nuclear program negotiations, it seemed quite ironic that Iran would unleash a major naval drill near the strategically vital entrance of the Persian Gulf. As AP reports, more than a dozen swarming Iranian speedboats assaulted a replica of a U. S. aircraft carrier, as the Guard’s navy chief, Adm. Ali Fadavi, who last month boasted that his force is capable of sinking American aircraft carriers in the event of war, said on state television, “American aircraft carriers are very big ammunition depots housing a lot of missiles, rockets, torpedoes and everything else.”
Caught on tape…

As AP reports, with rockets roaring and guns blazing, more than a dozen swarming Iranian speedboats assaulted a replica of a U. S. aircraft carrier Wednesday during large-scale naval drills near the strategically vital entrance of the Persian Gulf.

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FALSE FLAG: CIA Planted Evidence on Iranian Nuclear Activities

No, this not a ‘conspiracy theory’. It is about time that people consider and challenge the power and activities of intelligence agencies in the 21st Century.
It has been revealed, through the case of a recently convicted whistleblower leaking information on the CIA’s involvement with Iran, that 15 years ago the agency was involved in a counterintelligence operation against the Iranians.
The CIA counterfeited documents and created ‘doctored blueprints’ that would provide ‘smoking gun’ evidence for an IAEA investigation of Iran. Also, the CIA was looking to send the Iranians into dead-ends and cause them to waste time and resources by providing incorrect and misleading information.
These revelations are proving troubling for the International Atomic Energy Agency, who relied on information from intelligence agencies, including the CIA, to create their reports. The IAEA will now, if it wishes to be considered a legitimate organisation, have to completely reevaluate its conclusions on Iran’s nuclear program.

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US Gov Controlled Islamic State Expands Into Middle Eastern Countries To Provoke War – Episode 600

The following video was published by X22Report on Feb 24, 2015
Greece is heading towards a revolution, new government reneges on promises. Yellen looks at unemployment numbers and gets confused. Case Shiller says housing has faltered. US confidence is now imploding. 8000 men missing in Ukraine draft. US looking at new sanction for Russia. Netenyahu caught in a lie, Iran does not have nuclear weapons. The US Gov controlled Islamic State has been in every country where the US needs to get back into or wants to get into.

Despite US/Israel Demands, ‘Isolated’ Russia Offers Iran Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missiles

With proxy wars mounting and “isolated” Russia ratifying The BRICS Bank this week, we are sure Washington is preparing to double-down on ‘costs’ (to Europeans) as Reuters reports, Russia has offered Iran its latest Antey-2500 missiles (ironically after a deal to supply less powerful S-300 missiles was dropped under Western pressure in 2010). While the United States and Israel lobbied Russia to block the missile sale, the head of Russian state defense conglomerate, Sergei Chemezov, says, “as far as Iran is concerned, we offered Antey-2500 instead of S-300. They are thinking. No decision has been made yet.”
As Reuters reports, last year, Russian foreign arm sales totaled $13 billion… and it appears they are looking for growth in 2015…

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Thousands rally in Buenos Aires over prosecutor’s death

Tens of thousands of people demanding justice marched Wednesday in Buenos Aires to mark a month since the suspicious death of a prosecutor who accused the Argentine president of involvement in a cover-up over a 1994 bombing.
“I am here because I want to see justice done for someone who gave his life for the truth,” said teacher Marta Canepa, 65, among those traipsing the 1.7 kilometres (just over a mile) under the banner “Homage for Prosecutor Alberto Nisman.”
Drenched in driving rain and led by prosecutors and opposition figures, the rally is the first major public show of defiance in a murky case that has ignited a political firestorm in Argentina and piled the pressure on President Cristina Kirchner, 61, in her last year in office.
Nisman was found in his Buenos Aires apartment with a bullet through his head on January 18, the day before he was to go before a congressional hearing to testify that Kirchner and her foreign minister plotted to shield Iranian officials implicated in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish-Argentine charity federation.

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As The Collapse Accelerates US Gov/Central Bankers Provoke WWIII – Episode 595

The following video was published by X22Report on Feb 18, 2015
Greece will receive 3 Billion In Emergency Liquidity from the ECB. In the US mortgage apps cratered by 13%. Striking works at the ports will hurt the economy further. The Baltic Dry Index declined once again. FATCA allows the government to hunt down US citizens. Hungary and Russia make gas transit deals. Patriot Act comes up for renewal in June. Ukraine ceasefire still shaky, DPR captures Debaltseve and the Ukraine army surrenders. Yatsenyuk wants Russia to pay for the war. US senators want lethal weapons delivered to Ukraine. Italy playing up the Islamic State in Libya. US Gov/Central Bankers pushing to go into Libya, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Iran. US Gov allowing Islamic State/Free Syrian Army call for airstrikes.

NSA Trojan Firmware Widespread, U.S. International Tech Reputation May Suffer. Tech Privacy has Been a Myth.

The U. S. market was closed yesterday for a national holiday.
New NSA spying scandal emerges, highlighting the scale of cyber wars
– Agency can access hard-drives made by major U. S. producers
– Computers in over 30 countries, including NATO allies, were hacked
– Iran and Russia were main targets
– Revelations may impact technology sector in the U. S. as institutions around the world seek alternatives
Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based cyber security firm whose report into international hacking was previewed by the New York Times Yesterday, has exposed that the NSA has had the capacity to snoop on most U. S.-made computers since 2001.
The report claims that the NSA attained access to ‘firmware’ code from all the major Western computer manufacturers – which runs every time a computer is switched on – and figured out how to lodge malicious software in the code.
The terminology may be foreign to you but imagine if you will what your world would be like if the digital records of your wealth and property titles simply vanished or became corrupted. Imagine the screen just going dark. It sounds alarmist but that is exactly the sum total of the high stakes games now being played out by the world’s superpowers – you and I are the pawns.
The global economy is thoroughly integrated and processes and knowhow are increasingly delivered on distributed architecture made up of lattices of public and private networks. This approach has wonderful benefits and can deliver scale and flexibility and speed in equal measure. But therein lies the risk, the physical spying infrastructure with engineered back doors must remain hidden in order to be effective and useful to the spies who placed them there. What the intelligence community has done has created the mother of all ‘single point of failures’ and the potential for calamity and social disintegration is almost too great to countenance. They assume that with adequate controls these systems can be kept safe and used effectively. They said the same about nuclear procurement and weaponised viruses.

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Behind the Great Western Firewall Is the Ugly Truth

A truth untold is a lie. A fact hidden is censorship. – The Author
When I recently signed off of Reflections in Sinoland, saying I was not going to do any more columns for the time being, so as to write my third book, Red Letters – The Diaries of Xi Jinping, I really meant it. But an interesting and thought provoking series of events happened over the last couple of weeks, which has inspired me to write a non-fiction piece again.
This is a plea to everyone reading, that we Westerners had better wake up before it’s too late. If we don’t, we are going to continue to have many repetitions of Ukraine, Serbia, Georgia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya, Mali and the list goes on, non-stop, since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. That was when the West’s elites perceived a genuine global threat to the status quo of capitalism and their dominion over Earth’s resources. Now with the world being more multipolar than ever, we come to China and Russia. As Western Empire’s decline accelerates, in desperation, America is trying to take down these two colossal civilizations. This, even as Russia and China work openly and secretly to interlock their cooperation and resistance. It is clear they are creating a unified front in the face of Western bellicosity. Yes, the United States is delusional and megalomaniac, but it’s frightening to know that if carried to its logical conclusion, it will mean the end of humanity as we know it.
A big part of this plea to my readers is for Westerners to quit using the mainstream media and to start seeking out alternative news sources, as frustratingly fractured as they are, and to invest a modicum of time to do some research and investigation along the way. A good place to start would be all the hyperlinks below and then take advantage of the list of resources at the end of this article. The other plea is to come to terms with just how evil and corrupt our Western governments and capital are, in spite of what we learned in school text books. All of our lives and future absolutely depend on it.

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