US-Backed Forces And Syrian Government Trade Blame For Supporting ISIS

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On September 27th, a top commander of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Rojda Felat, claimed in a video statement that 100 ISIS terrorists, dressed as SDF members, attacked the SDF. The incident took place on September 26th and the SDF leader alleges that ISIS members came from some government-held area near Deir Ezzor. Felat added that this is a ‘sign’ that the Syrian government supported the attack. Twenty-eight SDF members were killed in the clashes with ISIS. The statement came a few days after the Russian Defense Ministry released pictures of US Speical Operations Forces positions deep inside the ISIS-held area near Deir Ezzor city as well as provided information that no clashes had been observed there between ISIS and the SDF.
Meanwhile, the SDF continued clashing with ISIS near al-Suwar with an aim to establish a foothold for further operations on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. In Raqqah city, the SDF captured the al-Nawawi mosque in al-Nahdah district from ISIS and continued developing momentum in the area. The SDF repelled the ISIS raids in al-Sinaa and al-Mashleb neighborhoods. However, some 45 SDF members were reportedly killed in the clashes.

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Washington Has Initiated Military Conflict With Russia

Russia has provided evidence that Washington is collaborating with ISIS in attacks on Russian forces. In one Washington-directed attack, ISIS tried to capture 29 Russian military policemen. However, Russian special forces entered the fray, and the result was spectular losses for ISIS. In another attack Washington-directed attack, Russian General Valery Asapov and two Russian colonels were killed in an attack that violated agreements. Sooner or later it will dawn on the Russian government that Washington is not a rational government with which diplomacy can be practiced, peace pursued, and agreements reached.

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Russia Blames US For Death Of Top General In Syria

The aerial photos of ISIS' territory north of #Deir_ez_Zor where #USA special operation troops are seen
— (@mod_russia) September 24, 2017

Shortly after Russia disclosed on Sunday that a top Russian military commander, Lieutenant General Valery Asapov – who was serving as one of Russia’s “military advisers” in Syria – was fatally wounded by an exploding shell in a mortar attack by ISIS terrorists, on Monday the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that the ‘two-faced policy’ of the United States was to blame for the death of the Russian General in Syria.
‘The death of the Russian commander is the price, the bloody price, for two-faced American policy in Syria,’ Ryabkov told reporters, according to RIA.

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Russia Releases Photos Showing US Special Ops At ISIS Positions In Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry has released aerial images allegedly showing ISIS, the SDF, and US special forces working side-by-side on the battlefield against Syrian and Russian forces in Dier ez-Zor, Syria.
The aerial photos of ISIS' territory north of #Deir_ez_Zor where #USA special operation troops are seen
— (@mod_russia) September 24, 2017

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From Baghdad to Istanbul: How Iraqi Kurds Could End Up Under De facto Turkish Rule

21st Century Wire says…
After seven years of war in Syria, and three years of ISIS marauding through Iraq, one thing is for sure: Iraqi Kurdistan is not what it was five years ago – when its geopolitical chaperone in Washington was still militarily occupying Iraq, and with oil pegged above $100 per barrel and its capital Erbil was a booming economic powerhouse. Back then, unimpeded progress was the order of the day. Not so today.
Politically and economically, Iraqi Kurdistan is fractured, which opens the door for a number of issues yet to unfold after this week’s historic move for independence.
As writer Adam Garrie points out in this piece below, the referendum is only the first step. Afterwards, some very serious problems are likely to follow.
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised heavy sanctions against parts of northern Iraq, should Kurdish secessionists go through with their threat to hold a referendum for ‘independence’ in two days time.

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SYRIA: The Strategic Importance of Deir Ezzor and SAA, SDF Relations

21st Century Wire says…
As the Syrian Arab Army establishes its presence in and around the liberated areas of Deir Ezzor, including the crossing of the Euphrates, Russian MOD has been reporting some bizarre anomalies regarding the interaction between the US-backed SDF [Kurdish separatists] and ISIS forces.

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Russia Warns US In Unprecedented “Secret” Face-To-Face Meeting Over Syria, But What’s The Endgame?

The moment the first Russian jet landed in Syria at the invitation of the Assad government in 2015, Putin placed himself in the driver’s seat concerning the international proxy war in the Levant. From a strategic standpoint the armed opposition stood no chance of ever tipping the scales against Damascus from that moment onward. And though US relations with Russia became more belligerent and tense partly as a result of that intervention, it meant that Russia would set the terms of how the war would ultimately wind down.
Russia’s diplomatic and strategic victory in the Middle East was made clear this week as news broke of “secret” and unprecedented US-Russia face to face talks on Syria. The Russians reportedly issued a stern warning to the US military, saying that it will respond in force should the Syrian Army or Russian assets come under fire by US proxies.
The AP reports that senior military officials from both countries met in an undisclosed location “somewhere in the Middle East” in order to discuss spheres of operation in Syria and how to avoid the potential for a direct clash of forces. Tensions have escalated in the past two weeks as the Syrian Army in tandem with Russian special forces are now set to fully liberate Deir Ezzor city, while at the same time the US-backed SDF (the Arab-Kurdish coalition, “Syrian Democratic Forces”) – advised by American special forces – is advancing on the other side of the Euphrates. As we’ve explained before, the US is not fundamentally motivated in its “race for Deir Ezzor province” by defeat of ISIS terrorism, but in truth by control of the eastern province’s oil fields. Whatever oil fields the SDF can gain control of in the wake of Islamic State’s retreat will then used as powerful bargaining leverage in negotiating a post-ISIS Syria. The Kurdish and Arab coalition just this week captured Tabiyeh and al-Isba oil and gas fields northeast of Deir Ezzor city.

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REVEALED: US-Backed Kurdish Factions Colluding with ISIS on Syrian Battlefield

21st Century Wire says…
The evidence is mounting, that the US power-multiplied Kurdish factions are colluding with ISIS, as the Syrian Arab Army crosses the Euphrates and threatens to bring an end to international terrorism inside Syria once and for all. It is not the first time that this possibility has been demonstrated by the Kurds’ military strategy on Syrian soil.
In June 2017, Sergey Surovikin, the commander of Russia’s forces in Syria told media:
‘According to available reliable information, in early June ISIL terrorists entered into collusion with the command of the Kurdish armed units, which are part of the Democratic Forces Union, left the populated localities of Tadia and al-Hamam located 19 kilometers southwest of Raqqa offering no resistance and headed toward Palmyra.’
June 2017: Andrew Korybko detailed the ongoing ‘ethnic cleansing’ operation conducted by the US-backed Kurdish factions:
‘Reports have come out that the US is supporting the SDF-YPG through the illegal use of white phosphorus, which is a banned chemical weapon. Combined with the heavy and indiscriminate airstrikes being carried out against the city, 160,000 civilians have been forced to become refugees and flee their homes as internally displaced people. This works out to more than half of the city’s pre-war population of 220,000, and it confirms what independent journalist and associate editor at Vanessa Beeley told RT just recently about how the US is making no attempt whatsoever to protect civilians. In fact, it can be cynically suggested, the large-scale population exodus taking place in Raqqa is actually a deliberate ethnic cleansing of the majority-Arab population of the city on a much larger scale than any of the similar crimes that the Kurds have been accused of before.’
The #US and #Kurd assets were in a rush to end #Raqqa before #Syria freed DeirEzzor, so murdered 1000s of civilians. — Partisangirl (@Partisangirl) September 20, 2017

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The Geopolitical Earthquake Of The Looming Kurdistan Referendum

In a move that was entirely expected, Iraq’s Supreme Court has ruled that the Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum scheduled for September 25 cannot take place. The ruling comes as Turkey has begun military exercises along its border with Iraq’s Kurdish region in a show of force meant to signal that Ankara will not tolerate an independent Kurdistan either. Turkey fears that its own Kurdish separatists which it has been doing internal battle with for decades will become emboldened by the existence of a Kurdish state.
Talk of the referendum has brought down the wrath of multiple regional governments upon the Iraqi Kurdish capital of Erbil to the point of threats of war. Iraq’s Supreme Court issued a statement Monday indicating that it “issued a national order to suspend the referendum procedures scheduled … until the resolution of the cases regarding the constitutionality of said decision.” The independence vote under consideration includes three provinces that make up northern Iraq as well as disputed regions claimed by both Erbil and Baghdad. For years since the toppling of Saddam Hussein, Erbil has operated relatively autonomously while enjoying the quiet support of Western governments like the United States and United Kingdom in the oil-rich region. Though many individual politicians in the West have voiced support for Kurdish independence, no government has ever formally endorsed such a controversial move which would radically alter the region at the very moment ISIS is being squeezed in Western Iraq and Eastern Syria.

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Will The US Bomb? First Images Of Syrian Army Crossing The Euphrates River In Deir Ezzor

SOHR says Syria army in Deir Ezzor has crossed Euphrates. Waterway serves as informal demarcation line between US & Syria/Iran-backed force.
— Louisa Loveluck (@leloveluck) September 18, 2017

A correspondent with Al-Masdar News based in Damascus has confirmed that the Syrian Amy has crossed the Euphrateswhich runs through Deir Ezzor on Monday. The river forms a natural demarcation line separating Syrian government forces and their allies from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF):
DAMACUS, SYRIA (4:00 P. M.) – The Syrian Army was capable today of crossing the Euphrates River after fully recapturing Sakr Island located to the north of Deir Ezzor Airbase.
Heavy Russian and Syrian airstrikes have pushed ISIS militants away from the eastern bank, paving the way for the government troops to set foot in the eastern bank for the first time in years.
With crossing the river, the government forces are inching closer to re-take the remaining territories under ISIS control. However, this will also put the Syrian forces face to face with the US-backed Kurdish forces; which launched its own offensive against the Islamic State in Deir Ezzor.

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The Rohingya Refugee Crisis and the Disconnect from Objectivity

The article should be entitled: The Rakine State refugee crisis or the Burmese/Bengali refugee crisis. But readers will be more familiar with headings such as Rohingya refugee crisis or Rohingya genocide. Why is that?
On the 25th of August a Saudi-backed terrorist group Arakanese Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA formerly Harakah Al Rakin) attacked thirty police stations in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, murdering 12 security forces and two civilians . The Burmese government responded with a full-scale military counter-insurgency operation. 59 insurgents were killed.
Burmese authorities leaked information which proves that ARSA leader Ullah Ata had planned the attack with help from outside agents in Pakistani intelligence and ISIS terrorists in Iraq. Supporters of ARSA and the Rohingya cause accuse the Burmese military (Tatmadaw) of burning down Rohingya(Eastern Bengali) villages. The Tatmadaw say the villages have been burned by the terrorists, embedded among the illegal Bengali immigrant communities. Thousands of Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus have fled the violence. Many Buddhist eye witnesses and victims have described massacres committed by Bengali terrorists to local journalists in Myanmar. The stories have not made international headlines.
Human rights agencies financed by the US State-Department and Saudi Arabia, such as Human Rights Watch have blamed all of the violence on the Tatmadaw.

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Robbie Travers On Campus Censorship: Ignoring Orwell At Their Peril

Robbie Travers, a 21-year-old law student, is being investigated by the University of Edinburgh for claims he committed a ‘hate crime’.
As we detailed previoustly, sharing a comment on his Facebook page – in response to the U. S. Air Force dropping a massive ordinance air blast (or MOAB, ‘Mother Of All Bombs) on a network of ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan in April – Travers said:
‘Excellent news that the US administration and Trump ordered an accurate strike on an ISIS network of tunnels in Afghanistan. I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins.’
A complaint with the University was filed by a second-year history student that alleged Travers’ comment ‘put minority students at risk and in a state of panic’ while also breaching the student code of conduct – with Edinburgh Uni even going so far as to open a probe over Traver’s plainly horrific comment obviously directed toward terrorists!

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SYRIA: Russia’s President Putin Reiterates Commitment to Fighting Terrorism in Letter to President Assad

President Putin, saying ‘I am confident that through our joint efforts, we will achieve victory and restore peace and stability to the Syrian territories.’
DAMASCUS,(ST)- H. E. President Bashar Al-Assadreceived a letter from his Russian Counterpart, H. E. President Vladimir Putin; the letter was conveyed by the Defence Minister of Russia, Sergey Shoigu.
In the letter President Putin congratulated President Assad on the breaking of the siege imposed on Deir Azzour for more than 3 years by daesh (ISIS) terrorists.
The plans as to continue the joint struggle, fight and cooperation between the Syrian Arab Army and Russian forces as to liberation of all of Deir Azzur from terrorism was discussed during the meeting.

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SYRIA: Deir Ezzor Liberation Heralds Victory over US Coalition Regime Change Plot

Finian Cunningham
The breaking of the siege of Deir ez-Zor by the Syrian army and its Russian ally marks the defeat of not just foreign-backed anti-government militants. It signals victory over the regime-change plot orchestrated by the US and its partners. For three years, the eastern Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor had been besieged by militants affiliated with the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terror network. This week the Syrian army broke the stranglehold and liberated the city with crucial help from Russian air power.
Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly sent a letter of congratulations to Syria’s Bashar Assad, a measure of the strategic significance of the event.
Deir ez-Zor on the Euphrates River had been the main terror hub in the country, serving as a supply corridor for IS between neighboring Iraq and Syria, according to Russia’s Colonel General Sergei Rudskoi. Now with the vanquishing of that hub, the terrorist remnants in Syria ‘face a crushing defeat.’
Last week, a headline in Britain’s Guardian newspaper put it succinctly, if not mendaciously. ‘Victory for Assad looks increasingly likely as world loses interest in Syria.’

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“Like Moths To The Flame”: Fighters Cut Down While Approaching Stranded Convoy

Many false reports on #ISIS terrorist convoy. It has not reached #Iraq and will not reach Iraq. Buses still in open desert, with food/water.
— Brett McGurk (@brett_mcgurk) September 6, 2017

A convoy of buses containing hundreds of lightly armed ISIS terrorists and their family members remains stuck in the Syrian desert and pinned down as US and coalition planes continue to pick off militants who stray too far from the group. External ISIS vehicles have also tried to access and aid the group, but as US coalition spokesman Army Col. Ryan S. Dillon stated, coalition aircraft are picking them off as they come close “like moths to the flame.”
Dillon estimated that over 40 ISIS vehicles were destroyed, including nearly 100 terrorists killed, while heading toward the convoy as the coalition has been “able to continue to just observe and pick them off one at a time.’ But on Friday afternoon the US alliance announced the sudden withdrawal of its surveillance aircraft over the site at Russia’s request, publishing the following statement:
At approximately 7am GMT Sept. 8, Syrian pro-regime forces advanced past the 11-bus convoy of ISIS terrorists and non-combatants in the eastern Syrian desert. To ensure safe de-confliction of efforts to defeat ISIS, coalition surveillance aircraft departed the adjacent airspace at the request of Russian officials during their assault on Dawyr Az Zawyr.

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SYRIA: Will Trump Comment on Allegations of Airlifting ISIS Commanders from Deir ez-Zor?

21st Century Wire says…
This week, the Syrian Arab Army, in conjunction with the Russian Air Force and allied militias on the ground, broke the three-year ISIS siege of the city of Deir ez-Zor and the key strategic area around its airport. Previous to that, all supplies, food and ammunition, as well as evacuations for the wounded surviving civilians and Syrian soldiers trapped there – was being delivered by air.

Strategically, this is a huge victory for Syria and its allies. For terrorist confab ISIS and its international backers however, it may mark the beginning of the end of their ‘revolution’ in Syria and Iraq.
One ugly revelation which has emerged from this fierce battle is multiple reports of US Coalition forces seen evacuating ISIS commanders, or possible US special forces or US ‘mercenaries’ who have been leading ISIS on the front lines in Syria. If confirmed, this would reaffirm numerous previous other reports of US and Coalition member support for ISIS.
Interesting, no US media outlet will touch this story – not even to brand it a ‘conspiracy theory’ or ‘fake news.’ This is telling.
A number of details have emerged regarding ISIS evacuations during the liberation of Deir ez-Zor. Earlier today, a military and diplomatic source told Sputnik News that the first such extraction took place on August 26th, when a ‘US Air Force helicopter’ evacuated 2 Daesh field commanders of ‘European origin’ with members of their families. Then two days later, US choppers are said to have returned to transfer another 20 ISIS field commanders and militants close to them from south-eastern areas near Deir ez-Zor, away into northern Syria. The news agency then added:

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ISIS Urges Supporters To Poison Food At US Grocery Stores

After urging its supporters in the west to turn cars into weapons, guidance that inspired terror attacks in the UK, Spain and France, ISIS is now calling for sympathizers to poison the food in US supermarkets with cyanide, according to SITE.
In recent days, channels associated with the terrorist army have posted calls for attacks on Europe, Russia and the United States to mark the occasion of the Islamic “Sacrifice Feast” Eid al Adha. In the third part of an English-language series on jihad, IS advised would-be attackers to inject food for sale in markets with cyanide poison. According to Spiesa, the organization has tested these methods on prisons, causing horrifically painful deaths.
‘The Islamic State group used prisoners as ‘human guinea pigs,’ carrying out chemical weapons experiments in order to plan for attacks against the West, documents found in Mosul have revealed. The papers detailing the tests, which led to the agonizing deaths of prisoners, were discovered at Mosul University in January when it was recaptured by Iraqi special forces. The documents verified by United States and British forces were detailed by The Times in a report published Saturday. Prisoners had their food and water contaminated by the sprinkling of chemicals found in easily accessible pesticides. The US and Britain now fear that the same methods could be used on a larger scale to contaminate food supplies in the West.’

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SYRIA: History in the Making as Syrian Arab Army Breaks ISIS Siege of Deir Ezzor

21st Century Wire says…
How many of us can truly say we have witnessed such exhilirating history in the making? Footage of the Syrian Arab Army and their allies entering the city of Deir Ezzor has just been released. Yet another one of the brutal and punishing sieges maintained by ISIS and assorted US coalition armed and funded extremist forces has had its back broken by the SAA and the stubborn resistance of the Syrian people. We are witnessing the end of our existing global order, the victory of Truth over Force and asymmetric power and the birth of a new geopolitical paradigm.
Our endless gratitude should be extended to the brave people of Syria for the gift they have given to Humanity – the proof that resistance will prevail despite all the odds against them. The following video was posted by independent Aleppo MP, Fares Shehabi, on Facebook. Watch ~

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