U.S. Virgin Islands Authorizes to Seize All Guns Due to Hurricane

The U. S. Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp of the Virgin Islands has just issued an order allowing the National Guard and the local government to seize any privately owned guns, ammunition and private property necessary to protect the island due to Hurricane Irma. Of course, there is no definition of what may constitute property that is necessary to ‘protect’ the island.

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Texas Activates All 12,000 National Guardsmen “In Response To Harvey Devastation

Moments ago, in response to the devastation from hurricane Harvey, Texas Governor Abbott announced he is activating the entire Texas National Guard, bringing the total number of deployed guardsman to roughly 12,000. These National Guardsman will assist in the ongoing search and rescue effort for any Texans in immediate danger, and will be heavily involved in the extensive recovery effort in the aftermath of the storm. It is imperative that we do everything possible to protect the lives and safety of people across the state of Texas as we continue to face the aftermath of this storm,” said Govemor Abbott. The Texas National Guard is working closely with FEMA and federal troops to respond urgently to the growing needs of Texans who have fallen victim to Hurricane Harvey, and the activation of the entire Guard will assist in the efforts already underway. I would like to thank FEMA Administrator Brock Long, as well as all our brave first responders for their hard work in helping those impacted by this terrible storm.”
Maj. Gen. John F. Nichols, Texas Adjutant General, said that “we will not rest until we have made every effort to rescue all those in harm’s way. We will remain here as long as we are needed. I want to thank Govemor Abbott for his continued leadership and look forward to serving the great people of Texas.”

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One Dead, Many Injured After Car Plows Into Protesters In Charlottesville, Driver In Custody

Update 6: Citing a state official, AP confirms that the driver of a car that plowed into a group of marchers in Charlottesville is in police custody. Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran said the driver, a man, has been arrested. Moran did not immediately provide a name of the driver.
* * *
Update 5: Meanwhile back in Charlotesville, the Police have shut down the block as a helicopter hovers above. Additionally, the UVA Medical Center official says one person has died and 19 were injured after a car plowed into a group of protesters in Charlottesville. University of Virginia Medical Center spokeswoman Angela Taylor confirmed the death to The Associated Press.
Update 4: Discussing today’s violence and tragic incident in Charlottesville, Trump called for “a swift restoration of law and order” saying “when I watch Charlottesville, to me it’s very, very sad” adding that “the hate and division must stop, and must stop right now”, and notes that “we condemn in the possible strongest terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.” Trump also said that “we have to come together as Americans with love for our nation and true affection for each other” adding that “I want to salute the great work of the state and local police in Virginia … the National Guard has been working smart and working hard, they’ve been doing a terrific job.”

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Violence Flares In Venezuela As Opposition Calls For New Strike

Venezuela’s socialist government opposition called for a two-day national strike against President Nicolas Maduro after another day of violent clashes on Saturday where the injured included a violinist famous for his musical protests.
Wuilly Arteaga, the 23-year-old has become famous for playing the national anthem on his violin in front of security lines as battles rage around him, has been injured in the fight for freedom against Venezuela’s socialist regime. Paramedics attended Arteaga in the street as blood poured down his face. He later tweeted a video from the hospital with a bandaged face and clutching his violin. ‘Neither rubber bullets nor pellets will stop our fight,’ said Arteaga. ‘Tomorrow I will be back in the streets.’
On Saturday, several thousand protesters sought to march on the pro-Maduro Supreme Court in support of alternative magistrates appointed by the opposition. But security forces blocked them with armored cars and riot shields. Clashes ensued for several hours as hundreds of masked youths hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at National Guard troops firing tear gas from motorcycles.

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After Shocking Saudi Shakeup “Not A Question Of If But When New Escalation With Iran Starts”

Two days ago, when reporting on the surprising “terrorist attempt” by Iran’s National Guard on a major Saudi offshore oilfiled (at least according to Saudi media), we said that “if the Saudi account of events is accurate, and if Iran is indeed preparing to take out Saudi oil infrastructure in retaliation or otherwise, the simmering cold war between Saudi Arabia and Iran is about to get very hot.” This in turn followed an earlier analysis on the ongoing Syrian war in which we said that “the next major regional conflict appears set to be between Saudi Arabia and Iran. All it needs is a catalyst.”
That catalyst, according to energy consultancy Petromatrix, may have been revealed overnight with the stunning Saudi royal shakeup in which the King announced he was stripping the current Crown Prince, his nephew Mohamed bin Nayef (MBF), of all titles and obligations, and replacing him with his son Mohamed bin Salman (MBS).
Summarizing the event, Petromatrix analyst Olivier Jakob wrote that “the day starts with the Saudi Crown Prince sent to retirement and replaced by the deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). MBS was already the strong hand in Saudi Arabia, this latest development, and the purge that goes with it, confirms that he is the de-facto king of Saudi Arabia. Under his watch, Saudi Arabia has developed aggressive foreign policies (Yemen, Qatar…) and he has not been shy about making strong statements against Iran.”
The punchline: “with MBS now having greater control of Saudi Arabia and with Jared Kushner having a large control of the White House it is not really a question of if but rather of when a new escalation with Iran starts.”
Jakob wasn’t the only one to react strongly to the Saudi royal shakeup. Below, courtsy of Bloomberg, are several other notable reactions:

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Shocking Footage: Venezuelan National Guard Truck Drives Through Crowd of Dissidents

For several weeks Venezuela has been rocked with protests and riots as the Maduro regime increasingly tightens its grip on the population. It seems as if security forces are brutally cracking down on dissidents on a daily basis now. Wednesday in particular, saw some incredibly tense clashes between protesters and government forces in the capital city of Caracas. According to Bloomberg:
Injuries throughout the city included 134 traumas and 17 cases of people overcome by gas, Mayor Ramon Muchacho of the opposition-dominated Chacao municipality said in a post on his Twitter account. Those hurt included lawmakers Freddy Guevara and Julio Montoya. The opposition coalition, known as MUD, said in a statement that more than 300 people were injured in today’s clashes.

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Gunfire Breaks Out As Venezuela National Guard Clash With Anti-Maduro Protesters

Venezuela security forces on Tuesday clashed with anti-government protesters seeking, in part, to remove justices from the Supreme Court accused of unconstitutionally favoring the ruling party, while supporting lawmakers locked in a bitter dispute with the administration of President Nicolas Maduro and the Supreme Court.
Previously, the opposition-controlled National Assembly had called for the march ahead of a vote by lawmakers to remove members of the country’s top court, less than a week after judges attempted to seize the power of Congress. The protest was the most violent since hundreds of thousands flooded the capital last year demanding the embattled president’s ouster.

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State Department Writes Anti-Leak Memo… Which Quickly Leaks To The Washington Post

At this point it is no great surprise that the Trump administration is the victim of an attempted “soft coup” led by so-called career politicians, most of whom are liberal, Obama/Clinton loyalists, staffing the various agency buildings sprinkled around Washington D. C. As we noted a few days ago, here is just a small sample of what has been leaked by these career politicians in just the past couple of weeks:
The “National Guard roundup”: The AP published a story this week on a draft Homeland Security memo that would call up National Guard units to round up illegal immigrants. The administration quickly denied it was considering the idea, but someone leaked that memo. Torture executive order draft: Only days after the inauguration, a draft of an executive order started circulating detailing plans to reinstate the CIA’s “black site” prisons and using Gitmo for detainees. It’s uncertain where this came from, and nothing has come of it since. His conversation with Australia: An official told the NYT that the call between Trump and Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was heated and had an abrupt end. His conversation with Mexico: Dolia Estevez from Forbes reported that sources from both sides told her that Trump threatened to send U. S. military to Mexico during his “friendly” phone call with President Nieto. The raid in Yemen: Military personnel leaked information about the raid in Yemen, which led to the death of a Navy SEAL. They accused Trump of not having the proper intelligence before signing off on the raid. Gen. Flynn’s phone call: Weeks after the FBI warned the Trump administration that then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn talked about Obama’s sanctions during his call with Russia in December, the information was leaked to the press, which ended up with Flynn forced resignation. The insiders: Republican Senator John McCain told reporters on Tuesday, “It’s a dysfunctional White House, and nobody knows who’s in charge.” Others have told journalists, including our Mike Allen about the “borderline chaos” of Trump’s administration, Steve Bannon’s growing influence, Trump’s dramatic process for selecting his SCOTUS, etc.

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DHS Chief Vows “No Military Force” On Deportations After Trump Describes “Military Operation”

Read the draft memo behind my @AP story on the proposal to mobilize National Guard for immigration enforcement: — Garance Burke (@garanceburke) February 17, 2017

With each passing day it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the apparent breakdown in communications between the Trump White House and his various agency chiefs. Earlier this morning we noted one of the more egregious communication mishaps since Trump took the White House in which Kellyanne Conway told MSNBC that General Michael Flynn enjoyed the “full confidence” of the President just hours before he was fired (see “Kellyanne Conway Blasts CNN Reports That She’s Been “Benched” From TV Appearances“).
Now, we learn the latest communication mix-up came from two very contradictory comments, one from DHS Secretary John Kelly and the other from President Trump, earlier today on exactly how law enforcement officials would implement plans to roundup and deport criminal illegal aliens currently residing the U. S.
Speaking in Mexico City earlier today, Kelly, in an attempt to assuage tensions created by Trump’s immigration policies, told Mexican diplomats that the administration’s new immigration rules would not result in “mass deportations” and vowed that his department would not use “military force” to implement domestic policies. Per The Hill:

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Live Feed: Riot Police And Humvees Move In To Remove Last Remaining Standing Rock Protesters

Breaking: North Dakota Executive Order Forcing Unarmed Indigenous People Off Treaty Lands #defundDAPL #MniWiconi pic.twitter.com/PYsmo92xrt
— IndigenousEnviroNet (@IENearth) February 22, 2017

Yesterday we noted that, after nearly a year of continuous protests, eviction day had finally come for the last remaining members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.
That said, and quite unsurprisingly we might add, a number of Standing Rock protesters apparently decided that the North Dakota Governor’s eviction notice, which went in effect yesterday at 2pm, was merely a suggestion and overstayed their welcome on federal lands. As such, riot police and Humvees have now been called in to facilitate their immediate departure.
Of course, as most are acutely aware at this point, the standoff in North Dakota revolves around Native American opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), a project the Standing Rock tribe said crosses over land that belongs to them pursuant to the Treaty of Fort Laramie from 1868.
According to RT, roughly 100 protesters remained in camp this morning as riot police moved in to clear the grounds.
Live-streams from across the Cannon Ball River showed police, including state troopers from Wisconsin, and what looked like National Guard troops entering the mostly abandoned encampment on Thursday morning, accompanied with armored vehicles and construction equipment.

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The 10 Biggest Leaks Of The Trump Presidency

The real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by "intelligence" like candy. Very un-American!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 15, 2017

Following Trump Chief of Staff Priebus’ comments earlier, it is clear, as Axios notes, President Trump’s biggest problem has quickly become a leaking administration.
Here are The Top 10 Leaks so far…
The “National Guard roundup”: The AP published a story this week on a draft Homeland Security memo that would call up National Guard units to round up illegal immigrants. The administration quickly denied it was considering the idea, but someone leaked that memo. That dossier: CNN reported that Trump and Obama were briefed on documents that included scandalous allegations about Trump and his connections with Russia. BuzzFeed then published the unverified dossier. Torture executive order draft: Only days after the inauguration, a draft of an executive order started circulating detailing plans to reinstate the CIA’s “black site” prisons and using Gitmo for detainees. It’s uncertain where this came from, and nothing has come of it since.

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Trump Wouldn’t Be The First President To Mobilize The National Guard To Enforce Immigration Law

The shrieks of terror and hurt feelings were palpable yesterday as AP reported ‘fake news’ that 100,000 National Guard would sweep across the nation rounding up illegal immigrants. How could Trump do this? He is Hitler?!! The only problem for Leftists with their hypocritical outcry is… In 2010, President Obama said the same!
Having denied the Associated Press’ report, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer came out denying any such program was being considered once the story was published.
He undercut the authenticity of the report, saying the draft was ”not a White House document’ and that the AP’s story was ’100 percent not true.’ And as TheAntiMedia notes, at no point is there any explicit mention of what the Guard troops would do thanks to the fact that this draft did not propose federalizing them.
Each state governor orders a deployment at their discretion and under their command. What the would-be order seeks to do is expand the 287(g) program, which allows state and local agencies to assist federal immigration enforcement in detecting and apprehending unauthorized immigrants. The program was initiated under President George W. Bush and scaled back by President Barack Obama.

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“Fearful, Panicked” Illegal Immigrants Flood Mexican Consulates Across The U.S.

After a wave of raids last weekend by U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials landed over 600 people, in cities across the country, in federal detention centers, illegal immigrants around the nation are suddenly growing far more concerned about what the Trump administration might mean for their future residency plans. Add to that this morning’s latest leaks/rumors, courtesy of the Associated Press, that Trump is making plans to call up 100,000 National Guard troops to “round up” illegal immigrants and you have a recipe for nationwide panic among those who have intentionally violated U. S. immigration laws.
As the New York Times points out, this uncertainty over Trump’s approach to deportations has Mexican nationals flooding consulates all over the country for legal advice on how to fight deportation.
Perhaps nobody is as busy as Carlos Garca de Alba, the consul general in Los Angeles, one of the largest offices in the country. He has begun to train nearly every employee in basic legal services and expects to bring in many more immigration lawyers. Still, in recent months, Mr. Garca has felt torn between his efforts to increase services to worried constituents and trying to calm their nerves.
‘We don’t want to provoke and feed a kind of paranoia among our nationals here,’ Mr. Garca said in an interview. ‘There is a kind of psychosis, people are really scared. Up to now we haven’t seen anything that is really different than the last several years, but the environment is making people panic and they are completely fearful. They want to know what is going to happen and how to protect themselves.’

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The Elite Push Their Agenda To Censor Those Individuals Who Are Not With Them – Episode 1207b

The following video was published by X22Report on Feb 17, 2017
Trump hold press conference call corporate media fake news, enemy to the people. Corporate media puts out draft of EO calling in the National Guard, only one problem its a draft of many. Twitter will throttle certain accounts if they are not political correct. Facebook says its developing an algorithm to detect political dissent. Social media, corporate media are pushing to censor others from speaking out. McCain falls for a prank and reveals information to the pranksters. Kiev is preparing to make a move in the South East region. Russia is attack the IS in Raqqa. The US will not work with Russia in Syria.

Here Is The “Leaked” Memo Directing The National Guard To Arrest Illegal Immigrants

After the latest scuffle between the media and the Trump Administration over a memo drafted by Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, which allegedly called for as much as 100,000 national guard troops to be deployed to arrest illegal immigrants, moments ago the AP released the leaked memo titled “Implementing the President’s Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements Policies”, to the general public.
Read the draft memo behind my @AP story on the proposal to mobilize National Guard for immigration enforcement: — Garance Burke (@garanceburke) February 17, 2017

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White House Blasts “False” AP Report That 100,000 Troops Will Round Up Illegal Aliens

This is not true. DHS also confirms it is 100% false — Sean Spicer (@PressSec) February 17, 2017

AP reported that according to a draft 11-page memo, the Trump administration is considering mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal immigrants. However, the White House quickly slammed the agency’s report is ‘false.” In yet another leak-counterleak example of “spot the fake news” , moments after the AP report hit, the White House denied everything
As reported earlier (see below), the AP said an ‘unprecedented militarization of immigration enforcement’ would affect locations as far north as Portland, Oregon and as far east as New Orleans, Louisiana, according to the 11-page document, purportedly written by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. The proposal would four states bordering on Mexico – Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas – as well as the seven neighboring states of Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon and Utah. Governors in the eleven states would have a choice whether to have their guard troops participate in the round-up, according to AP.
But the White House responded to the news with only one word: ‘False,’ according to Reuters.

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Trump Considers Mobilization Of 100,000 National Guard Troops To “Round Up” Unauthorized Immigrants

In what was shaping up to be a relatively drama-free day, moments ago the AP reported that the Trump administration is considering the mobilization of as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants. The move is part of an alleged “surge” in detention of illegal immigrants, as discussed last weekend.
A draft memo obtained by The Associated Press outlines a Trump administration proposal under consideration to mobilize as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants.
Millions of those who would be affected in 11 states live nowhere near the Mexico border.
The 11-page document calls for the unprecedented militarization of immigration enforcement as far north as Portland, Oregon, and as far east as New Orleans, Louisiana. If the proposal is implemented, governors in the affected states would have final approval on whether troops under their control participate.

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Is Obama Creating An Army Of Agitators To Go Up Against Trump? – Episode 1203b

The following video was published by X22Report on Feb 13, 2017
Illegal immigrant caught trying to purchase a grenade launcher. Mauro kicks out CNN for fake news. The elite are now teaching the young in schools to on how to spot fake news. Apple wants to throttle fake news. Obama is building an army of agitators in DC. Libyan people are creating their own National Guard and the Unity government is worried and says its illegal. US war enter the middle east. The Pentagon has been reporting airstrikes since 2011 and now we find out they they are incorrect which means that other data must be incorrect. The corporate media is pushing the chlorine gas propaganda when Syria as taking back Aleppo.

Secret Service Taking Extraordinary Measures To Protect Against “Unprecedented” Inauguration Threats

Just yesterday we noted the latest undercover video from Project Veritas which revealed anarchist groups plotting to disrupt the Trump inauguration by dumping butyric acid into the heating and ventilation systems of buildings expected to be used for this weekend’s festivities. Add to that, the fact that ~750,000 protesters are expected to descend upon Washington D. C. with a stated intent to “paralyze the city” and Obama’s “extremely unusual” move to fire the D. C. National Guard Chief just days before the inauguration ceremonies and you have a recipe for disaster.
Describing the situation to Washington Top News, Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy acknowledged that the threat level at this ingratiation is “different” from previous ones saying that, after a contentious 2016 campaign cycle, people “are willing to do things they may not have been willing to do in the past.”
‘I think people today are willing to do things they may not have been willing to do in the past,’ Clancy said.
He cited several episodes that took place during the campaign, ‘where people jumped over those bike racks or security zones into our buffer. In the past, it was very rare for somebody to do that. Today, in this past campaign, people were willing to do it.’
Maness says, however, ‘From what we have seen the security measures and first-responder preparations have been excellent for the event.’

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Without explanation and just a week before inauguration, President Obama has suddenly announced he is removing the Major General in charge of the DC National Guard who helped plan and was set to oversee event security that day, effective at 12:01 pm right in the middle of the ceremony – the very minute after Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

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