Russiagate is a secret in an envelope: John Batchelor interviews Stephen F. Cohen

John Batchelor begins with several recent worrisome events with American and Russian behaviour in this New Cold War that show that there is no respite from international tensions between Russia and Washington. The worst of these involves the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley who is warning that Syria was preparing another chemical weapons attack and this suggests the real and rising possibility of another false flag attack may be underway. (Note that Haley once more is speaking out of turn with no sources reported, no evidence shown, and the White House denies that it is the source of her comments. Larry). Cohen, however, wanted to pause the topic and return to the background of the Russiagate crisis in Washington and the curious behavior of American MSM. The statements of those agencies that produced these accusations now discredit Russiagate and yet the media still maintains these fraudulent accusations, and even Oliver Stone has come under attack since the airing of his Putin Interviews. Cohen is mystified that the American MSM has seemingly decided to maintain these lies as a means to exclude the citizen from the truth. No absurdity is too bizarre if it supports the narrative – even to the point that one newspaper, the Washington Post published as fact what amounted to a story that the CIA had a spy within Putin’s entourage that proved collusion between Trump and the Kremlin. This is just now reported and yet it happened under Obama – and sparked his threat to commit a cyber attack on Russia. And yet the major intelligence agencies, including the FBI, have started to distance themselves from this nonsense – publicly and at the highest levels. Not even Tom Clancy (of Cardinal in the Kremlin fame) handled a plot like this with so little credibility, and once more the MSM is insulting the intelligence of its consumers.
The discussion eventually returns to how all this pertains to recent events in Syria, the American shoot down of the Syrian war plane. The Russians reacted with a warning that any further transgressions like this would lead to the loss of American planes – and a near “no fly zone” protection envelope by Russia was the response. But Trump is under pressure to not back down to Russian threats. This likely pertains to the Nikki Haley rant at the U.N. about Assad’s chemical weapon stockpile, and Cohen believes there is a threat of a false flag attack using this excuse. If this is the case, the threat of war is now far greater as Russia may have to respond if American military assets bomb so-called Syrian military infrastructure that it arbitrarily and without factual basis declares to be chemical weapons storage facilities. What Cohen is saying is that a fictional accusation is made and followed up by an actual military response; Russia is essentially saying that if there is a repeat of this, it will respond militarily as well. That is a long-standing pattern for escalation leading to war. That the Deep State does not realize what they are doing is not credible and yet their expectations are for Russia to not respond. This is incredibly stupid. It means that Washington is either prepared to go to war now, or is not reading the situation well at all. But the end result can be the same.
Elsewhere, the Russian defence minister’s plane was harassed/threatened by a NATO plane on June 21st over the Baltic Sea, and was warned off by a Russian interceptor. Batchelor is correct when he states how reckless an act this was – and seemingly matches the latest reckless American attacks on the Syrian military. Cohen agrees and states: “that this is another warning that we are on a razors edge”. Also discussed were some good things: President Macron of France’s break with Washington foreign policy over Russia, a debate is currently happening within the White House about foreign policy priorities over Russia – to cooperate against terrorism or not – and finally Trump wants to meet with Putin in the next G20 meeting. All in all not a good news week and a more dangerous war climate than the one before, but still there are hints of improvement within the storms.

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Tales of the New Cold War: U.S. leaning Syria…Europe leaning Moscow — John Batchelor interviews Stephen F. Cohen

Batchelor and Cohen take a reprieve (perhaps welcomed) from the Washington/Trump civil war and shift their attention to troop movements in the Baltic States (NATO) as Canada sends in a rotation contingent, a Ukraine that continues to fester quietly with Poroshenko’s visit to Washington, and more serious, the U.S. shooting down of the Su 22 Syrian jet and an Iranian drone in Syria. The overview is that under Trump, there is no change in the NATO stance in Europe, but vastly deteriorating conditions in Syria even as ISIS is clearly defeated there. The new problems evolving in Syria are about potential problems between the numerous allies on opposite sides that represent a poisonous mix of conflicting agendas over and above what is represented by ISIS. Both pundits are in agreement over this assessment. Cohen begins with his interpretation of the American shoot down of the Syrian jet and quite simply labels it as illegal and an act of war against a sovereign state. But he also notes that the Russians did something interesting. They did not react for two days and then on Monday came out with a statement that Russia would target (radar paint) any non-legitimate aircraft in the region, and should it prove hostile or in non-compliance to orders to leave it would be shot down. The ‘deconfliction’ agreement has therefore died. For Cohen this is yet another incidence of sabotage by the Pentagon/CIA to prevent Trump and Putin negotiating. Cohen assumes this is correct by ‘the pattern of events’ shown for decades between Russia and the USA during cold war events . For this writer we are very close to Russia declaring a ‘no fly zone’ in Syria, and it is very clear that some Americans were caught with surprise and fear at this reaction. The other pattern is that the Russian reaction to these transgressions has always been a degradation of cooperation in Syria. Whether Trump can function with this kind of interference by his opposition without that opposition starting a shooting war is a very real worry. More about this later.
The discussion then shifts to Europe and the Ukrainian Crisis. Batchelor maintains that European leadership, the new leaders in the U.K. France, and Germany’s Merkel are two weak to carry on effectively with the Minsk2 Agreement. Enter US Sec. State Tillerson, who advocates dissolving the agreement and having the combatants negotiate a solution for themselves. Cohen then brings up the new American sanctions and discusses how destructively stupid they are. Three European foreign ministers have now threatened to put sanctions on the U.S. if these new U.S. sanctions were passed into law. This is an amazing development and shows the real direction of Europe and Russia – and Washington. Cohen elaborately details these political changes with European leaders.

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The Deep State’s Government Dark Secrets Will Destroy The Fabric Of Unites States – Episode 1278b

The following video was published by X22Report on May 12, 2017
Trump continues to create chaos, playing with the media and keeping them busy on non-sense. Trump warns Comey don’t leak anything your conversation might have been recorded. Wikileaks wants the recordings of Comey offering $100,000. The Clinton team planned the Russian collusion story right after she lost the election. Condoleezza Rice admits that going into Iraq was not about democracy it was about regime change. Former NSA director Hayden wants to cut off Russia gas supply to Europe. China invites South Korea and NK to the discussion of the silk road trade deal. South Korea wants to pause sanctions on NK. Safe zone are now being used in Syria to keep the civilians safe, these are not no fly zones. A major cyber attack hit many countries and this attack is holding computers ransom and demanding money.

Trump Weighs Military “Saturation Strike” In Syria, Resulting In Russian Deaths

.@SenJohnMcCain & @LindseyGrahamSC's statement on the need for action in Syria.
— Fox News (@FoxNews) April 6, 2017

The Pentagon has briefed President Trump on various military options the US can conduct in response to the poison gas attack in Syria that killed scores of civilians, and which Washington has blamed on the Syrian government, a U. S. official told Reuters.
Options include things like implementing a “no fly zone” or grounding aircraft used by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, an official quoted by Reuters said.
Another option also includes the use of Tomahawk cruise missiles to overwhelm Russian air defense systems used by the Syrian military. The official did not comment on how likely military action might be which, if any, options might be recommended by the Pentagon. According to the Intercept, this would be a ‘saturation strike’ using dozens of cruise missiles designed to hit Syrian military targets -including military air fields – in an effort to limit future Syrian Air Force attacks on rebel positions, according to the two U. S. military officials.
Among the valid military targets in Syria would be Syrian military airfields, air defenses and other types of Syrian military installations. The official played down the idea that Russian military infrastructure might be a target.
What is most troubling, however, is that according to the quoted U. S. military officials, “the current proposal would likely result in Russian military deaths and mark a drastic escalation of U. S. force in Syria.”

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Syria Has Shown That Stop the War UK is Not Fit for Purpose

Dreadful reports from Aleppo. @STWuk want to see an end to bombing and brutality on all sides in Syria.
— Stop the War (@STWuk) December 13, 2016

This is a sequel to Stop the War, Libya and the CPGB-ML, which considered the response of the UK’s Stop the War Coalition to NATO’s plans for regime change in Libya.
The war on Syria began in much the same way as that for Libya: romantic talk of the Arab Spring, and claims of peaceful protests ruthlessly put down by a dictator with hitherto unsuspected genocidal tendencies. However the non-NATO aligned members of the Security Council, on the one hand, and a high proportion of the general public on the other, had learned from the disastrous consequences of Russia and China’s acquiescence to a no fly zone in Libya, and thus moves to introduce one for Syria, either with or without the agreement of the Security Council, have so far failed.
The purpose of the Libyan war, i.e. the overthrowing of Gaddafi, was achieved within a few months thanks to NATO’s bombing campaign; the lack of such action on the part of NATO and its allies has enabled the Syrian to withstand the terrorist onslaught, with the Russian participation a game-changer. The protracted nature of the conflict has enabled and encouraged research into the facts of the war, with extensive evidence available on essential points, in particular:
1: Forced regime change in Syria had been planned for years by US and allies (see Wesley Clark on US intentions in 2001, the Clinton emails from 2006 and the revelation by French Minister Dumas relating to NATO plans for Syria in 2009).

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SYRIA: Syrian Arab Republic Flag Flies Again over the Al Fijah Springs

21st Century Wire says…
According to a report in Al Masdar News this morning, ‘the Syrian Arab Army raised the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic over the Al-Fijah Springs on Saturday, marking the first time in 4 years that this site has been under government control’. The now, familiar, corporate media blame-laying upon Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad, has taken on a whole increased fervour since the liberation of Aleppo, their long time raison d’etre for their No Fly Zone demands.
To suggest that the Syrian state would deprive its own people of essential water, the five million inhabitants of Damascus, people steadfastly loyal to their State, their army and her allies, is ridiculous and obscene. However, it is no great surprise to see this level of distortion of truth by the corporate media who have made an art form of such deceit for the last six years of the NATO state dirty war against Syria.
Brandon Turbeville covers the subject of Wadi Barada in his latest article:
‘If there were any doubt that the water crisis in Damascus was created by the Western-backed terrorists operating outside the city, the end to that crisis should now dispel the rest of that doubt. This is because the crisis is now over precisely because the Syrian military was able to retake the area.

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BREAKING: New Obama Executive Action Opens Door to Unlimited Arms for Islamist Terrorists in Syria

As 21WIRE reported earlier this week, in a historic turning point in a five-year bloody conflict, the Syrian Arab Army liberated the Old City of Aleppo from the hands of occupying terrorists and armed militants. This joint victory by Syria and Russia has caused a panic in Washington, however, as well as in London, Paris, Saudi Arabia and Qatar – all of whom hoped they would eventually destroy the entire city of Aleppo, and win their proxy war in the process. Prior to this week, the US-led ‘Coalition’ still believed that they could somehow force a Syria-Russia military pause, or UN-enforced ‘No Fly Zone’ – by continuing to back a militant opposition that has been occupying East Aleppo since 2012. Their epic failure has prompted yet another highly dangerous and desperate move by a lame duck US President – signing a new order which could deliver unlimited arms and support to ‘moderate’ terrorists in Syria.
On Tuesday, President Barack Obama issued a White House memorandum (see full text below) to both the US State and Defense departments which waives any arms export control restrictions on providing ‘military assistance’ to any and all ‘foreign forces’ in Syria, according to a White House press release issued today. Presumably, this includes not only guns and ammunition, but also lethal TOW Missiles and RPGs (and anti-aircraft units?) for tens of thousands of extremist foreign fighters and salafi terrorists currently operating inside Syria, as well as thousands of US-trained and equipped fighters waiting in camp in both Turkey and Jordan.

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Ankara and Washington: It’s a New Deal

As Ankara is pushing Washington to hand over Fethullah Gulen, the man accused of orchestrating a failed July 15 coup in Turkey, Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear host Brian Becker discusses with former CIA analyst Ray McGovern the new relations between the two long-term allies.
Turkey’s Justice Minister Bekir Bozda traveled to the United States on Tuesday, for talks with U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, primarily seeking the extradition of cleric Gulen. In McGovern’s view, Ankara should not expect that Washington will forcibly extradite the former ally of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.
‘ wants to have a pretext to dissociate themselves with the United States, not going to be bowing before you on things like Iraq’s Mosul and Syria’s Aleppo, both of which Erdogan seems still to consider parts of his Grand Ottoman Empire he would like to reestablish,’ asserted the analyst on Loud & Clear program.
Larry Galearis, who provided this story/audio interview, had this to say about it…”Finally someone is discussing what Turkey is doing in Syria. And I agree with Ray here that Turkey’s interests are not necessarily in line with Russia’s or Syria’s or Washington’s. On the topic of a Turkish declaration of NATO Article 5, if Russia shoots down a Turkish aircraft up to no good in Syria, Ray did not clarify whether a NATO invading another country would neuter Article 5 as it is an aggressor nation in Syria. But note that the Russians were very clear about what its response would be to even unknown aircraft (IFFs can be turned off); they would be shot down. Nobody was talking about this in the American press, but unofficially that is a “no fly zone”. And so far both Turkey and Washington is taking it seriously. But Ray’s last comment about how the “cowboy” elements in the DOD could try to test out the this red line. That nobody is talking about this (MSM) is actually a sign that Washington is taking this seriously.
But the way Carter ended the ceasefire and the Russian unofficial no-fly zone imposed has essentially very much limited Washington’s military responses in Syria and I still wonder why Carter is still head of the DOD…..Perhaps he needs to show he can be on Hillary’s team too and knows he is protected?

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We Vote for War or Peace with Russia

Every presidential vote, like every other vote, demands that one set priorities, for it is a rare voter indeed who will agree 100% with a given candidate. And surely in the coming presidential election survival must top the list of priorities. What can be more important than the survival of human civilization and perhaps humanity itself?
Here is a brief primer on the subject – suitable for printing out for liberal friends.
No Fly Zone over Syria
‘I personally would be advocating now for a no-fly zone (inside Syria)….’
Hillary Clinton interview, October 1, 2015, the day after Russia began air operations over Syria. Clinton has held this position since 2013 at least when she admitted it would ‘kill a lot of Syrians.’ She has maintained it right up to the final presidential debate when she went ‘all-in on Syria no-fly zone’ as the pro-Clinton Huffington Post headlined it.
‘Right now, Senator, for us to control all the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war – against Syria and Russia. That’s a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I’m not going to make.’
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford in Congressional testimony on September 22, 2016. Dunford’s alarm is shared by other ‘national security’ experts and those previously involved in implementing such zones.

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Editor’s Note: Not only is this the case, but she totally knows it… and she can’t wait.
The media has failed to address the confrontation between the U. S. State Department and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Francis Dunford (image right) has warned both the US Senate as well Secretary of State John Kerry in no uncertain terms that a ‘No Fly Zone’ over Syria would lead to war with both Syria and Russia, intimating a dangerous process of military escalation.
In a Senate Arms Services Committee hearing, Dunford said, responding to questions from Republican Senator Roger Whicker (Mississippi)
‘Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria it would require us to go to war, against Syria and Russia,… That’s a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I’m not going to make.’ (Senate Armed Services Committee, September 22, 2016, emphasis added)
At the third presidential debate, Hillary Clinton reasserted her commitment that if elected president, she would implement a no-fly-zone, intimating that the objective was to ‘save lives’:

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Episode #158 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Uncle Sam Unhinged’ with guests Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Vanessa Beeley, Basil Valentine

Episode #158 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes this October 30, 2016 as host Patrick Henningsen brings a 3 HOURS special broadcast of LIVE power-packed talk radio on ACR…
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This week’s edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE is on the road broadcasting LIVE from the Valley of the Sun. This week host Patrick Henningsen covers this week’s top stories in the US and internationally. In the first hour we’re joined by a very special guest, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, founder & editor of Global and author of ‘The Globalization of War: America’s Long War Against Humanity’, to discuss Hillary’s Hawks and what a Clinton presidency will look like in terms of US-backed wars around the globe, as well as very real talk in Washington of a ‘sustainable’ nuclear conflict. In the second hour, we’ll be joined by 21WIRE special contributor, Vanessa Beeley to learn about her recent press conference in Moscow and how the US, UK and France are doubling-down on their failing White Helmets-led PR campaign for a ‘No Fly Zone’ in Syria. In the final segment of overdrive, we’ll be rejoined by sage to the bookies, Basil Valentine, to breakdown US Election odds, reports of voter fraud in the US – and also to have some fun by laying pool odds for our listeners on which Hillary Clinton scandal might actually derail the Clinton political machine.
SHOUT POLL: Which of these two US oligarch families is more corrupt (and why)?
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Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

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Clinton’s ‘No-Fly Zone’ over Syria Will Not ‘Save Lives’ – It Will Lead to War with Russia

The media has failed to address the confrontation between the U. S. State Department and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Francis Dunford (image, left) has warned both the US Senate as well Secretary of State John Kerry in no uncertain terms that a ‘No Fly Zone’ over Syria would lead to war with both Syria and Russia, intimating a dangerous process of military escalation.
In a Senate Arms Services Committee hearing, Dunford said, responding to questions from Republican Senator Roger Whicker (Mississippi):
‘Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria it would require us to go to war, against Syria and Russia… That’s a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I’m not going to make.’ (Senate Armed Services Committee, September 22, 2016, emphasis added)
At the third presidential debate, Hillary Clinton reasserted her commitment that if elected president, she would implement a no-fly-zone, intimating that the objective was to ‘save lives’:

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Syria: French Sponsored Terrorist Media Sites Smear Russia in Attempt to Impose No Fly Zone

Among the NATO allies decrying ‘war crimes’ in Syria, France is taking a lead role in the chorus denouncing Russia. The latest outburst comes from French President Francois Hollande who says he wants Russia charged with war crimes at the International Criminal Court.
Just to rub it in and pretend to be all superior, Hollande is also demurring on cancelling a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin who is due in Paris next week.
The US, Britain and France have all been banging on the rhetorical drums accusing Russia and its Syrian ally of gross violations. The alleged violations stem from the renewed military offensive to fully capture the city of Aleppo. But let’s be clear: the offensive is aimed at retaking the second most important city in Syria back from Western-backed terrorist proxies who have been holding the civilian population as hostages since 2012.
The Syrian-Russian operation resumed after a ceasefire failed due to the Western-backed militants refusing to halt their attacks on the Syrian army, civilians and UN humanitarian aid convoys. The criminal nature of these militants – dominated by the al-Qaeda terror group al-Nusra Front – and their covert connections to Western governments have been well documented by informed media sources – albeit obfuscated by Western news outlets, so there is no need to delay here on qualifying that assessment.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on OCTOBER 11, 2016.

AVAAZ: Washington’s Merchant of War Peddles the No Fly Zone in Syria, Calls for Another Libya

21st Century Wire says…
The Syrian Arab Army and allies advance inexorably towards the liberation of Aleppo from the hordes of US coalition funded terrorist brigades, headed up by Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda, and Washington is in turmoil. Despite its best efforts, the US coalition intervention in Syria has been an unmitigated disaster, having hit the brick wall of President Bashar Al Assad’s popularity and the fortitude of the Syrian people in withstanding everything the US coalition has flung at it, militarily and on the propaganda front. So, now, an increasingly frustrated US coalition has pulled what they believe to be the Ace in their pack of public-perception-altering cards.
Avaaz has been deployed, the flagship of the fleet of media and propaganda vessels all pouring forth the narrative that supports the US coalition for a ‘we-fly-you-dont-zone’. Avaaz has launched their No Fly Zone petition. The infamous No Fly Zone petition that heralded the destruction of Libya in 2011, has now been tailored and dressed up, to be used against Syria.
Emotively labeled the ‘Protect Aleppo’s Children Now!’ campaign, Avaaz has pulled out all the stops:
‘There are no good options to end the war in Syria. But inaction is the worst one. A no-fly zone will mean that an international coalition can threaten to down planes that try to bomb Northern Syria. Almost 70% of Avaaz members support it. 8% oppose. Hesitation to use force to protect people is understandable and wise. But imagine it was our kids being bombed, what would we want the world to do? ‘

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on OCTOBER 3, 2016.

Syria: White Helmets Staged ‘Russian Bombing’ Scene Near Aleppo, Lapped-up By Mainstream Media

21st Century Wire
When it comes to Syria, the level of disinformation fraud from US Coalition-aligned agencies shows no sign of diminishing. Once more the West is attempting to produce anopen and shut case of humanitarian law violation, with which to further demonize Syria and Russia. This, in turn, will enable them to escalate hostilities on the ground in Syria and invoke the much sought after No Fly Zone which will, in effect, facilitate the NATO bombing of Syria into the oblivion of a Libya style failed state.
Last Saturday saw one of the most shocking and incendiary international incidents of this NATO war against Syria – a US-led, one hour-long airstrike which massacred 70 Syrian Army soldiers and wounded 100 others near the city of Deir al-Zour. The US claimed they were targeting ISIS. However, the US brutal attack on the Syrian Army provided cover for an ISIS advance into Syrian Army held territory.
Just 48 hours later, new reports then began to circulate through the western media about an attack on a UN-sponsored Aid Convoy. It is alleged that 18 of the 31 reported trucks were bringing ‘food relief ‘ from UN stores, said to be managed by Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), to the town of Urm al-Kubra, west of Aleppo. This is an area controlled by one terrorist group, US backed Nour al-din al-Zenki and surrounded by US/NATO supported Al Nusra Front.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on SEPTEMBER 24, 2016.

Will The October Surprise Be More Shocking Than Everyone Expects? – Episode 1081b

The following video was published by X22Report on Sep 21, 2016
FBI searching for two other individuals that might have seen the FBI plant the explosives. US Government pushing race wars in Charlotte NC. US and South Korea are practicing on how to attack a nuclear facility. Russia contacted the US twice about the attack on Syrian forces. Russia shows a terrorist vehicle riding along side the humanitarian aid convoy. Russia also reports the US had a drone in the air. Russia wants an impartial investigation into what happened. Turkey will extend the war in Syria. Russia has changed the rules of engagement, any plane that approaches and attacks Syria is fair game. John Kerry pushes the agenda of a no fly zone in Syria.

‘STOP THE WAR IN SYRIA: Dont be Fooled by Propaganda’ ~ Veterans for Peace

‘Recently, a compelling photo of a bleeding and seemingly confused young Syrian boy seated in an ambulance in Aleppo was widely distributed and commented upon in domestic and international news media. In response, some journalists have called for the Obama Administration to ‘take action,’ including bombing government military targets in Syria.’
Veterans For Peace feels great sympathy for all of the victims in Syria, and for all who have lost family members, friends and loved ones in this terrible war.
Many of us are veterans of military conflicts that were sold to the American public with emotionally compelling but misleading messages and images. We recognize and denounce the manipulation of selected images of human suffering as propaganda used to justify yet further military violence, which will only lead to more death and suffering.
Why are we not seeing images of suffering on both sides of the war in Syria?
Why is an image of an injured boy used to call for yet more violence?
The ‘no fly zones’ and ‘safe zones’ that some pundits are calling for in Syria are acts of war that would lead to more violence and destruction, as happened in Libya, a nation that was virtually destroyed by a so-called ‘humanitarian intervention.’

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on SEPTEMBER 6, 2016.

Turkey And The US Government Ground Invasion Was Planned 2 Years Ago – Episode 1058b

The following video was published by X22Report on Aug 25, 2016
France will no deploy 3000 police to schools to protect against terror. Russia on high alert as the proceed with snap drill. US provoking Iran as it sails a destroyer into the Strait of Hormuz. Germany is thinking about removing its jets from Incirlik airbase. US supports Turkish invasion, the ground invasion has been in the planning stage for over 2 years. US/Turkey creating a buffer-zone as Russia creates a no fly zone. US/UN release a chemical weapons report that Assad was responsible. This is pure propaganda to make the move to remove Assad.