Delaware Professor Says “Rich, White, Clueless, Male” Warmbier “Got Exactly What He Deserved”

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University of Delaware professor claimed Wednesday that Otto Warmbier was typical of ‘rich, white, clueless males’ and ‘got exactly what he deserved’ at the hands of the North Koreans.
Katherine Dettwyler, an anthropology professor at UDel, expressed her feelings on the death of Warmbier in the comments section of an article published by National Review, as well as on her personal Facebook page.

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North Korea Blames Obama Administration For Warmbier’s Death

A day after US student Otto Warmbier was laid to rest at a funeral service in his home town of Cincinnati on Thursday, the North Korean foreign ministry released a statement to local state-controlled television saying his death was a mystery and dismissing accusations that he had died because he was tortured and beaten during his captivity, according to Reuters.
Instead, the North’s foreign ministry blamed the Obama administration for Warmbier’s death, which never formally requested Warmbier’s release, claiming Warmbier was ‘a victim of the policy of strategic patience.’
“The fact that Warmbier died suddenly in less than a week just after his return to the U. S. in his normal state of health indicators is a mystery to us as well,” the foreign ministry was quoted by KCNA as saying.

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What You Missed in Trump’s Tweet About China’s Failure

U. S. President Donald Trump’s tweet about China – posted yesterday afternoon (June 20) just after 2:30 p.m. – immediately had media outlets buzzing.
Some news sites suspected that it was actually a warning about how Trump is preparing for war with North Korea:
‘Trump Tweet Hints North Korea Tension Will Heat Up Again’ – Newsday ‘Trump Just Sent a Mystifying, Disturbing Tweet About North Korea’ – VOX ‘High Noon in North Korea: Is Trump Ready for War?’ – The Daily Beast ‘Did Trump Just Declare War on a Nuclear Weapons State Over Twitter?’ – New York Magazine Other (arguably less dramatic) media outlets posited that Trump, via Twitter, was actually nudging China to pick up its efforts in countering North Korea’s threats – as if to say, ‘Thanks for trying, China, but you failed. However, you still have an opportunity to redeem yourself by agreeing to more North Korea sanctions during today’s talks.’
The outlets in this latter camp quoted several experts, who explained their thoughts on Trump’s mid-afternoon tweet.

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NORTH KOREA: Trump’s Recklessness Could Trigger All-Out Conflict on Korean Peninsula

21st Century Wire says…
Washington’s muscle flexing seems to have taken on a life of its own as the shadow of US neocolonialism falls over much of the world with increasing intensity. In Syria, the US is lashing out, lawlessly, at the bastion of resistance that has been denying its objectives for almost seven years. Now, the US secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has declared that China should ‘exert much greater economic and diplomatic pressure’ on North Korea to step away from its nuclear and missile programmes.
Footage of a reported, massive ‘live fire’ drill conducted by the North Koreans in April 2017 gives some indication of what the US might face if this ‘escalation’ is magnified beyond recall, by the usual suspects at Fox News and CNN…

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Don’t Be Stupid (Rough Lessons)

I’m all for travel.
I’m all for adventure.
But there are third-world ****holes, never mind nations with zero respect for human rights, that are flatly unsafe to travel to. Some are unsafe for everyone. Some are unsafe for women (e.g. majority Muslim nations) traveling alone. Some are unsafe for particular religious or ethnic groups. Some are unsafe for certain nationalities and since your Passport bears your nationality prominently…..
Otto Warmbier violated rule #1 by taking such a trip — to North Korea. Then he did something even worse, apparently — he stole a political propaganda piece.
Look folks, even in non-third-world ****holes there is one way to get trounced and at best be seen as an “Ugly American” — inject yourself into the local political process. In many nations it’s actually illegal for you to do so. It should be illegal here too for someone who is not a citizen to do so, but heh, we seem to have this snowflake thing in that regard and what’s worse is that we think we can shove our particular bit of sensibility down other people’s throats.

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Journalist Warns Of North Korean EMP Threat: Even ‘High-Profile National Security People Are Talking About It’

If you asked the average person about what threat North Korea poses to the United States, they’ll probably respond with a blank stare. The few who happen to pay attention to the news, will likely mention North Korea’s nuclear program, as well as their efforts to develop long range ballistic missiles that could one day reach the United States. That’s pretty much all most Americans know about North Korea’s capabilities, because that’s all they hear about from the media.
The truth however is much more frightening. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that North Korea is either capable of, or is working on the ability to launch an EMP attack against the United States. Unlike the threat posed by a nuclear tipped missile, this wouldn’t just destroy a city or wipe out an overseas military base. It could destroy every city, and kill millions of people. Without a functional electrical grid, there’s simply no way that our society can feed and shelter the current population.
However, it should be noted that while most Americans are totally unaware of this threat, people in high places are taking it very seriously. Earlier this month, a columnist for the Toronto Sun named Anthony Furey released a book that details the threat of an EMP attack, called Pulse Attack: The Real Story Behind the Secret Weapon That Can Destroy North America. He was recently interviewed by Breitbart, and revealed that powerful people in our government are discussing North Korea’s EMP capabilities.

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North Korea Accuses “Gangster State” US Of “Mugging” Diplomats

North Korea is accusing the US of seizing an official diplomatic package from a team of diplomats headed home from a UN summit on the rights of the disabled – an act it said was tantamount to ‘mugging’ its delegates, who enjoy diplomatic immunity.
The North’s foreign ministry says agents from the Department of Homeland Security, along with local police, intercepted the diplomats at John F Kennedy International Airport on Friday, a day after the North released 22-year old American student Otto Warmbier, who was freed and sent back to the US in a coma, Reuters reported.
The incident marks the conclusion of a brief episode of detente between the North and US that culminated in Warmbier’s release. For their part, officials at the State Department and White House have refused to confirm or deny the story, and won’t talk about it. As evidenced by Warmbier’s release, the US and North Korea appear to have opened a dialogue, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said that the two powers are continuing to discuss the possibility of releassing three other Americans being held by the North.

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Frontrunning: June 16

Russia may have killed ISIS leader Baghdadi (Reuters) About 4,000 more US troops to go to Afghanistan (AP) Insurers Look to Ramp Up Premiums in Health Law Exchanges (WSJ) U. N. envoy urges North Korea to explain why freed U. S. man is in coma (Reuters) Wal-Mart Offers a Refuge for Sellers Tired of Amazon (BBG) Trump to limit Cuba travel, restrict business deals with military: U. S. officials (Reuters) Private-Equity Firms Stand to Benefit From Court’s Curb on SEC (WSJ) The $31 Billion Hole in GE’s Balance Sheet That Keeps Growing (BBG) Facebook Boosts A. I. to Block Terrorist Propaganda (WSJ) Whole Foods CEO Calls Activist Investor ‘Greedy Bastards’ (BBG) Kroger Rattles Nerves in Grocery Section (WSJ) U. S. Exports to Mexico Fall as Uncertainty Over Nafta Lingers (WSJ) Funds pull back from Permian as U. S. shale oil firms go into overdrive (Reuters) The World’s Richest Nation Has Rarely Looked Weaker (BBG) 30 confirmed dead in London high-rise fire (AP) Big Oil Firms Are Exploring a New Frontier in Shale: Profits (WSJ) Facing criticism, British PM to visit London fire victims (Reuters) Pimco’s New Bond King Is Nothing Like Bill Gross (WSJ) U. S. accuses Chinese company of money-laundering for North Korea (Reuters) Overnight Media Digest
– Nestl SA put its U. S. confectionery business up for sale, looking to shed its Butterfinger and Crunch candy bars as it grapples with how to cater to U. S. consumers’ increasing demand for healthy snacks.
– Pressure on U. S. grocers increased after a lower earnings forecast from Kroger Co sent shares in the nation’s biggest supermarket chain down 19 percent.

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American university student Otto Warmbier has been released after 17 months of captivity in North Korea, but he is in a coma and in need of immediate medical treatment, a former U. S. official said Tuesday.
‘Otto has been in a coma for over a year now and urgently needs proper medical care in the United States,’ said former diplomat and politician Bill Richardson, who has been involved in prior negotiations with North Korea.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed in a statement that Warmbier, a 22-year-old University of Virginia student from Ohio, was on his way back to the United States. He is expected to arrive home Tuesday evening, after a stop at a U. S. military installation in Sapporo, Japan.
North Korean officials told American envoys that Warmbier fell ill with botulism sometime after his trial in March 2016, according to Warmbier’s family. The North Koreans claim that Warmbier took a sleeping pill and never woke up, remaining in a coma ever since.
Warmbier was serving a 15-year sentence for ‘hostile acts’ against the North Korean state after he allegedly attempted to take down or steal a propaganda banner while on a tour of the country.

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North Korea Threatens New York With ICBM Nuclear Attack In Response To Trump Tweet

Whether it’s just more posturing by North Korea or a real threat of war, the rhetoric coming out of the rogue state is getting ever more brazen.
Earlier this year, several weeks before President Trump took office and presumably following President Obama’s stark warning about North Korea being the number one threat America faces, Trump tweeted the following:
North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U. S. It won't happen!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 2, 2017

Within weeks the 45th President would see his first potential global crisis as the Communist country began the testing of both nuclear weapons and the inter-continental ballistic missiles that could deliver them to their targets.

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The Criminal Empire Has No Where To Go, What’s Their Next Move – Episode 1305b

The following video was published by X22Report on Jun 13, 2017
Obamacare is losing another 2 million people, they are not signing up because it is to expensive. Sessions was being questioned about meeting with Russians, this is a dead end. After 6 months there is no evidence of Russian collusion. North Korea released an American citizen and is transporting this individual back to the US. The President is meeting with the President of South Korea. USS Carl Vinson is headed back to Pearl Harbor. Syria has taken the border and is now controlling it. Tillerson says Trump has no authorization to strike Syrian, Russian or Iranian troops.


North Korean tyrant, Kim Jong-Un has been preparing for this for a long time. The dictator is now alleging to be only one step away from obtaining a nuclear weapon with the ability to strike the United States, and a foreign policy expert is backing up that claim.
Kim Jong-un has been steadily building towards an ICBM (intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile) and has conducted several missile tests in the past months in his race towards obtaining one. His most recent one landed in the sea of Japan just a few miles away from the mainland itself.
Jeffrey Lewis, a top expert on North Korean missiles, said Kim Jong-un is one key component away from having a fully-functioning nuclear weapons arsenal.

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US Urges Beijing To Impose First Round Of Sanctions Against Chinese Firms Trading With North Korea

The Trump administration has asked Beijing to impose what would be the first round of sanctions against nearly 10 Chinese companies and individuals that trade with North Korea, part of a strategy to starve, and ultimately shut down, Kim’s nuclear program, the WSJ reports.
Recall that while U. S. sanctions on North Korea target virtually the nation’s entire economy; U. N. sanctions are less stringent and still allow for significant nonmilitary trade, especially between the isolated nation and its biggest trading partner, China. While there is no firm deadline, senior US officials cited as sources by WSJ indicated that the Treasury Department could impose unilateral sanctions on some of these entities before the end of the summer if Beijing doesn’t act.
The Journal did not name the entities being targeted, however clues to their identities can be found in a report released Monday by a Washington-based nonpartisan research group, C4ADS, that identifies several Chinese entities of concern in the hopes of exposing illicit trading networks. Those include a Chinese businessman and his sister said to be connected to a ship intercepted by Egypt last year while smuggling 30,000 North Korean rocket-propelled grenades. US officials told WSJ that the report reflects part of its strategy towards North Korea.

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8 Killed In U.S Strike On al-Shabaab Militants In Somalia

While the world waits with bated breath to see if Trump will strike Syria or North Korea first in the next planned geopolitical diversion, overnight the Pentagon carried out an air strike on al-Shabaab in Somalia on Sunday, and Somalia said its special forces had joined in the attack to destroy one of the jihadist insurgent group’s main training and command posts.
The office of President Mohamed Abdullahi said the base was located on Sakow, in the Middle Juba region in southern Somalia, according to VoA.
Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo said Sunday he authorized the country’s special forces with support from international partners to conduct a pre-dawn strike against an al-Shabab training camp near Sakow. He said the strike destroyed a key al-Shabab command and supply hub, which will “disrupt the enemy’s ability to conduct new attacks within Somalia.’
“Earlier today, I authorised our special forces with the support of our international partners to conduct a strike against an al Shabaab training camp near Sakow,” his statement said. “This was a successful strike that destroyed a key al Shabaab command and supply hub. This will ultimately disrupt the enemy’s ability to conduct new attacks within Somalia.”

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Next Generation Risks, Part 1: ‘Super EMP’ Attack

The global financial system’s ever-increasing leverage pretty much guarantees another crisis in coming years – unless it’s pre-empted by new weapons that can, in theory, shut down entire national banking systems, thus screwing up the best-laid plans of today’s savers and investors.
This series will consider some of them, beginning with the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. From today’s Wall Street Journal:
North Korea Dreams of Turning Out the Lights Pyongyang doesn’t need a perfect missile. Detonating a nuke above Seoul – or L. A. – would sow chaos. In 2001 Congress established a commission to study the danger of an electromagnetic pulse generated by the detonation of a high-altitude nuclear weapon. It concluded that while there would be no blast effects on the ground, critical electricity-dependent infrastructure could be rendered inoperable. The commission’s chairman, William R. Graham, has noted that several Russian generals told the commissioners in 2004 that the designs for a ‘super EMP nuclear weapon’ had been transferred to North Korea.

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Putin Warns Of ‘Hot War’ And Nuclear Holocaust: ‘I Don’t Think Anyone Would Survive’

With tensions among the world’s super powers mounting in places like Ukraine, Syria, North Korea and most recently Qatar and Iran, it may only be a matter of time before someone pushes the red button.
When they do, all bets are off, and as we’ve learned from the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in June of 1914, once the trigger is pulled there’s no going back and hundreds of millions of lives, perhaps billions, will hang in the balance.
Considering that Russia is closely allied with Syrian President Assad, has a direct interest in maintaining control of Ukraine’s former Crimea region, and its ties to Iran, ignoring the possibility of a global war in coming years could be a devastating oversight.
We are, in fact, at war right now. But just as was the case from the 1960’s through the end of the 1980’s, it is a ‘cold war.’ There have been no direct troop engagements that we know of between the Russians and the United States. But look to cyber space and it should be clear that there is a battle taking place on a daily basis. Moreover, as we’ve previously reported, nuclear war may well be on the horizon, because the confrontations taking place on the geo-political stage are no longer just talk.
Action has already been taken by both sides:

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WW3 Approaches, North Korea Launches 4 Anti-Ship Missiles

North Korea fired four anti-ship missiles into the sea east of the Korean Peninsula Thursday. The South Korean military said this new test was intended to demonstrate North Korea’s advancements in ‘precise targeting capability.’
As tensions continue to rise between the United States and the rogue nation of North Korea, the missile tests conducted also continue. This is now Kim Jong-Un’s fourth missile test in one month, as the volatile North Korean dictator continues to balk at the United Nations sanctions against his country. In fact, this is the nation’s first missile test since the UN implemented more, harsher, sanctions on the fascist nation.
South Korea’s joint chiefs said the projectiles, launched near the eastern port city of Wonsan, were believed to be surface-to-ship cruise missiles.

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