Confirmed: US Cyber Attack Behind North Korean Internet Outage

Cyber terrorism is bad thing. In fact, according to the US government, it’s a major crime which is punishable by life in prison.
However, on the heels of Sony’s recent hacking and subsequent blaming of the North Korean government, the US has sanctioned its own cyber terror attack against North Korea, according to a credible source who contacted The Anti-Media. At the time of posting the article, North Korea has completely disappeared from the internet. The damage the US is hoping to do is not just intellectual, but is aimed at causing physical harm to the North Korean economy and by default its civilian population.
But it doesn’t stop there. According to our sources, the US is also planning on launching more cyber attacks against North Korea’s banking system which are planned to start tonight.

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This Threat Is Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

With the North Korea hackers unleashing their fury upon SONY executives over the movie The Interview, alarm bells have been raised among those who have researched the threat to our power grid. We understand how this low level threat could escalate with regard to a grave threat upon our power grid.
China, Russia and North Korea all possess significant EMP attack capabilities as was pointed out in a previous article. North Korea is a proxy state which does the bidding of China and now China’s intimate economic and military partner, Russia. Having North Korea execute a cyber-based or missile based attack upon the power grid of the United States, would provide Russia and China a thinly veiled layer of plausible deniability.
The warnings are clear and these dire warnings which tell of a threat upon our power grid have been delivered by very powerful people and as of today, these warning have been ignored.
Warnings From On High Some top officials in government and in business have taken notice of the threat posed to America by an EMP attack. In January of 2013, and again in her August 2013 farewell address as the outgoing Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano made it clear that it was a matter of when, not if the grid was taken down by a ‘cyber 911′. In this video, for DHS Director, Janet Napolitano reinforces her belief that an attack upon our grid is near, clear and present danger.

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A Cyber War With North Korea And An Economic War With Russia

In addition to all of our wars in the Middle East and the war that has erupted on the streets of America, we are now engaged in a cyber war with North Korea and an economic war with Russia. Without a doubt, the United States has the capability to do a tremendous amount of damage to both of them. But what about the damage that they could potentially do to us? We have a society that is absolutely teeming with soft targets. Our Internet infrastructure is extremely vulnerable, our debt-based economic system is already teetering on the edge of disaster, and government officials freely admit that security at key facilities such as power plants is sorely lacking. And these kinds of bitter conflicts have a way of escalating. The North Koreans and the Russians are both very proud, and neither one is going to back down any time soon. If a foreign power wanted to really make us hurt, it wouldn’t take much imagination at all. There are thousands of ways to do it. So Americans should not just smugly assume that we are untouchable. In a war, it is often those that are overconfident that get hurt the worst.
Last week, Barack Obama blamed North Korea for the nightmarish hack attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment and he promised that the U. S. would respond.
Well, it looks like that response began on Monday. According to Bloomberg, North Korea’s connection to the Internet was totally cut off…
North Korea’s limited access to the Internet has been cut off, according to a network-monitoring company, days after the U. S. government accused the country of hacking into Sony Corp. (6758)’s files.
North Korea, which has four official networks connecting the country to the Internet – all of which route through China – began experiencing intermittent problems yesterday and today went completely dark, according to Doug Madory, director of Internet analysis at Dyn Research in Hanover, New Hampshire.

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Is The U.S. Government Pushing War Between Police And The People – Episode 548

The following video was published by X22Report on Dec 22, 2014
Greek austerity assault on human rights, caused my IMF and EU. Tent cities popping up in Detroit and around the country. Real estate imploding, sales decline again. Declining oil prices might unleash civil unrest in some countries. Two police officers gunned down in NY. U. S. government and central bankers pushing war between the police and people. People of Yemen and Libya attacking oil ports. More lone wolf attacks this time in France. Anonymous says North Korea did not attack Sony. North Korea internet goes dark. US provoking as many countries as it possibly can to get the war started.

North Korea Threatens White House, Labels US a “Cesspool of Terrorism”; Sony Ponders YouTube Release of “The Interview”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is an incredible blowhard, but no credible threat to anyone outside North Korea. He just wants attention.
And he’s going to get it following his Threat to target White House after Obama Claims North Korea Behind Sony Hacking.
President Barack Obama is ‘recklessly’ spreading rumours of a Pyongyang-orchestrated cyberattack of Sony Pictures, North Korea says, as it warns of strikes against the White House, Pentagon and ‘the whole US mainland, that cesspool of terrorism’.
A long statement from the powerful National Defense Commission late Sunday underscores Pyongyang’s sensitivity at a movie whose plot focuses on the assassination of its leader Kim Jong-un.
“Our toughest counteraction will be boldly taken against the White House, the Pentagon and the whole US mainland, the cesspool of terrorism, by far surpassing the ‘symmetric counteraction’ declared by Obama,” said the commission’s policy department in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.

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North Korea Warns Of Attacks Against White House, Pentagon And Entire “Cesspool Of Terrorism” That Is America

The whole “North Korea hacking Sony” story had gotten so bizarre over the past week, there was nothing stopping it from jumping fully into the rabit hole. Which it did overnight when as the FT reported, North Korea warned of strikes against key sites in the US in retaliation for Washington blaming Pyongyang for the recent Sony cyber attack, saying any US punishment over the incident would lead to damage ‘thousands of times greater’.
The comedy continues:
Late on Sunday North Korea’s National Defence Commission said President Barack Obama was ‘recklessly’ spreading rumours that Pyongyang was behind the cyber attack. Sony has pulled The Interview , a satirical film depicting the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, after the hacking and subsequent threats of terrorist attacks against cinemas that screened it.”

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Hacking Collective Anonymous Says FBI Is Lying, “North Korea Is Not Source Of Hack”

Having confirmed unequivocally, in a statement by the FBI and reiterated by President Obama, that “the North Korean government is responsible” for hacking Sony, it appears the YouTube-less ‘evidence’ the FBI provided is being questioned by the hacking-collective ‘Anonymous’ and former Lulzsec hacker Sabu. As The Daily Beast reports, the hackers blasted, the North Koreans “don’t have the technical capabilities,” and added “we all know the hacks didn’t come from North Korea, and “all of the evidence FBI cites would be trivial things to do if a hacker was trying to misdirect attention to DPRK.” Meanwhile, on Saturday afternoon, Guardians of Peace, the hacking group that’s so far claimed responsibility for wreaking havoc on Sony, posted a message online mocking the FBI’s investigation – a series of gyrating animated bodies shrieking, “You are an idiot!”
As The Daily Beast reports,
While the FBI, President Obama, and George Clooney seem thoroughly convinced that the Guardians of Peace are the work of Pyongyang – the name ‘Guardians of Peace’ comes from a quote used by former President Richard Nixon describing South Korea – many hackers online have questioned the allocation of blame from Day One, including former Lulzsec hacker turned government information Sabu, who maintains they ‘don’t have the technical capabilities,’ and Anonymous, who wrote, ‘we all know the hacks didn’t come from North Korea,’ and threatened to launch further hacks against Sony if they don’t release the film online.

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North Korea Threatens to Blow Up The White House: ‘Ready To Stand In Confrontation With the U.S. In All War Spaces Including Cyber Warfare’’

North Korea has responded directly to the U. S. government’s claims that they are behind the latest string of hack attacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment. In an article published by the state-sponsored KCNA news agency, the North Korean government says that they have clear evidence that the United States is behind the hacking of Sony and that the fall out will lead to the White House being blown up.
What is grave is that U. S. President Obama is recklessly making the rumor about ‘DPRK’s cyber-attack on Sony Pictures’ a fait accompli while crying out for symmetric counteraction, strict calculation and additionally retaliatory sanctions.
This is like beating air after being hit hard. A saying goes every sin brings its punishment with it. It is best for the guilty to repent of its evil doings and draw a lesson when forced to pay dearly for them.
The DPRK has clear evidence that the U. S. administration was deeply involved in the making of such dishonest reactionary movie.

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‘The Interview’, A Sony False Flag Hack and Hollywood’s Empire of Mediocrity

It’s official: Sony Pictures has pulled the plug on The Interview – across all media platforms.
The chain of events which led to this point may forever be marked by historians as a seminal, watershed moment in this troubling epoch, known simply as, ‘The Age of Stupidity’.
Without a doubt, the most exciting piece of foreign theater involving the US and North Korea since Dennis Rodman and The Fish That Saved Pyongyang…
It couldn’t be any more ridiculous; a twisting and turning, real-life cloak and dagger drama seemingly tailor-made for Hollywood’s ever-expanding child-like adult audience who tends to believe anything which comes from ‘official sources’ or John Stewart’s Daily Show.
THE PLOT: A mysterious group of hackers who go by the intriguing name ‘Guardians of Peace’(not to be confused with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’) are said to have breached the company’s firewalls and have stolen lots and lots of sensitive emails and data from Sony Pictures Entertainment in Hollywood.
ACTION: On Monday morning Nov. 24th, Sony employees log into their computers only to be greeted by a neon red skeleton on their monitor screens accompanied by the words, ‘#Hacked by #GOP,’ (no, not the Republican Party), followed by lots of threats to release data and post Hollywood secrets online in text-sharing sites like PasteBin, frequented by ‘hactivists’.
Worst of all, the hack attack upset what is by far America’s utmost important group of individuals – actors (including the one in the White House).

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Sony Hackers Make New Demands… This Is What Happens When You Negotiate With Terrorists

Though the U. S. government’s official position is that North Korea is to blame, it’s not clear exactly who has hacked Sony and one could argue that it is nothing more than a propaganda show designed to distract the American public from more important matters like a collapsing global economy, problems in Russia or the fact that our Congress just passed a spending bill padded with all sorts of goodies for banking behemoths.
But it has nonetheless been interesting to observe.
So much so that even the President of the United States has now gotten involved. After Sony reportedly pulled ‘The Interview’ from theater distribution earlier this week in response to threats of a ’9/11-style attack’ from the hacking collective that calls itself the Guardians of Peace, the President said in a press conference that Sony executives made a mistake.
‘I am sympathetic to the concerns that they faced,’ Obama said. ‘Having said all that, yes, I think they made a mistake.’
‘I wish they’d spoken to me first [before canceling the release of the film],’ Obama said later.
‘We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the United States,’ Obama said. ‘If somebody’s able to intimidate folks out of releasing a satirical movie, imagine what they start doing when they see a documentary they don’t like, or news reports they don’t like. Or even worse, imagine if producers and distributors and others start engaging in self-censorship because they don’t want to offend the sensibilities of someone whose sensibilities probably need to be offended.’

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More Sony Hack/North Korea Psyop Fun: Team America World Police Screenings Canceled

Hey government and mainstream, lapdog establishment media: I thought we were supposed to be afraid of ISIS… Now it’s North Korea?
What a ridiculous reality we live in.
Right now the mainstream media is flooding the news cycle with story after story trying to rile people up about how the FBI has officially blamed North Korea for the Sony hack which led to the company canceling its scheduled release of the upcoming Seth Rogan movie ‘The Interview,’ ostensibly to avoid terror attacks at theaters.
Yesterday The New York Times ran a story titled, ‘U. S. Weighs Response to Sony Cyberattack, With North Korea Confrontation Possible.’ Voice of America, one of our government’s more openly official propaganda arms, ran with the headline, ‘US: Sony Cyberattack is ‘Serious’ National Security Matter.’ I saw the headline on VOA and went, ‘Uh-huh. Suuuuuuure it is.’
The Telegraph is even saying China helped.
And it’s official: the mainstream media sound like a bunch of children stomping around flailing their arms, ‘Look over here, look over here!! Pay attention to me, dammit!’ for a story that most people aren’t even sure they should waste eyeball juice on.
At the same time, alternative media outlets are rightfully calling this whole thing what it very likely is: a U. S. intelligence operation, and a huge (and frankly ridiculous) distraction.
Two family members have individually asked me now what I personally think of the Sony/North Korea story. My first response when I saw the headlines prior to the ridiculousfest blowing up the last few days was a yawn and a stretch. My response today, however, when they asked was more along the lines of *insert mind-melting scream here* akin to the sound of a rabid ninja camel fist-fighting a giant zombie anteater on crack with lightning bolts for eyes.
So people are actually buying this crap? Really?!

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Why the Sony Hack Really Matters

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The most important lesson we may be learning from the hacking of Sony Corp. is also the most disturbing. From what Americans can know so far (and even officials lacking security clearances probably don’t know close to everything), it seems that the United States lacks cyber-war escalation dominance with North Korea as well as with China.
As I’ve written before, escalation dominance is strategists’ fancy way of describing retaliatory power so great that it puts an intimidating fear of God into any prospective attacker. Washington’s weakfish response to Chinese government hacking activity – mainly an offer to discuss hacking rules of the road with Beijing – certainly suggested strongly a determination that some kind of counter-hack or other punishment created too great a threat of a broader cyber-conflict that America simply could not risk waging.
The Obama administration has made no such suggestion to Pyongyang and the threats made by the hackers against prospective patrons of Sony’s ‘The Interview.’ Indeed, the White House publicly threatened retaliation – which sounds more encouraging. So did the President’s own recommendation ‘people go to the movies’ (albeit with the qualifier ‘For now).

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“Some North Korean Folks Are Hacking…” President Obama Explains “Costs” – Live Feed

Having become convinced that the North Koreans are responsible for hacking the Japanese company Sony(with the apparent help of China or some Chinese folks… though not Russia or ISIS yet), President Obama will hold a press conference to – we are sure – show us the proof, explain how bad the movie was anyway, discuss the “costs” to be imposed, and point out that the terrorists did not win…
President Obama is due to speak at 1330ET (plan accordingly)…

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FBI Implicates North Korea In Sony Hack To Push Many Different Agendas – Episode 545

The following video was published by X22Report on Dec 18, 2014
Over 50,000 young people in UK are undocumented. Swiss central bank is imposing negative interest rates. Jobless claims decrease across the country after spiking 6% the month before. Housing crash is being blamed on the declining price of oil. Baltic Dry Index declines again. China might be positioning to bail out Russia. US hands over MH17 data but it will be kept confidential. A Ukrainian soldier comes forward and reports Ukraine shot down MH17. More troops heading to Iraq, bringing the total to 5,100. Cyber Attack on Sony is being used to demonize, place sanctions on North Korea. The other agenda is to get the Cyber Security Bill, and the Cyber Attack Insurance passed.

White House Confirms Sony Hack Is “National Security” Matter, Merits “Approporiate Response”

Absent YouTube clips of young North Korean hackers actually attacking Sony, the Obama administration appears to have made up its unequivocal mind that they are responsible… (even as they say the Sony hack origin is still under investigation) and now…
*SONY HACK BEING TREATED AS NATIONAL SECURITY MATTER: EARNEST *EARNEST SAYS SONY HACKING MERITS ‘APPROPRIATE RESPONSE’ The White House spokesman added that daily meetings are being held on the attack. We wonder just how soon it will be before the Nobel Peace Prize winner decides it’s time to take ‘action’.

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False Flag In Australia To Put Boots On The Ground In Syria To Get Assad – Episode 542

The following video was published by X22Report on Dec 15, 2014
Empire manufacturing collapses. Industrial productions surges even when the Baltic Dry Index declines again. Home builders realizing housing is collapsing. Russia and North Korea signing on the prevention of military activities. Ukraine three major airports closed meanwhile weapons from NATO are flown into those airports. Obama waiting for Europe to impose sanctions and then he will sign the sanction order. The people of Libya are now trying to take over the oil ports. US preparing to go into Libya. Terrorist hostage standoff in Australia. This false flag event was to push the agenda of putting boots on the ground and invading Syria.

Horrific Torture Report Shows Why Much Of The World Considers America To Be The Nazis Of The 21st Century

Good guys do not sadistically torture people. Good guys do not threaten to sexually abuse the family members of their prisoners, and they certainly do not forcibly ram things up the rear ends of those in their custody. One of the greatest dangers that our country is facing is the fact that we are not passing on what it means to be ‘American’ to future generations. Once upon a time, Americans were the good guys. But now, instead of fighting the Nazis we are behaving just like them. The details of the Senate torture report that was just released are almost too horrifying to talk about. We must talk about them though, because we are losing our soul as a nation. So please be warned – this article is going to be quite graphic. The reason for this is so that we can all take a long, hard, honest look at what we have become. After everything that has happened, top politicians from both political parties are still standing up and defending those that conducted and authorized this torture. The rest of the world is watching this, and the number of people that are absolutely convinced that America is pure evil is growing by the day. By not loudly condemning this torture and bringing the perpetrators to justice, we add fuel to the fire of those that hate this country, and we make it more likely that Americans will be targets of violence all over the planet.
There are very few people that are more outspoken about the evil of Islamic terrorism than I am. But there is no way that we will ever defeat Islamic terrorists by becoming just like them.
When I was growing up, I was taught that Americans never torture their prisoners. That was something that the Russians, the Nazis, the Chinese and the North Koreans did. We were the ‘good guys’, and so I was taught that we always treated our prisoners humanely.
Oh how things have changed.
The following is a summary of some of the details from the Senate torture report that just came out. As a nation, we should be deeply, deeply ashamed of what our government has been doing…

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North Korea: From Hermit Kingdom to Merchant Kingdom?

Toward the end of her remarkable speech at this year’s One Young World Summit in Dublin, North Korean defector and human rights activist Yeon-mi Park listed three ways in which ordinary people can help freedom-seekers in North Korea:
One, educate yourself so you can raise awareness about the human crisis in North Korea. Two, help and support North Korean refugees who are trying to escape to freedom. Three, petition China to stop repatriation.
To this list, Swiss-born businessman Felix Abt might add a fourth suggestion: do business with them. This suggestion forms the heart of Abt’s new book, A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom (Tuttle Publishing 2014).
From Hermit Kingdom to Merchant Kingdom Those familiar with the situation in North Korea (officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or DPRK) will not find Abt’s title as shocking as it’s probably intended to be. Indeed, as early as 2009, and undoubtedly even before that, Western media outlets were reporting on ‘the secret capitalist economy of North Korea’ (i.e., the black market) which sprung up in response to the famine of the mid-1990s. Writing for the Washington Post in May 2014, Yeon-mi Park herself even referred to the young people currently living in North Korea as the ‘Jangmadang, or ‘Black Market Generation’.’ These young people, she says, are far more individualistic than their predecessors, far less loyal to the ruling Kim regime, and infinitely more likely to be exposed to outside media and information.

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What Can Hong Kong And Cuba Teach Us About Economic Policy?

Early this year, I shared an amusing but accurate image that showed an important difference between capitalism and socialism.
And in 2012, I posted a comparison of Detroit and Hiroshima to illustrate the damage of big government.
Well, if you combine those concepts, you get this very pointed look at the evolution of Cuban socialism and Hong Kong capitalism.

Some might dismiss these photos as being unrepresentative, and it’s reasonable to be skeptical. After all, I’m sure it would be easy to put together a series of photos that make it seem as if the United States is suffering from decay while France is enjoying a boom.
So let’s go to the data. In previous posts, I’ve shared comparisons of long-run economic performance in market-oriented nations and statist countries. Examples include Chile vs. Argentina vs. Venezuela, North Korea vs. South Korea, Cuba vs. Chile, Ukraine vs. Poland, Hong Kong vs. Argentina, Singapore vs. Jamaica, and the United States vs. Hong Kong and Singapore.
Now let’s add Cuba vs. Hong Kong to the mix.

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The Breakdown Of International Cooperation

The Breakdown Of International Cooperation
Some of the major problems that humanity faces today transcend borders, and as such international cooperation is of vital importance. But recent events make such cooperation increasingly more challenging.
Without going into the wisdom of the decision, sanctions imposed on Russia over its foreign policy in Ukraine have a wide range of implications that go much beyond the economic sphere. For one, international dialogue is breaking down fast; just this week Russian President Vladimir Putin unceremoniously left the G20 meeting early.
Inevitably, this will have repercussions on major international cooperation initiatives, perhaps irreversibly in some cases. Here are a few notable examples:
Non-Proliferation, Arms Control and Disarmament
It is in no one’s interest that nuclear weapons go rogue. But the fear – or threat – of this happening can still carry some negotiating leverage.
Russia recently signed an agreement to build two more nuclear reactors in Iran, with the possibility of building another six. All reactors will be monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency, with all uranium fuel supplied by Russia and then taken back for reprocessing to prevent Iran from using the spent fuel to produce atomic weapons.
So far, so good. However, the insistence of one of the most fossil fuel rich countries in the world, ruled by a strict theocracy whose leaders regularly demonize the West, to have nuclear power has to raise some suspicion.
And out in the Far East, North Korea, China’s de facto buffer zone against core US allies in the region, is rattling its nuclear saber once again, this time in response to a damning United Nations report stating that the country’s regime is unparalleled in its human rights violations in the contemporary world.
Given the ongoing diplomatic malaise, Western nations may be increasingly forced to deal with these issues on their own.

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