Has North Korea’s Kim Jong Un been deposed?

Kim has not been seen publicly since September 4, and is reportedly suffering from gout, the "kings' malady" form of arthritis brought on by rich diet and sedentary lifestyle. He also reportedly underwent surgery for two broken ankles.
But according to some experts, his absence from the September meeting of the nation's rubber-stamp congress, the Supreme People's Assembly, is only the latest indication that something has gone seriously awry for the dictator.
The trip comes just days after Jang Jin Sung, a former counterintelligence official and high-ranking member of Kim Jong Il's regime, told fellow exiles in Netherlands that he believed recent events only added evidence that Kim was no longer in charge.

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Obama’s Russian Sanctions Are Backfiring on US & Further Destroying The World Economy

The US up until Bush, Jr has been the driving force behind the World Economy. I warned that the USA peaked in 1999 and that we would begin to see a decline that would result in the fragmentation of the USA at the end of the cycle. However, the cycle of Political Change on the USA peaked in 2013. On April 18th, this is when the confrontation between Obama and Putin began as he tried to gear-up for war to get a pipeline through Syria to compete with Russia. Syria was then accused of using Chemical Weapons. The model turned April 22nd, 2013.
It was also April 2013 when North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, despite stiffer sanctions from the UN, announced plans to expand his nuclear weapons and strengthen the country’s economy. So much for sanctions working there. Nevertheless, Obama has been implementing sanctions against Russia, but Obama’s pattern of complete disaster in foreign policy is repeating yet again as Europe is suffering an economic implosion and Obama has dealt a serious death-blow to the GDP of Europe particularly in agriculture. The golden rule in France – never mess with its farmers.

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CB Propaganda: ISIS Establishment In Libya, Lebanon and Yemen Is Now Imminent- Episode 459

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ADP private payroll missed expectations. PMI has fallen for the 2nd month in a row. ECB cut rates to counter the declining Eurozone economy. The people want stricter boarders and no work permits for illegals. US and South Korea building special unit to destroy WMD in North Korea. Ukraine agreed to a ceasefire for Friday. President Obama continues beating the war drum. NATO has authorized military aid for Ukraine. David Cameron says the western world does not need Assad’s permission to bomb inside his country. The tribes of Libya and Yemen are ousting their government and now the central bankers/US Government are painting the picture that the Islamic State is now entering and forming in these countries.