ISIS Urges Supporters To Poison Food At US Grocery Stores

After urging its supporters in the west to turn cars into weapons, guidance that inspired terror attacks in the UK, Spain and France, ISIS is now calling for sympathizers to poison the food in US supermarkets with cyanide, according to SITE.
In recent days, channels associated with the terrorist army have posted calls for attacks on Europe, Russia and the United States to mark the occasion of the Islamic “Sacrifice Feast” Eid al Adha. In the third part of an English-language series on jihad, IS advised would-be attackers to inject food for sale in markets with cyanide poison. According to Spiesa, the organization has tested these methods on prisons, causing horrifically painful deaths.
‘The Islamic State group used prisoners as ‘human guinea pigs,’ carrying out chemical weapons experiments in order to plan for attacks against the West, documents found in Mosul have revealed. The papers detailing the tests, which led to the agonizing deaths of prisoners, were discovered at Mosul University in January when it was recaptured by Iraqi special forces. The documents verified by United States and British forces were detailed by The Times in a report published Saturday. Prisoners had their food and water contaminated by the sprinkling of chemicals found in easily accessible pesticides. The US and Britain now fear that the same methods could be used on a larger scale to contaminate food supplies in the West.’

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Sep 5, 2017.

Real Fake News: Science Used As Propaganda

Did you know that doctors and scientists can be corrupt or simply wrong?
People seem to give doctors and scientists the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their findings and opinions on things like global warming, genetically modified organisms, pesticides, chemicals, and how unhealthy certain foods and habits are.
But like any other humans, scientists and doctors are, well, human. They can be misguided, confused, corrupt, and stubbornly opinionated.
According to Natural News, as many as 20,000 doctors once recommended smoking cigarettes to aid digestion.
In 1940’s Camel ran an ad campaign that claimed ‘More Doctors Smoke Camels.’
They even handed out packs of Camels to doctors at a medical convention and then polled the doctors on their way out the door, asking what their favorite cigarette brand was, or what kind they had in their pocket at that moment.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jul 27, 2017.

Globalism & Pesticides Are Behind Massive Honeybee Die-Off, Bayer Study Confirms

Despite Big Agriculture claiming for years that their pesticides only kill pests, a report published in late June in the Journal Science proved what many people have suspected for years: the type of pesticides that Bayer pioneered, known as neonicotinoids, are responsible for diminishing numbers of honeybees.
‘Two studies, conducted on different crops and on two continents … find that bees near corn crops are exposed to neonicotinoids for 3 to 4 months via nontarget pollen, resulting in decreased survival and immune responses, especially when co-exposed to a commonly used agrochemical fungicide.’ the report said.
The studies even found neonicotinoid residue inside of hives where no chemicals had been used nearby. The study also noted that the presence of these insecticide residues was correlated with fewer queen bees in the hives and fewer egg cells in solitary bees nests.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jul 11, 2017.

Trump to Force Toxic GMOs on other Countries

If there were any doubts about President Trump being in bed with the biotechnology industry spearheaded by Monsanto, those doubts can be firmly put to rest.
The Trump administration will attack overseas regulations that restrict the export of GMO crops and other products resulting from American technological innovation, said U. S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer at the first meeting of a newly created interdepartmental task force on rural America (link insertion by author). ‘We are going to bring cases at the WTO and other venues, we’re going to insist that any barrier be science-based, and the United States will increase exports,’ he said. (

‘Science-based’ is pro-industry jargon created by the biotech pushers. What this term has come to mean is anything but ‘science-based.’ It represents propaganda put forth to fool the public into believing that false claims of safety disguised as scientific fact invented by the biotech industry to promote sales of genetically engineered organisms (GMOs) and their associated pesticides/herbicides is legitimate science. It is not.

This post was published at FarmWars on June 16, 2017.

Genetically modified people: what could go wrong?

Genetically modified people: what could go wrong?
Genes, genes, genes: hype, hype, hype
Notes on Brave New World, against which freedom is the prime option
Freedom to refuse –
I’ll get to genetically modified people; but first, the background on the grand gene hype and propaganda operation –
The war against cancer has painted a picture of hope: genetic solutions.
This, despite the fact that there are no successful genetic treatments, across the board, for any form of human cancer.
The focus on genes is a diversion from obvious causes of cancer in the environment: industrial chemicals, pollutants, pesticides, food additives, and even pharmaceuticals.
This futile human gene-fix has a direct parallel in food crops: modify plants so they can grow despite drenching them with toxic pesticides.
However, massive GMO crop failures, reduced nutritive value of such crops, and the rise of super-weeds are three reasons why the gene model fails.
So it is with human cancer: ‘let’s modify the genes of people and they will be impervious to the environmental assault of chemicals that cause cancer.’
In other words, the fantasy proposes that someday, humans will be able to live in a toxic soup created by mega-corporations, and even thrive, because they have been genetically altered.
There is no reason under the sun to believe this.
‘Trust us. Even if environmental toxins trigger gene mutations that bring about cancer, we can just cancel out those mutations through better human engineering.’

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on February 21, 2017.

Warning to Trump: don’t approve GMO, pesticide, FDA horror show

In a previous article on Donald Trump, I wrote: ‘I think Trump favors jobs, all jobs, and will go to extremes to create them… He’ll find ways to allow the FDA to license new drugs more quickly, thus maiming and killing more Americans. He’ll cast a blind eye toward big corporate toxic GMOs/pesticides.’
I want to strengthen that warning.
First of all, the FDA isn’t being too careful in their drug approval process, as Trump team members suggest. It’s the opposite. The FDA is in the pocket of pharmaceutical companies. The president-elect should take notice of the famous July 26, 2000, review in the Journal of the American Medical Association, by Dr. Barbara Starfield, a revered public-health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
Starfield concluded that FDA-approved medical drugs kill 106,000 Americans a year. That would be 1.06 MILLION deaths per decade. Speeding up their drug-approval work now, the FDA would add many MORE dead Americans to their ‘credit.’
On the issue of GMO/pesticide safety, I could cite many references which eradicate the official claim that these substances are safe. But let’s look at the primary facts surrounding the original approval of GMO crops (and their attendant pesticides) in the US.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on December 31, 2016.


Arkansas – The United States Environmental Protection Agency just ignored a legal requirement to examine any threat to endangered species by approving another toxic herbicide this last week. Dicamba will now follow the trajectory of toxic chemical herbicides and pesticides which came before, such as glyphosate, and atrazine, forcing our most fragile creatures to the precipice of their demise.
Dicamba is not a new herbicide – it has been around for years. Brand names for formulations of this herbicide include Banvel, Diablo, Oracle, and Vanquish. A selective herbicide in the chlorophenoxy family of chemicals, dicamba can be found in nearly 1,100 items sold in the U. S. as agricultural and gardening products; however, the EPA’s latest decision allows the herbicide to be sprayed directly on genetically modified corn and soy, meaning it will likely be used across 1 million to 25 million pounds of just these two agricultural crops annually.
Many suggest that if dicamba herbicide-resistant corn and soybeans were not approved, farmers would be relegated to using older, more dangerous versions; but there is no sound basis in this argument considering all of these chemicals should be removed from our environment, regardless of their specific means of damaging human health and the ecosystem.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on DECEMBER 1, 2016.

Breaking: Bayer buys Monsanto: the Empire strikes back

This is the largest corporate cash buyout in history.
Mega-giant Bayer put $66 billion on the table, and mega-giant Monsanto said yes.
Think GMOs, crop seeds, pesticides, medical drugs.
Keep in mind that one of the consultants on the European side of this deal is the Rothschild Group.
But that’s not all. Dow and DuPont are planning to merge. Recently, another biotech giant, Syngenta, was swallowed up by the state-owned ChemChina. And this just in: two major Canadian fertilizer manufacturers, Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc. and Agrium Inc. are merging.
Consolidation, monopoly. The Empire strikes back.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on September 16, 2016.


When is the word ‘natural’ misleading in advertising? That’s the basis for a lawsuit filed August 25, 2016 against General Mills, maker of the brand Nature Valley Granola Bars, who label their products’ packages with the words ‘Made with 100% NATURAL whole grain OATS.’ The lawsuit was filed by Beyond Pesticides, Moms Across America, and Organic Consumers Association using the Richman Law Group [1] in Washington, DC, citing the District of Columbia’s Consumer Protection Procedure Act.
Glyphosate, a key herbicide chemical active in several commercial and agricultural herbicides, has been found in General Mills’ natural granola bars. Since when is a man-made toxic chemical considered natural? So, three consumer groups filed a lawsuit and rightfully so, I think.
Jay Feldman, Executive Director of Beyond Pesticides, says
Glyphosate cannot be considered ‘natural’ because it is a toxic, synthetic herbicide.
Identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a carcinogen, it should not be allowed for use in food production, and certainly not in food with a label that suggests to consumers that the major ingredient -oats – is 100% natural, when it is produced with and contains the highly hazardous glyphosate.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on AUGUST 26, 2016.

Obama tries to sneak through TPP in lame-duck Congress

First: know that the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is a huge Globalist trade deal among 12 nations that would a) ‘phase out thousands of tariffs’ (NY Times, 6/1/16) and b) set up corporate tribunals to punish nations that refuse to import goods (e.g., toxic pesticides, toxic medical drugs, GMOs).
In short, it’s a nightmare.
Wiping out tariffs is the cornerstone of the Globalist agenda. It allows companies in industrial countries to move their factories to Third World hell holes, pay slave wages, ignore environmental conditions, and then export their products back to the countries they abandoned – with no tariffs. No taxes. No penalties.
The absence of tariffs is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the ONLY way these corporations can exports products from their factories in the Third World and make a profit. It’s the un-level playing field. It creates a world run by and for mega-corporations.
Obama is the Rockefeller Globalists’ man in the White House. He’s tasked with pushing through Congressional ratification of the TPP, come hell or high water.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on August 17, 2016.

Bombshell: Zika fraud leads to mosquito spraying and autism

The title of this piece could have been, ‘When the cure for a problem causes the problem.’
Naled, the organophosphate pesticide now being sprayed on Miami to kill ‘Zika mosquitoes,’ has dire effects.
Reference: a 2014 study, ‘Neurodevelopmental disorders and prenatal residential proximity to agricultural pesticides: the CHARGE study.’ [Environmental Health Perspectives, 2014 Oct;122(10):1103-9.] Key quotes from the study:
‘Gestational exposure to several common agricultural pesticides can induce developmental neurotoxicity in humans, and has been associated with developmental delay and autism.’ [Emphasis added] ‘We evaluated whether residential proximity to agricultural pesticides during pregnancy is associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or developmental delay (DD)…’

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on Aug 13, 2016.

Glyphosate Link to Brain Damaged Babies in Brazil? New Groundbreaking Report

Much hype has been generated linking the Zika virus carried by mosquitoes to an outbreak of microcephaly, a form of brain damage, in Brazil. Radical solutions have been proposed such as releasing genetically engineered mosquitoes to quell the threat and reduce mosquito populations. But could all of this simply be a misdirection so that the pesticide industry can continue to get away with selling highly dangerous pesticides such as Glyphosate with no repercussions for the consequences as well as an excuse to further vaccine industry profits and extend the genetic engineering of all life forms as a ‘cure’ for what ails us?
In a groundbreaking new paper put out by Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff, Glyphosate is linked to exactly what the Zika virus has been targeted for, althoughrelatively few cases of microcephaly have actually been linked to the virus.
Glyphosate can penetrate past the placenta. Alarming increases in birth defects such as microcephaly, anencephaly, cleft palates and other facial defects have been found in regions of South America and Paraguay where glyphosate is used extensively on core crops. The US Centers for Disease Control have reported on an excessive number of anencephaly births in Yakima (Washington), at four times the national average rate. This increase coincided with a large increase in the use of glyphosate to control waterway weeds. A recent study by Roy et al. on zebrafish embryos revealed that glyphosate causes microcephaly in zebrafish, and that the forebrain and midbrain are affected (but the hindbrain was spared). A US-based study found that the cerebellum is frequently disproportionately large in human microcephaly, particularly in the more severe cases, reflecting a larger effect on the forebrain compared to the hindbrain.
Glyphosate_pathways to modern diseases V- Amino acid analogue of glycine in diverse proteins_FNL_Published

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The village of Badi, India has been haunted by a disturbing threat for decades, but it has taken an especially heavy toll this year. Within the first three months of 2016, 80 people had committed suicide in a village with a population of only 2,500 people. And over the past 20 years, 350 people have killed themselves in Badi.
The villagers don’t have the knowledge to properly explain this phenomenon. It’s widely believed that a ‘demonic presence’ is causing the villagers to kill themselves. Outsiders however, have come to more logical conclusions, such as financial stress among the villagers. It’s no secret that there’s been an epidemic of farmer suicides all over India for decades, due to the hidden costs of growing GMO crops.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on MAY 7,.

Joel Salatin: The Promise Of Regenerative Farming

Front man for the sustainable/regenerative farming movement, Joel Salatin, returns to the podcast this week.
Next month on April 23rd, he’ll be joining Adam, the folks from Singing Frogs Farm, permaculturalist Toby Hemenway, and Robb Wolf at a speaking event in northern California. He’ll be speaking on the power that’s in our hands to make much smarter choices regarding the food systems we depend on:
Joel Salatin: Farmers get beat up for a number of things: producing what they produce, the way they treat animals, they way they treat the land . I want to point out that the power is not in the farmers. From a voting standpoint, prisoners/inmates are a lot more powerful of a constituency block in the culture than farmers are. So let’s put this in perspective: the power is in the customer. And so if you want things to change on the landscape, if you want things to change regarding chemicals, pesticides, GMO – name your issue — if you want change, well, you’ve got to make a change.
I think that too often consumers take the convenient way out and say ‘Well, if farmers would just do things differently, everything would be better.’ The truth is that farmers have always followed the market. If people refuse to buy genetically modified organism food, farmers won’t produce it. It’s really that simple. It doesn’t take a government agent, a bureaucracy, a police state, a new law. I mean, all of this could be changed just by consumers taking a more active and aggressive role at financing what they say they believe in from the outset.

This post was published at PeakProsperity on Sunday, March 13, 2016,.


Its getting redundant, but you just can’t make this stuff up. Just as a report from Latin American doctors questions the true cause of microcephaly, largely blamed on the Zika virus, pointing to SumiLarv, manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto as a more probable cause of birth defects, the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals plans for a ‘Zika Vaccine.’
Though the vaccine is ‘at least eighteen months out’ according to the WHO, they promote inflated facts that the virus has spread across ’29 nations in Latin America and the Caribbean. At least three have been confirmed killed and 4 million people are possibly infected with the virus.’
These ‘facts’ are in stark contrast to those provided in a report, written by the Argentine group Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), theorizing that pyriproxyfen – a larvicide added to drinking water to stop the development of mosquito larvae in drinking water tanks – has caused the birth defects, largely blamed on the Zika virus.
PCST states:

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on FEBRUARY 15, 2016.

US Now Looking To The Coalition To Fund The Their Proxy Wars – Episode 891b

The following video was published by X22Report on Feb 11, 2016
New evidence shows Zika does not cause microcephaly but the pesticides they are spraying in Brazil does. The standoff in Oregon is over the remaining ranchers surrender. Twitter unveils their ministry of truth. Sanction are placed on North Korea. NATO now has ships in the Mediterranean. US pushing other countries to pay IS since the oil revenue has dried up. Erdogan is calling for a safe zone or else he will unleash the refugees on Europe.

BANG: Not Zika: Brazilian/Argentine doctors say: pesticides

BANG: Not Zika: Brazilian/Argentine doctors say: pesticides
Why would a poisonous, birth-defect-causing chemical cause birth defects? I mean, that’s absurd, right? Ridiculous. Let’s blame the whole thing on a virus that causes nothing.
A poison intentionally added to the water supply in 2014? Who cares? Means nothing.
The manufacturer of the poison is a strategic partner of Monsanto? That couldn’t be a clue. Of course not.
Microcephaly: babies born with smaller heads and brain damage.
As I’ve been telling you all along – look to the pesticides. The fake Zika story is a cover, to protect the pesticide companies, among others.
What do we know so far in this trumped up Zika crisis?
Update: The actual number of microcephaly cases in Brazil, the ‘center of the epidemic,’ is a gross unknown. At least two different groups are reporting different findings. Pick your number: 404 confirmed cases; 4000 cases; 9000 cases.
It turns out that, in the US, estimates of microcephaly cases per year ranges all the way from 800 to 25,000.
In other words, the researchers don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re using different definitions of microcephaly. They’re confused. They’re also omitting highly relevant cases of birth defects which don’t, strictly speaking, fit any definition of microcephaly. This confusion applies to Brazil, the US, anywhere on the planet.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on Feb 10, 2016.

Zika: Mega-power’s best friend: the virus

Modern medicine has transferred the notions of evil, Satan, and even ‘terrorist’ to The Virus.
Unlike my previous articles about the Zika-virus-hoax, this one takes a larger view of what intelligence agencies call a cover story.
A cover story is a tale that conceals an operation and its true purpose. It’s a diversion, a distraction, as in the old con artist’s shell game.
‘Look over here. Don’t look there.’
A cover story is a scenario that convinces an audience it is seeing all there is to see:
A lone deranged assassin, Lee Oswald, murdered John Kennedy. Beginning and end of story. There is nothing else to investigate. There was no coordinated operation.
Regarding the Zika virus, I’ve now established there is no proof it is connected with cases of microcephaly (babies with smaller heads and brain impairment). In fact, the actual number of cases of microcephaly in Brazil, ‘the center of the crisis,’ has been overblown.
But in Brazil, there is certainly a deep and enduring health crisis. Add up grinding poverty, severe malnutrition, the enormous deployment of toxic pesticides, a lack of basic sanitation in areas, vaccine damage, among other factors, and you have a formula for human devastation.
Two long-term operations in Brazil (as well as many other countries) need to protect their secrets. I’m talking about a) modern medicine, and b) corporate giants who manufacture and sell pesticides. The use of pesticides has vastly expanded with the introduction of GMO crops, which require drenching with specific compounds, the most famous of which is Monsanto’s Roundup.

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on February 1, 2016.