The New Great Game Round-Up: July 22, 2015

U. S. Finds Pretext for Staying in Afghanistan as Warlords Join Forces, Saakashvili Fans Try to Exploit Georgian Border Woes & More!
*The Great Game Round-Up brings you the latest newsworthy developments regarding Central Asia and the Caucasus region. We document the struggle for influence, power, hegemony and profits in Central Asia and the Caucasus region between a U. S.-dominated NATO, its GCC proxies, Russia, China and other regional players.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is now fighting on multiple fronts after the neo-Nazis from Pravyi Sektor recently turned their attention from the evil Russkies to the regime in Kiev. As the west of the country descends into chaos as well, the Odessa region under the leadership of Poroshenko’s buddy Mikheil Saakashvili is becoming Kiev’s showcase project. Odessa is supposed to show the world that Ukraine is headed in the right direction and the former Georgian President and his minions are tasked with guiding “Ukraine’s reforms path away from Russia.” After bringing in several of his compatriots, Saakashvili is now looking for other “talents” to improve his team. The 25-year-old Euromaidan activist Yulia Marushevska, who became famous for her appearance in the “I Am a Ukrainian” propaganda video, was the obvious choice and Saakashvili’s next appointment was even more fitting:
Russian shock therapy reformist’s daughter to work for Saakashvili Chairman of Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili on Friday introduced as his new deputy the Russian opposition politician, journalist, social activist Maria Gaidar, who is a daughter of Yegor Gaidar, the architect of the controversial shock therapy reforms in post-Perestroika Russia, according to local news portal Dumskaya. “All Ukrainians, all Europeans and all Russians are looking at Odesa. The successful changes in Odesa will influence the situation in the world,” Gaidar said, Dumskaya wrote. According to Saakashvili, she will be in charge of social issues. Her official appointment should be enacted by President Petro Poroshenko in the near future.

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Obama Sidelines Kerry On Ukraine Policy

Submitted by investigative historian Eric Zuesse
Obama Sidelines Kerry On Ukraine Policy
On May 21st, I headlined “Secretary of State John Kerry v. His Subordinate Victoria Nuland, Regarding Ukraine,’ and quoted John Kerry’s May 12th warning to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to cease his repeated threats to invade Crimea and re-invade Donbass, two former regions of Ukraine, which had refused to accept the legitimacy of the new regime that was imposed on Ukraine in violent clashes during February 2014. (These were regions that had voted overwhelmingly for the Ukrainian President who had just been overthrown. They didn’t like him being violently tossed out and replaced by his enemies.)
Kerry said then that, regarding Poroshenko, “we would strongly urge him to think twice not to engage in that kind of activity, that that would put Minsk in serious jeopardy. And we would be very, very concerned about what the consequences of that kind of action at this time may be.’ Also quoted there was Kerry’s subordinate, Victoria Nuland, three days later, saying the exact opposite, that we “reiterate our deep commitment to a single Ukrainian nation, including Crimea, and all the other regions of Ukraine.’ I noted, then that, “The only person with the power to fire Nuland is actually U. S. President Barack Obama.’ However, Obama instead has sided with Nuland on this.
Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, bannered, on June 5th, “Poroshenko: Ukraine Will ‘Do Everything’ To Retake Crimea‘,’ and reported that, ‘President Petro Poroshenko has vowed to seek Crimea’s return to Ukrainian rule. … Speaking at a news conference on June 5, … Poroshenko said that ‘every day and every moment, we will do everything to return Crimea to Ukraine.” Poroshenko was also quoted there as saying, “It is important not to give Russia a chance to break the world’s pro-Ukrainian coalition,’ which indirectly insulted Kerry for his having criticized Poroshenko’s warnings that he intended to invade Crimea and Donbass.

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Ukraine prepares for ‘full-scale Russian invasion along border’ as violence flares

June 2015 – UKRAINE – Ukraine says it is preparing for a ‘full-scale invasion’ by Russia in the wake of renewed fighting between separatists and government forces. Speaking to his country’s parliament, the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko raised the prospect of ‘invasion’ by Vladimir Putin and warned of a ‘colossal threat’ posed by the escalation of violence. Russia supports the cause of the rebels in the Donbass region of Ukraine but denies any of its government forces are involved in the fighting.
But Mr Poroshenko said 9,000 Russian troops had been deployed, and said that more could follow after the worst day of fighting in the conflict since February’s agreement in Minsk. Wednesday saw a 12-hour battle involving the use of artillery on both sides, with at least 26 people killed.

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Cold War 2.0 Heats Up: Washington Dusts Off Russia “Containment” Plans

The ‘ceasefire’ – if you can call it that – that has been in place in Ukraine since February’s Minsk Accord has fallen apart this week with the fiercest fighting in months claiming dozens of lives and prompting President Petro Poroshenko to launch a media blitz in an attempt to rally the West against what he claims is a renewed offensive by Russian-backed separatists.
Russian media contends the separatists were only defending themselves after they began to take artillery fire. Ukraine, by contrast, claims its soldiers came under attack by rebel tanks. ‘We had some storming action by between 500 and 1,000 servicemen of the militants, with a large number of tanks and armored machinery, apparently counting on being able to quickly capture Maryinka,’ Poroshenko said.

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Poroshenko Hands Over Roshen Share to Rothschild Under Trust Deal

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko confirmed on Friday his decision to sell his businesses and transfer his stake in the Roshen confectionary corporation under a trust agreement to Rothschild Investment Company.
“I signed a deal with the world-famous and the world’s best Rothschild Company, which is now looking for buyers. Three such potential buyers have already stepped forward and are analyzing the company’s legal status and financial performance,” Poroshenko said during a news briefing devoted to his annual address to parliament.
“The transfer will be done so that my name is not mentioned among Roshen’s owners,” Poroshenko added.
One of the world’s main confectionery producers, Roshen Corporation annually turns out around 450,000 tons of chocolate and jelly sweets, caramel, chocolate, biscuits, waffles, and cakes.

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Russian Separatists Greet New Governor with Hilarious Protest

You may remember Mikheil Saakashvili as the Western backed president of Georgia, who would later lead his country during the Russian invasion in 2008. However, he was booted out of office in the 2012 election, and has since been appointed governor of Odessa by NATO stooge and Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko. You may also remember him as the man who was caught nervously eating his own tie on live television as Russian soldiers were pouring into his country.

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Hacked Emails Expose George Soros As Ukraine Puppet-Master

Just days after George Soros warned that World War 3 was imminent unless Washington backed down to China on IMF currency basket inclusion, the hacker collective CyberBerkut has exposed the billionaire as the real puppet-master behind the scenes in Ukraine. In 3 stunning documents, allegedly hacked from email correspondence between the hedge fund manager and Ukraine President Poroshenko, Soros lays out “A short and medium term comprehensive strategy for the new Ukraine,” expresses his confidence that the US should provide Ukraine with lethal military assistance, ‘with same level of sophistication in defense weapons to match the level of opposing force,” and finally explained Poroshenko’s “first priority must be to regain control of financial markets,” which he assures the President could be helped by The Fed adding “I am ready to call Jack Lew of the US Treasury to sound him out about the swap agreement.”
The hacking group CyberBerkut claims it has penetrated Ukraine’s presidential administration website and obtained correspondence between Soros and Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko. It has subsequently posted all the intercepted pdfs on line at the following location. More details as RT earlier reported:
The hacktivists have published three files online, which include a draft of ‘A short and medium term comprehensive strategy for the new Ukraine’ by Soros (dated March 12, 2015); an undated paper on military assistance to Kiev; and the billionaire’s letter to Poroshenko and Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk, dated December 23, 2014.
According to the leaked documents, Soros supports Barack Obama’s stance on Ukraine, but believes that the US should do even more.

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Eastern Promises: Riga Summit Ends With Division, Little Progress

The Eastern Partnership summit in Riga ended with growing divisions and no promises on issues of visa-free travel, which worried some members.
The European Union's Eastern Partnership summit with six ex-Soviet states ended with little progress as the partnership countries were divided in their aspirations for European integration and their goals for visa-free travel.
The representatives of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus refused to sign the initial document which stated that the summit condemned Russia's reunification with Crimea, which the document called an "illegal annexation." Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who was waiting for a "signal" from the E.U. on a visa-free regime, was told by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the E.U. is not ready for it.

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Poroshenko Snubs Minsk Accords, Vows to Fight ‘Till Last Drop of Blood’

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has accused Russia of increasing its military presence in his country, something Moscow firmly denies, and said that Ukraine would fight “Russian aggression” “until the last drop of blood."
In an interview with German broadcaster ZDF, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Russia has deployed 11,000 troops in the war-torn Eastern Ukraine, adding that they can fuel separatists in the region and make them create a land bridge to the Crimean peninsula.
This claim sparked harsh reaction from Moscow, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying Thursday that: "such baseless, vague and ungrounded accusations will never produce a positive result, to put it mildly."
Poroshenko also criticized the Minsk agreement and called it a "pseudo-peace", which does not guarantee any security for his country. At the same time, his French and German counterparts consider its implementation a key aspect for maintaining security in Europe and the best option for overcoming the current crisis.

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Putin Says Attempts To Tip Nuclear Balance Don’t Scare Russia, Moscow Will Uncover “Schemes”

Russia is once again ratcheting up the rhetoric, this time to a fever pitch. Just a day after Putin’s Security Council posted a remarkably accurate and amusingly concise assessment of US foreign policy aims on its website, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry as well as President Putin himself are out with strong condemnations of both the NATO presence in Eastern Europe as well as US plans to arm Kiev.
The comments come on the heels of a House vote which showed overwhelming support for the provision of lethal aid to Kiev and just a day after the first batch of American humvees received a warm welcome from President Petro Poroshenko. As a reminder, here’s what both sides had to say about Congress’s willingness to maybe start an all out proxy war in the Baltics:
The prepackaged spin is already ready: “sending weapons to the Kiev government would not mean involvement in a new war for America”, claimed the abovementioned Eliot Engel who sponsored the document. ‘The people of Ukraine are not looking for American troops,” Engel said. “They are just looking for the weapons.’ So the only question is how Russia will responds to this escalation: according to RT, “Washington’s decision to supply Ukraine with ammunition and weapons would ‘explode the whole situation’ in eastern Ukraine and Russia would be forced to respond ‘appropriately,’ Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said at the end of February.
While it’s not immediately clear what constitutes an ‘appropriate’ response, and while the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Alexander Lukashevich contends that an outright military confrontation between the West and Russia ‘isn’t something anyone wants,’ that’s where the ambiguity and niceties end. Here’s more via Bloomberg:

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Mysterious Deaths in Ukraine

A Mafia State? Western donors and lenders have stuck a huge chunk of money extracted from their taxpayers into Ukraine to help its fledgling new government to survive. It is open to question how democratic this new government really is. For instance, following the introduction of the so-called ‘lustration law’, approximately 1 million Ukrainian citizens are legally barred from participating in politics, reportedly on account of past transgressions. One could well see this as an attempt to deal with the corrupt past, but the intentions of the law seem dubious due the fact that those affected by ‘lustration’ are to a man opponents of the current government.
Moreover, the reportedly free and fair elections that were held after the coup were marred by the fact that would-be contenders who could have been regarded as a supporters of the ethnic Russian population in the East were all excluded from participation (this was before the introduction of the lustration law). In addition to that, it was obviously not possible for residents of the territories held by the separatists to actually vote in the election. Not that they seem particularly interested in Ukrainian elections anymore. As far as we can tell, the civil war has bred so much hate among civilians who were unable or unwilling to flee from the Donbass, that most of them no longer regard their region as a part of Ukraine.

Petro Poroshenko, ‘our inside man in Ukraine’.
Photo credit: Geert Vanden Wijngaert / AP

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From Communism To Monopolistic Capitalism In A Single Swoop

Authored by Ben Tanosborn,
What’s the difference between an apparently benevolent Ukrainian oligarch and a charismatic chief of a drug cartel in Colombia or Mexico? There isn’t any! Economically, politically and socially both were birthed as identical twins; and that behavioral-DNA which exists in both can also be found in most other powerful economic magnates who have metamorphosed in former communist nations, or Soviet republics, from the ranks of the party elite after conveniently setting aside the precepts of Karl Marx… and readily accepting pseudo-entrepreneurial predatory capitalism as the new cult.
And while a chocolate cake was instrumental a week ago in the capture of drug kingpin Servando Gomez in Mexico, the chocolate kingpin in Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, roams presidentially-free in charge of a bankrupt nation temporarily being held afloat by the IMF and a shotgun western alliance led by the United States.
Although the president of Ukraine was dropped from Forbes’ list of world billionaires compiled three week ago, that was just a reflection of the devaluation in the Ukrainian hryvnia. Twenty-three past Russian billionaires also failed to make the list for the same reason, the value of the ruble in this case (88 listed this year vs. 111 in 2014).
Poroshenko does bring center stage the very calamitous way in which much of the wealth and natural resources which belonged to the people in the many republics of the Soviet Union ended up in the hands of mafia-entrepreneurs, often parasitic scoundrels who from their posts of influence in government would structure the ‘redistribution’ of such wealth. Mikhail Gorbachov’s idea of perestroika, no matter how well-intentioned in both its political and social aspects, appears to have been lacking in the most critical element of all: the optimal way of reconstructing the economy.
It is rather difficult to conceive how the leadership in the Soviet Union, with such vast intellectual resources available to them in every field of human endeavor, would just become despondent and let chaos ensue. I recall an academic friend (economist) telling me over two decades ago, during the transitional turmoil, that Gorbachov fell short with his perestroika and should have architected the creation of a manual dealing with what my economist-friend called ‘wealth devolution,’ from the state to the people, and which he named in Russian, peredacha, a word which I jotted down in my notes right next to glasnot and perestroika.

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Ukrainian Food Riots

The CONFIDENCE in the Ukrainian government is collapsing. The price of food is soaring as people now believe their currency will buy less with each passing day. The hrynya has fallen below 4 cents US. Like German Hyperinflation, here too we see people trying to spend their money on food as soon as they get it. To quiet protests over food, President Petro Poroshenko ordered the minister of the food reserve to fill the shelves of stores with flour, sugar, canned meat, and buckwheat from the reserve. The problem – there was no reserve left.
Some are calling this the ‘Financial Maidan’ for it was a march staged at the National Bank of Ukraine to protest the crash of the hryvnya currency and the resulting impoverishment of masses of people as food rises in price. Earlier in the day, Kiev mayor Klichko accused the demonstrators of being ‘Russian provocateurs’ and expressed puzzlement as to the cause of the protests. Obviously, he is not qualified to run even a bar no less a government. Then he unleashed riot police on the demonstrators. Confidence in the Ukrainian government is simply collapsing.

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Nemtsov Murder Fuels Suspicion, Fails to Spur Russia Sell Off

While the murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov sparked international outrage, it won’t dissuade investors after the country’s assets rose the most worldwide last month, according to Prosperity Capital Management Ltd. and Landesbank Berlin Investment GmbH.
“Political markets have short legs, so I do not change my positioning in Russian assets,” Lutz Roehmeyer, who oversees $1.1 billion of assets as a money manager at Landesbank Berlin, said by e-mail Sunday. Investors “accepted that Russian democracy is not at western standards and the security situation or judicial system is far from perfect,” he said.
U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the killing on Friday of Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister under Boris Yeltsin and critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said he was a “bridge” between the two countries. Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, said the president would take the investigation under his “personal control” and believed the killing to be a provocation.

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The New Great Game Round-Up: February 23, 2015

Uyghur Terrorists Making Headlines in Turkey- China-Indonesia, Victoria Nuland and USAID Go on South Caucasus Tour & More!
*The Great Game Round-Up brings you the latest newsworthy developments regarding Central Asia and the Caucasus region. We document the struggle for influence, power, hegemony and profits in Central Asia and the Caucasus region between a U. S.-dominated NATO, its GCC proxies, Russia, China and other regional players.
The “Euromaidan Revolution” was a resounding success. In fact, it was so successful that the “heroes of the Euromaidan Revolution” and their compatriots are now fleeing the country in record numbers. Fortunately, this won’t affect the regime in Kiev, which prefers to appoint foreigners to important positions. Ukraine is primarily relying on Georgian experience to “conquer the whole of Russia,” as former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili put it. But Saakashvili’s presence and the ever-increasing number of Saakashvili-era officials in Kiev have drawn heavy criticism from Georgia since the former President and several of his associates face criminal charges at home. Predictably, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ignored all warnings from Tbilisi and decided to appoint Saakashvili as his non-staff advisor and as head of Ukraine’s Advisory International Council of Reforms, where he can use his “knowledge, experience and unique know-how” to develop proposals and recommendations for implementing reforms in Ukraine.
Tbilisi’s reaction was not long in coming: Tbilisi Summons Ukrainian Ambassador over Saakashvili Georgian Foreign Ministry has ‘invited’ Ukrainian ambassador in Tbilisi, Vasyl Tsybenko, ‘to talk on many issues’ including about appointing Georgia’s ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili, who is wanted by the Georgian authorities, as Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s adviser, Georgian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Davit Kereselidze, said on February 16. He said that although this appointment was ‘surprising’ to Tbilisi, the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson also stressed that ‘nothing will obstruct’ strategic partnership between Georgia and Ukraine. ‘Let’s not cause a stir out of it,’ Kereselidze said at a news conference responding a question about summoning of the Ukrainian ambassador. ‘Ukraine is our strategic partner, which is an important country with which we have and will have friendly relations.’

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Ukraine Ceasefire Holds; NATO and Its Fascists Desire to Shake It Loose

The fragile ceasefire deal constructed by Russia, France, Germany, and the reluctant Ukrainian Fascist government appears to be holding itself together even after fighting in the contested city of Debaltseve continued days after the deadline for an end to active hostilities had passed.
Late as it may be, the sound of shelling and gunfire was largely silenced in Debaltseve as Ukrainian Fascist forces began exiting the city – whether willingly or otherwise.
The separatist forces have claimed that the Ukrainian forces stationed in Debaltseve had finally begun the process of surrendering en masse. Eduard Basurin, a military spokesman for the separatists, confirmed the taking of 300 Ukrainian military soldiers as prisoner while another senior official in the Donetsk People’s Republic stated that Ukrainian soldiers were ‘laying down their arms’ ‘in their hundreds.”
The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, however, has downplayed the retreat, stating that he had ordered a complete withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Debaltseve as a means to keep to the terms of the ceasefire agreement. Poroshenko made no mention of why he made these orders two days after the deadline.
Poroshenko said, ‘We stated and proved that Debaltsevo was under our control and that there was no encirclement. Our units withdrew according to plan in an organized manner. They took military hardware with them – tanks, APCs, artillery pieces, tow-tracks, cars.’ He also stated that Kiev forces had been dealing a great deal of damage to the separatist forces over the last several days, although all available evidence seems to contradict this claim.

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Hundreds Of Ukraine Troops Surrender As Besieged Town Of Debaltseve Falls To Rebels

Last week, German equities soared to record highs with the Dax surpassing 11K, not only on the imminent arrival of the ECB’s Q which provides a risk-less bid to all asset classes, but on news that a second Ukraine ceasefire had been achieved in Minsk. Well, just like the first Minsk “ceasefire”, one can promptly forget the just as “successful” second one, because overnight, after a several week siege, the Ukraine town of Debaltseve finally fell to rebel forces with “troops of Ukraine’s Armed Forces laying down arms en masse,’ according to Donetsk rebel official Maxim Leschenko says, cited by Tass news service.
According to Reuters government forces started pulling out of the east Ukraine town on Wednesday after a fierce assault by the rebel separatists which Europe said violated a crumbling ceasefire. President Petro Poroshenko said before flying to the town of Debaltseve that more than 80 percent of his troops in the rail hub had already left following a heavy bombardment and street-by-street fighting despite the truce that took effect on Sunday.
As previously reported, according to the pro-separatists rebels the ceasefire does not apply to Debaltseve, which links the two rebel-controlled regions of eastern Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk.
Bloomberg adds, that “some Ukrainian troops are leaving the town as ‘full scale’ street fighting continues following a small tank battle, Ilya Kyva, a deputy police chief of the Donetsk region, said by phone on Wednesday. Kyva wouldn’t say how many Ukrainian soldiers had left or how many still remained surrounded by the rebels. Ukrainian Eurobonds fell to a record as fighting was also reported near the coastal city of Mariupol.”
And indeed, as the following map shows, the town’s critical position between the key centers of Donetsk and Luhansk, made it inevitable that as east Ukraine seeks to consolidate its territory, the small city would fall.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 02/18/2015.

Fascist Ukraine To Criminalize Anti-War Speech: Five Years for Denying ‘Russian Aggression’

21st Century Wire says…
It’s springtime for fascism in the Ukraine. Kiev’s Junta is getting desperate, and so is Washington.
While political leaders from Europe and Russia try to hammer out a peace deal this week inMinsk, the unpopular US-installed billionaire oligarch, Petro Poroshenko (photo below), has been ordered by his foreign handlers to refill the dwindling ranks of a military facing near collapse.
Poroshenko has already hinted to media that he does not plan to observe the peace agreement.
The President has announced the regime’s third ‘draft’ in 12 months, hoping to impress at least100,000 able-bodied citizens between the age s of 25 and 60, into joining in Washington’s failing, bloody proxy-civil war in the eastern region of the country…

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on FEBRUARY 13, 2015.

Poroshenko: Ukraine conflict risks spiralling out of control

Ukraine’s president has warned that the separatist conflict in east Ukraine will spiral out of control if there is no de-escalation and ceasefire.
Petro Poroshenko was speaking as he arrived in Minsk for talks with the leaders of Russia, France and Germany aimed at hammering out a new peace deal on Ukraine.
“Either the situation goes down the road of de-escalation, ceasefire … or the situation goes out of control,” he said.
With Washington warning Putin that the costs of failure at a summit in Belarus would starkly increase for Moscow, and Barack Obama describing the Russian leader as a KGB veteran nostalgic for the days of Soviet empire, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the French president, François Hollande, as well as Poroshenko and Putin, went to Minsk to haggle over the details of a proposed ceasefire and the status of the pro-Russia separatist region of eastern Ukraine.
“There is a glimmer of hope, but no more,” said Merkel’s spokesman, as European leaders played down hopes of a breakthrough.

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Ukraine Ceasefire Deal Agreed After Negotiations All-Nighter; Doubts Remain About Its Implementation

It would have simply been too much to handle for Europe and the risk off algos if hours after the embarrassing failure of the emergency Eurogroup meeting in Brussels failed to reach any deal involving Greece, the Ukraine ceasefire negotiations in Minsk were also to fall apart. Again. Which is probably why after a marathon session lasting 17 hours, and following repeated trial balloons that a deal had and/or had not been reached, a short while ago all major media outlets were delighted to finally blast some Risk On news namely that leaders of France and Germany brokered a renewed deal to end Ukraine’s 10-month civil war in the separatist eastern region, which means that we have a Minsk-signed Ukraine ceasefire. Again.

As the WSJ reports, “details of the agreement weren’t immediately available” but it involves a cease-fire starting on February 15, Sunday, with each side pulling back heavy weapons, as well as steps to give greater autonomy to the Russia-backed separatist regions in eastern Ukraine. All negotiators, namely Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Germany’s Angela Merkel, and France’s Francois Hollande said there are no alternatives to peaceful solution.

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