The Criminal Empire Has No Where To Go, What’s Their Next Move – Episode 1305b

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Obamacare is losing another 2 million people, they are not signing up because it is to expensive. Sessions was being questioned about meeting with Russians, this is a dead end. After 6 months there is no evidence of Russian collusion. North Korea released an American citizen and is transporting this individual back to the US. The President is meeting with the President of South Korea. USS Carl Vinson is headed back to Pearl Harbor. Syria has taken the border and is now controlling it. Tillerson says Trump has no authorization to strike Syrian, Russian or Iranian troops.

WW3 Approaches, North Korea Launches 4 Anti-Ship Missiles

North Korea fired four anti-ship missiles into the sea east of the Korean Peninsula Thursday. The South Korean military said this new test was intended to demonstrate North Korea’s advancements in ‘precise targeting capability.’
As tensions continue to rise between the United States and the rogue nation of North Korea, the missile tests conducted also continue. This is now Kim Jong-Un’s fourth missile test in one month, as the volatile North Korean dictator continues to balk at the United Nations sanctions against his country. In fact, this is the nation’s first missile test since the UN implemented more, harsher, sanctions on the fascist nation.
South Korea’s joint chiefs said the projectiles, launched near the eastern port city of Wonsan, were believed to be surface-to-ship cruise missiles.

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North Korea Fires Multiple Ballistic Missiles

The day before “Berserker Thursday” with its UK elections, Comey testimony and the ECB decision, was supposed to be quiet. Instead we had the first domestic Iran terrorism in decades, Iran vowing revenge on Saudi Arabia, rising Qatar crisis tensions, South Korea telling the US it can go to hell, Syria threatening to strike US forces, the biggest crude crash in months, Germany pulling out of Turkey, Turkey approving the deployment of troops to Qatar, and stocks of course finishing the day higher.
And now, to top it all off, moments ago North Korea fired not one but multiple ballistic missiles, confirming the earlier story from Japan’s Asahi.
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— – (@yonhaptweet) June 7, 2017

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The Plan Is In Action To Dismantle The Middle East, The Big Rotation Has Begun – Episode 1300b

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Comey statement to the Senate reveals absolutely nothing, Comey skirt around the issue and reveals that Trump never told him to stop investigating. Trump is looking for options to pull out of Afghanistan while the deep state is forcing him to bring in more troops. South Korea will not accept anymore THAAD systems and might be returning the systems they have. Trumps plan is working perfectly with dismantling the middle east. The big rotation has begun. Syria and Russia have the upper hand and the deep state is pushing their agenda to keep or to get it all started.

In Major Blow To Washington, South Korea Suspends Deployment Of US Antimissile System

In a stunning blow for US diplomacy in the Pacific rim region, Yonhap reported that South Korea’s newly elected president, Moon Jae-in said he has suspended the deployment of American THAAD anti-missile defense system, a major concession to China and a significant break with the United States on policy toward North Korea.
‘We are not saying the two launchers and other equipment that has already been deployed should be withdrawn. But those that have yet to be deployed will have to wait,’ a senior presidential office official said, according to the news agency. The remarks come as the presidential office is examining an allegation South Korea’s defense ministry may have kept the delivery of four further Thaad launchers secret in an attempt to protect the project from an environmental impact evaluation, Yonhap said.
As noted previously, the THAAD missile defense system has been controversial in South Korea where thousands have protested the deployment, while also drawing sharp criticism from China, which views the system’s radar as a threat to the regional balance of power. In response to the initial deployment, Beijing had taken retaliatory economic measures against Seoul, including curtailing the flow of Chinese tourists and punishing South Korean companies in China. The defense system officially went into operation late last month on an abandoned golf course in Seongju, 135 miles southeast of Seoul, when two of six launchers were installed. United States military officials have said that the system is already ‘operational and has the ability to intercept North Korean missiles.’
During his presidential campaign, Moon who won the South Korean presidency last month and has adopted a conciliatory pose in the ongoing North Korean conflict, complained that the United States and the previous South Korean administration rushed to deploy Thaad before the election.

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The Main Agenda Of The Bilderberg Secret Meeting, Trump – Episode 1295b

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Trump withdraws the US out of the Paris Climate Accord. The climate accord was not about climate it was about business and enslaving the people. Comey is going to testify and Gowdy is slated to take Chaffetz place. Two bombings have occurred, one in the Philippines and the other in Afghanistan. Putin reports that the THAAD system in South Korea is not about North Korea. US holds additional drills with Japanese ships near NK. The terrorists in SK are on the run. The Bilderberg meeting is scheduled to happen near the White House, the main agenda is Trump.

Trump Has Turned The Tables On The Deep State, He Is Now Going After Them – Episode 1293b

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The corporate media is pushing the fake news of Russian collusion and they are trying everything to get Trump out of office. Trump’s lawyer is now being subpoenaed to appear in front of congress. Kushner is now changing his stance on climate change. State Dept is trying to go around the President’s order on the border. The deep state plans are unravelling and they struggling to stop it. Trump has turned the tables on them. After Trump meets with Saudi Arabia, Putin is now meeting with them to setup the oil deal with Russia and China. South Korea President shocked to find out that there are more THAAD systems than the government is reporting. Russia says unidentified planes are supporting the IS in Afghanistan. McCain says Russia is worse than the IS. The deep state setting up a system to take control of Syria.

Short Victorious War: US President’s Magic Wand To Wave In A Pinch

Putting together the bits of information coming from various sources leads to the conclusion that a US pre-emptive strike against North Korea is a possibility that may turn into reality pretty soon. Everyone knows it’s fraught with implications and nobody wants it but there is a good reason to believe it’s coming closer.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has supervised the test of a new anti-aircraft weapon system and ordered its mass production and deployment throughout the country. It took place after Pyongyang conducted a second missile test within a week, sending a medium-range ballistic missile into the waters off its east coast on May 21. North Korea said the test was a success and the weapon could now be mass-produced. If a strike to knock out the nuclear and ballistic missile program infrastructure is planned, it would better be delivered before the air defense systems are in place.
North Korea’s missile program is progressing faster than expected, South Korea’s defense minister said on May 16, after the U. N. Security Council condemned the launch of a new long-range missile and demanded Pyongyang halt weapons tests. North Korea has defied all calls to rein in its nuclear and missile programs, including from Russia and China. The country’s leadership openly states that it has been working to develop a nuclear-tipped missile capable of striking the US mainland, and the recent tests are steps toward that aim. North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests so far, including two last year.

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These Powder Kegs Are About To Blow: ‘Trump Needs To Halt The Downward Spiral That Obama Orchestrated’

President Trump just took a trip to Saudi Arabia in an effort to obsequiously ‘shore up’ the ties. Expected. It is expected for any U. S. president to ‘recertify’ the Petrodollar and the commitments to protect the House of Saud that were initiated by Kissinger and Nixon almost five decades ago. Times change, and administrations change; however, the systems in place are very slow and resistant to modification. The BRIC nations are shoring up their interests as the U. S. continues to send more naval ‘support’ for South Korea in the form of another aircraft carrier.
In order to keep the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) happy, defense contracts have to be on the rise: A Republican administration is the foundation for this. The creation of a threat is ongoing. The creation of a threat (whether viable or not) is essential to justify the defense contracts and the ongoing deployments of U. S. troops that were initiated under Obama and are continuing under President Trump. The MIC is too deeply lodged within the framework of the government to extricate in one fell swoop. It is inexorably intertwined with the fragile (almost skeletal) domestic industrial base of the U. S. economy, as well as all of the foreign policy instituted at home and carried out abroad.

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It’s All Happening Behind The Scenes, But Will It Work – Episode 1288b

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Court papers show that Obama was spying on Trump and others and its worse than originally thought. Seth Rich’s cousin tweeted that he was murdered and then the tweet was deleted. Duterte says he is going after the IS and wants Russia’s help. South Korea fired on a balloon. Rand Paul is pushing a bill that would review arm sales to Saudi Arabia. Weapons have gone missing in Iraq. Trump plan is happening behind the scenes, the question is will it work in time or will the deep state push their agenda so they keep control.

The Push Is On And The Deep State Will Not Hold Back This Summer – Episode 1287b

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Trump is looking to sell the oil reserves and drill in the US. Kim Dot Com comes forward and give evidence that Seth Rich was passing the DNC emails to Wikileaks. Donna Brazile tried to shut the investigation down. The US changes direction and will not offer grants for military weapons but countries will need to take out a loan. Duterte places parts of the Philippines under martial law. South Korea opens fire because they saw an unidentified object. The UN investigation team was hit with cyber attack. Iraq is now working with Russia, Iran and Syria to control the border. Saudi Arabia and the US says that Syria should have open elections and they should decide their own fate. IS claimed responsibility for the UK bombing.

Main News From The Rollercoaster Weekend: Trump, North Korea, Brazil, Brexit

it was supposed to be a relatively quiet weekend, after what may have been the most dramatic, “turmoily” week for political and market news in years. It wasn’t.
As traders start focusing on the coming week, the weekend generated several key geopolitical headlines which will provide buzz – and potentially volatility – on Monday morning. Below, courtesy of Citi, is a recap of this weekend’s major developments, focusing on the ongoing Trump-Russia investigations, the latest North Korea missile launch, the latest political scandal in Brazil and renewed confusion around Brexit.
North Korea
North Korea has fired another ballistic missile, according to various news agencies. South Korea first reported the test and according to BBC, “the White House said the medium-range missile had a shorter range than those used in North Korea’s last three tests.” Being specific, BBC says this missile flew 560km (350 miles) towards the Sea of Japan versus last week’s range of 700km. Keep in mind the latter missile test has been a source of concern among major world powers, given that its range represents some technology advancement on North Korea’s behalf and because North Korea has claimed this particular missile can hold a nuclear warhead.

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Mattis: North Korea Military Solution Would Be “Tragic On An Unbelievable Scale”

With the media narrative once again focused squarely on Trump and the “Russian connection”, something which will unlikely change over the next week absent “fireworks” elsewhere, the story of potential military intervention in South Korea has understandably dropped from the front pages. Although with a second US aircraft carrier now en route to the Korean Peninsula, and with Trump desperate for another “big bang” distraction, is it shortsighted to underestimate the potential of another geopolitical hotspot emerging in the next few days.
While the answer is unknown, on Friday afternoon Defense Secretary Jim Mattis reminded the American public just how high tht potential stakes are when he said that any military solution to the North Korea crisis would be “tragic on an unbelievable scale” and that Washington was working internationally to find a diplomatic solution.

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The Coup d’tat Has Begun Which Will Divide America – Episode 1283b

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There is a special investigator to investigate the Russian collusion fantasy. Trump responds and says he has nothing to hide. On May 3rd, Comey admits that there was no obstruction of justice and nobody asked him to stop the investigation. 60% of the positions in government have been filled by Obama. The deep state is dividing the US and they are pushing their agenda to remove Trump. Venezuela crisis is worsening and the deep state wants to interfere via the UN. Trump and South Korea agree that they would talk to Kim Jong Un. Trump advisers want 50,000 troops in Afghanistan. US coalition forces violate the de-escalation zone and fire upon the Syrian Army. There is another piece of malware that is worse than wannacry.

Why a Trump Impeachment Is Highly Unlikely

Editor’s Note: Impeachment is a predominantly legislative process currently followed in several dozen countries, including Brazil, South Korea and the Philippines. ‘Impeach’ has roots in the Latin word for being caught. It allows members of the legislature to indict, or charge, an official with criminal activity. The official will be removed from office only if convicted.
Jacob Neiheisel, an assistant professor at the University at Buffalo, SUNY answers five questions about how impeachment works in the United States.
1. What sort of crime can lead to impeachment? The US Constitution states that the president, as well as the ‘Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States’ can be removed from office, after being both impeached and convicted, for ‘Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.’
Treason and bribery are straightforward, but what exactly constitutes a ‘High Crime’ or ‘Misdemeanor’ has always been open to interpretation. Although not the formal reason, scholars argue Andrew Johnson, the first American president to be impeached, was targeted because of his ‘soft’ approach to states of the former Confederacy during Reconstruction. The official reason was his violation of the Tenure of Office Act – which was later declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
Articles of impeachment were brought against Bill Clinton for perjury (lying under oath) and obstruction of justice, but there is little doubt that there were also partisan motivations behind the charges.
Even Alexander Hamilton expected the process of impeachment to be overtly political. President Gerald Ford put the matter bluntly when he described an impeachable offense as ‘Whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.’

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The Battle Will Only Get Worse, The End Will Be A Disaster Either Way – Episode 1282b

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The deep state continually pushes their agenda to remove Trump. There is a battle going on and it is being waged right out in the open. The deep state and corporate media are trying everything to remove Trump. Senators have now written a letter asking for the memo and all documentation from Trump, Obama and Clinton. Trump wants the pentagon audited. Russia and Italy boost cooperation. South Korea is talking about packing up the THAAD system and sending it back to the US. Nikki Haley speaks in deep state speak, either your with the US or your with NK. Russian Ambassador might have been killed because he could have worked out peace with NK . US admits that they Syrian building is not a crematorium. US and Syrian forces are moving military assets for an offensive.

The Stability of Trump’s Foreign Policy

With no fat lady in sight as the opera unfolds in Washington, it is useful to stop and consider an interesting point: For all the tumult that has defined President Donald Trump’s domestic policy, his foreign policy is relatively stable. There are some notable differences, of course, but what went before is pretty much what is going on now – a startling revelation, given the expectations.
During his campaign, Trump promised to disengage from burdensome commitments to other countries, shifting the risks and costs of the security of allies away from the United States. He promised to enact policies that promote US national interests, which he defined as US economic security, not global security.
Early Tests
Tests to these campaign pledges came early. In most cases, Trump’s response has been in keeping with prior policies.
In Syria, the Bashar Assad regime released sarin gas on a village (the claims that it was not the Syrians who did this have mostly died down). Trump regarded the attack as morally unacceptable, so he ordered the US military to attack a Syrian air base. And even though the airstrike did precious little to affect the outcome of the war, President Barack Obama shied away from doing even this when his famous red line was crossed. But Trump – in a situation where US interests (narrowly understood) were not involved – responded.
And then there is North Korea, a country that is not currently a nuclear threat to the US. Rather, it is a threat to Japan and South Korea, and indeed during the campaign Trump said Japan ought to develop its own nuclear weapons. In other words, he said that North Korea was a Japanese and South Korean problem, not a US problem. But when it appeared that North Korea was nearing the point where it had deliverable nuclear weapons, Trump got involved. He positioned the US for potential military action as it led diplomatic confrontations with Pyongyang. This has been the definition of US policy on North Korea for several administrations.

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North Korea State TV Releases Footage Of Latest Ballistic Missile Launch

On Monday morning, North Korean state TV released footage claiming to be of the ballistic missile they fired on Sunday.

As a reminder, earlier in the day, North Korea said it had successfully launched a new type of ballistic missile in its latest test which it said was aimed at building capacity to launch nuclear missiles. The North fired a ballistic missile that landed in the sea near Russia on Sunday in a launch that came just days after South Korea’s new President Moon Jae-in, who has called for closer engagement with Pyongyang, was inaugurated in Seoul.
The missile was launched at the highest angle so as not to affect the security of neighbouring countries and flew 787km reaching an altitude of 2,111.5km, KCNA said. Experts said the altitude reached by the missile tested meant it was launched at a high trajectory, which would limit the lateral distance it travelled. But if it was fired at a standard trajectory, it would have a range of at least 4,000km, according to experts.

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North Korea’s Latest Ballistic Missile Was A “New Type” With Dramatically Longer Range

US calls for "far stronger sanctions"against N. Korea after missile test. US & S. Korea consider it a"provocation". China calls for"restraint"
— Bricio Segovia (@briciosegovia) May 14, 2017

After North Korea provoked both its neighbors and the US when on Sunday morning it fired off yet another ballistic missile from Kusong near the border with China – one which this time did not explode upon launch – just days after the election of a new South Korean president who ironically advocates more engagement with Pyongyang, experts said the missile appeared to be a new type of ballistic missile, and had a far greater range than any other weapon North Korea has successfully launched.
According to Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada, the missile rose to a height of about 2,000 kilometers, a much steeper trajectory than usual for a North Korean missile test. She also confirmed that officials were looking into the possibility that it was a “new type of ballistic missile.” Japan’s cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga, said the missile traveled for about 30 minutes and landed 700 kilometers east of the launch site. A spokesman for South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff estimated the distance at 435 miles.
Cited by the WSJ, independent experts said the missile, if fired at a conventional angle, could have flown 2,800 miles – far enough to reach the U. S. military base in Guam.
That is a ‘considerably longer range than its current missiles,’ said David Wright, co-director of the Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, in an analysis of the launch.

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North Korea Test-Fires 7th Ballistic Missile Of 2017, Projectile Flew 700Km, Landed In Sea Of Japan

On the eve of a summit in Beijing, and just hours after Pyongyang’s chief nuclear negotiator said North Korea is ready to hold talks with the United States “if the conditions are mature”, South Korea’s Yonhap reports that North Korea has fired a projectile believed to be a ballistic missile, from a region named Kusong located northwest of Pyongyang, where the North previously test-launched its intermediate-range missile.
The nature of the projectile was not immediately clear, a South Korean military official told Reuters.
The ballistic missile firing is North Korea’s seventh this year.
The launch comes just hours after The South China Morning Post reports Choe Son-hui, head of the North Korea’s Foreign Ministry’s North America bureau, offered the assurance in the Chinese capital after an informal meeting in Norway with Thomas Pickering, a former US ambassador to the United Nations.
“If conditions are mature, we will hold dialogue with the Donald Trump administration,” she said.
Choe made the remarks just days after Trump said he would be willing to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “under the right circumstances”.
But the comments also came as the US embassy in Beijing told China’s foreign ministry that North Korea’s attendance at the top-level gathering for the “Belt and Road Initiative” could send the wrong message as the world was trying to pressure Pyongyang over its repeated missile and nuclear tests. The foreign ministry said Beijing welcomed the participation of all countries in the summit.

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