With quotes by Adolf Hitler emblazoned on tee shirts, remnants of Nazi regalia, chants of ‘Jew will not replace us,’ and Confederate flags held aloft throughout the crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia, demonstrations by white nationalists against the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee coldly conjured the apparition of the Jim Crow-era American South – and then events turned deadly.
A 32-year-old woman lost her life and 26 others suffered injuries, some grievous, when a car allegedly driven by James Alex Fields, 20, sped purposefully into a crowd of protesters at a high rate of speed on Saturday – literally knocking people out of their shoes and sending them airborne – in what vocal critics, alluding to previous attacks in Europe, termed an act of terrorism.
To reiterate, an (alleged) white nationalist targeted and ran over protesters, killing one of them – after Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a sweeping state of emergency, and after, according to the state’s ACLU chapter, police were told to stand down and wait for commands to intervene – providing the both the perfect storm and the perfect excuse to clear the permitted protesters and others from the area.

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New Jersey Shutdown Enters Day 3 As Christie Roasted For “A Day At The Beach”

NJ beaches are open in 119 of our our 130 miles of coastline. Come and enjoy them–but use sunscreen and hydrate!
— Governor Christie (@GovChristie) July 3, 2017

The New Jersey government shutdown and state of emergency entered its third day, as lawmakers failed to approve a budget for fiscal 2018.
As reported on Saturday, as many as 35,000 state workers remained furloughed and governor Christie has said they will not be paid for time off once the stalemate ends. Various non-emergency services such as motor-vehicle offices, courts, parks and ferries were closed, while essential state services including state police, New Jersey Transit bus and rail and welfare services, were operating. New Jersey is one of nearly a dozen states states that is scrambling to enact a spending budget for the fiscal year end, even as the local legislature appears deadlocked over any potential compromise.
According to Bloomberg, NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat, told reporters in Trenton that he didn’t expect budget votes in either house Monday. As discussed previously, the impasse is due to the refusal by Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, also a Democrat, to post a bill compelling Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to give the state $300 million annually from its surplus account. Horizon, which administers the state’s Medicaid contract, has said the company’s $2.5 billion cushion is a safety net while Christie has said it’s excessive for a private not-for-profit health insurer that grew on taxpayer funding. This may be one of the rare occasions in US history in which a Democrat is defending a major corporation from being overtaxed, while a Republican is doing the opposite.
And while the NJ governor has vowed not to sign a budget unless the Horizon bill also comes to his desk, on Monday Chris Christie had bigger problems. As Christie ordered special legislative sessions over the weekend, and again today, yesterday an aircraft of the news site photographed the governor and his family as they relaxed at Island Beach State Park outside a vacation home owned by the state for the governor’s use.

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Chris Christie Announces New Jersey Government Shutdown, Orders State Of Emergency

Illinois, Maine, Connecticut: the end of the old fiscal year and the failure of numerous states to enter the new one with a budget, means that some of America’s most populous states have seen their local governments grind to a halt overnight until some spending agreement is reached. Now we can also add New Jersey to this list.
On Saturday morning, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency in the state, and announced a partial state government shutdown as New Jersey become the latest state to enter the new fiscal year without an approved budget after the Republican governor and the Democrat-led Legislature failed to reach an agreement by the deadline at midnight Friday, CBS New York reports.
WATCH: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announces state government shutdown amid budget impasse
— CBS News (@CBSNews) July 1, 2017

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New Jersey Governor Issues A State Of Emergency Executive Order

In an attempt to shield those living in the Garden state from the problems their government created, the governor, Chris Christie, has now signed an executive order issuing a ‘state of emergency.’ As speculation grows that New Jersey will soon follow in Illinois’ footsteps, the government is proving forecasters correct by their inability to pass a constitutionally mandated budget.
Not only did New Jersy’s inability to pass a budget shut down the government (but not really. Don’t worry, you’ll still be taxed and welfare checks will still go out) but it scared Christie enough to sign a state of emergency executive order.
I have issued an Executive Order declaring a state of emergency to maintain the protection, safety & well-being of the people of NJ.
— Governor Christie (@GovChristie) July 1, 2017

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‘It Can Easily Be Surmised That Military Action Is About To Occur’ – Is Trump Preparing For A First Strike On North Korea?

This past week there were many sources reporting on different events that come to play in the overall significance of a possibility of escalation into a war between the U. S. and Russia. Apparently, the Russians shot down an EQ-4 Drone, estimated to cost more than $200 million. The cost is not the most alarming thing: the function of this particular type of drone is to tie in communications between different units and branches in different areas of an operational region. The Russians allegedly shot down the drone with an S-300 interceptor missile over neutral waters of the Mediterranean from Tartus in Syria.
Hal Turner reported extensively on this event. At roughly the same time, numerous sources and sites released a tweet from President Trump dated 20 June 2017 that was worded both vaguely and with the potential for an ominous undertone. The tweet is as follows:
‘While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!’
From such a statement, it can easily be surmised that military action is about to occur, taking the form of a potential first strike by the United States. Backing up such an expostulation is the fact that President Trump on the 21st of June extended the state of emergency against North Korea in existence with several previous presidential Executive Orders already in effect. The President extended the state of emergency for another year. Plans for military action against North Korea are very much on the table and we are on the cusp.

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Crisis On The Horizon: Will It Be Economic Collapse? Global Civil Unrest? War? We Won’t Have To Guess Much Longer…

‘Never let a crisis go to waste.’
-Rahm Emmanuel
The algorithm is simple: Governments coerce their pet monkeys to pay taxes into the system – the self-perpetuating machine – and thereby the monkeys become the very sources of funding to build, equip, staff, and enforce their own incarceration.
There are too many individuals with dreams, plans, goals, and ambitions for themselves and their families. There is too much individualism. It eventually must be crushed, in order to maintain the existing social, political, religious, and economic order. The order will eventually blend all of the elements and ‘homogenize’ them to assure mutual self-support for the overall goal: the supremacy of the State and the subjugation of the masses.
The paradigm shift is from the rugged individual raising a family of self-supporting and producing citizens that contribute to their government to the collective, where the individual is a number and controlled/controllable in every aspect. The family has been divided to not think for the family and to be in awe and obedience to the State. The end-state is this phrase:
‘I am the State; the State is all.’
-The words of Quarlo in the episode ‘Soldier,’ (The Outer Limits)
We are seeing the transformation occur before our eyes. We are also seeing the ‘justification’ for such control in the form of a rise in various stages of actions labeled either as ‘civil unrest’ or ‘terrorism’ by the governments. It was just announced on byGateway Pundit in an article entitled Macron Hopes to Put France in a Permanent State of Emergency, via a bill that will make it a law of the land. Hello?

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Et Voil – President Emmanuel Macron

21st Century Wire says…
Even with votes still being counted and the country under a ‘state of emergency’, Emmanuel Macron is France’s newest President.
At 39, Macron is the nations youngest President and faces huge challenges to heal a fractured and deeply divided country.
Only time will now tell if the pro European, ex Rothschild and self proclaimed ‘independent centrist’ will succeed in addressing France’s most critical issues at hand.
More on this report from AFP…

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on May 7th, 2017.

Turkish Referendum Full Preview

This Sunday, Turkey will vote in a hotly contested referendum on the presidential
system, whose outcome could place sweeping new powers in the
hands of President Tayyip Erdogan and herald the most radical change to
the country’s political system in its modern history.
The package of 18 amendments would abolish the office of prime minister and give the president the authority to draft the budget, declare a state of emergency and issue decrees overseeing ministries without parliamentary approval.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Apr 15, 2017.

French President Fires Back At Trump Over Paris Comments

One day after president Trump remarked in a speech at a conference that a friend thought
“Paris is no longer Paris” after attacks by Islamist militants, French President Francois Hollande fired back at Donald Trump on Saturday. During a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, Trump repeated his criticism of Europe’s handling of attacks by Islamist militants saying a friend “Jim” no longer wanted to take his family to Paris.
Hollande said Trump should show support for U. S. allies. “There is terrorism and we must fight it together. I think that it is never good to show the smallest defiance toward an allied country. I wouldn’t do it with the United States and I’m urging the U. S. president not to do it with France,” Hollande said.
“I won’t make comparisons but here, people don’t have access to guns. Here, you don’t have people with guns opening fire on the crowd simply for the satisfaction of causing drama and tragedy,” Hollande said, responding to questions during a visit at the Paris Agric fair.
They may not have access to guns, but they have access to trucks which they then use to murder dozens of innocent bystanders in increasingly more frequent terrorist incidents, meanwhile the lack of guns prevents the local population from defending itself when one or more terrorists – who have access not only to guns but also explosives – use these to attack and murder members of the defenseless French population.
Oh yes, “here” the French people have also been living under what has effectively become a permanent state of emergency ever since the November 2015 Bataclan mass murder.

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Officials were warned twelve years in advance about potential safety hazards at the Oroville Dam in Butte County, California, which now faces the risk of flooding nearby residential areas as a result of a broken spillway and increased rainfall.
Local outlet Mercury News reports:
‘Three environmental groups – the Friends of the River, the Sierra Club and the South Yuba Citizens League – filed a motion with the federal government on Oct. 17, 2005, as part of Oroville Dam’s relicensing process, urging federal officials to require that the dam’s emergency spillway be armored with concrete, rather than remain as an earthen hillside.’
That never happened. The aging Oroville dam, which exceeded capacity on Sunday, began to overflow and spill over the earthen emergency spillway after the main spillway was severely damaged. These developments prompted flood warnings and a declaration of a state of emergency from Governor Jerry Brown. The spillway is on the verge of collapse, a potential disaster that prompted mass evacuations. Over 188,000 residents have been displaced.

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War On The Homeless: Cities All Over America Are Passing Laws Making It Illegal To Feed And Shelter Those In Need

If you want to be a ‘Good Samaritan’ to the homeless in your community, you might want to check and see if it is legal first. All over the country, cities are passing laws that make it illegal to feed and shelter the homeless. For example, in this article you will read about a church in Maryland that was just fined $12,000 for simply allowing homeless people to sleep outside the church at night. This backlash against homeless people comes at a time when homelessness in America is absolutely exploding. In a previous article, I shared with my readers the fact that the number of homeless people in New York City has just set a brand new all-time high, and the homelessness crisis in California has become so severe that the L. A. City Council has formally asked Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency. Sadly, instead of opening up our hearts to the rapidly growing number of Americans without a home, way too many communities are trying to use the law to force them to go somewhere else.
For nearly two thousand years, churches have been at the forefront of helping the poor and disadvantaged, but now many communities are trying to stop this from happening. Earlier today, I was absolutely stunned when I came across an article that talked about how a church in Dundalk, Maryland has been fined $12,000 for allowing the homeless to sleep outside the church at night…

This post was published at The Economic Collapse Blog on December 6th, 2016.

Charlotte Police Release Mugshots Of Captured Looters As Protests Continue For Fifth Night

Following the delayed release of the Charlotte police dash and body-cam video footage of the fatal shooting of Keith Scott, there were concerns that violence and rioting would return to the cith of Charlotte, despite the recently imposed state of emergency and national guard deployment, leading to even more drastic violence. And while luckily that did not happen to the extent seen earlier in the week, protests showed no signs of abating on Sunday, after the police released videos showing the victim being shot but did not answer the question of whether he had a gun.
Hundreds marched through the center of Charlotte on a fifth night of demonstrations that stretched into Sunday morning, including white and black families protesting police violence. One sign read ‘Stop police brutality’ and another showed a picture of a bloody handprint with the phrase #AMINEXT, a social media tag about the fear of becoming a victim of police.

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Russia Told The UN That US Gov Coordination With Terrorists Needs Investigating – Episode 1082b

The following video was published by X22Report on Sep 22, 2016
Another night of riots hit Charlotte NC, governor declares state of emergency. Puerto Rico is totally blacked out for the second night in a row. The US is preparing for the collapse of NK, but worried about the nukes. The South Eastern people in Ukraine are continually shelled by Kiev. US votes to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons. More troops are heading to Iraq. Missiles hit Turkey at the exact same time they are applying for the cross border war extension. Russia calls out the US in front of the UNSC on coordinating with terrorists, wants the US investigated. Russia is now blamed for cyber attacks against the DNC , Yahoo and the White House.

This One Picture Shows Why You Absolutely Must Own a Gun: ‘He Was Allowed to Drive Away Alive’

If you still had any doubts as to why the 2nd Amendment must be protected, and why self defense must be respected as the priority that it is, then just take a look at what happened during the already insane riots taking place in Charlotte.
Despite large cadres of riot cops on scene and North Carolina’s Gov. McCrory declaring of a state of emergency and calling in the National Guard, no one was able to protect the dozens of innocent bystanders who were beaten, attacked, intimidated and knocked over just because of the color of their skin or the fact that they ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Numerous individuals and several journalists were targeted for physical attacks after the protest devolved into riots. At least one white man was dragged into a parking garage and beaten. One of the protesters was shot. Rocks and other objects were thrown, and the entire thing got out of control.
There’s little doubt that the authorities wanted to maintain order, but it wasn’t possible. And people got hurt.
But one person who wasn’t hurt by the violent and temporarily insane mob in downtown Charlotte was this guy:

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Guns Sell Out In Charlotte As Local Police Refuses To Release Shooting Video

With both a state of emergency implemented and the national guard deployed in Charlotte overnight following a second night of rioting, there was hope the mood in the city tonight would be less violent. That however, may prove optimistic now that the Charlotte police announced they do not plan – for now – to release a video showing the fatal shooting of Keith Scott by officers, and which that has sparked two nights of violent protests in North Carolina’s largest city, the department’s chief said on Thursday.
The video will only be shown to the family of Keith Scott, 43, who was shot dead by a black police officer in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Tuesday afternoon, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said.
The reason the video is relevant is because many of the protesters dispute the official account of Scott’s death. Police contend he was carrying a gun when he approached officers and ignored repeated orders to drop it. His family and a witness say he was holding a book, not a firearm, when he was killed. “I’m not going to release the video right now,” Putney told reporters, the morning after nine people were injured and 44 arrested in riots over Scott’s killing.
As Reuters notes, Charlotte’s reluctance to release the video stands in contrast to Oklahoma, where officials on Monday released footage of the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher by police after his vehicle broke down on a highway. That shooting is now the subject of a U. S. Department of Justice probe.

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State of Emergency, National Guard Called In After Second Night Of Violent Charlotte Protests

One protester was shot and gravely wounded by a civilian, and four police officers suffered non-life threatening injuries, after what was initially a peaceful rally in response to the fatal police shooting of a black man, Keith Scott, turned violent on Wednesday for the second day in a row, as protesters threw rocks and bottles at police in riot gear, smashed windows and doors and looted stores in downtown Charlotte. Officers fired rubber bullets, tear gas, flash-bang grenades and used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.
As we noted last night, a civilian was shot Wednesday CBS affiliate WBTV reported. City officials say police did not fire on the victim. Several reporters and people on the street were attacked as police in riot gear linked arms, marched down streets and fired tear gas.

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Which is Worse: A Busted Pipeline or a Politician with a Case of the Do-Somethings?

Economists have a grumbling and cynical stereotype. This might be because even the most basic economic principles are ignored by those who should know better and vehemently denied by those who don’t.
Case in point: a restricted supply of gasoline is expected across the Eastern United States because of a busted pipeline, and state governors enact price ceilings to keep the price of gasoline artificially low.
In Alabama, Governor Bentley forbade ‘unconscionable prices for the sale of any commodity’ in his State of Emergency proclamation.
Governor Deal did the same in Georgia. The Georgia Consumer Protection Bureau even has a Price Gouging Form, for citizens to tattle on other citizens for providing a good that is in more limited supply than usual. The website says, ‘Businesses may not sell motor fuel products, including gasoline, at prices higher than the prices at which those same products were offered before the declaration of the State of Emergency.’
Even first-year economics students know that when the price of a good is set arbitrarily low by government decree, the quantity demanded is greater than the quantity supplied. In other words, a shortage emerges.

This post was published at Ludwig von Mises Institute on Sept 21, 2016.

USGS Warns Oklahomans It’s Time To “Start Preparing For Earthquakes Like Californians”

Last week Oklahoma was struck by a massive M5.8 earthquake, the largest in the state’s history. The epicenter of the earthquake was located around Pawnee, Oklahoma but people reported feeling the effects from North Dakota all the way to Houston.
The quake prompted the Governor of Oklahoma to declare a state of emergency while regulators immediately demanded that 37 wastewater disposal wells, operated by oil and gas companies in the region of the quake, be shut down. Meanwhile, the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) could not immediately confirm whether the earthquake could be specifically attributed to wastewater disposal but noted plans to continue analyzing seismic data over the coming days. Per the USGS:
Without studying the specifics of the wastewater injection and oil and gas production in this area, the USGS cannot currently conclude whether or not this particular earthquake was caused by industrial-related, human activities. However, we do know that many earthquakes in Oklahoma have been triggered by wastewater fluid injection. The USGS will continue to process seismic data in the following days and weeks that will help answer this question.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Sep 11, 2016.