[6.30] Q Train Gaining!/Assange & Trump's Uncle/Natural Health Suppression/Toymaker Pulls Nazi UFO

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KRATOM – How It May Benefit & FDA Suppression

This post was published at Destroying The Illusion

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Hillary Clinton, Who Colluded With The Russians, Questions The Legitimacy Of The 2016 Elections Because….Russia

Failed former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is now directly questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 elections, citing the discredited deep state narrative that Donald Trump worked with the Russians as one of her reasons despite the fact that her own campaign colluded with ‘Russian sources’ to spread disinformation about President Trump through what would eventually become known as the ‘Trump dossier.’
Clinton made the comments in a wide ranging interview with the always friendly Mother Jones Senior Reporter Ari Berman where she stated that there are many questions about the actual legitimacy of the last presidential election in which she lost.
During the interview Berman asked Clinton, ‘So between the Republican voter suppression you talked about and Russian interference, do you think it was a legitimate election?’
‘I think that there are lots of questions about its legitimacy, and we don’t have a method for contesting that in our system. That’s why I’ve long advocated for an independent commission to get to the bottom of what happened. Because, look, this is the first time we’ve ever been attacked by a foreign adversary, and then they suffer no real consequences,’ Clinton replied.
‘And so, I’m worried that we’re not learning all the lessons, it’s one of the reasons why I wrote the book. Because I wanted people at least to understand what I saw as the factors, including shortcomings of myself and my campaign. But the forces at work outside my campaign are not going away. Somebody else is going to be running for Congress, or governor, or eventually president. We’ve got to know how to protect ourselves.’

This post was published at shtfplan on November 17th, 2017.


Since the ballot in Catalonia over a week ago, which the Spanish authorities, contrary to the spirit of democracy, did their best to disrupt by the use of brute force, as any good old fashioned fascist State would, by sending in the “Brownshirts”, the mainstream media have gone to work in an effort to present the pro-independence Catalans as a bunch of fringe wing nutters trying to turn the clock back to the Middle Ages. The pro-Spain demonstrations at the weekend were given big media coverage and made to look like an overwhelming endorsement of the Spanish State, rather like the “huge crowds” when Saddam Hussein’s statue was pulled down in Iraq after the invasion, which turned out to be just a few hundred people herded into a square and then orchestrated and made to look like a large crowd by the careful use of camera angles. Of course, the pro-Spain crowds were big – what do you expect in a city the size of Barcelona even if only 30% of population are in favor of continued union with Spain? Having sent in the police with orders to act as thugs to disrupt the vote, the Spanish parliament than arbitrarily dismissed the vote as invalid because “only” 45% or so of the population voted, which was of course the result of their interference, and you don’t have to be a genius to extrapolate that if about 90% of those who did vote were in favor of Catalonia becoming a separate State, if even 80% of citizens had voted, there would still be an overwhelming majority in favor of separation.
The Spanish parliament invoked the constitution in an attempt to deprive Catalonians of their democratic rights, and have used it as justification for violent suppression with the thinly veiled threat of the further use of force if the Catalonians persist, such as the arrest of their leader, cutting off of banks etc. The Spanish King and the European Union weighed in on the side of the Spanish government, as one would expect.

This post was published at Clive Maund on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

Extreme Left & Extreme Right Believe in the Same Thing – Oppress all Opposition

I have written before that if you go extreme right and extreme left, you reach the same political position with two different thought processes -more state power. With all the press of the Alt-Right since CNN can then attribute that to Trump and call him indirectly a fascist, they will not put the spotlight on the extreme left.
Antifa is a extreme or far-left militant political movement that self-describes itself as anti-fascist groups in the United States. The term ‘fascist’has been completely redefined and seems to have lost all true meaning to what a fascist used to be. Today, the term seems to refer very loosely to anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobia, as well as anarchist and anti-capitalist groups. They are definitely closer to Marx than to fascists. Fascism is an authoritarian nationalism, that is characterized by dictatorial power, forced suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce. It is not focused on anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobia. It is focused on military power.

This post was published at Armstrong Economics on Aug 25, 2017.

Vaccine disasters governments want you to forget

Parents who question vaccines are crazy? Really? Parents who claim to discover vaccine-dangers are crazy? Really?
Official history is a curious thing. Whole sections of fact disappear from the record.
When I was researching my first book, AIDS INC., in 1987-88, I explored various forms of immune-system suppression, in order to show that HIV was not the real story.
I looked into vaccines, for example. Here is an excerpt from AIDS INC. Keep in mind that my research, at the time, ended in 1988. This excerpt reports on vaccines disasters and statements about vaccines made by several authors.
It is forgotten history:
‘… Based on the only U. S. findings on adverse DPT [diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus vaccine] reactions, an FDA-financed study at the University of California, Los Angeles, one out of every 350 children will have a convulsion; one in 180 children will experience high-pitched screaming [can indicate brain damage]; and one in 66 will have a fever of 105 degrees or more.’ (Jennifer Hyman, Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, New York, special supplement on DPT, dated April, 1987.)

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on August 18, 2017.

Google Is Committed To The Suppression Of Free Speech

This is an update to my earlier posting this morning: The Google engineer, a Harvard Ph. D., who raised questions about the non-fact-based ideological culture within the Google organization has been identified and fired.
Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, said that the employee in expressing his views had violated Google’s code of conduct and had crossed ‘the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.’ The employee, James Damore, confirms that he was fired for ‘perpetuating gender stereotypes’ by expressing his views.
Having fired Damore or permitted Google’s Thought Control Czar, Danielle Brown, to fire Damore, Sundar Pichai delivered a caricature of hypocrisy. Sundar addressed Damore’s ‘co-workers who are questioning whether they can safely express their views in the workplace, especially those with a minority viewpoint. They too feel under threat, and that is also not OK. People must feel free to express dissent.’

This post was published at Paul Craig Roberts on August 8, 2017.


(TFTP) From Seattle to Tuscaloosa, police arrested more than 1,000 people in just one month – including a law enforcement officer and pastor – as part of a sweeping crackdown on child sex offenders, and juvenile and adult sex trafficking in the United States.
Police from 37 departments in 17 states participated in the annual National Johns Suppression Initiative – a regular effort to ostensively crackdown on human trafficking and illegal sex work – rescuing 81 adult and child victims and arresting 1,020 people from Seattle to Chicago, and Texas to Tuscaloosa in the monthlong effort spearheaded by Cook County, Illinois, Sheriff Thomas J. Dart.
Harris County, Texas, saw the largest number of people arrested, 170, while police in Seattle nabbed 160 alleged perpetrators and authorities throughout Cook County, seat of Chicago, arrested 141.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on AUGUST 4, 2017.

Europe’s Cities Absorb Sharia Law

Authored by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute,
London Mayor Sadiq Khan banned advertisements that promote “unrealistic expectations of women’s body image and health”. Now Berlin is planning to ban images in which women are portrayed as “beautiful but weak, hysterical, dumb, crazy, naive, or ruled by their emotions”. Tagesspiegel‘s Harald Martenstein said the policy “could have been adopted from the Taliban manifesto”. The irony is that this wave of morality and “virtue” is coming from cities governed by uninhibited leftist politicians, who for years campaigned for sexual liberation. It is now a “feminist” talking point to advocate sharia policy. To paraphrase the American writer Daniel Greenfield, the irony of women celebrating their own suppression is both heartbreaking and stupefying. Within days after the Islamic State conquered the city of Sirte in Libya two years ago, enormous billboards appeared in the Islamist stronghold warning women they must wear baggy robes that cover their entire bodies, and no perfume. These “sharia stipulations for hijab” included wearing dense material and a robe that does not “resemble the attire of unbelievers”.
Two years later, Europe’s three most important cities – London, Paris and Berlin – are adopting the same sharia trend.
Paris has said au revoir to “sexist” ads on public billboards. The Paris city council announced its ban after the Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo said the move meant that Paris was “leading the way” in the fight against sexism. London Mayor Sadiq Khan also banned advertisements that promote “unrealistic expectations of women’s body image and health”. Now Berlin is planning to ban images in which women are portrayed as “beautiful but weak, hysterical, dumb, crazy, naive, or ruled by their emotions”. Der Tagesspiegel‘s Harald Martenstein said the policy “could have been adopted from the Taliban manifesto”.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Aug 3, 2017.

The Threat of ‘Hunger Games Healthcare’

‘District 12: Where you can starve to death in safety.’
‘ Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games
‘Happy Hunger Games!’ Effie Trinket, the escort of the District 12 tributes, said. ‘And may the odds be ever in your favor.’
In The Hunger Games novels, an ‘advanced’ and morally corrupt ruling class forces an annual display of mass murder on the children of the lower classes.
Everyone is encouraged to watch this patriotic display. It is necessary, after all. It is good for society, they’re told. It promotes peace. It promotes equality.
The ruling class uses this Orwellian doublethink to justify (to themselves, mostly) their suppression of independent thinking and their brutal perpetuation of the statist quo.
The ruling class obsessively engages in extravagant and pointless displays of gross excess out of boredom. Its members are gregariously gluttonous, voraciously vain, slanderously slothful, wretchedly wrathful, ghastfully greedy, lidlessly lustful and perniciously proud.
The lower class, meanwhile, lives in destitution, famine and sickness. They are powerless to lead their own lives. They are little more than tinpot subjects to a high-tech dictatorship based on surveillance, mass-media indoctrination, police oppression and radical inequality.

This post was published at Laissez Faire on Jun 30, 2017.

Qatar given 10 days to meet 13 sweeping demands by Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and its allies have issued a threatening 13-point ultimatum to Qatar as the price for lifting a two-week trade and diplomatic embargo of the country, in a marked escalation of the Gulf’s worst diplomatic dispute in decades.
The onerous list of demands includes stipulations that Doha close the broadcaster al-Jazeera, drastically scale back cooperation with Iran, remove Turkish troops from Qatar’s soil, end contact with groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and submit to monthly external compliance checks. Qatar has been given 10 days to comply with the demands or face unspecified consequences.
Saudi Arabia and the other nations leading the blockade – the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt – launched an economic and diplomatic blockade on the energy-rich country a fortnight ago, initially claiming the Qatari royal family had licensed the funding of terrorism across the Middle East for decades. Since then, the allies appear to be pushing for the isolation of Iran and the suppression of dissenting media in the region.
The list of demands, relayed to Qatar via mediators from Kuwait, represents the first time Saudi Arabia has been prepared to put the bloc’s previously amorphous grievances in writing. Their sweeping nature would, if accepted, represent an effective end to Qatar’s independent foreign policy. According to one of the points, Qatar would have to ‘align itself with other Arabs and the Gulf, militarily, politically, socially and economically, as well as in financial matters’.

This post was published at The Guardian

Caught On Tape: Democratic Party Official Says He’s “Glad [Scalise] Got Shot, I Wish He Was F*cking Dead”

‘Progressive’ democrats in this country are seemingly becoming completely unhinged. A party that is run by the ‘peaceful’ hippies of the 60’s who, at least at the time, considered themselves among the most vocal advocates of free speech, now openly supports the suppression of free speech on college campuses. A party that abhors violence saw one of it’s voters last week carry out an attempted assassination of numerous Republican congressmen…not to mention the several violent protests that erupted after November’s election that resulted in untold amounts of property destruction. A party that promotes itself as the party of women, simultaneously defends the ‘rights’ of people to practice Sharia law which specifically allows for domestic violence when women are ‘disobedient.’ The outrageous hypocrisy is truly mind boggling.
Meanwhile, just the latest example of ‘unhinged’ Democrats behaving badly comes to us courtesy of Phil Montag, the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Technology Chairman, who inadvertently got caught sharing his true feelings on Steve Scalise’s shooting:
“This motherfucker, like his whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to fucking kick people off fucking health care. I hate this motherfucker. I’m fucking glad he got shot. I’m glad he got shot.” “I wish he was fucking dead.”

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jun 23, 2017.

The suppression of ideas and the closing out of debate

Let’s start with an extreme case. A case that has been roiled in emotion for decades. A case that triggers people into making all sorts of comments.
At quora.com, there is an interesting Q and A. The subject is the Nazi holocaust.
The question is: Why is holocaust denial a crime in some countries?
One answer is offered by Olaf Simons, who states he is an ‘historian at the Gotha Research Centre.’ Here is an excerpt:
‘Anyone who tells you it [the holocaust] is ‘not real’ (because he has found something to support his doubt) is manipulating you with a political agenda.’
That’s quite a far-reaching assertion. It’s obvious that a) someone might come to the conclusion that the holocaust didn’t happen and b) he has no political agenda. Whether that person’s conclusion about the holocaust is true or false is beside the point. And even if that person did have a political agenda, why should his comments about the holocaust be suppressed?
Olaf Simons takes his argument further: ‘Holocaust denial is different. It is telling you that all the historical victims are actually cheating the public. It denies families the right to mourn the loss of grandmothers and grandfathers, mothers and fathers, friends and loved ones. It is an attempt to deny Jews the right to remember their collective history – and usually the right to have a Jewish state as a consequence of this, their history. All the Holocaust denier has to do is claim his right of free speech and tell the Jew, who has lost his family, that he is simply a liar. That is the point where we as societies must intervene…’

This post was published at Jon Rappoport on April 18, 2017.

Dissent, and the New Cold War — John Batchelor Interviews Stephen F. Cohen

Batchelor this week begins with an interesting discussion of how Joe McCarthy was finally considered a threat to the Eisenhower presidency as his power base grew. McCarthy’s goal was to be a very viable presidential candidate and he was succeeding. Cohen finds this interesting in that Russians would call McCarthyism a “living history” event and uses the introduction to compare the Russian experience to the American counterpart. The Soviet system eventually did moderate and became less invasive after Stalin’s reign of abuses, but censorship in the Russian media was the norm (almost to the end of the Soviet Era) and Cohen finds the present controls in the US MSM very similar to those extremes. Cohen also muses that dtente efforts may have been serious problems for other presidents. But this time around the goals of the new McCarthyism are geared to both destroying dtente and a president. And, Cohen remarks, for those who depend on the MSM for their news it is working.
How were the Soviet “efforts to safeguard its orthodoxy and preserve its narrative similar or different from the present state of the American MSM? Cohen maintains there were some close similarities. Some of these mutual efforts are obvious – like exclusion of alternate points of view – in US mainstream print media. Suppression of dissidents (Andrei Dmitrievich Sackharov is a Soviet example) is also in play in the United States with labels such as “Putin Apologists” who find themselves stigmatized with criticism. Both Cohen and Batchelor have experienced this. Cohen describes this new McCarthyism as a kind of “cancer, metaphorically” such that this harangue of a narrative restrains people like Sec. State, Tillerson from performing their functions. The Soviets also misrepresented facts to maintain their narrative for Russians. The bottom line for both regimes that indulge in this kind of propaganda is that deceit is hugely damaging on multi-levels.
One of the facts left out, Cohen mentions, is a huge one involving how the DNC handled the “hack”, that it did not call the FBI but a private investigation agency (Crowdstrike). This bunch labelled the problem as being due to Russian involvement. And so the narrative began. The FBI never investigated these findings! Other groups looked at these findings and nothing was found to implicate Russia. No facts whatsoever. It was all deceit. These facts have been excluded. In the Soviet system the KGB was used as the expert sources for spin propaganda. In the US, however, the heads of agencies have stood up and supported the narrative – like James Comey, Director of the FBI did very recently. Cohen is still unsure whether the FBI ever looked closely at the DNC situation. He suspects that Comey was told not to.

This post was published at Audioboom

The Coming Fracture Of Saudi Arabia

The Bible’s book of Galatians, VI teaches, as you sow, so shall you reap. And for Saudi Arabia, which has overtly and covertly supported rebellions in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Ethiopia, Philippines, and Lebanon that have led to civil wars and inter-religious strife, the day of reckoning may soon be at hand. The present Saudi king, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, is the last of the sons of the first Saudi king, Abdul Aziz al Saud, who will ever sit on the Saudi throne. After Salman dies, Saudi leadership will pass to a new generation of Saudi royals. But not all the descendants of the first Saudi king are happy about how the future succession may turn out.
Salman named his nephew, Mohammed bin Nayef, as crown prince after firing his half-brother, Mugrin bin Abdul Aziz, as crown prince after the death of King Abdullah in 2015. For good measure, Salman also named his son, Mohammad bin Salman, who is little-known outside the kingdom, as deputy prime minister. The 30-year old Mohammad bin Salman is seen by some as the eventual crown prince after King Salman figures out some way to ease Mohammad bin Nayef, the Interior Minister and close friend of the United States, out of the position of heir apparent to the throne.
More and more power has been concentrated into Mohammad bin Salman’s hands, including control over the Defense Ministry, the Council of Economy and Development, and the Saudi government-owned Arabian-American oil company (ARAMCO). The deputy crown prince and defense minister is the architect of Saudi Arabia’s genocidal military campaign against the Houthi rebels in Yemen and continued Saudi support for jihadist guerrillas in Syria and Iraq, as well as military support for the Wahhabist royal regime in Bahrain in its bloody suppression of the Shi’a Muslim majority population. Mohammad bin Salman is also the major force in Saudi Arabia seeking a military confrontation with Iran.
There is a schism within the Saudi royal family that has created a real-life Game of Thrones within the kingdom. The first Saudi king had between 37 and 44 sons from a harem of 22 wives. One of these sons, 85-year old Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz, also known as the Red Prince for his support for a national constitution and Western-style rule of law separated from Muslim sharia law, is suspicious about the concentration of power in the hands of Salman’s family, which comes at the expense of the other princes with a political claim inside the monarchy. Prince Talal is not alone.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Dec 12, 2016.