The Economist Goes There (Again)

Economist publisher Lynn Forrester de Rothschild was part of team Clinton #PodestaEmails36
— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) November 9, 2016

After a few months off from lambasting President Trump on the cover, Economist publisher, Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, has decided now is the time to go after him again…
As a reminder, it was just February when The Economist turned the fearmongery amplifier to ’11’ in its latest op-ed describing the ‘insurgency in The White House’.
Washington is in the grip of a revolution, The Economist begins…
The bleak cadence of last month’s inauguration was still in the air when Donald Trump lobbed the first Molotov cocktail of policies and executive orders against the capital’s brilliant-white porticos. He has not stopped…

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo: “Extreme Right Is The Number One Domestic Terror Threat In The U.S.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is a man who likes to make up his own ‘facts’. Remember back in October 2016 when he told his CNN viewers that it was “illegal to possess” documents published by Wikileaks but continued that “it’s different for the media…so everything you learn about this, you’re learning from us.” That’s one way to keep a captive audience and control messaging…just scare them into viewership by telling them it’s illegal to consume information directly from their original sources…
Unfortunately, despite being mercilessly mocked on social media, Cuomo didn’t learn his lessons from his Wikileaks mishap. Just this morning Cuomo decided to drop another creative ‘fact’ on viewers saying “the number one domestic terror threat in the U. S. is the extreme right…just look at the stats.” Courtesy of the Daily Caller:
‘If you take anarchists at their worst, do you have malefactor? Do you have criminals in their ranks? Do you have people who do violent things? Yes, yes, yes, yes. That is not a moral equivalency to the KKK,’ Cuomo said. ‘It’s certainly not an equivalent to what we see on the right. Just look at the stats. The number one domestic terror threat in the U. S. is the extreme right. There is not even a close second.’
‘That’s all they’re about is hate. Two out of three people on this panel they don’t want to exist!’

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California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange Wednesday in an effort to obtain information about the source of a leak of Democratic officials’ emails.
Rohrabacher told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview Thursday that Assange is hoping to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he is currently in asylum, and that during the meeting they explored ‘what might be necessary to get him out.’
The congressman told TheDC that ‘if [Assange] is going to give us a big favor, he would obviously have to be pardoned to leave the Ecuadorian embassy.’ Assange took asylum in the embassy in August 2012 after facing sexual assault charges in Sweden. The Justice Department also reportedly wants to charge Assange for helping Edward Snowden, a former NSA analyst, leak thousands of classified documents.
‘He has information that will be of dramatic importance to the United States and the people of our country as well as to our government,’ Rohrabacher said. ‘Thus if he comes up with that, you know he’s going to expect something in return. He can’t even leave the embassy to get out to Washington to talk to anybody if he doesn’t have a pardon. Obviously there is an issue there that needs to be dealt with, but we haven’t come to any conclusion yet.’

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A message to Wikileaks: release this leak

As my readers know, I’ve reported on a number of scandals concerning the toxicity of medical drugs, including shocking death numbers in the US.
These scandals are open leaks from inside the National Security State.
If you visit Wikileaks, how many purely medical documents do you find posted?
How many damaging leaks exposing the crimes of the medical cartel do you find?
Very, very few.
Where are the medical insiders who are liberating and passing along incriminating documentary evidence?
The medical sphere, for various reasons, is far better protected than any other segment of society.
For the hundredth time, let me cite Dr. Barbara Starfield’s stunning review, ‘Is US health really the best in the world?’ published on July 26, 2000, in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Starfield, at the time, was working as a highly respected public health expert, at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
She concluded that the US medical system kills 225,000 Americans a year.

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Seymour Hersh: “RussiaGate Is A CIA-Planted Lie, Revenge Against Trump”

Submitted by Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.
During the latter portion of a phone-call by investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, Hersh has now presented ‘a narrative [from his investigation] of how that whole fucking thing began,’ including who actually is behind the ‘RussiaGate’ lies, and why they are spreading these lies.
In a youtube video upload-dated August 1st, he reveals from his inside FBI and Washington DC Police Department sources – now, long before the Justice Department’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be presenting his official ‘findings’ to the nation – that the charges that Russia had anything to do with the leaks from the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to Wikileaks, that those charges spread by the press, were a CIA-planted lie, and that what Wikileaks had gotten was only leaks (including at least from the murdered DNC-staffer Seth Rich), and were not from any outsider (including ‘the Russians’), but that Rich didn’t get killed for that, but was instead shot in the back during a brutal robbery, which occurred in the high-crime DC neighborhood where he lived. Here is the video…

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Lawsuit Alleges Fox News And Trump Collaborated To Create Fake Story About Seth Rich Killing

Malia Zimmerman, a Fox News reporter, was accused of fabricating two quotes for a story that connected now-deceased DNC staffer Seth Rich to Wikileaks in a lawsuit filed Tuesday by Washington police detective Rod Wheeler, the private investigator hired by Rich’s family and himself a longtime Fox News commentator. The lawsuit, which accused Zimmerman and Trump supporter, Ed Butowsky, of inventing a story to “shift the blame” away from Russia’s hacking of the 2016 election, also claims that President Trump collaborated with Fox News and was allowed to review a draft of the story before it was published.
The plaintiff claims that the motive behind the report was “to shift the blame from Russia and help put to bed speculation that President Trump colluded with Russia in an attempt to influence the outcome of the Presidential election.” Wheeler also said that the fabricated quotes attributed to him were meant to back up the network’s false thesis, and amount to defamation.
Wheeler says he was forced to retract the fabricated statements after Zimmerman’s (since retracted) article was published:
“Mr. Wheeler – who was the only named source quoted in the article – did not make these statements,” states the complaint. “According to Butowsky, the statements were falsely attributed to Mr. Wheeler because that is the way the President wanted the article. Zimmerman, Butowsky and Fox had created fake news to advance President Trump’s agenda. Mr. Wheeler was subsequently forced to correct the false record and, as a result, lost all credibility in the eyes of the public. Mr. Wheeler has suffered irreparable damage to his reputation and his career will likely never recover.”

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A recent lawsuit is claiming that Fox News intentionally misquoted Rod Wheeler, the special investigator looking into the death of Democratic National Committee staffer, Seth Rich. Rich is said by many to have been the leaker who gave Hillary Clinton and John Podesta’s emails to the whistleblowing website, Wikileaks.
This situation is clustered, however, considering the lack of evidence in favor of the lawsuit. Other left leaning mainstream media outlets have also been branding the original story as ‘fake news,’ when it looks like it’s a misquote at best.
*NOTE: It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume a mainstream media outlet pushed fake news. They have been caught red-handed lying to the public on numerous occasions before, it just appears to be a blanket term and overused, especially in this particular situation.
According to NPR, it all began May 16, the day the Fox News Channel broke what it called a ‘bombshell story’ about an unsolved murder case:

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