Pikachu on Communist Subversion Then & Now

Pikachu joins Our Interesting Times to discuss the history of communist subversion and how the current turmoil in the United States parallels the tragic events of the 20th century in her native country of Romania. We discuss moral subversion and how the virulent anti-White agenda now being pursued by the establishment is a war on Western Culture and what remains of European civilization. Pikachu’s is the host of

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FTN Freerun: Last Flight of the Luftwaffe (Degrelle Deep-Dive)

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Lgion 88 “Lon Degrelle”
00:02:00 – Rise of Rexism
00:22:00 – An Anti-Semitism of Their Own
00:32:00 – Horrors and Heroism of the Eastern Front
00:44:00 – Last Flight of the Luftwaffe
00:52:00 – BREAK
00:56:00 – Post-War Degrelle
01:06:00 – Denials Trolling the Pope
01:16:00 – Mossad Assassination Attempts
01:26:00 – The Burning Souls
01:36:00 – Degrelle 1944 on Communism
01:38:00 – Degrelle 1944 on the Battle for Europe

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