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According to a 1974 Senate report, corporate ownership has virtually taken over control of every major media outlet, energy company and industry. The largest 32 banks have power in combined stocks, shareholder voting, boards and directorships and more… this is an oligarchy.

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57 Percent of Our Banks Have Disappeared: You Can Thank Bill Clinton


Thanks to the Presidential debates, most Americans have heard of the Glass-Steagall Act which kept the country’s banking system safe for 66 years until it was repealed by President Bill Clinton in 1999, allowing the risky activities of Wall Street trading firms to merge with insured-deposit banks, setting the stage for the Wall Street collapse in 2008. But few Americans have ever heard of the Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994, which Bill Clinton signed into law less than two years after taking office. The Riegle-Neal legislation allowed bank holding companies to acquire banks anywhere in the nation and invalidated the laws of 36 states which had allowed interstate banking only on a reciprocal or regional basis.
Put these two pieces of legislation together with the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, also signed into law by Bill Clinton, which allowed trillions of dollars of OTC derivatives on Wall Street to escape regulation, and you have just defined America’s current banking system from hell.
In 1934, there were 14,146 commercial banks with FDIC insurance in the United States. By 1985, that number had barely budged – we had a total of 14,417. But as of this month, we have 6,172 FDIC-insured commercial banks, a decline of 57 percent, with the annual declines accelerating after the passage of Riegle-Neal in 1994.

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Wikileaks has now posted ‘Identifying Hacking Targets of the CIA’ which lists out ‘companies, products, tools, and terms that are mentioned in the Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed publication to date,’ in order to inform people as to whether or not their smart phones, computers, gaming systems, television sets etc. can easily be turned into covert surveillance devices by the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Trump On What Happens Next: “Obamacare Will Explode”

After the Republican ObamaCare replacement bill failed to generate enough Republican support to pass a House vote Friday, President Trump announced his planned path forward: “Let ObamaCare explode.”
Having insisted there is no Plan B in case the bill failed, the White House found itself in a situation with no backup plan now. “We’re going to go back and figure out what the next steps are,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters at a press conference just minutes after the shocking news that the GOP was pulling the bill hit the wires. Ryan called the failure of his bill “a setback, no two ways about it.” Looking forward, Ryan said Obamacare is “going to remain the law of the land until it’s replaced. We didn’t have the votes to replace this law. So yeah, we’re going to be living with ObamaCare for the foreseeable future.”
A disappointed and embarrassed House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman Greg Walden was blunt with reporters: “This bill’s done.”
In a statement to the media, Trump said that if things get bad enough, Democrats will come aboard the reform effort. At that point, Trump said, it will become possible to pass a bill even better than Ryan’s. “They’re going to reach out whenever they’re ready.”

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Balakleya, Ukraine munitions depot disaster Ukraine — SITREP

On the night of March 23, a fire broke out on the territory of the military munitions depot of the Ministry of Defense, which is located near the city of Balakleya, Kharkov region, which led to the detonation of ammunition. The explosions are still ongoing. An entire area has been evacuated, involving from 20,000 to 45,000 people.
President Poroshenko has announced on his Twitter that he ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the Ministry of Defense and Emergency Department to invite NATO to deal with the aftermath of this disaster, or how he phrased it to do ‘humanitarian demining.’
Ukro experts are doing their best to explain an unexplainable. What had happened at the 65th Arsenal of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine?
They came up with two major theories of what had caused this fire: Russian drone dropped a bomb, and Russian military satellite used a powerful laser beam to blow up the depot from space.

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The Sad State Of America’s Infrastructure In One Infographic

Every year, Americans spend a combined 600,000 years stuck in traffic, and Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins notes, if you’re thinking that time could be spent a little more productively, you’re not the only one.
In fact, even politicians are taking notice of aging and insufficient infrastructure in the United States. Recently, President Trump has started mapping out his $1 trillion plan to rebuild the country’s roads, bridges, and airports – and it is worth mentioning that infrastructure spending was also a key component of Bernie Sanders’ platform as well.

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Zika vaccine: watch out – it will alter your DNA

First, I’ll lay out a little background –
In many previous articles, I’ve established there is no convincing evidence the Zika virus causes the birth defect called microcephaly. (Zika archive here)
Basically, Brazilian researchers, in the heart of the purported ‘microcephaly epidemic,’ decided to stop their own investigation and simply assert Zika was the culprit. At that point, they claimed that, out of 854 cases of microcephaly, only 97 showed ‘some relationship’ to Zika.
You need to understand that these figures actually show evidence AGAINST Zika. When researchers are trying to find the cause of a condition, they should be able to establish, as a first step, that the cause is present in all cases (or certainly an overwhelming percentage).
This never happened. The correlation between the presence of Zika and microcephaly was very, very weak.
As a second vital step, researchers should be able to show that the causative virus is, in every case, present in large amounts in the body. Otherwise, there is not enough of it to create harm. MERE PRESENCE OF THE VIRUS IS NOT ENOUGH. With Zika, proof it was present in microcephaly-babies in large amounts has never been shown.

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Ryancare is Failing – What Should Happen Next?

The beltway Republicans are scrambling now that it seems the Obamacare replacement package put forward for Paul Ryan and endorsed by Donald Trump can’t get enough support to get through the House. The failure of the American Health Care Act should surprise no one, as it is a piece of legislation that managed to please no one. The Freedom Caucus, made up of the ‘true believers’ of the Tea Party, balked at its similarities to Obamacare, while more moderate members found the bill’s modest change to the ACA too radical for their tastes.
While the failure of the Ryan/Trump/Whatevercare represents a political defeat for the president and GOP leadership, it is probably a net-win for those who oppose socialized healthcare. After all, nothing could be more beneficial to the Bernie Sanders-wing of the Democratic party than for the nominally ‘free market’ Republicans passing its own brand of reform that fails to fix America’s insurance market. Much like the 2008 financial crisis, its collapse would absurdly be seen as a defeat for ‘capitalism’ and be used as justification for even more government control.
The unfortunate reality going forward is that more significant approaches to healthcare reform, such as the bill pushed by Senator Rand Paul and his allies in the House, are unlikely to find enough support in the Senate. Further, considering the way the media portrayed the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the ACHA, which noted that 14 million consumers may no longer purchase healthcare without an individual mandate and therefore are ‘losing coverage,’ any healthcare plan that comes close to pricing real healthcare risks (like properly accounting for the costs of those with pre-existing conditions) will be skewered relentlessly. This is all before even addressing the problems caused by Medicare and Medicaid.

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