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According to a 1974 Senate report, corporate ownership has virtually taken over control of every major media outlet, energy company and industry. The largest 32 banks have power in combined stocks, shareholder voting, boards and directorships and more… this is an oligarchy.

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57 Percent of Our Banks Have Disappeared: You Can Thank Bill Clinton


Thanks to the Presidential debates, most Americans have heard of the Glass-Steagall Act which kept the country’s banking system safe for 66 years until it was repealed by President Bill Clinton in 1999, allowing the risky activities of Wall Street trading firms to merge with insured-deposit banks, setting the stage for the Wall Street collapse in 2008. But few Americans have ever heard of the Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994, which Bill Clinton signed into law less than two years after taking office. The Riegle-Neal legislation allowed bank holding companies to acquire banks anywhere in the nation and invalidated the laws of 36 states which had allowed interstate banking only on a reciprocal or regional basis.
Put these two pieces of legislation together with the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, also signed into law by Bill Clinton, which allowed trillions of dollars of OTC derivatives on Wall Street to escape regulation, and you have just defined America’s current banking system from hell.
In 1934, there were 14,146 commercial banks with FDIC insurance in the United States. By 1985, that number had barely budged – we had a total of 14,417. But as of this month, we have 6,172 FDIC-insured commercial banks, a decline of 57 percent, with the annual declines accelerating after the passage of Riegle-Neal in 1994.

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Which Would Be The Better Economist Cover?

The Pro-Clinton, Anti-Putin propaganda machine of the western media continues to pump out demonization drudgery to ensure when war is unleashed, a sheep-like America will line up behing their ‘chosen’ leader to cheer on the nukes (and to distract attention from the demise of US hegemony and the loss of the American Dream).
In 2014, Newsweek celebrated its return to print with this little beauty…

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Given the state of affairs, nuclear war with Russia won’t start tomorrow, or next week – but it could happen soon

October 2016 – WASHINGTON/MOSCOW – Fears of World War 3 starting at any moment have gotten so bad that even Russian officials are stockpiling necessities and advising others to do the same – in case there is a nuclear war. In fact, while NATO and Western leaders talk excitedly about a possible invasion of Europe by an aggressive Russia, many in that country believe that an attack might be coming from the West. One Russian official even thinks that a nuclear war might break out between the United States and Russia before the American presidential election.
The Daily Beast reported this week that at least one Russian official believes tensions between the United States and Russia are so heightened that it would take very little to set off a major military altercation. Sergei Markov, a member of the Civic Chamber (a government oversight and consultative institution in Moscow), fears World War 3 might start soon. Duma Deputy Vadim Dengin also expressed concern, but he was hopeful that there would not be a war with the United States. ‘I cannot understand why the West cannot just leave us in peace, let us be,’ he said. ‘Americans should realize that it will be their children looking for shelters, too, if they are serious about attacking Russia.’

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SUNDAY SCREENING: In the Name of the Profit (2016)

21st Century Wire says…
Out weekly documentary feature curated by our editorial team at 21WIRE.
‘An RT Documentary crew filming in northern Syria has seen Islamic State (IS, ISIS/ISIL) documents abandoned by retreating terrorists and found by the Kurds that, along with captured IS recruits, provide a stunning insight into the ISIS oil trade. Only ten days after the town of Shaddadi in Syrian Kurdistan was liberated from the ISIS militants, an RT Doc film crew followed Kurdish soldiers around houses that had been abandoned in haste by fleeing jihadists. There, they found documents shedding light on the ISIS oil trade, jihadist passports with Turkish entry stamps, an instruction booklet – printed in Turkey – on how to wage war against the Syrian government, and more.’


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Risk Of “Mass Exodus” Of Doctors From Medicare Looms

Submitted by John O’Shea via,
In what may be the most significant modification to Medicare since the program began in 1966, on Oct. 15, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the final rule for implementing the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). It dramatically changes how Medicare pays doctors for their services.
Does it really matter how doctors get paid? Yes – the success or failure of the new payment system will profoundly influence the future of the U. S. health care system. And while the goals of MACRA are laudable, its implementation carries a number of unknowns and the potential for unintended consequences – for patients and doctors alike.
Before MACRA, Medicare used a fee-for-service payment system, reimbursing separately for each individual service provided, without regard to the quality of the care. The new system will reward doctors for providing high-quality, efficient care that leads to better patient outcomes, and penalize those who fail to do so. At least – that’s the idea.
MACRA creates two pathways for physician payment. There’s the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), which will pay doctors based on how they score on a number of performance metrics relative to their peers. The second pathway will reward doctors who participate in Alternative Payment Models (APMs) meant to promote high-quality, cost-efficient care by incentivizing doctors to work together toward a common purpose: improving patient outcomes while eliminating unnecessary spending.

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Hillary Clinton: Our long national nightmare is just beginning

October 2016 – WASHINGTON – In less than three weeks, get used to hearing about president-elect Hillary, she and husband Bill is heading back to the White House in January for a third co-presidential term – by fair or foul means. What’s coming should terrify everyone. She’ll largely be calling the shots this time, surrounded with like-minded neocons, war lords, recycled Wall Street crooks, and other assorted miscreants. The most perilous time in world history is about to worsen with her as US president. Expect America’s war on humanity to escalate dramatically, perhaps striking US soil for the first time since war with Britain in 1812.
It involved land and naval battles, lasting over two-and-a-half years. British forces occupied Washington, setting public buildings ablaze, including the White House (then called the Presidential Mansion) and Capitol Hill. It was skirmish-like compared to what’s coming if Hillary confronts Russia and China belligerently, risking possible nuclear war, turning cities like Washington to smoldering rubble if launched. Major flash-points in Syria, Ukraine and the South China Sea could ignite US/Sino-Russia conflict, a potential doomsday scenario. Uninformed, indifferent and distracted Americans don’t realize the clear and present danger.

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“No Going Back”: Iraq Demands Exemption From Oil Production Cut, As Rosneft Slams Saudis

With just one month left until the OPEC Vienna meeting in which by some miracle, the cartel of oil producing countries, as well as non-OPEC countries are expected to agree on production cut quotas, things are not looking good. The latest complication emerged on Sunday when Iraq, which one month ago tipped its hand that it would not comply by the Algiers agreement, said it would maintain oil production at current levels after exceeding 4.7 million barrels a day in September, even as other OPEC members discuss limits on output.
As Bloomberg reports, and as we predicted in September, Iraq joined Libya, Iran and Nigeria in asking OPEC for an exemption from its participation in any cuts, Oil Minister Jabber Al-Luaibi said Sunday at a news conference in Baghdad. Ali al-Luaibi said on Sunday his country should be exempted from output restrictions as it was fighting a war with Islamic State. “We are fighting a vicious war against IS,” Luaibi said in e briefing for reporters, adding that Iraq should get the same exemption as Nigeria and Libya.
‘We are with OPEC policy and OPEC unity,’ Al-Luaibi said. ‘But this should not be at our expense.’ Instead, it is looking like a cut, if any, will be entirely at the expense of Saudi production, which may be forced to cut 1mmbpd or more, should OPEC continue to see rising record monthly production.

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When a National Leader Is Stark, Raving Mad

Adolf Hitler was stark, raving mad.
How do I define “mad”? This way: someone who is disconnected from reality.
The trouble is, anyone can misinterpret reality. But when he gets re-elected, a leader reflects a disconnected electorate.
Hitler did not get re-elected. He did not even get elected. Germans never voted the National Socialist Party into power — almost, but not quite. President Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor on January 30, 1933. Then came the Enabling Act of March 24 after the Reichstag fire, which was set by a near-imbecile. The Reichstag voted for the Enabling Act. Wikipedia says:
Under the Act, the government had acquired the authority to pass laws without either parliamentary consent or control. These laws could (with certain exceptions) even deviate from the Constitution. The Act effectively eliminated the Reichstag as active players in German politics. While its existence was protected by the Enabling Act, for all intents and purposes it reduced the Reichstag to a mere stage for Hitler’s speeches. It only met sporadically until the end of World War II, held no debates and enacted only a few laws. Within three months after the passage of the Enabling Act, all parties except the Nazi Party were banned or pressured into dissolving themselves, followed on 14 July by a law that made the Nazi Party the only legally permitted party in the country. With this, Hitler had fulfilled what he had promised in earlier campaign speeches: “I set for myself one aim … to sweep these thirty parties out of Germany!”
So, the German people were not clinically mad, but they were politically angry. They resented the Versailles peace treaty of 1919. They wanted revenge. They wanted it so badly that they gave a respectful hearing to an Austrian demagogue. He got enough votes in early January 1933 to have a plurality. Then a doddering old man appointed him Chancellor. That, plus a fire, was all that he needed.
Did Germans believe him after 1933? Those who joined the Nazi Party did. Those who cheered his speeches did. They did not resist. They did not flee the country. They did not move into a rural setting, far from any bomb target.

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23/10/16: Too-Big-To-Fail Banks: The Financial World ‘Undead’

Since the start of the Global Financial Crisis back in 2008, European and U. S. policymakers and regulators have consistently pointed their fingers at the international banking system as a key source of systemic risks and abuses. Equally consistently, international and domestic regulatory and supervisory authorities have embarked on designing and implementing system-wide responses to the causes of the crisis. What emerged from these efforts can be described as a boom-town explosion of regulatory authorities. Regulatory, supervisory and compliance jobs mushroomed, turning legal and compliance departments into a new Klondike, mining the rich veins of various regulations, frameworks and institutions. All of this activity, the promise held, was being built to address the causes of the recent crisis and create systems that can robustly prevent future financial meltdowns.
At the forefront of these global reforms are the EU and the U. S. These jurisdictions took two distinctly different approaches to beefing up their respective responses to the systemic crises. Yet, the outrun of the reforms is the same, no matter what strategy was selected to structure them.
The U. S. has adopted a reforms path focused on re-structuring of the banks – with 2010 Dodd-Frank Act being the cornerstone of these changes. The capital adequacy rules closely followed the Basel Committee which sets these for the global banking sector. The U. S. regulators have been pushing Basel to create a common “floor” or level of capital a bank cannot go below. Under the U. S. proposals, the ‘floor’ will apply irrespective of its internal risk calculations, reducing banks’ and national regulators’ ability to game the system, while still claiming the banks remain well-capitalised. Beyond that, the U. S. regulatory reforms primarily aimed to strengthen the enforcement arm of the banking supervision regime. Enforcement actions have been coming quick and dense ever since the ‘recovery’ set in in 2010.
Meanwhile, the EU has gone about the business of rebuilding its financial markets in a traditional, European, way. Any reform momentum became an excuse to create more bureaucratese and to engineer ever more elaborate, Byzantine, technocratic schemes in hope that somehow, the uncertainties created by the skewed business models of banks get entangled in a web of paperwork, making the crises if not impossible, at least impenetrable to the ordinary punters. Over the last 8 years, Europe created a truly shocking patchwork of various ‘unions’, directives, authorities and boards – all designed to make the already heavily centralised system of banking regulations even more complex.

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The Week of Maximum Overdrive

There are less than three weeks left before Election Day and if the next two are anything like this one, we’re going to have a heart attack. On Monday, James O’Keefe
On Monday, James O’Keefe announced he was going to release a damning piece of evidence every day running up to Nov. 8. At noon, he dropped the first bomb and showed the world that the DNC has been inciting violence at Trump rallies to make Republicans look bad. ‘If you are there and you’re protesting,’ said one Dem operative caught on tape, ‘you will be attacked…. That’s what we want.’ This is just one damning quote in a mountain of brutal conversations where DNC operatives use any means necessary to cheat a win. They’re not simply encouraging people to vote for Hillary. They are illegally manipulating evidence against Trump so he loses.

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Effectively annihilating law enforcement claims writing tickets and arresting people are matters of public safety, a Florida police department has been caught red-handed holding a contest offering a ‘reward’ to the officer who generated the most citations and arrests.
Last month, as an internal memo obtained by Channel 9 revealed, the Winter Springs Police Department held this reward-based citation-production contest, likely to generate a bit of extra revenue by commandeering people as often as possible through legal state extortion.
Winter Springs police insisted in a statement to Channel 9 the memorandum was ‘meant to promote teamwork and camaraderie,’ and should not be equated with any sort of ‘quota’ system.
As Channel 9 reported, ‘More than 100 citations, warnings and arrests were made during the weekend of Sept. 10. A handwritten memo titled ‘Delta Shift Weekend Competition’ offered ‘points’ for everything from a written warning to DUI arrests that weekend. The ‘winner’ would get to float for a pay period and also a ‘surprise.”
Jeff Lotter, a former Orange County Sheriff’s deputy and a Florida Highway Patrol trooper who now works as a traffic attorney, admitted to the station officer discretion would likely be affected by the promise of a reward.

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Wikileaks Releases Part 16 Of The Podesta Files: Total Is Now 26,803 Emails

With just over 2 weeks to go until the election, today Wikileaks continued its ongoing Podesta files dump when it unveiled another 708 emails in Part 16, bringing the total emails released to 26,803 total emails, or more than half of the 50,000 email set for release.
While this latest release was expected, Wikileaks made a more surprising announcement overnight when it said on Twitter that it would “release a statement tomorrow about Assange. Our editor is safe and still in full command despite reduced communications with staff.”

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Taliban Release Drone Film Of Suicide Attack In Afghanistan

Demonstrating their recent technological advancement, over the weekend Afghanistan’s Taliban released drone footage showing a suicide bomber driving a Humvee into a police base in Helmand province and blowing it up this month. Cited by Reuters, an Afghan government official said the video posted online appeared to be authentic. While the use of video taken by a drone is unusual for the Taliban, it has become common among the more media-savvy Islamist groups fighting in Iraq and Syria.

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A Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy has been fired after brutalizing a man in response to a domestic dispute, and he may face criminal charges for excessive use of force.
According to Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas, Scott Thorne used excessive force in a situation in which there was absolutely no need for force to be used, and that is why he is no longer employed by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.
‘In this situation, the force was not reasonable because he was not authorized to use force. There was no crime; there was no threat. And so, no force should have been used at all,’ said Sheriff Freitas.

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You’ve Got It All Wrong About Donald Trump

It’s precisely BECAUSE Donald Trump has been a bit impulsive, a bit demeaning, sometimes inaccurate, and an alleged misogynist, but has still managed to rattle the cage of those who buy favors from government and threatens the reign of what appears to be a criminal element that has taken over American government and surprisingly still has a fighting chance to become a populist President.
It isn’t Donald Trump that is being paid off by foreign sources to do their bidding. It is now revealed the former Secretary of State solicited a $12 million donation from a foreign government [New York Post Oct 21, 2016] while Donald Trump is pilloried for not donating enough money to charity. [News Examiner] One is a crime. The other is just being miserly.
Some (rigged) polls have shown Hillary is favored over Mr. Trump. Yet her trustworthiness is questioned by a majority of Americans. []
Here is a woman who said she had to run from snipers in the Balkans and was ‘dead broke’ upon leaving the White House. [] When her husband left office in 2001, she took home gifts (furniture, china, flatware) intended to furnish the White House and was forced to return some items and pay for others*. [] And this is the woman whom Americans may now end up entrusting their future? There is a disconnect here.
Somehow Americans wonder if Donald Trump’s hair is real while we know that Hillary Clinton has an impersonator who has been standing in for her for some time now and was shown on the street in New York without a secret service detail. [YouTube; Mirror Sept 14, 2016] Which one is fake, Donald or Hillary? Another disconnect.

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US Government Aggressively Clawing Back Its Own Soldiers Enlistment Bonuses Given In Time of War

A rational person might ask, why is the US government aggressively going after the soldiers themselves, who accepted a bonus to re-enlist and actually served again in a war, putting themselves in harm’s way, in good faith? If there is a problem why are they not addressing it with the local government officials who may have offered the bonuses in error to achieve the ends demanded by the powers that be in Washington?
It is because the soldiers, who faithfully served their country and kept their end of the deal, are the most vulnerable. They are individually weak, and not equipped to lawyer up and fight back against legalistic injustice.
Does the US government really need the money from those soldiers? The bonuses obviously mean a lot to their lives and those of their families, but is just a drop in the bucket to the technocratic war machine.

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