After last night’s powerful earthquake

First of all, I really want to say thanks to all of our extremely kind and thoughtful readers who emailed us to make sure that we’re all OK.
If you hadn’t heard, there was a rather substantial earthquake in Chile yesterday that made international news.
While the horses may still be a bit spooked, our team is fine, the farms are fine, and we very much appreciate the kind words and thoughts.
If this were a different country my answer could have been dramatically different.
Yesterday’s earthquake measured an 8.3 at its epicenter with a very shallow depth of just 11 kilometers.
Parenthetically, a lot of people think that the intensity of an earthquake is just its score on the Richter scale, but in fact there are many other factors involved.
Shallow earthquakes can be much more destructive even with a lower magnitude, and 11 kilometers is considered quite shallow. So this one was pretty big.
A few months ago an earthquake of lesser magnitude struck Nepal and devastated much of the country… because they weren’t prepared.
In Chile it’s different.

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Red List News- Jeb Bush Is After Your Guns, The Elite Don’t Need You

On episode 23 of Red List News, Dave goes very deep. In fact, Dave goes so deep he’s underground with new revelations from a trusted source. Jim follows with a report about the creeping police state, and the proposal for you to have to prove you’re not drinking before you can drive. Can anyone say, ‘Guilty until proven innocent?’ Next, Dave exposes what a duplicitous cretin Jeb Bush really is as he hides behind ‘states’ rights’ when it’s convenient for the establishment, of course. Jim highlights the financial woes of Russia, and the possibility that Putin will go to war as a distraction from his country’s reported collapse. Finishing up the broadcast, Dave covers a poll which has over 80% of Syrians believing that the United States created ISIS. Those Syrians are pretty smart. Lastly, Jim reports on a future of robots and the outlook that they will take over 35% of the jobs in the next 20 years. This is why the Elite no longer need us.

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The Latest Fear Propaganda: ISIS Is Going to Release Weaponized Bubonic Plague

As if it isn’t a slap in the face enough that it is finally being admitted that top ISIS commander Abu Omar al Shishani’, formerly known as ‘Tarkhan Batirashvili’, was trained by the U. S. government.
Now we get slapped with another fearmongering terror psyop. It’s currently being floated in the British media that ISIS could cause the Black Death V2.0 – based on total hearsay.
The UK Express reported that Chris Ryan, described as a ‘former SAS hero’ turned bestselling author, was casually having dinner with a random doctor friend when the guy turns and says:
‘…it would be a huge problem if ISIS got hold of viruses like the plague. It could happen in the near future because of how they are changing the face of terrorism and it’s changing at an alarming rate. They’re trying to come up with different ways to kill people and also how to shock people. It’s a real possibility.’
The ‘changing face of terrorism’… wow, who gave this guy his script?
The Express also reported:

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Obama Is Employing An Army of Psychologists to Fundamentally Transform the Minds of All Americans

In 2008, I was asked if I was voting for Barack Obama. I said knew better and continued to explain that his political experience was very limited. At the same time, Obama promised America that he was five days away from fundamentally transforming America. By the way, I was called a racist when I said I was voting for Ron Paul as a ‘write in’ candidate instead of voting for the man who came out of nowhere for President.
No matter how astute I thought I was at that time, I could not have envisioned how destructive Barack Obama would prove to be to the lives of every American. Whenever I meet an Obama supporter, and they are getting harder to find, I ask that person what Obama has done to improve their life and the lives of their family? I have yet to hear an answer that makes any sense.
I fear the damage that Obama can perpetrate in the last several months of his administration. Just how far is Obama willing to go in order to keep fundamentally transforming America?
On September 15, 2015, Obama granted himself the authority to perform an act against the American people that even I did not anticipate he could do with the totality of what he intends to perform this action. It is the gift that keeps on giving. It is the gift that will indeed fundamentally transform minds of all Americans. What am I speaking about?
Obama has granted himself the authority to brainwash America. Don’t do a double take, Obama has initiated another Executive Order in which he promises to employ psychological tactics and techniques in order to get the American people to bend to the will of his administration. Even if this Executive Order was not true, it would not matter, because Obama is doing precisely what is laid out below. He is fundamentally transforming the minds of almost all Americans.
Nobody should be surprised at the treachery of Barack Hussein Obama. Several years ago, Wayne Madsen had Obama pegged correctly as he exposed the fact that Barack, his half brother Malik (head of the Muslim Brotherhood arms procurement and finances for the Muslim Brotherhood) and several other members of his family were participants in the ultimate behavioral change program, MK-Ultra.

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Donald Trump and Gladiator Politics

Donald Trump has led the Republican Party into a dangerous trap. Republicans are now competing for tv ratings rather than a serious run for the White House. It’s the ‘Republican Hopefuls Reality TV Show,’ promoted heavily in advance by CNN as a modernized form of gladiator battle.
According to the Oxford Dictionary, Reality TV is a television program ‘in which real people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative.’ Wikipedia goes further, writing that ‘the focus tends to be on drama and personal conflict, rather than simply educating viewers.’
Completely in step with the above definition, last night’s three-hour Republican debate, aired on CNN from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Hills, California, featured 11 Republican presidential contestants hurling slurs, innuendo, below the belt personal insults and frequently childish digs at each other.
The entertainment industry magazine, Variety, acknowledged the debate as pure entertainment when it noted that not only was it covering the event but a reporter from ‘Entertainment Tonight’ was also on hand.
The first volley of insults at Trump came from the low-polling Republican candidates who debated earlier in the day: Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, former New York Governor George Pataki, and former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

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Coin Center: State Bank Supervisors Proposal Good for Lawyers, Bad for Consumers and Innovators

The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) released its model framework for states to use in designing regulations and made it clear it wants to see state governments take a proactive and rigorous approach to licensing and supervising ‘virtual currencies’ businesses.
The Conference report said:
‘… CSBS concluded that activities involving third-party control of virtual currency, including for the purposes of transmitting, exchanging, holding, or otherwise controlling virtual currency, should be subject to state licensure and supervision.’
Coin Center, a Washington based-advocacy group for digital currencies, voiced their objections, saying the conference started out with good intentions but didn’t follow through in this final report.
Peter Van Valkenburgh, Coin Center Director of Research, said:
‘Unfortunately, we’ve strong concerns about the vagueness of the language they’ve chosen in this final draft: vagueness that could encumber plenty of innovative but non-custodial companies, whom CSBS likely never intended to be regulated at all.’

This post was published at Bitcoin Magazine on SEPTEMBER 16, 2015.

Vote with Your Feet: Free States Are Happier and Richer

The greater the economic freedom, the wealthier and happier the people.
From minimum-wage laws to higher progressive taxation to greater unionization to larger welfare programs to more regulation, left liberals demand a stronger and more economically active central government. Advocates of laissez-faire, on the other hand, favor smaller government, less regulation, lower taxes, and greater individual opportunity and property rights.
But which economic policy approach actually yields the best results?
We’ve already clearly demonstrated – via international and US state migration rates – that people the world over are naturally drawn toward greater economic freedom. Across countries, and even across states, millions of people every year migrate away from greater taxation and more regulation and toward lower taxation and less regulation. But are they better off?

This post was published at Ludwig von Mises Institute on SEPTEMBER 17, 2015.

West ‘ignored Russian offer in 2012 to have Syria’s Assad step aside’

Russia proposed more than three years ago that Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, could step down as part of a peace deal, according to a senior negotiator involved in back-channel discussions at the time.
Former Finnish president and Nobel peace prize laureate Martti Ahtisaari said western powers failed to seize on the proposal. Since it was made, in 2012, tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions uprooted, causing the world’s gravest refugee crisis since the second world war.
Ahtisaari held talks with envoys from the five permanent members of the U.N. security council in February 2012. He said that during those discussions, the Russian ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, laid out a three-point plan, which included a proposal for Assad to cede power at some point after peace talks had started between the regime and the opposition.
But he said that the U.S., Britain and France were so convinced that the Syrian dictator was about to fall, they ignored the proposal.
‘It was an opportunity lost in 2012,’ Ahtisaari said in an interview.

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Could the Free Market Improve on This?

Poverty Not Dented A friend sent us a link to an article at Marketwatch, which bemoans that in spite of an improved labor market, ‘poverty has been barely dented in the US’. Of course, people living in some third world hell-hole would be quite surprised what kind of incomes are considered to constitute poverty in the US, but from a developed world perspective these thresholds do seem to make sense to us:
‘The U. S. poverty rate was unchanged at 14.8% in 2014, according to a release today from the Census Bureau. This was the fourth consecutive year that the poverty rate was not statistically different from the previous year.
The lack of change shows that the progress in the U. S. job market – in 2014 the economy added 2.6 million jobs, the most in more than a decade – have remained insufficient to lift the fortunes of the nearly 47 million people living in poverty.
The official definition of poverty varies depending on the size, age and composition of the family. For a couple with no children under age 65, the threshold for income below which they are considered in poverty is $15,853. For a couple with two children, the threshold is $24,008.

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GOP Debate Post-Mortem: Trump Top, Fiorina Flourish, Carson Crumbles

While Lindsay Graham was a clear winner in the undercard (like being the tallest midget?), the main event was a mosh-pit of anatagonistic self-abuse for The GOP as candidates ran rough-shod over each other and the moderators. Fiorina stood up to Trump (though not too aggressively) and Trump replied how beautiful Fiorina’s face was, Paul was bowled over (by Trump), and Trump was ironically dismissed as “a great entertainer” as the debate took place in great entertainer Ronald Reagan’s library. It was clear that “the rest” of the GOP field was not about to let Trump dominate… and he didn’t but the night was, in one word, chaos. Trump spoke the most as expected and in most polls was voted as ‘winner’ with Fiorina gaining most.
The top searched candidates from tonight's #CNNDebate: 1) @realDonaldTrump 2) @CarlyFiorina 3) @JebBush
— Google Politics (@googlepolitics) September 17, 2015

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Unknown Attackers Sever Fiber Optics in SF Bay Area

Back in July the FBI revealed that the internet infrastructure of California had been under attack for over a year. They reported a total of eleven incidents where someone had severed high-capacity fiber optic lines in unsecured underground vaults. To date, they have yet to find the culprit(s) involved. The FBI agent investigating the attacks at the time noted that ‘when it affects multiple companies and cities, it does become disturbing.’
Now the number of attacks has increased to 14, the latest of which occurred in Livermore, California (home of the Lawrence Livermore Lab) on Monday night. AT&T is offering a $250,000 for whoever was responsible cutting two of their fiber optic cables.

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Refugees Vs Riot Police: A Photo Album From The Frontlines Of Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Earlier this week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban moved to stem the flow of Syrian refugees across his country’s border with Serbia by first constructing a 100-mile fence and subsequently authorizing the arrest and prosecution of migrants who attempt to breach the barrier and enter the country illegally.
Orban then sent the military and mounted police to patrol the border.
This left thousands of asylum seekers bound for Germany stranded in Serbia, staring up at 12 feet of razor wire and pondering a new route to the German ‘promised land.’ For its part, Serbia has been transporting migrants to the border with Croatia, which says it will ‘direct’ the refugees to where they want to go.

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UPDATE: Police Drop Charges Against Kid Who Brought ‘Hoax Bomb’ Clock to Class, Blame Him for Being ‘Naive’

This is RICH. Or pathetic. Actually, it’s both.
So, after 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought a homemade clock to school to show his engineering teacher on Monday, he ended up being arrested for making a ‘hoax bomb’. The entire time he maintained it was a clock, continually telling everyone over and over, from his teachers to his principal to the five officers who responded to the scene that it was a clock.
Obviously if they had thought the ‘hoax bomb’ was any kind of serious threat, the school would’ve immediately been on lockdown, something that never happened.
Police arrested, handcuffed, and fingerprinted Ahmed and took his mugshot before finally releasing him to his parents. The Irving, Texas PD kept the clock in an evidence locker pending further investigation. Ahmed was still suspended from school for three days, for what, we aren’t really sure.
The principal told Ahmed, ‘it looked like a movie bomb’. Is this guy an adult? Even little kids know that ‘movie bombs’ aren’t real.
Following an outcry on social media today, the police have finally dropped the charges.
Check out what Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd said during the press conference wherein he tried to impress the nation (and the world) with the idea that this somehow wasn’t instigated by the fact that A) our teachers have been dumbed down and weaponized and trained to make kids afraid of their own imagination and B) this kid is a Muslim named Ahmed:

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This Is The Satellite Image That Supposedly Proves The Presence Of Russian “Troops And Aircraft” In Syria

In a day of diplomatic snafus by the Pentagon, which first admitted it had spec ops forces in Syria (remember when it was just “advisors” and the Obama administration was blaming Russia for escalating the conflict by daring to join the fight against ISIS and sending its own troops in Damascus) then promptly retracted, using the old “there was no Freudian slip” explanation, the US promptly needed another diversion to cast the blame back in Putin’s court.
Which brings us to our post from Monday in which “anonymous” US officials told Reuters that “Russia has positioned about a half dozen tanks at a Syrian airfield where it has been steadily building up defenses” with Reuters adding that “one of the U. S. officials said seven Russian T-90 tanks were seen at the airfield near Latakia, a stronghold of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The two U. S. officials said Russia had also positioned artillery there” adding that “the two U. S. officials said Russia had also positioned artillery, which they said appeared.”
Our request was simple: “We can only hope the “anonymous” US officials will soon provide photographic evidence of their claims.”
Today, we got this “evidence” when Foreign Policy magazine released a satellite image which, according to the author Jeffrey Lewis “Leaves No Doubt That Russia Is Throwing Troops and Aircraft Into Syria.”

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 09/16/2015.

Boehner To Lose Control of Congress?

John Boehner has been the most ruthless Speaker of the House perhaps since Henry Clay. He is notorious for targeting people within the Republican Party who do not do as he commands. Now, with the debt ceiling issue coming back for September 30, Boehner has no trust and even those closest to him are having doubts that he will sustain a vote for the Speaker of the House come the autumn.
His personal retaliation against anyone who supported Ron Paul was disgraceful and highly anti-democratic. He has demanded that Republicans vote according to what he commands – not what the people who elected them want. Everywhere we turn, the foundation of democracy has been undermined and transformed into a dictatorship.
Even in Europe, the three members of the Troika are non-elected; they were appointed by other politicians so that Europeans have no means to actually take back the government of Europe from the bureaucratic establishment. Boehner is merely a sign of the times and his fall will be even more of a confirmation that this is the peak in establishment government.

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U.S. Government Admits U.S. Troops Are Officially On The Ground In Syria – Episode 767b

The following video was published by X22Report on Sep 16, 2015
Obamacare premiums are set to rise by 23% next year. FBI still trying to make its case of why the people of the US should not use encryption or should give the full access. Japanese people take to the streets to protest the new war bill. Kerry says more sanctions need for North Korea. England caught up in the drone program where they kill anyone they want. Yemen still being bombed and civilians are dying by the masses. US warning Russia to stop in Syria or else. Assad wants the people to decide if he should stay or go not the US or UN. CIA trying to make the case that Iran is teaming up with North Korea to make a nuclear weapon. Be prepared for a false flag.

“Total Failure”: Pentagon Spends $41 Million Training “Four Or Five” Syrian Fighters

Earlier today, US Central Command Gen. Lloyd Austin III seemed to suggest that US SpecOps were fighting alongside YPG in Syria. As we noted when the news hit, if true that won’t go over well with Turkey’s Erdogan, Washington’s brand new coalition partner against ISIS who has made no secret of his distrust for the YPG.
Four hours later, the Pentagon claimed that Austin’s words were taken out of context and that in fact, US forces had not (yet) played a combat role. But just in case Washington does finally decide to admit that US boots are indeed on the ground along with Russian boots, it can always simply point to its own miserable operational failure as justification for why the previous arrangement just wasn’t going to cut it when it comes to “degrading” militant capabilities. Read on.
As you may recall, earlier this year the Pentagon decided to try its hand at training an ‘appropriately vetted [group] of Syrian opposition recruits’ whose mission would be to ‘degrade and ultimately defeat ISIL.’
There are two immediately amusing things about the effort: 1) the notion of ‘appropriate vetting,’ and 2) this effectively represented the DoD training a new group of Syrian fighters in an effort to destroy another group of Syrian fighters that were trained by the CIA but who ended up adding ‘establish medieval caliphate’ to a list of operational objectives that was only supposed to include ‘destabilize and ultimately remove Bashar al-Assad.’

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 09/16/2015.

Eye in the Sky – 60 U.S. Police Departments Have Asked for Drone Certification

Are drones coming to a police department near you? Possibly.
Next thing you know, they’ll be pepper spraying you from 10,000 feet.
From Yahoo News:
Los Angeles (AFP) – Drones are increasingly making their mark in the arsenal of US police forces, operating in a legal gray area and sparking concerns of constant surveillance of civilians.
Since 2012, government agencies can use small drones – weighing less than 55 pounds, or 25 kilograms – under certain conditions and after obtaining a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration.

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Still No Sign Of The Rule Of Law….

In 2015.
There is no Rule Of Law.
EVERY DAY IN AMERICA, mortgage companies attempt to foreclose on homeowners using false documents.
It’s a byproduct of the mortgage securitization craze during the housing bubble, when loans were sliced and diced so haphazardly that the actual ownership was confused.
In two separate cases, activists have charged that officials and courts are hiding evidence of mortgage document irregularities that, if verified, could stop thousands of foreclosures in their tracks. Officials have delayed disclosure of this evidence, the activists believe, because it would be too messy, and it’s easier to bottle up the evidence than deal with the repercussions.
‘All they’re doing is making a mockery of our judicial system,’ said Bill Paatalo, a private investigator and one of the activists.
They’re not “irregularities.”

This post was published at Market-Ticker on Sept 16, 2015.

Please Ignore The Freudian Slip: Pentagon Backtracks, Denies US Special Forces Are In Syria

When NBC reported earlier that DoD confirmed US special forces were on the ground in Syria “assisting Kurdish forces in fight against ISIS” it crashed the entire carefully-structured US diplomatic narrative. Not that US spec ops are or are not on the ground in Syria – of course they are – but just like with the Russia/Ukraine escalation and even the Greek negotiation with Brussels, the question has always been one of PR spin: who will be the first to admit responsibility for upcoming escalation and who will be stuck with the blame if the ‘worst case’ scenario were to unravel.
As such US admission would then permit Russia to admit its own troops are on the ground in Syria, “purely to fight ISIS of course” and nothing to do with protecting their vital interest, i.e., Syrian territorial sovereignty from being used by Qatar gas pipelines, in the process setting off the next stage of pre-war foreplay, one in which both sides officially admit they are on the ground, if not to challenge ISIS, then certainly to use the Assad presidency as a proxy smokescreen for whatever comes next.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 09/16/2015.