Remembering Eugene V. Debs’ Imprisonment for Speaking Against War

Eugene V. Debs nearly 100 years ago was a political prisoner in the United States for the ‘crime’ of opposing the United States government’s participation in World War I and conscription of people to fight in that war. In March of 1919, the US Supreme Court, pointing to the Espionage Act of 1917 for justification, upheld Debs’ conviction by a trial jury and ten-year prison sentence for making antiwar comments in a June 16, 1918 Canton, Ohio speech. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. wrote the Supreme Court’s short Debs v. United States opinion that upheld the conviction and ten-year prison sentence of Debs for two charges that Holmes described as follows:
This is an indictment under the Espionage Act of June 15, 1917… It has been cut down to two counts, originally the third and fourth. The former of these alleges that on or about June 16, 1918, at Canton, Ohio, the defendant caused and incited and attempted to cause and incite insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny and refusal of duty in the military and naval forces of the United States and with intent so to do delivered, to an assembly of people, a public speech, set forth. The fourth count alleges that he obstructed and attempted to obstruct the recruiting and enlistment service of the United States and to that end and with that intent delivered the same speech, again set forth.
In effect, Debs was incarcerated for exercising his right to free speech regarding two political matters – the US government choosing to participate in World War I and the US government using the draft to help fight that war. One may expect the justices to have reread the First Amendment to the US Constitution and promptly overturned Debs’ conviction. However, Holmes explains that a prior Supreme Court decision had already settled the inapplicability of Debs’ First Amendment defense.

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Obama Gets Back To Work…..At The Celtic Manor Resort: But Just Lose The NATO Part!

Better that our President work on the greens and skip the NATO meetings. Its an anachronism anyway, and should have been abolished 25-years ago when the cold war ended and its reason for being vanished.
Would that back then Bush ’41′ had parachuted into Ramstein Air Base in southern Germany and declared ‘mission accomplished’! The American taxpayers would have been spared billions in the sheer waste of maintaining NATO, and the world would have been spared the bombast of armchair war mongers like NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. By the way, he’s the guy with an unwavering capacity to make ‘Baghdad Bob’ look good, having assured the world back in 2003 that
‘Iraq has WMDs. It is not something we think, it is something we know.’
When the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact vassal regimes vanished into the mortuary of history, NATO had 16 member states in a mutual defense alliance that had arguably enhanced the safety and security of citizens in Lincoln NE and Spokane WA. Now it has 28 members including the likes of Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Slovenia and Slovakia – micro-states that are mainly insolvent and have no bearing whatsoever on national security.
Worse, it was Washington’s double-cross of Russia that set the stage for the present clash over Ukraine. The elder Bush who did not use his parachute in Germany did promise Gorbachev in 1989 that in return for vacating the eastern regions of that nation that NATO would not be expanded ‘by a single inch’.
Fast forward to February 2014 and his successor not only permitted the US foreign policy and CIA apparatus to fund and orchestrate the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Kiev, but did so with the implicit condition that the resulting junta would ‘pivot’ to the west and eventually join NATO. Yes, while Putin was sitting in his box taking bows at Sochi NATO came knocking on his back door.
Prior to February 21, 2014 there was not a peep out of Washington about Putin’s designs on Ukraine, rebellion of Russian speakers in the eastern Donbas region or an ‘invasion’ of Russian forces. None of this even entered the narrative until an unelected and radical nationalist junta in Kiev brought the threat of ethnic cleansing, and then launched a brutal campaign of aerial and artillery bombardment on its own citizens in the eastern regions.

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Argentina to Circumvent US Supreme Court Bond Ruling Via French Banks; Comments on “Vulture” Funds

It’s increasingly likely that Argentina will come up with a way to get around a US supreme court ruling on bond payouts. Here is the background …Argentina defaulted on bonds following a debt crisis in 2001-2002. 92% of the investors agreed to haircuts, but an alleged “vulture fund” picked up an 8% share at rock bottom prices and refused to negotiate. In June, the US Supreme Court ruled that Argentina Cannot Selectively Default on the small group of hold-outs. Today El Pais reports Argentina Offers to Pay Creditors in France. Comments Regarding “Vultures”I have nothing against “vultures” and do not even like the term. In general, vultures serve a purpose, as do those who short stocks. That said, I find the US Court ruling that Argentina Debt Swap Proposal is Illegal rather odious.

This post was published at Global Economic Analysis on September 03, 2014.

Philadelphia Police are Seizing People’s Homes and Not Because they Can’t Pay

The Philadelphia police are putting home owners on the street and it has nothing to do with their ability to pay the mortgage, nor are they being charged with a crime.

Christos Sourovelis works hard and owns a painting business. He has built a ‘dream house’ in a Philadelphia suburb, and without warning, the city came along and siezed their home. Sourovelis and his wife, Markela, have never been charged, or accused of any wrong doing.
They are now suing the Philadelphia DA after their home was seized when their son was found with $40 worth of heroin.

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Western Doublethink on Blind Path to War

In October 1962, the United States threatened to go to war with Russia over the Cuban missile crisis. That high-stakes drama came about after Washington learned that Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev had overseen the installation of ballistic missiles on the Caribbean island, some 90 miles from the US mainland. Never mind that the nascent military alliance between Moscow and the socialist government of Fidel Castro was a inviolable matter between two sovereign states – Washington was apoplectic that Soviet missiles were permitted anywhere near its territory. The then US President John F Kennedy was impelled to go to war over the issue, even if that meant igniting an all-out thermonuclear conflagration. In the end, the standoff was resolved, in part through a mutual personal understanding between Kennedy and Khrushchev that such a catastrophic war had to be avoided at all costs. The Soviet Union eventually withdrew its missiles after receiving a guarantee from the White House that there would no follow-up US invasion of Cuba, as in the failed CIA-backed Bay of Pigs assault of April 1961. In addition, Kennedy gave a commitment to reciprocate US missile withdrawal from Turkey’s territory bordering with the former Soviet Union.

This post was published at Ron Paul Institute on September 3, 2014.

The Obama Administration Policies That Jihadists Are Using To Legally Immigrate To America

Did you know that one of the Americans that was recently killed fighting for ISIS once cleaned planesat Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport? His name was Abdirahmaan Muhumed, and he was a Somali refugee. Since 1975, more than 3 million refugees have been resettled in cities in the United States, and thanks to the Obama administration an increasing percentage of those refugees are Muslim. As you will read about below, Obama has even made it possible for refugees that have given only ‘limited material support’ to terrorists to come to America. The Obama administration says that it is still trying to keep full-blown terrorists from entering the country, but it has become exceedingly clear that administration officials aren’t exactly into that whole ‘border security’ thing. And once refugees arrive in the United States, they are fully eligible for food stamps, Medicaid, housing assistance and a whole host of other welfare programs. So if you are a jihadist and you want to move to the United States legally, all you have to do is claim to be a ‘refugee’ and you might just find that the red carpet gets rolled out for you.
According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, ‘the estimated share of legal Muslim immigrants entering the U. S. each year has roughly doubled, from about 5 percent of legal immigrants in 1992 to about 10 percent in 2012.’ And this rise in Islamic immigration has been accelerated by a series of moves by Barack Obama.
For example, earlier this year the Wall Street Journal reported on a decision by the Obama administration to bring thousands of additional Syrian refugees into the country by the end of this year…

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Sounds of silence from the mainstream media and the scumbags at the mega-retailer. The Target breach was over 40 million credit cards. This breach looks much larger.
Via Brian Krebs
Data: Nearly All U. S. Home Depot Stores Hit New data gathered from the cybercrime underground suggests that the apparent credit and debit card breach at Home Depot involves nearly all of the company’s stores across the nation.
Evidence that a major U. S. retailer had been hacked and was leaking card data first surfaced Monday on the cybercrime store rescator[dot]cc, the shop that was principally responsible for selling cards stolen in the Target, Sally Beauty, P. F. Chang’s and Harbor Freight credit card breaches.
As with cards put up for sale in the wake of those breaches, Rescator’s shop lists each card according to the city, state and ZIP code of the store from which each card was stolen. See this story for examples of this dynamic in the case of Sally Beauty, and this piece that features the same analysis on the stolen card data from the Target breach.

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The “Other” Immigration Problem

When Americans talk about immigration, they picture those they want to keep out: undocumented people sneaking across the southern border. But, as Bloomberg’s Kathleen Hunter reports, when U. S. businesses talk about immigration, they picture people they’d like to bring in: ones with science, math or technology skills, notable artists or those willing to pick tomatoes. The U. S. wants these immigrants. The ‘other’ immigration problem, then, is in deciding who and how many should be admitted.
Both U. S. tech and agriculture employers say there are not enough Americans able to fill all the available jobs.

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These charts never grow old whenever you want to reveal the truth about the ‘healthy’ market driven housing recovery touted by the moronic media, the Wall Street shysters and the national association of lying realtors. Shockingly, mortgage applications to purchase a home FELL again last week.
Mortgage rates have been falling for the last 14 straight months to a new low of 4.25% for a 30 Year Mortgage. According to the MSM and the government we’ve been adding jobs at a rapid clip for the last year. Obama tells me we’ve added 10 million jobs since he assumed command. The stock market is at all-time highs. It sure sounds like everything is coming up roses. Ask yourself a couple questions. Why are mortgage applications to purchase a home down 12% versus one year ago?
Why are they lower than they were in 2010 at the recession lows?
Why are they at 1997 levels, well before the housing boom took hold?

This post was published at The Burning Platform on 3rd September 2014.

France Folds; Suspends Shipment Of Russian Warship – NATO Allies Pleased

France is suspending the delivery of the 1st of 2 hulking Mistral warships to Russia amid security concerns about Moscow’s actions in neighboring Ukraine, AP reports President Francois Hollande’s office said Wednesday. Hollande’s change of mind – as he begs Draghi to devalue the EUR and Schaeuble to lift the deficit limits in Europe – comes at a time when the French economy can hardly cope with losing a few billion (which he previously said was too costly to cancel) but as he explains, Russia’s recent actions harm “the foundations of security in Europe.” We will see what Hollande got for this… or how he was blackmailed – but for now NATO allies have commented that they “welcome the French Mistral sale suspension.”
Despite a possible cease-fire in Ukraine, “the conditions that would allow France to authorize the delivery of the first Mistral-class ship aren’t met as of now, ” the Elyse Presidential Palace said in a statement released after a gathering of country’s defense council around Mr. Hollande.

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Falsehoods in the NYT’s Editorial, ‘Mr. Putin Tests the West in Ukraine’

The only way to expose lies is within context; so, this will have to be lengthy.
The Times editorial opens with a falsehood: ‘There is no longer any doubt: Russian troops are in Ukraine, not as volunteers, as the rebel commander in Donetsk would have the world believe, but in units equipped with mobile artillery and heavy military equipment.’ Their only cited source for that statement is ‘a senior NATO officer.’ But should anyone take as a source, on that type of matter, either an anonymous U. S.-NATO official, or an anonymous Russian official? That’s hardly an unprejudiced ‘source,’ in either case – and it’s their only source on this.
The context here has to be understood: During the run-up to our 19 March 2003 invasion of Iraq, the Times was similarly taking, as sources, anonymous U. S. officials, who lied about the evidence, saying that aluminum tubes were definitely being used for making weapons of mass destruction, when they weren’t at all, and that ‘uranium from Niger’ was being snuk into Iraq for nuclear bombs that were also a fabrication – outright forged ‘evidence,’ selectively accepted, while the Times selectively rejected, and avoided even to mention, far more-solid evidence to the exact contrary. They wanted us to invade, and we did. The Times apologized for their ‘errors’ years later, after the damage had already been done – damage (many thousands of corpses, and several trillions of dollars in costs) that the Times greatly assisted George W. Bush to produce, by helping to sell the country on doing it.

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Pepe Escobar: Obama’s ‘stupid stuff’ legacy

Looks like U.S. President Barack Obama made a royal mess of what his mentor Dr. Zbigniew "Grand Chessboard" Brzezinski taught him.
Dr. Zbig always quotes Sir Halford John Mackinder's three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy; to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals; to keep tributaries pliant and protected; and to keep the barbarians from coming together.
After dabbling briefly with "leading from behind" – a non-starter – Obama finally went Mackinderesque with his stellar "Don't Do Stupid Stuff" foreign policy doctrine.
Nevertheless, an always alert former secretary of state Hillary Clinton said "Don't do Stupid Stuff" isn't a "foreign policy organizing principle". Yet "Stupid Stuff" is all that the Obama foreign policy team knows how to do.

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Dutch Safety Board: Final Report on MH17 Crash Due Next Summer

It will take about a year to compile the final report on the causes of the Malaysian Boeing crash in eastern Ukraine, a spokeswoman for the Dutch Safety Board that heads the investigation told RIA Novosti Tuesday.
“I think it will take about a year to complete the whole investigation. I think that in summer 2015 we will publish the report," spokeswoman Sara Vernooij said, adding that the board conducts its investigation in full compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules.
“There are also rules [on] how you have to bring the concept of this report to the other countries that have interest, and they have 60 days to look at the concept of the final report, and then we have to work out the critic on the report," she said.
A preliminary report is expected to be made public in the coming weeks.

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Union of Mineworkers: Ukraine’s Coal Reserves to Run Out in November

Coal reserves at Ukraine’s electricity producing thermal power stations will only last until this November, the chairman of Ukraine’s Union of Mineworkers Mykhailo Volynets said Tuesday.
“Free Miners Union today warns people that we are not ready for the winter and that our reserves of coal will run out in November,” Volynets said during a press briefing.
According to earlier media reports, Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy sent a message to local energy saving companies about possible temporary electricity blackouts due to capacity shortage in the national grid, just as it was in the 1990s.

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Ukraine May Need Additional Bailout of $19Bln if Hostilities Continue: Agency Citing IMF

Ukraine may need an additional international bailout of $19 billion if the civil conflict in the east of the country continues into next year, Reuters reported Tuesday citing the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) detailed review of its Stand-By Arrangement for Ukraine.
“The IMF warned that if the fighting continued into next year, Ukraine may need as much as $19 billion in additional financing from donors,” the agency said.
The fund said its next disbursement of the $17-billion bailout for Ukraine would be in mid-December and will amount to approximately $2.7 billion.
Ukraine is on the verge of a default, with the country’s authorities trying to rescue its economy with international loans.

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What Eric Cantor Is Really Going to Do on Wall Street

Today brings the utterly unsurprising news that Eric Cantor is headed to Wall Street.
The ousted House majority leader and longtime friend of the financial industry is joining Moelis & Company as a vice-chairman. His paycheck? At least $1.6 million in 2015, plus a million-dollar signing bonus. His duties? To “compete for business and advise corporate and investor clients on takeovers and other deals,” according to The Wall Street Journal. But I get the feeling that won’t be all Cantor will be doing, given his relationships on the Hill and total lack of investment-banking experience.
But how does influence-peddling work in 2014? What do these politicians really do when they end up on Wall Street? To shed some light on those questions, I spoke this morning with Dennis Kelleher. He’s a former corporate lawyer and longtime Senate staffer who now heads the nonprofit Better Markets, the banking lobby’s lonely public-interest opposition in Washington.

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How China Prepares For Domestic Terrorism

Just in case ISIS, or any of the various weaponized local groups of discontents get any ideas and decide to bring their “terrorism” to China’s megacities, here is how the local authorities prepare for just such occasions. The photos below show the Beijing police conducting the appropriately named “One-minute handling” anti-terror drill taking place in one of the city’s commercial centers.
While in itself it is hardly surprising that the world’s most populous country is preparing for Plan B, one does wonder just what the local Politburo may be seeing especially in the aftermath of the images from May which captured the riot police training for a “working class insurrection” making one wonder: just what is considered terrorism in China?

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The September Start of War

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; The fact that you gave us all warning of the turn in the Cycle of War coming in 2014 back at the 1998 conference and at 2011 conference, was truly amazing to watch how this has all worked out. But the stunning realization that you pinpoint Ukraine as the flash point and then said it will turn up in September which has arrived with the Russians openly invading Ukraine, I just do not know how anyone from the goldbugs to government cannot appreciate what you have done with analyzing time. They expose their own stupidity and bias by trying to criticism you on a personal level when you have shown us this is not opinion or just outright ignore you and hope you go away. People should be supporting your work and the sooner you go public the better.
Do you have any idea what makes this all work so precisely? The ECM picks events to the day, but you said this war in Ukraine would turn up starting in September. Your timing is truly amazing.
Thank you so much for showing us a new way to look at everything. I use to attend various lectures on cyclical analysis. But they seemed primitive at best and only concerned about trading some single market thinking they have conquered the world. Nobody has ever comprehended the global connectivity that you show us all the time. I really do hope the government would just for once care about society and listen to what your models really project. So many lives would be saved not to mention money from chasing absurd ideas like global warming that is obviously a natural cycle. It is a shame the analytical community does not stand up and support you rather than trying to compete with you when they cannot even understand the depth to which you have taken cyclical analysis.
Thank you once again for showing us the light.
ANSWER: Thank you. I am very glad that some people are starting to see that this is something very important that could really change the future is implemented. We are trying to take this public to protect everything and then hopefully the technology can be applied to many fields. Ego keeps the industry fragmented. Only when we crash and burn does it appear that there would be any type of unity in the analysis community. They argued Keynes was nuts until the Great Depression hit. This is just how it functions. As for a market forecasters, generally all they are doing is trying to make a buck. They are not normally inspired by lofty goals. They are content trying to develop just trading systems to sell.

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