Google is Collecting Information on Public School Students – Here’s How

As a new parent, the idea of sending my children to public school is a frightening thought. The more you read, the more you realize the importance of extreme vigilance when it comes to what’s happening at whatever place you send your kids to for majority of their day. Quite often, parents are simply left completely in the dark about some very important matters.
One such example relates to Google’s penetration of the U. S. public school system, and how the company employs a loophole in order to collect data on children. Google achieves this by referring to itself as a ‘school official’ under the law. I truly wish I was making this up.
From the Washington Post:
Google is a major player in U. S. education. In fact, in many public schools around the country, it’s technically a ‘school official.’ And that designation means parents may not get a chance to opt out of having information about their children shared with the online advertising giant.

This post was published at Liberty Blitzkrieg on Dec 31, 2015.


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