Oh So We Can’t Fix Health Care Eh?

Uh, yeah, sure we can’t.
Go read that folks.
Now contemplate this: This law is completely unnecessary because the health industry has twice gone all the way to the Supreme Court to try to defend their abuses, once citing McCarran-Ferguson (in the late 1970s and early 1980s) and lost both times.
I’ve cited these decisions multiple times on this page.
Yet not only will the Federal and State governments not enforce the existing law The Senate has refused to take up this act which passed by near-unanimous consent in the House.
The entirety of how the US Health System operates today is in rank violation of 100+ year old law, as I have repeatedly pointed out in these pages.
Not only will the government not enforce existing law a few-sentence bill to make clear that such enforcement must take place can’t even get a hearing in the Senate.

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2017-07-11.


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