The Hidden Threat of this Greek Situation

Me, Oh My!
And just like that:the geopolitical tornado sweeping Europe, just turned into a monstrous, F4 funnel!
Just when you thought, ‘gee, things couldn’t get much worse for the Eurozone,’……ole Zeus throws down a few streaks of lightning from his padded loft on Olympus, just to shake things up! As I wrote about several weeks ago, the snap-election in Greece was bound to be a barn-burner, and boy, but those Greeks sure delivered!
Not only did the talk of ‘peaking too soon’ not occur for the Euro-nightmare party, ‘Syriza’, but the opposite turned out to be true, as their leadership rode the Hellespont’s wave of anger and discontent, to coast to a handy victory. In fact, they managed to mobilize the vote in adequate droves that will be sure to have every nervous banker from Syracuse to London, from Warsaw to Dublin, heavily biting on every last one of these:
Ack! No, no, I didn’t mean that kind of…..well, hmm, actually brothers, many banksters may actually consider biting quite a few of those kinds of nails too, before this is done! I mean, geez, we’re waaaaay past the fingernail-biting stage…that was soooo 2012!
This election spells absolute disaster for the banking and political establishment in Brussels. For the avowed, banking technocrats, like Mr. Van Rumpoy, Jose Barroso, and Mario Draghi, the fear and loathing is only just beginning.
But, please don’t just take my word for it! Let’s meet the fresh, new face, who’ll be sitting smack dab, in the middle of Syntagma Square, and hear the kind of things already being promised by the newly-elected government of Greece, shall we?
Meet Syriza’s Figurehead
This is Mr. Alexis Tsipras, leader of the ‘hard-left coalition’s’ Syriza party, not to mention, the brand new Prime Minister of Greece, and all at 40 years of age! Mr. Tsipras is a busy bee these days.
Ever since his younger years, when he joined the Young Communist Society in the late 1980′s, he’s dreamed of this day.

This post was published at The Wealth Watchman on JANUARY 26, 2015.


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