Hello from Acapulco Bay,
It’s been a hectic few weeks!
The first and largest international anarcho-capitalist event of its type, Anarchapulco, ended two weeks ago and many people stayed afterwards so it really didn’t end until about a week ago. And then I needed three straight days of sleep to recover!
It was, by all accounts, a success. It actually sold out, at 300 people (the maximum the room we had could hold) in the final week. People flew in from around the world including, just to name a few, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Poland, Russia, Germany, England, Sweden, Italy, Costa Rica, Argentina and many more. And no one was hurt or died!
It started off interestingly with one person sent back from Mexico City after he told them he was going to an anarchist conference in Acapulco. After speaking with him, however, it seems that the main reason he was turned away was because he had booked a one way ticket and didn’t really have any plans on what he was going to do in Mexico after the conference.
Illegal immigration from the US into Mexico has actually become a concern as thousands of Americans are fleeing into Mexico… and, most people don’t know, but more Mexicans leave the US now than go there. That stream of people fleeing the US will soon turn into a flood and Mexican customs people are more vigilant with Americans entering the country now.
In any case, this person had already gotten their interest and then when he said he was an anarchist they used that as the excuse to turn him away. The reason being, in Mexico, there is an ongoing battle between people who call themselves anarchists (but are mostly just communists) and the government.
Then, the night before the conference there was quite a large protest out by the airport. It was great timing because I had been saying that there hadn’t been any protests/riots of note in months and even when there was they were very small and contained and certainly of no danger to anyone not involved.

This post was published at Dollar Vigilante on MARCH 14, 2015.


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